So this is my first story. I love writing, and I guess I've heard this song one too many times, and this just sort of came to me. Hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. One Piece is not mine, nor is the song. All I own is my dignity…no I lost that a long time ago…huh.

Dear Future Husband,

Here's a few things you need to know if

You want to be my one and only all my life…

"OI! Sanji we need more meat!"

"Ah, the melodious sounds of our Straw Hat wearing Captain." Nami muttered with a sigh as she ran the brush through her long orange hair a few more times. Placing the brush back on her vanity, she began the intricate task of pinning said hair into an elegant yet simple up do guaranteed to turn heads and frame her face perfectly. "Some things never change, do they Robin?"

"No they don't Navigator-san," Robin returned with a smile, as she moved to help Nami place the pins in her hair, "but then again, would he really be our lovable overly energetic Captain if he acted any different today, more so than any other day? It is, after all, one of the Luffy's Hallmark qualities."

"I guess not," Nami admitted with a roll of her eyes and a ghost of a smile on her lips, "But really would it kill that rubber idiot to behave himself for a single day? Especially, today of all days! All these years, and he's still just as excitable as ever. More even!"

"Oh, I don't know about that," Robin interjected with a knowing smirk as she placed the final pin in Nami's hair, before moving towards the mirror to adjust the black and silver styling Chopsticks she had placed into her own up do. "I think Captain-san has come a long way from where we began. I'm sure Empress-san would agree." Nami for her part just snorted and pointedly turned towards the mirror, but her reflection gave Robin a semi-irritated mock glare as she curled a loose strand back into place. However, she couldn't stop a small smirk of superiority from appearing in its place.

It was a look that Robin understood all too well given how the Empress's last visit with crew had gone. Chuckling a bit Robin continued, "In any case, I believe Captain-san has the right to be a bit excitable today. It's not every day the dream you've been striving towards your entire life finally comes true. Not to mention, his childhood hero is here too."

"Yeah, don't remind me." Nami griped playfully as she put her earrings in and began adjusting her makeup with skilled hands, "The obnoxious drunk had just better be sober. Kind hearted and extremely powerful or not, I swear one more crude comment about my appearance or what I might be like in bed and I swear I will…"

"Wouldn't Red Hair-san have had to have made a first comment for you to threaten to kill him for a second one?" Robin asked with a raised eyebrow.

Nami for her part just chuckled with a sultry smirk, "Hey, just because he hasn't said it, doesn't mean he hasn't thought it. But then again, what straight male wouldn't think like that once they saw me?" Robin just shook her head slightly and laughed as Nami stuck her tongue out and winked while doing her cute pose. As she turned her attention back to her surrogate sister, Nami couldn't help put appraise the lovely archeologist. "By the way Robin, you look absolutely stunning in your dress! I absolutely love the mid-high collar and the silver trim throughout, and that black sash really ties in well with the faint black flower embroidery work of your dress! Trying to impress a certain green haired directionally challenged Swordsman, are we?"

Robin merely chuckled again as she smoothed out an imaginary wrinkle on her dark purple sleeveless mid-length Japanese style dress. Turning to the mirror, she affixed a small silver flower pendant as a finishing touch, just before turning back to Nami with an equally sultry smirk and said, "No, I don't need to impress Swordsman-san. This is merely his reward for being such a good boy lately. It's always fun to wind him up, if for no other reason to see his reaction when he's not in control."

"Oh I can't wait to see his face," Nami laughed out as she reached into her storage chest and pulled out a dusty old lockbox. "Just please make sure I'm somewhere on deck to witness this before you leave him wondering what just happened. You know I can't miss out on good blackmail material. Though I'm sure I'll have him back in debt soon enough, it never hurts to have some back up cards to play. He is a handy meat shield if nothing else. Not to insult your taste in men of course; to each their own right?"

"Of course Navigator-san." Robin nodded with a chuckle and a knowing look, "Every girl has their own version of prince charming I suppose. Some are really serious and driven, and others are more fun loving and adventurous. May I ask what's in the lockbox?"

"Well, today being such a special day, I thought I would wear something just as special." Opening the derelict box, Nami pulled out a simple white gold necklace with a moderate sized sapphire. As she stared at it, a single tear slid down her cheek even as she smiled at the memory. "It was Belle-mere's. One of the few things I still have of her. I remember the last time she showed it to me. I was maybe three at the time, and I wanted to be just like her. I snuck into her closet and put on her best, and really only dress, with matching high heels. When she found me I thought she would yell. Instead she simply laughed and reached into her closet and pulled out that lockbox and showed me her one and only necklace her own mother had given her. She told me she kept all her precious memories in that little lockbox. She put it on me and for the rest of the day I pretended to be a grown woman just like Belle-mere. I even started going on and on about the life I would have with all the money and clothes in the world; the friends I would make and places I would visit; the things I would do and even the man I'd marry one day."

"I'm sure she would be so proud of the woman you did grow into Navigator-san." Robin whispered as she pull Nami into a comforting embrace. "It's not just anyone that can not only read the weather and navigate the unpredictable Grand Line, but to have drawn a map of almost the entire world already, are no small feats."

"And all while looking absolutely stunning, if I do say so myself!" Nami interjected with a wink and a smile at her surrogate sister, but as she turned to put away the lockbox, a small scrap of paper sticking out over the side caught her eye. Curious, she tugged it free and unfolded it, immediately letting out a surprised gasp.

"What is it Navigator-san?" Robin questioned as a smiling Nami handed her the simple piece on paper. Turning it over in her hands Robin read the words at the top and smiled. "To my future husband. Love: Nami?"

"I completely forgot about that." Nami sighed fondly as she sat on the edge of her bed reminiscing. "When I was pretending to be a grown woman, I started thinking about what my future husband would be like. Belle-mere suggested 'why didn't I write him a letter about the top five qualities he had to have to be my special someone.' Since I was still young, and didn't really know what to write, Belle-mere helped me a bit by giving me suggestions on what should be in it."

"That sounds cute," Robin chuckled lightly, "Well let's see what qualities your special someone will need." Nami laughed right alongside her as Robin read the first item on the list. "First off, He has to be a gentleman, but not a pervert…Well so much for Cook-san's dreams I suppose."

Both women burst out laughing.

"No," Nami gasped between giggles, "He's a gentleman and a good friend, but nowhere near marriage mate quality. No to mention, a little less then loyal and the furthest thing from innocent."

"Okay well how about this one," Robin continued as she composed herself, "Second one on the list, He has to be a brave protector, ready to take on anything."

"There goes Usopp." Nami mentioned with a smirk, "I mean sure he's gotten much braver over time, but he's still just as likely to hide behind me as he is to actually fight for me depending on the enemy. And that's not even mentioning the whole Kaya thing he still tries to deny."

"Very well Navigator-san," Robin replied with a smile as she moved on down the list, "Number three is, He has to be the right amount affectionate and caring."

"I guess it's for a reason Zoro is your type and not mine." Nami smirked as Robin silently chuckled, "I mean some girls could make a case that he's handsome. And we know he's strong and brave and can even be gentle at times. But though he has a kind heart, as I'm sure you can vouch for, it wouldn't be anywhere close to what I would need in my life."

"No I guess not," Robin surrendered, "Some girls are needier then other I guess." Nami playfully threw a hair pin in retaliation. Robin merely sprouted a hand from the vanity and caught it midair and placed it down as she went on. "Okay, number four, He has to be a good listener and understand my needs."

"Not that either of them were ever an option," Nami muttered with a laugh, "But that takes out both Franky and Brook. Not even taking into account the obvious, neither understand anything about women beyond what their perverted minds want to." Robin merely nodded, before continuing.

"And the last one is, He has to be rich, handsome, and romantic." Robin looked up and smirked, "Now why do I get the feeling that that was the only one you came up with on your own?" Nami merely stood and stuck her tongue out cutely at Robin.

Yes, some things never change…even as others do.

Robin thought to herself as she turned towards the door, as Nami put the lockbox away and moved back towards the vanity one last time. Then aloud Robin said, "Are you ready to head out yet Nami-san?"

"You can't rush perfection Robin," Nami returned with a smirk as she made one final adjustment to her dress, and lifted a beautiful white gold tiara with sapphire stones placed throughout, onto its rightful place on her head. "But, yes I'm just about ready."

With that Robin stepped outside to join the rest of the waiting crew and guests on the lawn deck, ready for the event to begin.

Alone with her thoughts for the moment as she took care of a few last little things and adjustments, Nami's eyes fell back to the letter to her future husband she had placed on her vanity, and she just couldn't help herself. As she worked she couldn't stop her mind from drifting to a certain smile. A very familiar, unmistakable smile. One she had known since his boat came crashing down next to hers, where they had only had the split second before going their separate ways. Though it wouldn't be long before they would cross paths again and her life would be changed forever.

Quickly Nami shook her head lightly to free her mind from the path it had traveled so many times over the past years, not that she would ever admit that to the rest of the crew. No, now was not the time to be thinking like that, as she was needed elsewhere right now.

It's coronation day after all. Nami thought with a smirk. Time for all of us to see the new Pirate King for the first time!

Stepping up to the door she smiled softly as she opened it slowly, finally ready to join the others. Out in the mid-morning sun, feeling the warmth on her skin, Nami basked in the momentary peace.

"Nami-san, my Queen!" Sanji yelled with hearts in his eyes, and he speed over towards Nami from the direction of the kitchen. "You look even more beautiful and radiant then you ever have before! The Sun pales in comparison, and the moon and stars hide in shame! And what am I but a mere mortal in the presence of thine eternal radiance thy Goddess of my heart!"

"Shut it ero-cook!" Zoro bit out, "Not even our money loving Navigator would want to be Queen of the idiotic perverts. That's not even touching on the little detail of what sane woman would want swirly-brow children?"

"What was that Moss Head?!" Sanji bit out, "Any number of women can appreciate the superior quality of a gentleman like myself, over a green head gorilla like you! And what sane woman would want to reproduce with you and further pollute the gene pool?"

"Huh…I've never really stopped and thought about it Pirate A." Zoro began with a wicked smirk, "Can you picture a little green haired girl with a love of books and blades, or maybe a raven haired boy with the same. Or maybe both? I don't really know yet…Robin and I haven't really discussed that far ahead in our relationship. But when the time does come you'll be the first to know Love-Cook! And don't worry, we'll love them every moment. From raising them to even as early as the act of making them!"

"How dare you talk about my precious Robin-Chan like that?! You want to fight Marimo?!" Sanji challenged as flames erupted around him.

"First of all she chose me, not you! And second, bring it on Mystery Eyebrow!" Zoro roared, reaching for his blades as flame erupted around him. Nami felt her eye twitch and she was just about to pound the two idiots when a familiar voice rang out.

"Oi! That's enough you two. Today's a special day and you two Baka's need to stop it with all the fighting!"

"Najiko!" Nami cried out as she ran and embraced her older sister that had just arrived. She looked up ready to continue when she saw another familiar face behind her. "Gen-san!"

"Ah, Nami," Gen whispered, as he fought the tears of joy that threatened to spill out at seeing the beautiful young woman before him. "You look so radiant! But that's to be expected of Belle-mere's beautiful daughters. She would be so proud of you, of the strong and wonderful woman you've become. A woman who fought tooth and nail for her village, for her dream, and for her happiness. I know I am!"

Nami fought back joyful tears of her own, as Najiko placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's almost time Nami, let's hold back those joyful tears just a bit longer. You don't want to ruin your makeup do you? Besides, still a lot more joyful moments to come, after all. I'll drag these two hot heads to their spots, but you might want to get to yours. The fun's just about to start!"

Nami couldn't help the chuckle that escaped as she watched her sister move to the lower deck; while still separating a fuming Zoro and Sanji on either side of her.

"Hard to believe," Gen muttered with a sigh, but a huge grin, "That simple fun loving boy really turned the world on its head. He finished what Roger started all those years ago. If you listen carefully you can hear the pages of history turning, and he's at the center of it. It's a whole new beginning!"

"The world won't know what hit it," Nami murmured with a content expression, "There's no cure for Monkey D. Luffy. And once he's taken hold in your life, it will never be the same again. And the worst part is…you'll never want it to be again. It's what makes Luffy, Luffy."

Even though Nami knew and had spent so much more time with Luffy, even he knew the undeniable truth in her words. So with a smile and a nod Gen continued, "It's true, that boy touches and changes every life he comes in contact with. No matter how short a time, even mine…I can only imagine the ways he has affected yours with how long you two have been together."

Nami could feel her smile slowly growing as a small delicate blush spread across her cheeks. "In more ways than you could ever know Gen-san. So many ways."

Just then they could hear Brook's music begin to waft across the deck, and they knew the time had come to start. Stepping up to the curtains of the temporary privacy screen Franky had set up at the top of the stairs leading to the lower deck, Nami paused and called to mind all the many events that had lead them to this moment. She had no idea how her life had brought her here, but she had no regrets.

And I wouldn't change a single thing…not even for all the gold in the world!

"Are you ready for this Nami?" Gen's voice called out interrupting her thoughts as he was straightening his suit jacket one finally time.

Since the day we met…I just didn't know it yet. Nami thought with a smile. Besides, what would MY Captain do without HIS Navigator?

With a nod and a deep breath, Nami linked her arm with Gen's and, as the music changed, they both strode out through the curtains and slowly descended onto the lawn deck. As her bare feet touch the soft cool grass, she couldn't help but think,

So many familiar faces. So many adventures. So many life changing events, and our biggest one yet, is happening right now.

Nami felt her eyes taking in everything around her; her sister, her friends, and her Nakama. Then her eyes locked with the man before her, standing there in a white collared shirt with the top few buttons undone and the sleeves partially rolled up, black dress plants and shoes with his golden sash around his waist and a brand new royal yet masculine black captains coat with gold trimming draped over his shoulders like a cape, and topping his head his iconic Strawhat. A crown fit for a king.

But what caught her eye the most was the smile on his face as he looked at her. It wasn't his normal too big for his face goofy smile she adored. It was a smile that was all for her; a small content satisfied smile that poured out his love for her through his eyes.

Her heart fluttered as his eyes lowered slightly to take in the beautiful white imperial style dress, with matching arm length silk white gloves, she had on with the sweetheart neckline and just a touch of lace and pearl beading in a sort of intricate design on the bodice. She knew she looked stunning just based of the stunned faces of some of those present. These included Pirates, Old World Government Marines, Revolutionary Officers (or New Order officers as they were known now), and Civilians, but there was something extra gratifying about the awed expression that passed over the Pirate King's features for a moment before he locked eyes with Nami once again, nearly causing her to stumble with their intensity.

Even as she reached the end of the isle and she felt Luffy take her hands in his own, she could barely believe where she stood now.

How in the world did we end up here?

But even as she thought it, she already knew the answer, and it had been a long time coming. Long before either one had even entertained the thought of them being together, their feelings for one another had long since been sealed. And it had all started with a looked exchanged between two complete strangers when fate, a dream, and a whirlpool had conspired to bring the two into a life neither could've imagined in their wildest dreams!

And as Shanks began the simple ceremony filled with thoughtful advice, a few thankfully tasteful joke, and the occasional catcall from the crowd followed by death threats and/or promises of no food from a certain heartbroken Chef, Nami couldn't help but think about Luffy and the letter to her future husband. In his own way, Luffy was everything she had ever wanted and needed and then some.

Though he could be annoying and childish, Luffy was respectful and pleasant and while definitely male, nowhere near perverted. He was a true gentleman, even if he wasn't always proper in the manners department.

No one could doubt he was brave, and loyal to a fault. Willing to die for those he cared about and ready to take on any and all opponents who dared to threaten them.

And while he can be stubborn and a bit simple minded, Luffy had the biggest heart of anyone she had ever met. He cared deeply for her and his Nakama, and those that were his friends, and he showed his love and care in his own way. As only Luffy could.

Then there was his listening ability. For those that didn't know Luffy, they would think he was slow, single minded, he didn't care what others thought or said, lacked any kind of common sense, and never listened. And to an extent they would be right, but they would miss the whole point of Luffy. If Luffy didn't listen to what you said, then that was because what you were saying was meaningless, with no value to you as a person. Luffy, whether by instinct, skill, or just plain luck, always knows exactly what a person needs, even if they themselves are unaware. He listens to everything; not just the words they speak, but the situation and the real heart of the matter that others are deaf to. He knows your needs, sometimes better than you yourself.

Finally, though contrary to popular belief, Nami wasn't shallow. However, all the same, to her at least, there was something undeniably handsome about Luffy, with a twinge of childlike cuteness and rugged charm thrown in for good measure. Of course as Pirate King he was also well off, having found the One Piece. However, the strangest, and yet most wonderful, thing was how romantic Luffy could be when he wanted too. Needless to say it had floored the other Strawhats, even Robin was a bit surprised at first, though Nami was by far the most flabbergasted of the lot.

Don't misunderstand, Luffy was still very much Luffy, but he had this charm about him when he was trying. Whether it was randomly putting his hat on Nami's head when they sit on the figurehead, taking her to the highest and most beautiful points on an island and giving her a cool flower or leaf that reminded him of her, or (her personal favorite) when Luffy swipes an extra dessert from Sanji to share with her. True, she could ask Sanji for dessert any time she wanted, but there's just something about Luffy going through all the trouble just for her, just showing he cares enough. Not to mention the fact she is the only one he will ever share his food with.

Yes Luffy may be an idiot sometimes, but he was her idiot.

And that's the only way I'd want it.

"And so by the power those useless stuffed shirts of the old World Government refused to give me, but I'm going to pretend I have anyway;" Shanks continued with a sly grin, "I say you're now husband and wife; Pirate King and Queen; and the oddest yet truest pair of love birds I've ever seen."

With that Shanks slapped Luffy playfully on the back and concluded he speech with, "So, go get your girl kiddo and show all the rejects across the world that looked down on you that you're the man that achieved your dream and got yourself a smoking hot Queen to boot! Which even I'll never know how you pulled that one off, but hey…she said yes and there's still no proof of brain damage or bribery. So before any of us can come to our senses and question this union; you may kiss your Bride!"

His Bride…I love the sound of that! It has a nice ring to it, don't you think so Belle-mere?

As the newly minted Pirate King and Queen shared their first kiss as husband and wife, the gathered crowd broke out in applause, shouts of praise, cat calls, tears of joy, silent smiles, slightly disinterested grunts of approval, and the heartbroken weeping of a truthfully happy blonde chef and Amazon Empress.

"Oi!" Shanks called out with a huge smile, as he closed his eyes and shot his fist high in the air, "Let's Party!"

"YYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Everyone chorused right behind him.

***Hours Later***

As Nami surveyed the scene before her, she couldn't help but laugh. Marines and Revolutionaries arm in arm as they drunkenly attempted to continue dancing to Brook's latest tune. Pirates and civilians passed out together in heaps. Maniko, Najiko, and Gen still serving out more drinks. Law off to the side with Smoker conversing over Sake, with slight smirks on their faces. Garp, Dragon, and Shanks in a pleasant and surprisingly subdued conversation. And the rest of the different Straw Hats, all still awake, but in different stages of drunkenness and activities. Nami couldn't help but think:

When did I reach the point in my life that this is not only a normal site…but a comforting one?

"When you've tasted the freedom that comes with the life of a true Pirate, a life of adventure becomes the only life you could ever want."

Nami couldn't stop the smile that came at Luffy's words…at how well he truly knew her and the way she thought, even before she vocalized them. Turning to Luffy she smiled as she grabbed her husband's hand, a giant meat-kebab still in his other hand, and led him over to his favorite seat on Sunny's head. As she sat, wrapped in her husband's embrace Nami listened to the lapping of the sea against the ship's haul, the light sound of Brook's music, and the soft sound of Luffy's steady breathing.

"So, Mr. Pirate King," Nami began with smile and a sigh leaning further back against Luffy, turning her head slightly into the crook of his neck "How did you like your coronation?"

"It was Awesome!" Luffy replied enthusiastically as he took a large bite out of his meat-kebab, before giving his trade mark smile and offering Nami a bite herself. "And how did you like your corn-o-nation Mrs. Pirate Queen?"

Nami chuckled to herself as she took a much smaller bite of the offered meat and continued much more subdued, "It was absolutely amazing Luffy. I have my King, my crew, my dream, my crown, and now I have some meat too! What more could I possibly need or want?"

"Mowre Mwheat (More Meat?)?" Luffy supplied in answer, his mouth full and with a shrug of his shoulders. Swallowing, he continued much quieter, "So, are you happy then? With everything…with me?"

"Luffy, I am so unbelievably happy, I don't even have the words to describe it," Nami replied as she turned and planted a sweet kiss on Luffy's waiting lips, warmth instantly spreading throughout her chest. "I don't think you could make me feel any happier if you tried."

"I'll take that challenge once we retire for the evening my lady!" Luffy returned instantly with a charming smirk, which instantly switched into a satisfied smile, almost as if he had been rehearsing that for hours and was happy that he had nailed it.

"I can see someone's been very busy practicing for quite a while, huh?" Nami stated with a smirk and a giggle.

"Yup!" Luffy bluntly said with a huge grin and a small chuckle, "Sabo, Dad, Gramps, and Shanks spent the last day or two teaching me a bunch of new 'lines'! Not really sure why I needed them, but they were adamant that it was important as a man for me to be able to 'woo' you. What does 'woo' mean?"

"I'll tell you a little later Captain." Nami managed to utter out between laughing fits.

"Okay!" Luffy replied unconcerned as to why Nami was laughing. He just loved knowing she was happy! "I'll use them, but I much rather just spend time with you doing couple things. Like going on adventures, exploring islands together, eating lots of meat from different places, playing games, watching you draw while I make you a picture, singing and dancing together, and maybe we can have a baby one day if you want! Maybe he'll be a boy like me but with orange hair and a love of maps, or a little girl with long black hair that loves adventures and is as beautiful as her mother is? Wouldn't that be cool Nami? A mini you and me?"

For a moment Nami couldn't speak, she just sat there stunned. The only thought that went through her mind as she began to cry tears of joy, even as a huge smile spread across her face, was:

How can you not love a man as honest, pure, and amazing as Luffy is? My Pirate King!

For a moment Luffy looked concerned about Nami and looked like he was going to freak out and start yelling for Chopper, but the next moment he just leaned forward and captured her lips as he had in times past. In a kiss that never failed to take Nami's breathe away along with all her fears and worries; in a way only Luffy could.

As the kissed ended, Luffy leaned forward to whisper, "Nami…I love you. And I just want you to be happy. So please be happy…okay?"

"I always am Luffy, and I always will be…just as long as I'm with you." Nami whispered back as one final tear of joy escape, "And I love you too! What do you say we leave the party to the rest of the crew and head to bed in the new Captain's Cabin Franky built us?"

"I'm not really tired just yet though, are you sure?" Luffy responded as he moved onto the deck and helped Nami down to stand beside him.

"Baka…" Nami muttered as she flicked Luffy on the forehead and walked toward their room, shaking her head in frustration.

Luffy just looked confused by Nami actions until she half turned back to him, with a smirk and slight nod in the direction of their bedroom.

And with that, realization struck and the laws of physics broken as rubber moved faster than the speed of light!

As the party wore on, nobody noticed a small but important piece of paper laying on the vanity of a certain orange haired Pirate Queen. And there at the bottom, beneath the messy writing of a child, in the beautiful script of a young woman now grown, was one last requirement for Nami's future husband: He has to be Luffy!

Future Husband,

Better Love me Right!