Okay this is my first time for writing a story that doesn't have any thing bad review oaky so the first truth is from agarfinkel

and it is for

Peter it says Peter why do you treat meg like garbage.

Peter: you guys know why she sucks at every single thing even the simpsons girl said that she got no talent. That and we still have the deal we made

another truth is for stewie. Stewie your truth is why are you afraid of the picture shown on the cover of the queen's album "News of the World" (the one with the robot holding dead people)

host: yeah stewie why don't you tell us shows news of the world

stewie: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! it reminds me of my invention trying to kill me and everything else that and i am gay and christens build that thing to kill all the gays and for some weird reason queens.

okay dares this one is for cleveland

cleveland: YAY

IT says go take a bath

cleveland: OK. runs to his house

this dare is for Peter

Peter launch a this missile at cleveland's house as he is taking his bath gives peter missile

Peter: FIRE! the missile hits cleveland's house

Cleveland: no no no no NOOOO! his tub slides out and he falls one the ground

Cleveland: hey nothing else bad happened. the toliet slides off and falls on his head

cleveland is now unconscious tim and cleveland jr go help him

Cleveland jr. ok. goes to help his dad

the next truth is for brian from wafflesforeveryone

Brian how many times have you died?

Brian: I don't know what you mean i haven't died at all

Host: really pulls out remote and shows 2 clips of brian dying because of his own car and when chris hit him just for him to see the bet

really that is all we have oh well.

well thats all folks remember to review and send me your truth and dares