Authors note: Sorry guys for taking so long and thank you for waiting patiently

Host: The first dare is from a guest and it is for stewie it says: I dare you to steal Eliza Pinchy, Janet and Penelope dresses.

Stewie: I already got Eliza and Janet dresses, but i don't have Penelope dress.

Peter raise his hand

Host: Yes, Peter.

Peter: When did stewie take the dresses

Stewie: During commercials.

The crowd says "ooohhhhhh"

Stewie pulls out a laptop "Okay it says she is located... at freddy's nightmare world?"

in freddy's dream scape we see that Penelope has freddy in a choke hold

freddy: Let chokes go of my kid chokes

Stewie: Well i be going to her new house to steal one of her dresses while she is choking freddy.

Stewie steals the dress and also drives a penis on Penelope's head

Stewie: She deserves it.

Host: Next dare and truth is from BSC thats your shorten named. Its says for Brian on a scale of 1 to 10 how gay are you. For Peter I dare you to stick a firework up your ass and light it. Okay Brian you are first.

Brian: I am not gay that was my cousin you jackass. ( just typing what they would say)

Host: Okay Peter will you...

Peter: Already done have one

Host: When did you

Peter: When Glenn brought those fireworks over

Host: Okay who has a light

Gene: I got one (I DONT know kiss well)

Gene breaths fire on the fuse on the fireworks

Peter: What is takin ...

The firework lights and Peter screams as he is propelled to the light of the set and he gets electrocuted.

Peter: OW i think i see jesus.

Host: Can someone get him down. Okay the next dare is from aldovas. And it says i dare connie to shave her hair

Connie: No way make miss ugly butt over there to shave her hair. She points to Meg

Meg: HEY

Host: Grab HER

everyone grabs her stewie gets a razor and shaves connies head

Connie: NNNNNOOOOOO I AM UGLY. Connie whines.

Host: Okay this is it the dares will be in the next chapter send in new dares