Avengers Of Fairy tail

Alrighty! Now the idea of doing this story has been in my head for quite a while. I talked to some of my friends and some were nervous about the idea of a Fairy Tail and Avengers crossover, but I remain confident that they will see my vision become a reality soon enough. The avengers shows I am using will be a fusion of E.M.H. and Avengers Assemble, mostly the latter than the former will be used. Please, please, please, don't crucify me for being a dreamer! Enough of the drama here is the story. I don't own any marvel and Fairy tail characters.

Chapter one: Oops?

"…And there came a day unlike any other, when earth's mightiest heroes were joined against a common threat. That day they became the Avengers. The invincible armored Iron Man, Thor; prince of thunder, The Hulk; strongest hero there is, and Captain America; the first Avenger."

Right now, a great battle was being waged in a supposedly abandoned Warehouse. Tony Stark A.K.A. Iron Man found out that enormous energy readings coming from the warehouse, The Avengers came to check it out. The reason that the whole team came to investigate is because earlier that week, Heimdall contacted Thor and told him that his adopted brother Loki had escaped from his prison on Asgard and is loose in the nine realms, dodging Heimdall's sight. Captain America told the team to be on high alert because the Avengers are on the god of mischief's hit list and he will not rest until he was either dead, arrested, or banished from Earth, all of which he has been through and he still came back to attempt to conquer the human race, only to be defeated by the combined might of the Avengers. When Tony tracked down the energy spikes, the whole team jumped at the chance to take a shot at Loki (especially Hulk), catch him and send him back to Asgard. The heroes did not expect Loki to have recruited their greatest enemies. Now the Earth's mightiest Heroes are in the fight for their lives.

The Incredible Hulk threw an uppercut that connected with the Absorbing man's chin causing the now metal covered villain to stagger back. Creel wiped his mouth and saw his blood only to be tackled to the ground by Hulk who yelled his classic battle cry, "HULK SMASH!". The rage powered Behemoth was pounding the metal man into the ground with devastating punches that sent Absorbing man deeper into the ruined concrete.

Thor was fighting the Executioner with his hammer Mjolnir, and his fists. After dodging a swipe from the bigger man's axe Thor punched his opponent in the face with enough force to break a car door easily, however Executioner pressed on and kept swinging his massive axe, hoping to hit the crown prince of Asgard.

The god of thunder then yelled, "HAVE AT THEE!"

Thor threw his hammer at his larger opponents chest sending him crashing into the warehouse wall. Thor summoned Mjolnir and flew towards the ruined wall and the super villain imprinted in it.

Iron man was fighting a mid air battle with both Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo. As Iron Man was dodging the attacks and maneuvering away from the buildings support beams.

Tony then asked casually, "Guys, how many time have we fought and the results are always me kicking your armored asses?"

"Yes Stark, you have beaten us individually. However with the both of us as Comrades? We will destroy you like the arrogant man you are!", replied Crimson Dynamo.

"Okay, suit yourselves." ,Tony said

Iron man fired a repulsor blast from his palms in Titanium Man's face, blinding him temporarily, Tony then generated a miniature E.M.P. that caused Titanium Man's armor to shut down before picking the armored man up and using him as a shield from the Russian super villains artillery, knocking Titanium Man out. Iron man wasn't done yet, The red and gold superhero threw his unconscious enemy at Crimson Dynamo causing them to collide in a flash of sparks and the screech of metal. Tony then fired his Uni-Beam from his chest sending the two crashing into the wall behind them. Tony tossed a small ball at the entangled duo, the ball lit up and created an energy cage that also interferes with their armor. Iron Man's face plate went up, with a smirk Tony Stark said, "Like this? It's a gift from Fury. You see, ever since you two broke out of prison, S.H. .D. recruited Reed Richards to help catch you two dunder heads and put you in the raft, for good. But, I am a good guy so I will tell you what, if you say I am the best man on the planet, I will talk to Fury about parole."

"CURSE YOU STARK! WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS I WILL…!" Crimson Dynamo was then hit by a repulsor blast in the face, knocking him out before he could say any more.

Tony's faceplate went back down when Jarvis said, "Sir, power is now seventy percent."

"Thank you Jarvis. I probably have enough power to help Cap fight the Grim reaper and Baron Zero." Said Iron Man. Iron man then flew towards the battle between three figures. Captain America used his shield to block Baron Zemo's sword and kicked the purple man in the gut knocking the wind out of the villain. The super soldier then did a back flip before the Reaper could shoot him with a blast from his scythe.

"Captain America! You may be agile and fast, however there are two of us and only one of you!", Zemo declared. The evil Baron slashed his sword at his nemesis. Steve Rogers had no choice but to back away in a corner due to the combined attacks of Zemo and Reaper. Cap then saw a familiar red and Gold blur heading to his location and he held up his shield in front of him when Zemo and Reaper were blasted back by a well placed repulsor blast.

"Need some help Cap? Cause I'm in the neighborhood." Iron Man snarkly asked.

Captain America smirked and threw his shield at Baron Zemo who recovered from Iron Man's attack. The shield hit him square in the chest knocking him over in pain. The sentinel of liberty grabbed the Baron by the collar and picked him up effortlessly.

"Start talking Zemo, What is Loki's endgame? What has he been building? And why does it involved all of you?!", Cap interrogated.

Zemo laughed, "Questions Captain? You and your so called Avengers are asking questions when you should be more concerned about your mission. Did you really think that we would reveal ourselves so easily if we did not want to be found? You insult me Captain!"

Iron Man walked over next to Captain America and asked, "What is Loki's plan? You do realize that he will betray you and the others when this is all over?"

Zemo chuckled and said, "Betrayal? Ha! Stark you have yet to realize what Loki has planned. We are not here because of Riches and world domination. No, What Loki has promised us, is the end of the Avengers and any who stand in the way of our Alliance! HAIL HYDRA AND HAIL THE MASTERS OF EVIL!"

At that point the Zemo was shocked from behind from none other than Black Widow. The Russian spy tucked a loose lock of red hair behind her ear and said, "He talks more than Stark. Come on, we have to find out what Loki is up to...the old fashioned way."

Hawkeye dropped down from his hiding spot and smirked, "Will they let us in if we pretend to be girl scouts selling cookies?"

Hulk tossed Absorbing Man at the metal doors that separated the Heroes from Loki and his machine.

Hulk cracked his knuckles and said, "No, We smash!"

Inside Loki's Laboratory, The Leader, M.O.D.O.K., Red Skull, and Loki were working on a machine with a green and blue portal in the middle, large enough to fit a double decker bus inside with some spare room to spare. Abomination stood in the back watching them, bored. (The abomination that I am using will look like the one from the 2008 incredible Hulk movie).

Loki looked up at his monitor and smiled, "This device will destroy the Avengers and allow us to assert our rule over the human race."

"Yes, after all the Masters of Evil are nothing without us four in charge. They may be powerful in combat but however, brute force is not everything, So says the Leader." ,The Leader declared proudly.

Although the Masters of evil were formed by Loki, M.O.D.O.K., Red Skull (In his Iron skull armor), and Leader were like the god of Mischief; Intelligent and cunning. The four are considered the Four kings of the Masters of Evil, although Grim Reaper and Baron Zero are strategic experts, they did not have the expertise the four kings have.

Abomination then asked, "How will this thing destroy the Avengers? Kang tried and failed."

Red Skull then said, "Abomination, this device will pave the way to a new world order. This portal uses Gamma, magic, and Cosmic power to open up any dimensions we see fit. With this machine, we shall send the Avengers to a place of destruction, entropy."

"The Avengers and all of their friends will be destroyed molecule by molecule the moment they are sucked in.", M.O.D.O.K. laughed.

Loki used his spear to blast the portal with magic, giving the portal the finishing touches.


The doors were sent flying off the hinges. The unconscious Crusher Creel was thrown at Loki's feet.

The smoke cleared revealing the Avengers ready to fight The four Kings and the Abomination.

Hulk and Abomination charged at each other and clashed in a loud boom that shook the entire structure. Captain America threw his shield at the Red Skull. Loki and Thor were trying their best to hit the other hard with lightning and Magic, stray attacks hitting the walls and floor. Iron Man was firing his weapons at M.O.D.O.K. who was trying to hit stark with his rays and missiles. Black Widow and Hawkeye were fighting the Leader who was in a robot equipped with weapons.

Thor looked over At Hulk who was locked in a shoving contest with Abomination in front of the controls to the portal, "Friend Hulk, perhaps we should team up?"

Hulk smirked and jumped up allowing Thor to throw his hammer at the Abomination sending him flying into the controls destroying them, the portal changed color to deep red and black, a vacuum started sucking anything near it, including the gamma powered villain. Thor slammed his hammer on the ground but lost his grip and was about to get sucked in when a massive green hand grabbed his leg. His savior was Hulk, holding on to Mjolnir tightly.

Skull and the other Villains were holding on to the Leaders robot, which anchored itself to the ground with a force field. Red skull then shouted, "YOU FOOLS! YOU DESTROYED THE CONTROLS, NOW THE PORTAL IS UNSTABLE AND WILL SUCK EVERYTHING UP BEFORE IT DESTROYS ITSELF!"

Tony grabbed Widow and Hawkeye trying to go against the suction of the portal but was failing miserably when Thor grabbed his arm. Captain America who was holding on to a pipe when he lost his grip, right before he was sucked in Widow. And Hawkeye grabbed the Super soldier's arms. The Avengers were now a human chain. Hulk was holding on to the Hammer with everything he's got. Cracks started to form on the concrete floor around Mjolnir.

Hulk then yelled, "HEY GUYS! THE FLOORS CRACKING!"

Inside the suit, many alarms and warnings were ringing in the speakers around Tony Stark. Tony then asked, "Jarvis! How do we stop this thing and fast before it takes New York and us with it?!"

"Sir, I am afraid that there is no way to stop the portal. The portal will be open for a few moments increasing it's suction as time passes by before closing, by the time it closes…..we will be inside."

Tony looked around at his friends and said, "Guys…..we may not make it out of this one….I just want to say, It was nice being your leader but most of all, being your friend. I have been honored to have fought and lived besides all of you."

Steve then said, "Same here Tony."

Widow nodded. Hawkeye smiled and said, "It was fun Stark."

Thor replied, "Aye, it has been an honor to fight alongside all of you, You are the greatest warriors I have met with the hearts of true Asgardians. Hulk you are my best friend and the best sparring partner worthy of that name and for that I thank you."

Mjolnir shifted, the concrete was about to break apart.

Hulk smirked and said, "If we are going down, let's do it how the Avengers should go. Facing the danger."

Everyone nodded and looked back at their fate. The floor fell apart, Mjolnir came free and every single Avenger was sucked in the portal.

Before they entered the red portal They all shouted, "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!"

In the middle of a forest, a red portal opened in the sky and six figures dropped in the middle of a clearing, all of them unconscious. The largest one shifted and groaned.

Hulk shook his head to shake off the buzzing noise, when the noise stopped the strongest hero there is stood up and looked around at the forest around himself. Hulk then stopped and realized something, he was thinking, and observing. The Gamma powered hero smiled to himself when he began to realize there are no other personalities, there will be no more internal conflicts. He is Bruce Banner and the incredible Hulk, no longer two souls trapped in one body. The green Behemoth noticed a puddle next to him, when he looked in the puddle he noticed something about his reflection, he was still big muscled and green but his face looked younger like a teenager's.

A groan escaped the lips from Iron Man as he sat up, his suit sparking. Tony saw Hulk and lifted his faceplate and asked, "Hulk, you look….younger."

Hulk smirked and replied, "Your one to talk Stark. Look at yourself."

Tony walked over to the puddle and looked at his own reflection for a minute before saying, "Huh….."

Tony looked younger too, he lacked his classic goatee, something that Stark took pride in. His hair was somewhat messy and long but aside from that he looked normal.

Jarvis then said, "Sir, it seems that the avengers have been de aged biologically, however they still have their abilities, in Captain America's case he is still a super soldier. I am also saddened to say that we are low on power, forty five percent."

"Well Jarvis, I will just call fury to pick us up then…." Tony started.

"Director Fury is unavailable. My sensors do not detect any familiar signatures, good and bad. It stands to reason that we are in a new world. From what I can glean from my sensors, Technology here is limited and powered by magic."

Hulk stood and asked, "Are we in Asgard or in one of the nine realms?"

"Nay friend Hulk, I have never seen a realm like this one. I can feel this world's energy and it feels stronger, full of magic." Said Thor who was swinging his hammer around. The god of Thunder woke up after Iron Man had, he still had his long golden locks and blue eyes but he looked to be around nineteen or eighteen years old. The god of thunder now has a figure is smaller than when he was an adult still, he was taller than most people minus Hulk, but he was still well built. Thor's outfit was still the same, and instead of his helmet, he had a golden circlet around his forehead with two small wings.

Thor then raised an eyebrow and asked, " Is it normal for humans to age backwards?"

Hulk and Tony both replied in monotone voices, "No."

All three heroes looked around at their surroundings and decided it was best to stay put and wait for the others to wake up. When Cap, Natasha, and Hawkeye woke up, Tony and Hulk (much to everyone's shock) explained that they were all now teenagers in a strange world that they know nothing about. Steve took in this information thinking to himself while Natasha quirked an eyebrow but remained silent. Clint however…

"What the hell? Tony can't you find a way to change us back to normal! I don't to go through high school again!" Exclaimed Hawkeye.

The archer looked the same but younger, Natasha's red hair was now longer and more wavy. Her tight outfit seemed to have changed slightly, now showing off her curves she looked around sixteen. Steve looked to be around seventeen, and his Captain America outfit now resembled a combination of his original suit and medieval armor. His shield was now strapped to his back where he could grab it when he needs it.

Steve then said, "We need to focus on finding civilization, Jarvis has detected cities and towns with life signs so we should ask the natives where we are."

"Hold on. Tony, your suit is running out of power?" asked Natasha.

"Yes, why?" replied Tony.

Natasha then continued, "There is limited technology here, so what if you need to recharge your suit, make new ones, or need to replace the arc reactor in your chest?"

Hulk then turned to Tony and said, "You need to find a replacement for the arc reactor. The suits come later."

Iron Man let out a sigh of exasperation before nodding.


A giant figure appeared behind the group. The creature was an extremely tall beast that has three eyes, two legs, two arms and one head. There were many cutouts in its body. This creature is the demon form of the flute of death, Lullaby. Hulk frowned and stood up and glared at the hulking figure. Lullaby didn't seem to have noticed the Avengers, it's focus was on teenage members of the wizard guild Fairy tail, Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfelia, and Happy the flying Cat, along with their guild master Makarov, and two other guild masters.

"I shall feast upon your souls!" Lullaby exclaimed.

"It's so huge!" Lucy shouted in terror.

"Waita state the obvious." Happy said nervously.

"What is that thing?! Erigor never said anything about a monster!" Kage said as he gazed upon the demonic creature before them.

"We're in a pickle." Bob thought aloud.

"It must be a demon from the Book of Zeref." Goldmine reasoned.

"Why did the flute turn into a monster?!" Lucy questioned.

"That's its true form. It's forbidden black magic called living magic, Zeref's specialty." Goldmine explained.

"Who's Zeref, wasn't he some wizard that died a long time ago?" Gray thought aloud.

"He's the most evil wizard that ever lived. He was very powerful in his day, but in my wildest dreams I never thought his dark legacy would pop back up again." Bob replied.

Lullaby then asked, "Now, who shall I eat first?" The demon looked around for a second, "On second thought I will eat all of you at once!"

Erza, Natsu and Gray dashed towards Lullaby to attack it. Erza quickly changed into her Heaven's Wheel Armor and attacked one of Lullaby's legs. Gray made Ice make: spear and pierced the demon in the chest. Natsu climbed up on one of Lullaby's arms and kicked it in the face. Kageyama, Lucy, and Happy were surprised, that Natsu, Gray and Erza's movements were completely in sync. Lullaby shot several Magical orbs at Natsu, but the fire dragon slayer dodged them, when he evaded them, they began heading towards the Guild Masters, that is until the orbs were hit by a stream of lightning causing them to explode. Titania Erza turned to look for the source of the attack, thinking it was Laxus the thunder mage. The red head was surprised to see Thor descending to the ground while swinging his hammer. Erza narrowed her eyes at the stranger before turning back to lullaby.

As Natsu was distracted by the defense, he was swatted away by Lullaby sending him flying, an armored figure grabbed the pink haired boy by his jacket.

Natsu then said, " Thanks Happy, I would have been smashed if you didn't catch me!"

"Natsu, I'm down here on the ground." Yelled Happy.

"Huh?" The Dragon slayer looked up to be face to faceplate with Iron Man. Realizing that he was being carried by someone else, Natsu turned green and looked like he was trying not to vomit.

"Hey, don't puke on the suit!" Shouted Iron man before he flew to Erza and Thor's location and dropped Natsu on the ground.

Iron Man's faceplate went up and Tony asked Erza, "What's up with him?"

The armored wizard held up a hand and said calmly, "It's a long story. What kind of Armor is that? I have never seen it's like before."

Iron Man was about to respond when a roar came from behind the four, Hulk was charging towards the group really fast. Erza readied her swords ready to defend herself when Hulk jumped up a hundred feet or two in the air fists raised.

"HULK SMASH!", Yelled Hulk.

The green goliath punched Lullaby in the jaw creating a shockwave, the wooden jaw began to splinter and break from the attack and the wooden monster screeched in pain and stumbled back.

Thor then laughed and said, "Wait friend Hulk, save some of the battle for me!"

The thunderer swung his Hammer faster and faster before taking off in the air towards Lullaby, sparks of lightning coming from his armor and Mjolnir. Thor hit the demon's third eye with Mjolnir.

Iron Man then asked Erza, "What is this thing?"

"Lullaby, a demon flute whose song will kill anyone who hears it." Erza then narrowed her eyes and asked in a demanding tone, "What kind of wizards are you, more specifically, Who are you!?"

Tony faceplate went down before saying, "I am Iron Man, and we are the Avengers. I will explain all you want later, right now we have to deal with this thing before it sings."

"I will remember that." Stated Erza.

Thor fired lightning from Mjolnir at Lullaby. Thee demon swiped his arm at the god of Thunder smacking him hard into several trees. One of the trees was headed directly at Erza and Natsu who was still recovering from his motion sickness. Iron man caught the tree before it hit the fairy tail mages. The Strain of holding on to the tree and the damage to the suit caused the armored hero to go on one knee and let go. Sparks were coming from his suit from the damaged areas.

"Armor integrity at fifty-two percent. Power at thirty five percent sir."

Iron Man tried to stand and said, "Thanks Jarvis for keeping me posted."

Natsu then asked, "Who is this dude?"

Erza snapped out of her stupor and helped Tony to his feet and said, "Iron Man, we can help."

Iron man looked at Erza and Natsu, his scans showed that high levels of magic resided in the two wizards. Iron man then scanned Lullaby.

"Normally, Hulk and Thor would take a while to fight this thing alone, if you guys help we will be done in minutes. Here is the plan.", Iron man responded.

Back with Makarov, Gray, and the others. The wizards watched Hulk fight off the demon, who was trying to get the green behemoth off of him.

Makarov then said, "The power that green beast Is giving off is overwhelming, I have only seen one person who could have do so while in combat aside from Natsu and Erza…."

Lucy was watching with slight fear and surprise as Hulk pounded away at Lullaby's chest.

"Insolent fools!" Lullaby exclaimed.

Lullaby then slammed his arm into the ground in front of the group.

Gray then got into a stance, "Ice Make: Wall!"

A massive wall of ice shielded the group from the debris that was flying towards them. Suddenly a boulder the size of a person shattered the wall and was headed towards Lucy. Lucy braced for impact and felt nothing. Lucy opened her eyes and saw a boy her age with a shield block the boulder before punching it, shattering the rock.

Steve turned to the blond girl he saved and asked, " Are you alright?"

"Y-yeah….thank you."

Gray looked at Captain America, "Nice shield."

"Thanks, it's indestructible." Replied the super soldier. Steve tapped his shield as if to emphasize that fact.

Lullaby stomped towards the group when Captain America threw his shield at Lullaby, hitting the death flute demon in its injured third eye. Then something happened that caused every wizard to blink, the shield came back and Steve caught it with ease before turning back to Lucy and Gray. Thor flew by and threw his hammer at Lullaby's leg making the demon collapse on one knee.

Iron Man flew in and said to Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and Gray, "Hey, this thing isn't going down easy, we need to take out its main forms of attack, the holes in his body. Without them it won't be able to play it's death song."

(Play the song: Archangel from two steps from hell or if you are feeling nostalgic, Fight as one the full song from the Avengers E.M.H. show)

"Alright! Now I'm fired up!" exclaimed Natsu.

Hulk landed next to Natsu and smirked at the dragon slayer's enthusiasm before saying, "Just tell me when and where to smash."

"What's the plan Iron Man?", Captain America asked.

Iron Man then said, "Cap, Erza, Hawkeye, and I will attack the gaps in his arms and legs before our heavy hitters finish the job. Hulk, Thor, and Natsu hit Lullaby with your strongest attacks. Widow, and Gray will keep the guild masters at a safe distance. I am sending you details about each other so that we can better understand each other and avoid any confusion. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!"

'Is that their battle cry? Seems fitting.' Erza thought before she joined Iron Man and the others.

Iron Man fired his repulsor blasts from his palms hitting Lullaby's arms and dodging the Demon's energy blasts and swipes. Erza summoned many swords and she slashed at the Demon's side with ease. Hawkeye stood next to Grey who watched the archer load three arrows at once.

"How are you going to hit that thing from here with just arrows?" asked Gray.

"I never miss a target Fullbuster, don't judge a book by its cover. Oh and your clothes are missing." Hawkeye stated.

The Ice mage noticed how he was in his underwear and cursed himself before rushing to find his clothes. Hawkeye fired all three arrows which hit Lullaby's left leg before exploding with three loud consecutive bangs. Lullaby roared in pain and grabbed it's leg.

Iron Man then said, "Jarvis, redirect all power to the uni-beam!"

"Sir…..", the A.I. started to say.

"I know what will happen! Just do it Jarvis!", shouted Tony

"Done sir."

"Uni-beam!", yelled Iron man before he fired his uni-beam at Lullaby, the attack lit up the area as he continued his assault.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaah!" yelled Tony

The beam became more powerful for a few minutes before it slowly died down, lots of smoke in the air. Iron Man's armor shut down and he started falling from the sky fast. Erza flew over to the red and gold armored hero and grabbed him before landing on the ground. Erza pried open Iron Man's faceplate, Tony coughed before smiling at Erza, "Thanks….I used too much power with that attack."

The smoke cleared, revealing Lullaby was missing half of its lower torso.

Erza then said, "We are not done yet. Can you move at all?"

Tony moved with difficulty and stood up.

Tony then asked, "Thor, can you give me juice?"

Thor flew up in the air and summoned a lightning bolt that hit Iron man, recharging his armor slightly.

"Now boys!", shouted Erza.

Thor summoned a thunderstorm and fired lightning bolts at Lullaby and yelled, "HAVE AT THEE!", before throwing his hammer at the flute demons jaw.

Natsu cheeks puffed up and he put both hands in front like of his lips like was holding a flute, "Fire dragon's Roar!", a stream of fire came from the pink headed teenager's mouth and started burning Lullaby's wooden body, again causing the demon to roar.

Hulk jumped up and punched Lullaby's face, he then jumped away from the demon before shouting, "Thunder clap!"

The jade giant clapped both of his massive hands together, creating a massive shockwave that hit the burning demon. When the smoke had dissipated, the giant monster was completely gone. The only thing that remained was the flute from whence it came.

"Wow that was a hell of an attack!" , Natsu exclaimed, marveling at the destructiveness of the Hulk's abilities.

"Indeed. That was… impressive, to say the least." Erza commented, her voice still betraying a hint of awe.

"I'll say." , Lucy commented.

"Aye." , Happy said, nodding in agreement.

Hulk cracked his knuckles, "Thanks, but it was a team effort."

Iron Man smiled before Natasha said, " Ummmmm, Guys? I think we wrecked that building."

"Oh, Shit.", was all that came from Hawkeyes mouth.

It had seemed that due to the massive size of the demon that the Avengers had just recently defeated, they failed to see that the conference hall was directly behind it when they had launched their attack. The result was that the structure was now nothing more than a crater, having been completely decimated.

"Whoa, you guys completely tore it apart!" Natsu stated Excitedly.

"Uhh… uhhhhh…" Makarov groaned out, paling at the sight of the destroyed building.

Thor sighed and shook his head.

"Where the hell did that building come from!" shouted Tony in frustration.

Lucy then said, "We should all run now before we all get yelled at."

Everybody then yelled, "Agreed!"

The avengers and Fairy tail all ran away before any of the other guild masters could say anything.

When they were far away from the battle field the group decided to rest and relax after all of today's battles.

Tony sat on a fallen log and noticed that his power levels were far lower than he would have liked. Master Makarov, Erza, Natsu, Gray and Lucy (who was holding Happy) all walked up to Iron Man.

"Master Makarov meet Tony Stark the Iron Man. He helped plan the attack on Lullaby." , the red haired mage introduced.

Makarov held out a hand in greetings towards the teenage hero with a smile, "Nice to meet you Tony. You handled the situation well."

Tony accepted the hand in kind with a smirk, "It's what the Avengers do….or did…"

Erza noticed the black haired teen's sad expression and was about to comment before she saw Thor, Hulk, Widow, Cap, and Hawkeye walk towards the log.

Makarov then said, "You were all excellent. You all are incredible mages, your Avengers guild would be proud."

"We are not Mages. The Avengers are a team of people with powers to help fight the battles our home never could.", corrected Stark.

Makarov shook his head, " You have to be Mages, you all have magical power in you."

"let me rephrase what I said, we are not from here, we are not from this world. And the magic power we must have must have been a side effect of an accident.", Tony corrected

Makarov eyes bulged at this statement. Gray shrugged, Lucy's jaw dropped and Happy was struggling to get out of the blonde's grip. Natsu was as clueless as ever.

Erza narrowed her eyes, "Impossible, you must be lying, no non mages could have done what you did!"

Tony sighed before opening his hand and projections came from his palm of The Avengers fighting in the battle of New York, The battles with the Cabal, The Cube Prison and at last their final battle with the masters of evil. The Fairy tail wizards looked at these with awe.

" Our world is different from yours. Instead of Magic we use science in our every day lives. To the people of our world we are war heroes.."

Footage of Captain America fighting Red skull played.


Thor battling the Destroyer and Loki.

"…and Monsters."

Footage of Hulk fighting Abomination in Harlem and of Hulk fighting hoards of the chitauri at the battle of New York played too.

"But that all changed when Thor's brother Loki tried to take over the world, we joined together to stop him and his army. That day we became the Avengers."

Tony then concluded by telling everyone how the Avengers had ended up in this world, all the way from Loki's lab, to the forest where they discovered how they were turned to teens and then to when they encountered Lullaby and the wizards.

For a moment, the entire group was silent. Needless to say, the wizards were all shocked by story and the information that came with it.

None of them really knew what to say or think, until Makarov finally broke the silence." You all have been through a great ordeal….but you all a have good hearts and strong wills to have faced the challenges you had…so I ask you."

The short man held out a hand and smiled a very warm and welcoming smile, "Would you like to join our guild?"

Steve replied, "But you only just met us…"

"I don't need to know everything about you to know that you are good people, your pasts shaped you young ones to become the heroes you are. Like your Avengers, Fairy tail is a place to feel at home and have a family. When one person is sad we are all sad, when someone is happy we all join in on that joy. And where else will you all go? You will find a home with us."

Tony looked around at his friends who all nodded. Iron man took Makarov's hand and said, "We are in."

Natsu then walked up to Hulk with a serious expression, "Hey Hulk…Fight me when we are back at the guild!"

"Natsu, you already have a fight planned with Erza." Gray reminded.

"Let him. According to what Tony told me, Hulk is the strongest Hero in the Avengers home. Besides I want to see how he handles our new member." , Erza stated with her arms crossed.

Hulk smirked, "Scarf boy, I accept your challenge. May the best hero win."

The two shook hands never breaking eye contact.

Thor smiled, "This will be an interesting fight. I believe Hulk will surprise our new friends."

"Just as long as he doesn't smash any of our new friends and new home….." , Tony replied.

At that every Avenger except Hulk sighed.

This story was fun to write. I will await my readers reviews. Any flames will be eaten by Natsu so don't even try. Ha ha ha Ha! I also want to know which one of these names fits hulk for his title

Green scar

Regulus the Beast king

Beast king

World breaker



Demon King?

Next time…

Chapter Two: World breaker vs Salamander

The Avengers are welcomed to fairy tail by their new guild mates and become official members. Hulk and Natsu have a fight to determine who is the strongest. Each avenger learns what powers they each have in their new home. Mirajane meets a certain green powerhouse. Thor and Elfman arm wrestle. Tony is rushed to a purple haired healer to get his Arc reactor replaced. Hulk gets his official Fairy tail wizard name.

Find out what happens in the next chapter of Avengers of Fairy Tail!