The Avengers of Fairy Tail

I'm back and with Chapter Four of my story. To be quite honest, I was stumped on how this part should go. I later watched Ultimate Spiderman and Avengers assemble a bit and I figured it out. Also fair warning to any of you, I will be starting college either now or whenever this chapter is posted. So if I haven't updated in a while you will know why. That doesn't mean I won't write the story, it just means that it may be a little while before you hear any sign of me. Or I could be wrong and still manage to write anyways. But you all didn't come to read my drabble you came to read a story and as story I shall give you!

Chapter Four: The chronicles of Galuna, the Panther, the spider, the giant, the wolverine, and the son of Sakaar.

In a jungle filled island…..

'It isn't every day that you find yourself in another world. Especially when your with a rag tag group of heroes like yours truly…..' a red and blue figure was swinging from tree to tree with webbing in his hands. 'yep, that's right it's your friendly Neighborhood Spiderman AKA Peter Parker here and I'm not alone, and lets just say that I'm not with my normal team either'

Peter leapt to a large tree and stuck to the side. Another figure leapt out of the foliage revealing a teen with medium length black hair, the hero was wearing a yellow, orange, and blue sleeveless hoodie, that revealed his muscled arms. He was also wearing black and blue fingerless biker gloves with metal studs attached to his knuckles, three blade like claws emerged from between his knuckles as he cut through the underbrush. The teen also wore blue jeans with armor plates on his knees and shins.

'Now I'm with Wolverine…..' thought Spiderman as he and Logan waited for a few minutes. The Mutant sniffed the air and narrowed his eyes, "I don't like this Parker…..being the same age as some of my students…in a world we don't know anything about…it's suspicious."

Peter shrugged, "I don't know, this kinda sounds like a fanfiction or something like that…besides isn't this like your home in the woods?"

"What did you say bub?" growled Logan as he looked up at the teen.

"Nothing!" Squeaked Peter who held up his hands in an placating gesture.

A black figure jumped from up high, used his claws to attach himself to a tree before sliding down. 'That's Black Panther the king of Wakanda…..but now that he is my age, he is now the prince of Wakanda.' T'Challa was dark skinned, a telltale sign of his African background. His outfit consisted of a orange rope stretching around his waist gray shoulder pads and gloves that reach up to cover his forearms. He also has gray knee pads as well. His gloves have golden claws at the tips. He also wore a golden Panther necklace.

"Logan, Peter, no sign of any civilization from where I looked. And Spidey, you know better than to joke about Logan without me." Smirked T'challa when he landed next to his comrade.

"You wanna throw down cat man?!" shouted Logan with a tick mark on his forehead. "Let's settle on which metal is the strongest right now!"

"Peace Logan, I was only joking. Besides the last thing we want is to argue with ourselves…" Said T'challa with a calm expression on his face.

"He's right…." Said Spiderman as he lowered himself upside down with webbing near the other two. "We have been here for four days with no Idea where here is. Finding signs of sentient life important in our situation….let's wait for Skaar and Scott to hear about what they found."

Logan grumbled for a short while before nodding in agreement. The Mutant sniffed the air, retracted his claws and said. "Here comes Hulk's kid…..Skaar."

A bulky seven foot tall figure walked to the three. he has green skin that was slightly lighter than his father's along with some black tattoos on his right arm and shoulder. He has a large build with muscle to back it up as well like his father. However unlike his father, he has long black hair and wears armor on his left arm and legs. He also wore a gladiator skirt and carries a sword on his back.

"I found you all. I almost got lost there." Joked Skaar. He was now the age of twelve but he looked older in his Hulk form. Skaar wanted to find out where his father was, even though Hulk can take care of himself.

"Did you all find anything?" asked Skaar with a curious expression on his face.

"Sorry big guy, all three of us didn't find anything. And since my communicator isn't working, we don't know where we are." Answered Peter sadly.

Skaar frowned at the news before he smiled again, "Maybe Scott found something."

"Perhaps…..but if we are indeed on an Island, then the chances of finding signs of sentient life here are slim." Stated T'challa.

The Wolverine leaned his back against a tree with eyes shut. Although he wouldn't admit it out loud, he agreed with Skaar. He has been smelling smoke and metal somewhere on this island, but because of wind shifts in the area he can't pinpoint exactly where the smells come from. Logan opened his eyes again, 'Not to mention that I smelled some people from home….and not the good kind..' he thought.

Earlier he found the footprints of the Rhino, sand on the ground in the middle of the jungle, and a dud pumpkin bomb. 'Spidey is in danger….if he was alone, he would have been a goner…..he should consider himself lucky right now…..'

The group was interrupted with the sound of massive footsteps. Skaar cracked his knuckles, Peter landed on the ground Web shooters at the ready, T'challa touched the Panther necklace and his black Panther helmet formed around his head. Wolverine crouched with his Adamantium claws extended.

"Woah! Woah! Calm down guys! It's me!" Said the giant sized teen as he walked to his team. Logan sheathed his claws again.

The current Ant-Man's outfit was a casual version of his Ant-Man suit. He has a pair of headphones with antennae on the sides, a zipped red, black, and grey hoodie that was padded for protection, and blue jeans. He also wears pieces of the tech that let him shrink around his neck, on his belt, and on his right wrist but instead of working technology it's more like armor.

Scott shrank down to human size and walked over to his team, " I have some great news!"

Logan rolled his eyes at the size changing superhero, "This better be 'great'."

"I found a village nearby, it isn't that far." Scott announced.

For a few seconds the others were silent before face vaulting. "HOW DID WE MISS THAT!"

"I grew giant sized and noticed an abandoned temple that overlooked the village, we should go there right now and make friendly with the natives while we can." Added Scott.

Logan unsheathed his claws, "But if their not friendly…."

Peter put a hand on the Mutants shoulder, "It won't come to that. As long as we don't seem as menacing and threatening as some of the weird creatures here, I'm sure they will want to help us…."

Logan shrugged before retracting his Adamantium claws, soon the heroes started following Scott to where the village was located.

Peter noticed his watch blink a few times. 'Either I'm crazy or my communicator senses other nearby heroes aside from us. I will put a distress beacon on so that they could find us.'

Spiderman pressed a button on the watch before catching up with the others.

In the Apartment next to Lucy's….

Tony Stark's room was dark which is due to it still being night time. The teen superhero bought the apartment near the Celestial mage and made sure it was large enough to accommodate some of the other Avengers. How he managed to pay for the Apartment is a mystery to all who don't know Tony Stark. The Knight of Fairy Tail's slumber was disturbed however, when his gauntlet and helmet started blinking and beeping. Tony groaned and groggily sat up rubbing his eyes before he checked the alarm clock and groaning in frustration. He fell back on the bed and closed his eyes, 'wait a minute. I don't have an alarm clock!'

Tony sat up again now fully awake, he reached over to his gauntlet and helmet and put both of them on. Jarvis then spoke to his creator, "Tony, I have picked up a faint yet consistent signal near Fiore."

"Not just any signal, Jarvis old pal, this is an Avengers signal. And if my Guesstimate is right, it's a distress beacon."

"According to my own calculations, it seems that the portal must have sucked in more avengers and therefore transporting them here. And from the satellite beacon you crafted here, I can trace the signal." Replied Jarvis.

Along with constructing more suits of armor, Tony had built a series of satellite dishes in three places in Magnolia, The Guild, The church, and on top of Lucy's roof without her knowing.

"Sir, it seems that the signal belongs to Spider-man. It emanates from an island…but for some reason there is some magical interference, I cannot detect mister Parker's life signs." Added Jarvis with a hint of worry in his voice. Tony saw a projection of the island as he was told this new information.

"Don't worry about Pete, he is a tough little spider." Reassured Tony. "And he is a smart kid, let's wake the others to formulate a plan."

"I detect no Avengers life signs in the apartment. This may be because Mister Dragneel and Happy the cat woke them up to meet in Miss Lucy's apartment." Stated the A.I.

"Whaat! Why didn't you tell me?!" Tony shouted in surprise.

"I tried sir, but you were slow to wake up…." Retorted Jarvis.

Tony took the helmet off and grabbed an earpiece to speak with Jarvis before he ran out of the apartment, half naked in his He-Man pajama bottoms. Steve was walking towards Lucy's room to catch Happy and interrogate him when he was greeted with the sight of Tony Stark rushing there too with a cartoon pajamas.

The Avenger of Fairy Tail raised an eyebrow at his best friend, "Do I need to ask?"


Both heroes entered Lucy's room, and were slightly surprised at what they saw. Lucy was yelling at Natsu and happy for sneaking in the room, Thor and Hulk came in the room with Lucy earlier to chat with the blonde celestial mage…..before they found Natsu and Happy in her room. Currently Natsu was doing pushups with Happy while trying to get Lucy to do some exercise.

Natsu then ceased his pushups with Happy following his example. For a brief moment, everything was silent, until the fire wizard spoke, "I've made a decision..."

Lucy turned back to Natsu, a puzzled look on her face with Natsu turning up to look at her, wearing his usual confident grin.

"Our team is ready for the big time: S-Class!" he declared zealously.

"S-class?" echoed Steve and Tony.

With that, Happy hopped up onto Lucy's desk and held up a piece of paper that had a large, red circle stamped on it with a large "S" in the middle and the word "Class" next to it. The circle had a stylized pair of both angelic and demonic wings on it.

"Yeah! Check it out!" Happy said.

Upon seeing the flier for what was undoubtedly an S-Class quest, Lucy's eyes nearly bulged out of her head as she took an unconscious step back.


"YOU WHAT!" shouted the two other Slayers aside from Natsu


Tony snickered at Lucy's comment thinking it was appropriate.

A cheeky grin spread across Happy's face from Lucy's reaction. Natsu put his vest back on and approached the two.

"Since this is our first S-Class quest, we decided to go with the smallest reward we found on the board." He grinned happily and gave a thumbs-up. "But seven million is still a lot of Jewel!"

Lucy turned to Natsu and stated, "But we're not ready for it! If the Master knew we had this job request, he'd be furious!"

"Yeah, not to mention that we are new members to the guild and us taking our first mission illegally is bad for our image." Said Steve.

"Yeah, but I'll think he'll end up being proud of us if we actually pull it off." Natsu retorted nonchalantly.

"You will fail with using that logic." Stated Tony "I don't want to be on the Master's bad side."

Hulk shrugged, "Meh. I just don't want to get into any unnecessary trouble. I like having fun in the guild."

Lucy simply sighed in irritation as she sat down at her desk and crossed her legs, her palm resting on her cheek.

"You know," said Lucy, "this may be the dumbest thing you've ever done, Natsu. If you wanna rise up the ranks, you should try following the guild's rules."

"Nay, it is through displays of strength!" Stated Thor while flexing his muscles causing Lucy to blush.

"I don't think t-that's h-how either…." Stuttered Lucy

The prince of Thunder shrugged and sat down on Lucy's bed with his hammer resting on her table.

"Geez, we're never gonna make S-Class with that kinda attitude." Natsu grumbled.

"There is no attitude about it Natsu. Erza told us not to set foot there." Said Hulk.

"You can handle this on your own. I'm staying right here." asserted Lucy.

Happy held up the flier and mentioned, "But the job is saving a tropical island!"

This caught Lucy's attention as she looked at the paper curiously. "Really?"

Natsu leaned on the desk as he and Happy both stare at the blond wizard silently for a moment, until their expressions both grow intentionally darker. They spoke in the typical "ghostly" voice, thoroughly creeping Lucy out.

"It's the cursed island ofGaluna...!" Natsu and Happy said simultaneously.

"No way! Definitely not going now!" Lucy freaked out.

"I'll give you half the fish I catch, Lucy...!" Happy goaded.


Hulk's stomach grumbled, " I may take you up on your offer now….."

Lucy then calms herself and folds her arms, having had enough of her two friends' antics. "Hmph..."

Seeing that their attempts to convince and the rest of the Avengers were of no use, the Dragon Slayer and feline finally decided to leave. However, instead of opening the door to do so, they opened the window by Lucy's bed.

"Fine." relented Natsu. "We're outta here."

"Aye," Happy chimed.

"That's the best idea you've had all day." Lucy commented. She opened her eyes and saw the method in which Natsu and Happy were leaving. Happy sprouted his wings and flew out with Natsu grabbing onto the blue cat's tail as the two floated to the ground.

"Hold on...!" Lucy pointed angrily to the door. "For crying out loud, would you use the door?!"

Lucy then turned around, huffed, and placed her hands on her hips, seemingly exhausted simply by those two having been in her apartment. However, she then glanced to her right and noticed something. The S-Class flier was still lying on the floor!

Tony walked over to pick the job up, "might as well return this to the second floor….hold on…"

Steve, Thor, and Hulk stopped what they were doing and looked at Stark. "what's the matter?" Steve asked.

"Before I walked in here I was alerted by Jarvis that a distress beacon from our good friend Spiderman was detected not that long ago. It was emanating from an island but we couldn't tell if he was alive or not because of some abnormal magical interference. But I saw an image of the island, this job flier has the same island where Spiderman is located on the back" Explained Tony.

Lucy cringed at two things, one of a man-spider hybrid, and two that Tony the smartest man in the room was implying that they should go there and break the rules.

"What are we waiting for then? Let's go help Spidey!" Hulk growled as he punched his palm.

Thor grabbed Mjolnir and hefted it on his shoulder, "I will not leave our comrade to suffer pain and death on some cursed Island!"

"We never leave a soldier behind, but you all realize that we could get in big trouble for this?" Stated Steve,

Lucy panicked, "N-no! Don't be as bad as Natsu and Happy!"

Tony looked up at Lucy with determination on his face, "Luce, we have to go. If Spiderman dies on that island when we couldn't do anything about it then what Heroes are we? We at least have to Avenge him should the need arise."

The Celestial mage was taken aback by Tony's statement and looked at the other three and found similar looks on their faces. After a while she sighed, "I can't stop you…..but I can join you!"

Thor was a little shocked, "my dear lady, I wouldn't ask of you to risk your life and friendship with Fairy Tail for us."

Lucy giggled and stuck her tongue out cutely, "The pay will be good and who else will keep you boys in check? And there is a Zodiac Key as a reward too."

Tony grinned and nodded, "Then it's settled then, we will go to Galuna Island and save Spiderman and the people of Galuna…" the Knight of Fairy Tail raised a fist followed by the others, "Avengers assemble!"

Lucy joined in too and raised her fist, "Yeah!"

In Fairy Tail…..

The next morning, in the Fairy Tail guild hall, Master Makarov sat down in his usual spot on top of the bar counter and was just about to start relaxing and enjoying his drink, when Mirajane came running down the stairs with an extremely worried look on her face. "Mira what do you think of Hulk and Thor being made S-class…..?" Makarov didn't get to finish because Mira interrupted him.

"Master!" She folded her hands over her chest. "I don't know what's happened, but one of the S-Class quests is missing!"

For a moment, Makarov retained his calm and relaxed demeanor as he took a sip of his drink. However, he soon spat it out and spun around to face Mira in shock. "WHAT?!" he cried.

It was relatively quiet around the guild at this time of day, so just about everyone had heard what Mira just said, and all of them were surprised, to say the least.

"Say what? One of the jobs from the second floor is missin'?" Wakaba said in disbelief.

"But the jobs up there are S-Class quests. Anyone know who took off with it?" Macao asked.

Just as surprised as the others, a young girl spoke up as well. She was slim and of average height, with bowl-cut, lavender hair, with her fringe covering part of her forehead. She wore a dark red bow on the top of her head. In addition, she wore a whitish-blue coat with light blue lines on the arms and chest, which reached down below her waist, and had another red bow positioned below her turned over collar. She also sported tight-fitting, dark pants that were tucked into a pair of light-colored boots with dark soles. To top it all off, she wore a pair of simple glasses with oval lenses. This was Laki Olietta.

"Well, it's either someone really strong or really stupid." Laki commented.

Just then, the guild heard an all-too-familiar voice speak up from the upper floor of the guild hall. "I know... A little blue cat flew up here and ripped it off the board."

Mirajane quickly turned to see Laxus on the second floor. He was sitting at a table with his feet propped up, his arms folded, and his eyes closed as he smirked to himself.

"It was Happy?" Mira gasped.

With Laxus's single remark, the entire guild began to mutter amongst themselves, some louder than others.

"He must've stolen it for Natsu and Lucy!" Wakaba realized.

"That's crazy! What're they thinking?!" Macao exclaimed.

There was a pair of other wizards amongst the crowd who were also upset with this recent development.

One of them was a young man of average height. He had mildly long black hair that covered the right part of his face. His attire mirrored that of a fictional cowboy, save for the hat. His outfit consisted of a long, brown coat resembling a poncho with tasseled edges, together with a shirt and torn pants with strips similar to the ones on his coat hanging from their edges. He also had a studded belt with a skull-shaped buckle.

This was Alzack Connell. He was currently sitting at a table with a distasteful look on his face.

The individual leaning against a pillar nearby him was a young woman with long, straight green hair that reached down to her upper back. She had a set of long bangs framing her face, and wore red lipstick. Her attire was similar to that of a fictional cowgirl, with a tan, Western-style hat. Around her neck was a white scarf with large, yellow polka-dots. She also wore a plain blue, strapless, one-piece dress with white edges.

This was Bisca Mulan, and she too wore a distasteful mien.

"They've got some nerve, taking on an S-Class quest." Alzack commented.

"I dunno if I'd call it nerve, but it's definitely dumb." Bisca remarked.

Laxus smirked. "And it wasn't just him who wandered outta here last night. One of our guild's esteemed guests strolled right on after him the one with the shield, I think I saw the Troll man jump out of magnolia with the others in tow."

Everyone's eyes nearly bulged out of their heads with that bit of information. No wonder they hadn't seen him around this morning.

"Steve and the Avengers went with them too?!" Makarov yelled, wide-eyed.

"Are you serious?!" Macao slapped his forehead. "Are those guys crazy?! They have no idea what kind of dangers an S-Class mission could have in store!"

"And doesn't even know anything about taking on regular jobs!" Laki mentioned.

"And they are going with Natsu and Lucy." Bisca inputted plainly.

"Who knows how many things could go wrong with that match-up." Alzack added.

"Takin' an S-Class quest without permission is a serious breach of the rules." Laxus smirked as he glanced down at Makarov. "Hey, Gramps! Stunt like that'll get yah kicked out of the guild, am I right?"

Makarov was simply standing on the bar counter with his arms folded, head lowered, and eyes closed, contemplating the situation as Laxus spoke.

"Not that it matters. It's not like those seven losers are gonna make it back alive from an S-Class quest. Four of 'em ain't even wizards to begin with." Laxus said nonchalantly.

Laxus's attention was drawn by Mirajane, who had climbed the stairs, and was staring angrily at the blond man with her hands placed firmly on her hips. "Which is all the more reason you should've stopped them!"

A loud twang was heard and there stood Hawkeye with his bow. The arrow he fired was near Laxus head. "Next time, I will send an exploding arrow through your mouth! Don't ever insult our team mates."

Widow just sat on the bar listening with slight irritation towards Laxus as Hawkeye continued.

"Steve is a stickler for rules, there is no way in hell he would risk everything we have here unless there was a reason behind it."

"Oh, lighten up." He dismissed. "All I saw was a blue cat flyin' off with a piece of paper in its paws tryin' to act all sneaky, and a curious kid runnin' after it. I had no idea it was Happy, and I figured there wasn't any trouble the little heroes could get into wandering around the town at night." He looked at Mirajane. "Besides, Natsu's not cleared for S-Class. I never dreamed he'd break the rules."

That was a lie, and everyone present knew it. Natsu was always finding new ways to aggravate everyone in the guild. This was just the latest and most severe way yet.

It was bad enough that the arrogant S-Class wizard let Happy fly off with the job in the first place, knowing full-well where he was going, but to let the big four of the guild go along with him was even worse. All of them could very well die on that mission, and not stopping them from going despite knowing the danger, was inexcusable, which Mirajane let him know by giving him a dark, menacing glare that would make even Hulk pause.

However, Laxus didn't seem fazed by Mirajane's growing anger with him, and simply chuckled. "You haven't given me that look in a while..."

"This isn't good..." Makarov looked up at Mira. "Well, which job was it?"

Mirajane turned away from Laxus, but was still glaring at him in her peripheral vision as she went on to answer Makarov's question, with Laxus giving her a snide smirk as she did so. "For lifting the curse on...Galuna Island..."

Makarov eyes widened from shock. "WHAT?!"

"Galuna Island?!" Macao and Wakaba shouted.

"Are they insane?!" Laki cried, alarmed.

"They're even dumber than we thought!" Alzack and Bisca remarked, just stunned as the others.

Everyone in the guild had begun to panic upon that revelation. None of the S-Class quests were particularly pleasant, but the Galuna Island job had been left untouched for a very good reason, with that reason being that no one who ever set out on that mission had ever returned from it.

Makarov hopped down from his seat on the bar counter and look up at Laxus, who simply sat there as he had been, practically carefree. "Laxus! Go and fetch them at once!"

"Yeah, right." Laxus replied, giving a dismissive wave. "I got better things to do, Gramps. And besides, everybody in Fairy Tail is supposed to be able to take care of themselves, right?"

"I don't care how you feel about Natsu!" Makarov shouted, losing his patience. "None of them realize what they're getting themselves into, especially The big four! The fact is, you're the only one strong enough to bring them back by force!"

Just then, Gray, who had remained silent this whole time, stood up from his seat behind Master Makarov, and turned to him, drawing the elderly wizard's attention. "Sorry, Master...but I'm afraid I gotta disagree with you."

In Hargeon…..

After letting Lucy get changed into some new clothes, the Avengers plus one wizard caught up with Natsu and traveled to Hargeon to find a boat that would take them to Galuna Island. Lucy also told them how she and Natsu met and the destruction that was caused by him only a few days ago. Their task was becoming extremely frustrating not only because of the boat men nearby refusing after hearing the Islands name but on Natsu's insistence that they swim there.

"For the last time Natsu, we aren't gonna swim. Hulk can't jump to the island properly in water. And Lucy can't swim that distance either. " Tony stated to the pyromaniac with a tired tone.

Hulk grunted in irritation, "You would think that in a world protected by everyday use of magic that someone would agree to take us to Galuna."

Thor nodded as well, "whilst Tony and I can fly, we cannot carry many passengers at once. If I still had my goats then we wouldn't be here by now…."

"it's a cursed Island. I would be surprised if anyone wanted to help, they are looking out for their best interests." Steve stated.

Tony's eyebrow twitched, "which is frustrating since the place we need to go to is an Island! Will nobody cut us some slack!

Just then, both Natsu and Lucy felt someone place hands on their right and left shoulders respectively. "I found you...!" a voice said.

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Natsu, Lucy, and the Avengers all jumped and spun around in shock. Behind them with a triumphant smirk on his face was none other than Gray!

"It's Gray!" Lucy said, stunned.

"What're you doin' here?!" Natsu demanded, surprised and frustrated.

"Yeah, why are you here is the question." Said Tony

Gray turned to Natsu, annoyed. "Gramps found out about your harebrained scheme and sent me to bring yah back."

Natsu's eyes widen in shock, his jaw dropped. "Why?! We're not in danger yet!"

"If yah come back now, yah might avoid being kicked out of the guild. Maybe." Gray responded.

Upon hearing that, Lucy placed her hands on her face as she adorned an apprehensive mien. That was definitely not what she was expecting, nor was it something she wanted to hear.

"Kicked out?!" she shrieked.

Hearing Gray mention that Natsu and Lucy might get kicked out of the guild made Steve feel guilty. He figured they'd get in trouble for attempting to complete an S-Class quest without proper qualification, but he didn't think the punishment would be that severe. Makarov had told him that Fairy Tail was like a big, close-knit family. Getting cast out would essentially be like getting disowned.

"I dunno, guys. If this is gonna get you kicked out of the guild, maybe you should go back." suggested Hulk.

"Aye, Fairy Tail is like your home." Added Thor

Natsu's expression became determined as he got in Gray's face. Though they all heard what Hulk said, none of them seemed to notice that he never mentioned what he would do in that statement.

Natsu gritted his teeth and said, "I don't care! I'm goin' on this S-Class quest!"

Gray narrowed his eyes in annoyance. "Man, you're way out of your league here. Just come home." It was then that Gray's face turned grave as a thought came to his mind, which he didn't hesitate to share with the group. "When Erza finds out about this, she's gonna be so angry..."

"Uh. Oh." Said the two wizards and Cat.

The thought of an angry Erza freaked Tony out a little while Hulk crossed his arms irritated. Thor shrugged but frowned at Natsu and Happy.

"We have a justified reason as to why we are going. Natsu is just coming along for his own." Defended Steve.

"Oh yeah? Do you really think Erza and the master will care about what your reason is…..?" Gray was about to say 'I don't think so' before he was interrupted by Tony.

"A friend of ours is on that Island, alone and probably scared at being in a new and strange world. He could be hurt." Tony stated.

This caused Gray to pause, "Still…I think we should go back and…."

The Ice Wizard was snapped out of his musing when Happy flew over behind Gray's shoulder. "Please, Gray, you gotta save me! I told them this was a bad idea but they forced me to come along!"

"YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR!" Lucy yelled furiously.

Hulk growled at the cat, "Your really gonna make yourself seem innocent?!"

Natsu's determination was strengthening by the second as he glared at Gray, ignoring both Happy and Lucy. "I've gotta prove my power to Gramps!" He clenched his fists. "So, like it or not, I'm doin' this!"

Gray placed his hands on his hips, getting into Natsu's face. "Master ordered me to bring you home! I'll drag you back to Fairy Tail if I have to!"

With that, an icy mist began to form around Gray's hand, and a second later, a cluster of ice spikes grew around his hand; much to the avengers surprise. Since they arrived at Fairy Tail, none of them have never seen Gray's magic before, nor had any of them heard what it was, surprisingly. Tony hadn't expected it to be ice-oriented.

"Don't make me hurt you, buddy!" Gray threatened.

Natsu quickly ignited his left fist in flames as he continued to glare at Gray. "I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!" he challenged.

When the two wizards broke out their magic, the sailor on the boat looked surprised as he spoke to himself quietly. "Magic...?" Before any kind of fight could break out between the fire and ice wielders, the sailor stood up in his boat and spoke up, catching everyone's attention. "Excuse me, but are you wizards? Have you come to lift the curse on the island?"

Steve and the other three heroes nodded as walked over to the Sailor.

Natsu, now distracted from his would-be fight with Gray, grinned confidently and put away his flames as he turned to the sailor. Lucy, however, was not quite as chipper as she was earlier, her confidence now wavering from the threat of being expelled from Fairy Tail.

"Yeah!" Natsu replied.

"Well, maybe..." Lucy said nervously.

"Yus." Smirked Tony.

Hulk shrugged, "We wouldn't b looking for a ride if we weren't gonna.

Thor nodded. "Verily."

"We don't mean to impose…." Added Steve

"Not gonna happen!" Gray uttered through gritted teeth.

The sailor simply stared at the wizards and superheroes for a moment with a somewhat shocked look in his eyes, but it didn't seem to be disbelief. After a moment, the man composed himself slightly before gesturing to his boat. "Get in."

"What?" the Celestial Spirit wizard said, surprised.

Hulk did a fist pump. While Steve and Tony did a fist bump with smiles on their faces. Thor bowed his head slightly to the Sailor in thanks.

"Seriously?!" Natsu added.

The group was surprised the sailor had changed his mind so quickly upon learning they were there to save the island. However, Gray was not so much surprised as he was still angry with Natsu. "No way!" he exclaimed.

Gray moved in to grab Natsu, but the Dragon Slayer simply grinned devilishly and delivered a powerful backwards kick to Gray's stomach, effectively knocking the wind out of him, and rendering him unable to move or speak. Natsu lifted the ice wizard up over his right shoulder, and turned to the sailor with a smirk on his face.

"There we go. Ready when you are, sir." Natsu proclaimed.

The group of heroes sweat dropped at what Natsu just did.

"Why are we taking him with us?" asked Tony with some annoyance.

"was that really necessary?" asked Steve to no one in particular.

"Yeah, I'm not sure if bringing him with us is such a good idea." Lucy inputted.

Natsu turned to the Celestial Spirit mage and superhero, and countered, "We can't let him go back and tell the guild." He then began to tremble and sweat as his mien quickly became one of trepidation. "'Cause the next person they'll send is Erza!"

Under the threat of Erza coming for them, Lucy and Happy's demeanors practically mirrored Natsu's. Without another word, the Celestial Wizard and flying cat both piled into the boat with Natsu hopping in after tossing Gray in. The big four followed, but was still left with the question of what exactly Erza was capable of.

On Galuna Island…..

Peter and the other heroes were now currently resting in a hut inside the village that Scott found. After a tense introduction that almost involved, Skaar, Logan, and the Villagers breaking out into a fight. Thankfully Peter and Tchalla managed to calm down both sides and speak to the chief.

Soon the heroes were welcomed with open arms after Peter explained how they were lost and have powers. Of course that didn't stop the Chief from insisting that they destroy the moon to save the tribe from a curse that plagues their bodies. This caused the prince of Wakanda to raise an eyebrow.

Skaar snored on a large mat of straw made for him, while Logan sat criss crossed up against the wall with eyes closed and arms crossed Scott meanwhile was the size of an Ant and was sleeping on Logan's shoulder. Tchalla was asleep in a spiderweb hammock Peter made while the spider based hero was awake deep in thought.

The hero's musings were interrupted by a loud noise and a roar outside the village. Peter poked his head outside to find many of the men in the village with their weapons while running to the gates. Logan eyes shot open when he sniffed the air and growled. Skaar and Tchalla woke up as well and got ready to fight. Scott groaned but got ready as well and grew to human size after jumping off of Wolverines shoulder.

Peter nodded to his team, "let's go guys!" they rushed out of the hut and Peter fired some webbing at the trees nearby and swung out of the village. Skaar jumped high in the air over the gates. Scott grew in size and carried Tchalla and Logan in his hands as he stepped over the gates. Peter landed in front of the gates to find a sight he thought he wouldn't see...some of the Sinister Six and some other villains as teens.

Rhino was ramming his horn against the gates roaring, Kraven stood next to his gray comrade. Sabretooth was laughing with a sinister smirk on his face. Whirlwind was bored and carving some stick figures into the wooden walls surrounding the village. Sandman and Shocker were conversing with each other about what their orders were. The moment the heroes Landed near the villains they stopped what they were doing and all smirked at the group.

"Nice look Logan." Sneered Victor as he played with the wood next to him whole leaving Claw marks.

"Hey Fang face, why don't you and your friends high tail it back to what ugly hole you crawled out of?" taunted Peter with goggles on his face that hide his identity from the villains.

Rhino growled and cracked his knuckles, "SCREW THIS! LET'S GET THEM!" the large behemoth charged at the heroes, Skaar grabbed him by the horn and shoulder, stopped him while both tried forcing the other back.

Kraven jumped high in the air and drew some Lazer daggers ready to slice Spiderman to ribbons before Tchalla jumped with his vibranium helmet on and delivered a swipe with his claws.

Whirlwind flew up in the air while Scott grew in size while trying to land a punch on his armored opponent. Wolverine shouted his battle cry, claws extended as he ran towards Sabretooth who charged as well with a mad grin.

Sandman grew larger and made his arm into a mace before smashing it against the ground near Peter. Pete jumped away and shot his webbing at Flint's face, blinding him temporarily. Spidey then webbed a nearby tree trunk and jumped in the air spinning around, gaining momentum. Flint got rid of the webbing just in time for his eyes to widen as the trunk got close to his face.

On the ocean….

The first hour or so of the boat ride was mostly spent in silence with the captain of their vessel refusing to speak until they were closer to their destination. The sun had gone down, and the cool night air had begun to kick in. Gray was now fully recovered from Natsu's kick, but the latter had tied him up so he couldn't use his magic, which the ice wizard was less than pleased about. Natsu was currently leaning over the side of the boat from motion sickness. Lucy seemed to be growing more and more nervous as the trip progressed and Happy simply looked, well, happy. Hulk was sitting in the middle of the boat so as to not sink it. Thor and Tony flew alongside the boat since Steve needed a spot on the boat.

After that, several more minutes went by in silence, and in that time, the sky had grown noticeably darker, which only made Lucy even more unsettled. "Okay, now I'm starting to get scared..." she said shakily.

"Thor could you clear this weather?" asked Steve from the ship as he polished his shield.

Thor looked up at the sky warily, "Nay. It seems that this storm is the result of powerful magic."

"Well look on the bright side, at least you're not tied up!" Gray retorted. He then turned his attention to the captain of their little voyage, still angered and irritated by the fact that he was now tied up, but still equally angry about his friends' insistence on breaking the guild's rules. "This is your fault too, buddy! Why'd you decide to let us on?!"

The sailor, who had remained silent the entire trip and had been focusing on a small, glowing orb at the back of the boat, turned to Gray with a neutral expression. "The name is Bobo, and if you must now, I used to be a citizen of Galuna Island."

"Used to be...?" Hulk questioned.

Bobo didn't respond to Hulk for a moment, much to the World Breaker's confusion. Bobo's expression grew darker as he turned to face the sea. "But I had to flee... I just couldn't take it anymore." He turned to the group. "I should warn you. Tragedy befalls anyone who sets foot on the island. There's no avoiding it. That is, unless you're able to lift the curse."

After a second of pause, Bobo shifted his cloak and exposed his left arm; however, it was unlike anything they had expected. It appeared to be covered in a bizarre, dark purple exoskeleton. Whatever it was, it clearly wasn't human.

"...This vile demon's curse." Bobo concluded.

"Woah, your arm..." Gray gasped.

"What happened to it?" Lucy asked, shocked.

"Is that...the curse...?" Steve queried.

Again, without replying, the cursed sailor took a look ahead of the boat, and saw an island coming into view. "We're almost there. That's Galuna Island..."

For a second, the wizards and superheroes gawked at the island in curiosity and minor apprehension, until Lucy broke the silence by asking the question that was on everybody's mind.

"That's weird. Why's the mountaintop glowing like that?" she observed.

Sure enough, Lucy was right. The mountain on the island had a golden, yet ominous glow shining from it. Simply looking at it made Hulk's skin crawl a bit, as though something unnatural were on the island. Then again, living there had given poor Bobo the arm of some kind of humanoid insect, so there was undoubtedly something sinister there.

It was then that Steve had a question, and turned around back to Bobo. However, when he did so, the cursed man had suddenly vanished!

"What the...?!" he shouted in alarm.

Hulk noticed to and frowned, he didn't like this.

Thor and Tony stopped next to the boat just as confused as Steve.

"Where'd he go?!" Lucy said fearfully.

"Did he fall out?" Gray wondered, equally confused as the others.

"It's like he disappeared into thin air!" Happy remarked.

As Natsu gurgled from motion sickness, unaware of the current situation, Lucy began to hear something as she looked over the edge of the boat, but couldn't place her finger on what it was. "What's that sound?" she voiced.

Hulk heard it too and quickly realized it was coming from behind them. He spun around to see what it was, but was instantly shocked by what he saw; a massive tidal wave was heading straight for them!

"Uh, GUYS?!"

Everyone turned to Hulk, but their eyes widened in shock and fear upon seeing the massive wave. Even Natsu, who was still visibly sick, looked startled by the incoming wave. Tony and Thor were stunned at the size of the massive wave.


"Now don't panic! Just hold on!" Gray yelled.

The group grew more fearful by the second as the wave began to come down on them, forming a whirlpool beneath all the while.

Hulk grabbed onto everyone on the boat, holding them close when the wave crashed into them. Even Thor and Tony were swept away by the rogue wave.

Tony groaned as he slowly regained consciousness, he opened his eyes. The Knight of Fairy Tail raised a hand to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun. After remembering what happened earlier, the Requip wizard looked around the beach he was on and found nobody nearby.

"might as well fly around to find them…." Tony sighed as his boots activated and he took off, flying close to the ground. After a few minutes of searching, Tony found Lucy, Natsu, and Happy in the same area and landed next to them.

Lucy woke up first and after Tony told here what happened she wasn't all to happy.

The wreckage of the boat they had been traveling in could be seen strewn about the beach.

"What a mess..." Lucy muttered as she and Tony approached their friends, who had already begun waking up themselves.

After several minutes, Natsu and Gray were fully awake, and the latter had helped Happy get his head out of the sand, and proceeded to pick up his backpack and sleeping bag.

After a while Steve and the other two heroes found them nearby and the group was reunited. Tony removed his boots and emptied them of any sand inside.

"Looks like we made it, you guys!" Natsu noted; an excited grin on his face.

"We're lucky that wave washed us ashore," Lucy added.

"Well I don't know if I would call it lucky." Gray commented sourly.

"C'mon Fullbuster, lighten up. What's important is that we are still alive." Said Hulk after he nudged his side.

"I can't help but wonder what happened to the guy who brought us here..." Lucy stated, worried for the sailor.

"Yeah. Right after he told us about the curse, he vanished..." Steve added , also concerned.

"Forget about that stuff for now and let's go exploring!" Natsu yelled, flailing his arms in the air excitedly.

"Aye!" Happy chirped.

"Let us explore this cursed island!" shouted Thor with a merry attitude.

Lucy could only sweat drop at her three friends' attitudes. "We've been here like thirty seconds and you guys have already forgotten about the mission?"

"Are they for real...?" Tony deadpanned.

After a moment, Lucy proceeded to pull out the job request that brought them here in the first place. Natsu and Happy regained their composure and began to focus on the task at hand once again. Thor shrugged while looking at the sky wondering why he could master the weather.

"Apparently there's only one village on the entire island. The village chief is the one who originally put in the request. So I guess we need to try and find him."

"Not so fast..." Everyone turned to see Gray, staring at them with a serious expression.

"You're not still thinkin' of taking them back to the guild, are you?" asked an incredulous Tony, "Because if you are, you're gonna have to find a new boat."

"You're right..." Gray said, "I'm comin' with you."

That was a surprise for everyone, especially for Natsu, Happy, and Lucy. First the Avengers had agreed to tag along, and now Gray?

"There's no way I'm gonna let the two of you clowns make S-Class before I do." Gray stated plainly. "And if you were kicked out, the guild would be pretty boring. Gramps'll be upset, but if we pull this off, he won't stay mad at us for long."

"What about us?" Hulk asked.

Gray shrugged. "He thinks you have no idea how to handle this world, but seein' how you took down flame-brain over there, and the fact that your friend is here its justified. Besides your all pretty strong from where you come from, I think you can handle a cursed island."

The Ice-Make wizard grinned confidently. "Let's go."

Natsu and Lucy smiled while Happy jumped in excitement. "Yeah!" shouted the former two, while their blue, feline companion yelled, "Aye!"

"Well then," Thor grinned, "what are we waiting for?!"

They all turned to the jungle that all lies before them.

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Chapter Five: The battle for Galuna begins! The Goblin king and Ice Emperors forces versus the Avengers of Fairy Tail!