It seems that no matter what I do, I just get more focused on this story more than the other I'm doing. -shrugs- Oh well! I want you all to know that I am rewatching Fairy Tail and now I'm on the Galuna Island Arc, which is pretty cool in of itself. And I have decided that for each arc there will be at least two characters that this arc will focus on… least that's my goal. So Spidey, and Gray will be the focus on this one. I hope you guys still continue to support my story no matter what and thanks for your input and comments. Now on with the show!

Chapter Five: The battle for Galuna begins! The Goblin king and Ice Emperors forces versus the Avengers of Fairy Tail!

Outside the Galuna Island village….

Skaar was punched into the gate with a loud smack, the hero grit his teeth as he saw Rhino charging at him with his horn lowered towards him. The Gamma hybrid roared and threw an uppercut at the suit wearing villain sending him crashing into the jungle. Skaar jumped up in the air and drew his sword, "SKAAR SLASH!"

On the treetops nearby, Kraven and Tchalla were having a fight between predator and prey. The prince of Wakanda jumped from tree to tree while Kraven followed using his whip to latch onto the branches, that was before Tchalla did a back flip backwards and delivered a kick to the hunter's chest. Kraven grunted and smacked into the tree behind him but he climbed back up and both he and Tchalla stood on the same branch. Both opponents stood still for a moment before charging at each other. Kraven threw a punch, Tchalla blocked the punch before trying to kick the poacher in the head but that was blocked in return. The two skilled warriors started throwing fast and powerful punches trying to hit the other.

Tchalla jumped away even through his helmet you could see his eyes narrow. "Your skills are impressive, for a poacher."

Drawing one of his Laser daggers with a smirk, "I take pleasure in the hunt, and you are a great quarry next to the spider!"

Logan stayed by the gate with his claws out, "I don't know how you got here or why you are here, but your not getting past me Victor!"

Sabretooth smirked revealing his sharp canines, "When I get past you, I will pay your little friends behind the walls a little visit."

Both mutants locked eyes before leaping at each other snarling or roaring. Victor slashed at Logan only to be head-butted by an Adamantium reinforced skull. Wolverine took his chance and slashed Victor across the chest, drawing blood and sending the feral mutant skidding across the floor. Victor snarled at Logan when he stood up again, his wounds healing till they looked like they were never there to begin with. Now it was Logan's turn to smirk when he charged at Victor again slashing his claws again and a yellow magic circle with a Wolverine design in the middle appeared, "Mutant Beast's: Adamantium claws!"

Victor was slashed again but was sent flying from an explosion.

Wolverine looked at his claws that glowed for a few seconds as he smirked, "Nice."

Scott growled as he watched Whirlwind fly around him in circles as he tried to grab him. Whirlwind laughed at the giant hero as he kept missing. "Nah nah nah nah na! You can't catch me! Oh shi…!"

Scott clapped his hands together while Whirlwind was in between crushing him. The villain fell to the ground dazed but alive. "You talk to much!" Boomed the giant sized superhero.

Peter was blasted into the gates by Flint who took the tree trunk out of his face leaving a hole there that soon refilled with sand and he looked normal again. Spidey struggled to stand up while the villagers peeked from their windows to see one of their new allies get beaten. Sandman grew bigger as he absorbed more sand. "All of this sand for me to use to grow stronger!" boasted the villain as he towered over Spiderman.

"And none of it helps make you look any less ugly. Have you ever thought of plastic surgery? Maybe get some work done?" quipped Peter as he stood back up while using a hut for support to stand.

"You won't be making any comments when I beat you into the ground!" Retorted Flint as he raised a massive fist to crush the bug themed superhero when a hammer flew through the air and smashed straight through his face making another hole.

((Play song: Fairy Tail theme song))

"Nay, it will not be you who will do the smashing." Said Thor as Mjolnir returned to his hand

Hulk roared and jumped in the air and decked Flint in the face, "That's my job!"

Lucy hid behind Thor while trembling in fear, "Ahhhhhhhhh! A giant sand monster!"

Natsu however was watching the fight with wide eyes and a grin, Gray watched with his jaw on the floor. Happy however was eating a fish acting as if this was normal.

Flint was stunned by the attacks Hulk was giving him before focusing again, "Get off of me!"

A fist of sand punched Hulk away. Tony requipped into his armor and flew up in the air, "Natsu, fight Sandman! Your fire magic should be able to do a lot more damage than physical attacks!"

The fire dragon slayer backed away, "No way I will fall asleep."

Everyone around Natsu stared at him like he was an idiot even some of the villains. Peter did a face palm at the comment before webbing Flint again in the face.

Hulk stood back up, "Don't worry about sleeping. Worry about what I will do if you chicken out!"

Natsu shivered before he ran towards the blind Flint Marko and his fists ignited, "Fire Dragon: Iron fist!"

The Fire Dragon slayer punched Sandman in the leg causing his leg to turn to glass on impact. Flint cried out and glared at Natsu. "I will crush you!"

"Bring it Sandy!" shouted Natsu with his signature grin in his face. This taunt caused a tick mark to appear on the Sand mage's forehead. "Let's go Happy!"

"Aye sir!" Said Happy before flying over to Natsu and picking him up and helping Natsu get face to face with Sandman and using his Fire magic to his advantage against Flint.

"Fire Dragons: Roar!"

Hulk tackled Rhino right when Skaar was about to get his head smashed in. Hulk roared in Rhino's face and punched him repeatedly till the villain was dazed. Hulk looked over at his son and he smiled, glad to see him again. Skaar ran over to Hulk shifting to his child form and hugged his father with tears in his eyes. "Daddy! I missed you so much!"

Hulk held Skaar gently with tears of his own, "I know…..I know…..I missed you too Skaar."

Lucy was surprised, happy, and confused at the same time. 'I never knew Hulk had a kid…..he never mentioned that.'

Whirlwind flew up to Scott with the intention to stab his blades in the giant's eyes when Tony flew towards the armored villain and decked him in the jaw. "Now that's not nice Whirlwind. Why don't you take on someone your own size?"

"Like you Stark? We have tangoed many times before in the past. What makes you think this won't be any different?" Taunted David Canon.

Tony smirked from under his helmet, "Cuz, I have an ice mage on my side."

David raised an eyebrow, "A what?"

" Ice Make: Bazooka!" shouted Gray. An explosion of ice hit Whirlwind in the chest stopping his flight long enough for Scott to punch the villain into the ground. Knocking him out.

Kraven landed on the ground after being kicked off the tree by Tchalla. The poacher grimaced before seeing Lucy and had a devious plot in his head. But this was interrupted by a flying shield hitting him in the chest and a kick from Tchalla from behind.

"Hey Cap, how are you feeling?" asked Tchalla in a friendly manner.

"I'm feeling fine, thanks for asking." Steve replied just as friendly while he caught his shield in mid air.

"Captain America! You and the Avengers are here!? The Goblin King will not like this at all, your deaths are at hand." Grunted Kraven as he held his back while he stood up.

"Well you can tell your Goblin king, that he should watch out because we just handed your asses back to you." Quipped Tony. When he requipped back to his casual clothes.

Kraven grunted as he grabbed a dazed Victor, "Retreat! For now." The poacher glared at the assembled heroes. The villains stopped what they were doing and started to run away. With tails between their legs all of them grumbling and irritated and they soon disappeared into the jungle. Sandman became a sandstorm and flew away.

((End of song))

Scott shrunk to his normal size and walked over to Gray, "That was pretty cool!"

Hulk walked back over to the group with Skaar perched on his shoulder, Spidey limped there as well. Soon the heroes and Mages were being introduced to each other and the big four explained what has happened and where they are.

Logan looked at his claws again and when Lucy saw them retract she started freaking out. "Is it me? OR DID THAT GUY HAVE METAL CLAWS COME OUT OF HIS KNUCKLES?!"

The Mutant smirked and looked at Lucy, "They aren't the only part of me that is metal blondie."

Lucy shivered, how can a man have sharp claws of metal in his arms without having to go through painful experiments.

Hulk looked at Wolverine who playfully punched his shoulder, "Kept an eye on your kid for ya "

"Thanks. It means a lot to me Logan." Replied Hulk.

Logan shrugged, "Meh. Don't mention it."

Peter was talking with Lucy, Steve, and Tony, "So you got shipwrecked on this island because of me, and you also wanna help the villagers too?"

"Pretty much. Although we didn't plan on getting slammed by a sixty foot wave." Replied Lucy with a smile. 'he isn't anything like I thought he would be.'

The large group walked back to the village. Tony held up the job flier, "we are here to help. We are from the mage guild Fairy Tail."

One of the villagers looked at the Fairy Tail wizards suspiciously. "Why weren't we notified that you took the job?"

The group sweat dropped before Gray said, "Must have been a mix up with the paperwork, but we are here now."

"Show us your guild marks as proof." Demanded another Villager.

Natsu revealed his shoulder, Hulk showed his fists, Lucy revealed her hand, Gray, Tony, and Steve revealed the marks on their chests. And Thor raised Mjolnir in the air also revealing the golden guildmark on his forearm.

"Their wizards! Let them in!" shouted the villager from earlier.

The Avengers walked in and were greeted by the village who also thanked Spider and the others for protecting their home before Fairy Tail came.

Peter and his team were aware that something happened to the village but like the Fairy Tail members, they didn't know much about what's tormenting the village.

The group stepped forward, only to be greeted by a large crowd of people wearing cloaks, hoods, and cloth across their faces, concealing almost all of their features.

Tony turned to Peter and asked, "Were they like this when you got here?"

"Yup. They refused to reveal themselves, saying that we needed to prove ourselves to them first." Responded Peter.

"I am Moka, the village chief," the lead figure said, leaning on a staff with a crescent moon on the top, "and on behalf of everyone here, I welcome you. Pleasantries aside, there's something you need to see; now, my people!"

The villagers as one dropped their cloaks, and for a moment, Logan thought they were going to attack them. Instead, the group was greeted by a familiar, yet disturbing, sight.

For the most part, the people all looked human, but every single one of them had a monstrous body part. Arms with claws, legs with talons on the feet, even horns on heads; no one was unchanged, not even the smallest child.

"It's just like the guy on the boat," Gray murmured.

"No wonder they needed help," Tony whispered, "this is awful."

Thor looked at he ground wishing he could do something for these people.

Hulk's eyes widened while Skaar hid behind his father's leg. Logan grit his teeth at seeing the people suffer. Scott looked at them with shock. Tchalla closed his eyes feeling sorry for them.

Natsu, on the other hand, noticed something else. "Oh, wow, your sideburns are huge!" he pointed at the sideburns on the elderly chief's face, which stretched down to his waist.

"Not that!" Moka snapped, "I meant my arm!" he held up his purple, clawed arm for emphasis. "Everyone on the island is suffering a disfigurement because of this curse; not even the animals are unaffected."

"Not to sound rude," Peter said, "but are you sure it's a curse? It could be some kind of infectious disease or toxin."

"We've consulted with dozens of doctors, young man." Moka said wearily. "But every one of them says that no such disease exists."

"That's a mystery…..sure wish Strange is here to help us figure things out." Commented Hulk.

Moka then continued with his tale. "It all started when the moon fell under an evil spell."

"An evil spell?" Lucy repeated.

Logan crossed his arms with a frown, "When I find who did this…"

Hulk nodded agreeing with Logan.

"Since ancient times, this island has absorbed the light of the moon, causing it to glow almost as beautifully as the moon itself." Moka's voice turned fearful. "However, three years ago, the moon's light turned purple and bathed the island in an eerie glow."

"Hey, everyone!" Happy called out, pointing up, "The moon is coming out from behind the clouds!"

The wizards and superheroes looked up to see that the light of the moon that came down was indeed a creepy shade of purple.

"Stand back," Moka warned, "the change is upon us!"

Before anyone could ask what he meant, all of the villagers began to convulse, moaning in absolute agony. Their bodies began to shift, scales, fur and spikes covering them; now, instead of a single area of their bodies, everyone in the village looked like creatures that the Avengers had only seen in fantasy pictures.

"I am sorry if our appearance frightens you." Moka said. He was now sporting purple, scaly skin, as well as fangs, pointed ears and a pair of horns.

"It's all right," Peter replied, not wanting to make them feel any worse about their appearances. "I've turned into things that are way scarier."

"These poor people," Lucy whispered.

"Oh man," Natsu muttered, before his face suddenly brightened, "YOU GUYS LOOK SO COOL!"

Everyone else could only stare at him in disbelief while he started to gush about how awesome they looked, at least, in his mind.

"Huh…?" everyone uttered, dumbfounded.

"He said we looked cool…" a male villager repeated in shock.

"No one's ever said that about us before…" a female villager said.

"Natsu!" Lucy slapped him upside the head, "That's insensitive! They don't want to be like this!"

"Not everyone wants to look like a monster." Added Hulk

"Really?" Natsu asked, confused, "Well, sorry about that. I guess we should help them out."

"That's why we came here in the first place," Tony deadpanned, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Get a clue, man," Gray said, equally exasperated.

The other heroes remained silent to continue listening to the story.

"Anyway, as you can see," Moka said, trying to get everyone back on track, "whenever the moon comes out, everyone in the village takes on the form of a demon. If this isn't a curse, then what is it? We return to normal when the sun rises; however, there are some among us who lose their minds and never change back. The only thing we can do for those poor souls is to put them to death."

The others were shocked. This wasn't just a curse that changed how they looked; it drove them insane and made them dangerous enough to force the villagers to kill them!

'That's probably why they wanted help so badly.'Peter thought. 'If everyone was okay on the inside, they probably wouldn't be so upset.'

"But they might get better someday!" Natsu protested.

"If we wait for too long, they will kill us all." Moka replied sadly. "We've tried to capture them, but they always break free." Tears began falling from the old man's eyes as he pulled out a photograph. "There is no way to reverse it. This curse has forced me to take the life of my own son."

Hulk held Skaar close in a hug, he never wanted anything bad to happen to Skaar. He would not become anything like his abusive father.

Shoulders shaking in grief, Moka let the photograph fall to the ground, letting the others see a picture of a man with wide eyes, a moustache and goatee, and a bandana on his head.

Tony gasped, "Whoa!"

"This is shocking…" Said Steve.

Hulk meanwhile narrowed his eyes, something doesn't feel right here.

"That's the guy who took us here on the boat!" Lucy said softly, "We just saw him yesterday and…"

"Shh!" Gray interrupted, and whispered "now I understand why he just disappeared like that. He's dead, but his soul couldn't rest in peace."

'A ghost…'Lucy thought, beginning to panic.

Peter started to get worried; first magic and a cursed island, and now ghosts? Was there anything familiar in this world for him to hold onto?

Moka picked up the photo, then gave the group a low bow.

"Please lift the curse." he begged. "If you do not, it is only a matter of time before we fall victim to it and die!"

"We won't let that happen!" Natsu shouted, then lowered his voice when Moka looked at him. "We're going to fix this, I promise."

"You have the word of the Princes of Wakanda and Asgard that we will help you and your people." Swore Tchalla while Thor nodded in agreement.

Everyone else in the group nodded in agreement. Silently, Peter swore that no one else was going to die because of this curse.

"There is only one way to lift this curse," Moka said, "The moon… the moon must be wiped from the sky!"

'Okay,'Peter thought, 'this might be harder than I thought it would be.'

A little while later….

The Avengers and the three mages entered a hut large enough to accommodate them and we're getting ready to settle in for the night while having an unofficial meeting.

Peter was sitting on the ceiling upside down. As he told the shipwrecked guild members what happened to them. "….and that's what happened up to the point you guys showed up and helped."

"So these villains, you said that they are from your world?" asked Gray.

Scott nodded, "Yup, four of them are Spidey's enemies. The Sinister Six I think…"

The scene paused and became black and white while a chibi version of Spidey popped his head in.

"For those of you that don't know what the Sinister Six is, it's a group of six villains who hate me and would love nothing more than to seeing me blown to bits. Now that's a nice image there.

A chibi Kraven ties chibi Spiderman up and puts a bunch of dynamite around him and blows him to ash. Chibi Spidey crumpled up the scene. "and the four we have here on Galuna Island are…."

A close up image of Rhino's face was shown, "The Rhino, a kid named Alex was taking a rhinoceros mutagen serum made by Doc ock to try to get back at his bullies in high school. He has durability, strength, and surprising speed. But now that he has taken the serum so much he is stuck that way forever, and apparently has taken to a life of crime. Even though deep down I know he is a good kid."

A close up image of Kraven's face appeared. "Kraven the Hunter. More like Kraven the hunter for bad outfits, this guy is a lowlife hunter who poaches just for the thrill of the hunt. A skilled acrobat, tracker, and fighter, Kraven also has a history with one of my teammates White Tiger and now has a goal of not only hunting her but also set his sights on me as well."

An image of Kraven lounging on an armchair sipping wine popped up with a fireplace with Peter's head on a mantle. The head was looking around with an annoyed expression before rolling his eyes. This scene burst into flames and Spidey cleaned up the ash with a broom.

An image of Sandman was shown. "You probably recognize this guy from our fight earlier and how he got his ass kicked by Natsu. This is Flint Marko…..that's all we know about him aside from his sand powers. The more sand he has access to the stronger he gets, not to mention that because his body is made up of sand, getting a hit in is tougher than you think."

Chibi Spidey was wearing a kung fu outfit as he jumped in the air to kick Chibi Flint and his foot went straight through his body. The superhero chibi chuckled nervously when Flint growled at him. The scene was cut into a million pieces by Peter with a pair of scissors.

"No wonder Fury left him on an island"

An image of a green goblin like monster with horns and orange eyes came up next.

"And finally. Green goblin AKA Norman Osborn AKA my friend Harry Osborn's dad…he was a businessman who was obsessed with using my blood to make spider soldiers for his company Oscorp. He even worked with my longtime nemesis Doctor Octavius…..before Ock double crossed him and injected him with a serum that made him a large green monster that isn't Hulk that became obsessed with world domination and turning people into goblins as well. After curing him before, he changed back to the goblin and has given me a lot of grief."

The scene changed back to its original one and Chibi Spidey dusted his hands of sand. "Well now that your up to speed, let's find out what happens next."

The scene returned to normal and Logan was punching Natsu's rolled up sleeping bag while Hulk held it. "Yeah, and those others were mutants called Whirlwind and Sabretooth. Whirlwind is a mutant with tech that helps boost his powers. And Sabretooth and I have a history….and believe me when I say Creed has a bad attitude."

Steve polished his shield again. "We need to figure out a way to help the Villagers return to normal. And why the moon is a purple hue. I would rather avoid destroying the moon."

Hulk shrugged, "Yes again, a Doctor Strange situation."

Peter used his Web shooters to make new hammocks for the members in the room. "If Goblin is responsible then we have to take him down, one thing bothers me though…."

Lucy looked up at Peter, "What is it?"

"Why did the bad guys attack the village? If they have a base nearby then what purpose would they have in attacking the only village here?" Peter queried.

Tony was thinking about this, "Resources, power, or just because they can. It seems motive enough to me."

Thor sat on one of the hammocks and placed Mjolnir on the ground. "I sense sorcery on this island."

"Something tells me that whatever is going on, it's a lot deeper than we think and know." Peter said.

"Well there is nothing Fairy Tail can't handle!" boasted Natsu, amusing the heroes in the room.

Tchalla nodded and climbed onto his hammock to rest. "Yes, but the most important thing we must do at this moment is to sleep. We need to rest for the events of tomorrow."

A shirt was thrown on the floor when Gray got comfortable as he took his socks off. "Yup, Sleep sounds really good right now."

Natsu took his vest off with his scarf still on as he fell on his bed, "I'm bushed!"

Happy perched on his own little spider hammock. The blue cat rubbed his eyes. "Aye…."

The other heroes followed suit either climbing onto their hammocks or resting on the beds below. Hulk laid down with little Skaar sleeping on his chest peacefully. Scott slept on his Hammock counting ants. Lucy smiled at all of the heroes in the room, not at all intimidated by the fact that they were boys, and turned off the light and snuggling into her bed. "Good night guys."

Five minutes later….

Gray, Natsu, Hulk, Tony, and Logan were all snoring loudly, causing Lucy to open her eyes and get frustrated at the loud noise. That is before Tchalla tossed Lucy some Vibranium earplugs before winking at her and falling asleep. The Celestial mage accepted the earplugs gratefully and put them on before going to sleep.

The next morning…

The heroes stood outside the gates after discussing their game plan, Skaar, Scott, Tchalla, Steve, and Thor will stay behind to keep the village secure just in case they were attacked again. Peter, Tony, Hulk, Logan, Natsu, Gray, and Lucy will go and search the Island to find out what the real cause of the curse was.

Lucy pulled out a silver key and pointed it. "Open, Gate of the Clock Constellation: Horologium!"

In a puff of smoke, a tall brown grandfather clock, with long black arms and short black legs, appeared. It had a glass case, a Roman-numerical clock at the center, and a small face at the top with slit eyes and a thin, twirl mustache-like mouth.

"The time is seven forty-eight," the spirit said cheerfully.

"Um, did you need to know the time?" Peter asked, confused as to why Lucy summoned a clock-man.

"No, it's because she's lazy," Natsu told him.

Before Peter could ask what he meant, he saw Lucy open up Holorlogium's glass case and climbed inside.

"Let's go, the lady says forcefully," the spirit said, repeating what Lucy had said from within him, and then marched towards the mountain.

"She… uses him to travel?" Tony asked.

"Yep," Natsu replied as he, Happy, Gray, Hulk and the others walked after the spirit, "because she's lazy."

Peter shook his head. "I'm never going to get used to the magic here…"

Despite Horologium's head-start, everyone else soon found themselves ahead of the slow-walking spirit.

"Do you really think there's another way to lift the curse?" Natsu asked.

"There really isn't another choice." Tony replied. "The only one of us who could get to the moon is me, and even then I don't think I'd be able to destroy it. Even if I could, it would throw the world's climate into chaos and lot of people could die. "

"Not ta mention that that would be stupid." Stated Logan.

"Wait…hang on…" Gray interrupted, giving Tony an incredulous look, "you could get to the moon?!"

Ben shrugged, and replied, "Yeah, I have built a few armors that allow me to go into space."

The wizards and cat simply stared at Tony in astonishment; it was then the teen hero realized that, in this world, a person going into space was unheard of. It made since though since the technology in this world was rather low. He would have to fix that at one point.

"Wow! That's awesome!" Natsu grinned brightly.

'Damn…'Gray thought. 'Is this guy for real…? What can't these guys do?'

"But even if you could destroy the moon, it could cause salmon to go extinct." Happy mentioned. "And they're my favorite fish!"

"Fish anecdotes aside, pulling a Piccolo and destroying the moon won't solve the problem." Pointed out Spidey

"Will you guys keep it down?" Horologium asked, "We don't know what's lurking out here, so we shouldn't draw any attention, the lady demands impatiently."

"You're not tired. Why the heck are you not walking?" Logan asked, a little annoyed by Lucy's nearly bipolar attitude towards all of this.

"Listen, this curse is freaking me out, and I'm scared, she says nervously." Horologium repeated dutifully.

"Are you kidding?" Natsu asked, pumping his fist, "S-Class quests are awesome!"

"We'll probably end up blowing something up," Tony commented, sounding both resigned and excited.

"Yeah," Gray said arrogantly, "but I bet I could just freeze that stupid curse."

Logan smirked, "Not of I can slash it to pieces."

"or smash it." Added Hulk

"You guys are idiots, she says disparagingly." Horologium replied, though he sounded like he agreed.

Peter was going to give a snarky reply, but was stopped by the sound of giant footsteps. Everyone turned to see a giant figure behind them. It was easily thirty-feet-tall, but the sun was behind it, so the light got in their eyes, preventing them from getting a good look. Whatever it was, it started to laugh in high-pitched, menacing hiss.

"Anyone know what that is?" Logan asked, Adamantium claws coming from his knuckles.

"IT'S HUGE!" Gray exclaimed.


Peter looked up and clenched his fists.

"No," Natsu said, gathering flames around his hands, "but I bet it wants a fight!"

"Let's smash it!" Hulk shouted while cracking his knuckles.

"What are you waiting for?! Beat it up, you guys, she yells frighteningly." Horologium said.

"Raaaaaaaaaah!"Roared Hulk as he jumped, cocked his fist back and punched the creature across the face, knocking it to the side and allowing everyone to get a good look at it.

"It's a giant rat, she exclaims worriedly," Horologium said, sounding rather concerned himself.

Indeed, it was a giant rat, but its fur was a light green and it wore what looked like a maid's apron and bonnet. In Peter's mind, this was definitely the weirdest thing he'd seen in this universe so far, and it would certainly give some of the stuff he'd seen back home a run for its money as well.

The rat got up and rubbed a paw against its now-sore jaw, and then took a deep breath. Not wanting to let himself or his friends get hit by whatever it was about to do, Gray ran forward and put his right fist on top of his left hand, which was palm-up. A cold mist gathered around his body.

"Ice Make: Shield!"a giant fan-shaped shield of ice erupted from the ground. Unfortunately, it didn't do any good, because the rat belched forth a noxious, foul-smelling gas.

Oh, man," moaned Hulk, placing a hand over his nose, "when was the last time you brushed your teeth?"

Everyone tried in vain to block out the smell, but it was already in their noses. Natsu and Logan lay on the ground, nearly unconscious from the stench, and it affected Horologium so badly that he was forced back into the Spirit World, leaving Lucy to the mercy of the rat.

"Run!" she cried, trying to get away from the giant rodent. It reached out to grab her, but Hulk roared at the Rat again. The rat started to take a deep breath again, no doubt in order to uses its gas attack, but the World breaker punched it in the jaw, snapping it shut. "Shut your mouth!"

Hulk the slammed both fists down on the rats head, knocking it unconscious. After landing on the ground Hulk dusted his hands off only to see Natsu and Gray beating up the rats head. The World Breaker of Fairy Tail rolled his eyes and grabbed the wizards by the back of their respective shirt and vest and started walking back to the group.

Hulk rolled his eyes again at their protests while Lucy, who had fled further back during the fight, came back.

"Hey, guys!" she pointed in the direction she'd come from, "I found something!"

From Lucy's tone, it sounded important, so Hulk dragged Natsu and Gray and headed after Lucy, all the while ignoring the two hotheads struggling in his grip. The other Avengers falling suit as well.

After catching up to Lucy, they found themselves in front of a large temple; its structure covered cracks and vines, meaning that it was either very old or badly-maintained. Crescent moons decorated every doorway and every pillar. The entrance was large, so Hulk squeezed through with little difficulty.

"What's the big idea taking us outta the fight like that!?" Natsu raged.

Peter rolled his eyes. "Because I'm pretty sure that that rat had nothing to do with the curse, and we need to end it as soon as we can before anyone else dies."

Chastised, Natsu rubbed the back of his head. "Right, sorry."

Then Peter remembered something from the fight. "Hey, Natsu, Logan, how come that gas affected you so badly? It was like you almost passed out."

Natsu looked embarrassed, so Happy answered for him. "Dragon Slayers have stronger senses than most, so the smell was really bad for him."

"And since I'm a beast slayer with heightened senses from being a mutant, that breath attack took a lot out of me." Replied Logan.

"Wow…this place is massive." Lucy noted.

"So, what's with all the moon symbols?" he asked, pointing to the multiple carvings on the walls.

"Well, it makes sense, Galuna used to be called the 'Island of the Moon'." Gray responded.

"A moon island, a moon curse," Tony smiled wryly, "I'm sensing a theme here."

"Yeah," Lucy said to herself, "you really gotta wonder what all of it means."

Natsu, who had stopped paying attention, started stomping on the stone floor. "Man, this place is a wreck. The floor doesn't even look safe to walk on."

Peter sensed that something bad was going to happen, "Um….Natsu….don't do that cause we may…."

"Well, don't go stomping on it!" Lucy yelled. Her words came too late, however, because the floor did indeed break apart, sending the entire team plummeting into a dark hole.

"Natsu, you idiot," Gray yelled, "look what you did!"

Logan just crossed his arms, irritated that he was once again falling down to some unknown location again.

Tony tried to fly but Hulk was on top of him preventing him from moving much.

Peter tried to fire webbing but was spinning too randomly to get a good clean shot. "This is why we trust my spider sense!"

A moment later, a piece of rock in a pile of rubble was shifted as Natsu's head popped out. "Hey!" he looked around frantically, "Is everybody okay?"

Logan crawled out of a Wolverine Size crater cursing the Dragon slayer in many languages. "Yer lucky I have a healing factor Bub!"

"I'd be better if you hadn't knocked out the floor!" Lucy retorted, glaring at the pink-haired wizard.

Peter slid down with his webbing, "It's a good thing I fired my webbing in time otherwise I would have been a red and blue smear on the floor. Though Hulk's weight snapped the net I made…..sorry guys"

"Here's a thought," Gray growled, lying on his stomach, "if you think before you act, maybe you wouldn't cause so much destruction!"

"even I know when not to smash!" growled Hulk who was laying on his back.

"Hey, hang on…" Natsu looked around and noticed someone missing. "Where's Tony?"

The voice of the Knight of Fairy Tail was heard from underneath Hulk's body. "Here…can you get off of me Hulk?"

Hulk got up and helped Tony up while apologizing.

Peter landed on the ground and looked around, "where are we now?"

"Not in the temple, that's Fer freaking sure thanks to pinkie here." Remarked Logan.

"Look, a secret cave!" The Dragon Slayer ran through said cave, yelling, "This is so awesome!"

"Would you quit running around like a crazy person!?" Gray shouted.

"Seriously?" Peter asked Lucy as everyone else ran after the pyromaniac, "Is he always like this?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Lucy sighed.

'I'm not sure what'll happen first,'Logan thought, 'either I'll get back home, or Natsu is going to drive me insane!'

Thankfully, Natsu had stopped not too far ahead, staring up at…

"Whoa," Peter breathed.

"That's what I said," Natsu said, not losing sight of what lay in front of them.

Tony gulped in slight fear

Hulk narrowed his eyes at the sight.

Even Logan's stoic attitude faltered at the sight that laid before him, "What the hell?"

It was a massive chunk of ice, easily fifty feet tall and fairy circular; the ice itself was a light blue that seemed to glow with an unearthly, and yet calming, light. But the ice itself wasn't what caught everyone's attention; inside the ice was a creature, barely smaller than the ice that held it. It was covered in scales, fangs and claws, and though it didn't seem to be conscious or even alive, it seemed to promise nothing but death and destruction.

"Anyone know what that is?" Peter asked quietly, not sure if he should be loud in front of such a dangerous-looking beast.

"That's impossible," Gray whispered, stepping forward with absolute shock and horror written all over his face. "It's Deliora!"

"What's a Deliora?" Hulk asked, but Gray ignored him.

"How? How could this happen?" his voice grew louder and slightly hysterical, "How is it here? What the hell is it doing on Galuna Island!?"

"You've seen this thing before?" Natsu asked, less unsettled by the monster and more by the fact that Gray rarely lost his composure like this.

"T-there's no way…" Gray didn't seem to hear them, his arms trembling.

Lucy grabbed his shoulder. "Gray, try to calm down."

The ice wizard took a deep breath and his shaking lessened, but his eyes had a haunted look about them.

"Can you tell us about this?" Lucy asked gently, pointing at the creature.

"It's Deliora, the Demon of Destruction," Gray told them.

"Demon of Construction?" Natsu asked.

Logan bonked Natsu on the head, "No you dumbass."

"Destruction," Happy corrected.

"But why is it here?" Gray asked to no one in particular, "It doesn't make any sense?"

"Listen up Bub, if there is something about this Demon that we should know then spit it out. Ya ain't making a lick of sense just talking to nobody in particular."

Tony had no idea if this demon had anything to do with the curse, but he knew that nothing got "of Destruction" added to their name for being nice. He would have said so, but the sound of footsteps behind them caught his attention. He gestured to the others to take cover behind some boulders.

They hid just as two people entered the cavern. One was a young man who was fairly short; he had a green coat that went down to his knees, spiky blue hair and the thickest eyebrows Ben had ever seen. The second person was another man; he was shirtless, but wore a pair of blue pants. The strangest thing about him; however, was his doglike face, which looked like someone had combined a human face with a dog's. Sticking out of his shaggy brown hair was a pair of dog-ears.

"The voices seem to be coming from down here," the blue-haired guy said, then sighed, "I hate being awake during the day."

'What…is this guy a vampire, too?'Peter wondered.

The guy with the thick eyebrows continued to speak. "So, Toby, were you exposed to the Moon Drip? I mean, you've got those pointy ears…"

"I already told you, they're a fashion statement, you jerk!" the dog-man, Toby, yelled.

The blue-haired man chuckled. "I was just teasing you."

"You don't have to be so mean about it," Toby grumbled.

"Moon Drip," Lucy whispered, "could that be the name of the curse?"

"Looks like it," Tony whispered back, "It also looks like these guys could be behind it."

"Yuka, Toby," a new voice called out, and a young woman walked into the cavern, "something terrible has happened."

The woman had violet-pink hair that was tied into pigtails, and wore a short, pink-and-black dress with white lace around the edges. She also wore black thigh-length boots and a strange, scarf-like thing around her neck that looked like long feathers.

"What is it, Sherry?" the man now known as Yuka asked.

"It's Angelica," Sherry said mournfully, "she's been attacked, and I'm so sad."

"You're moping around because someone beat up your stupid pet rat!?" Toby barked.

A light bulb went off in Hulk's mind, as well as those of the Fairy Tail wizards and the three other heroes. That rat that had attacked them was with these guys!?

"Angelica is not a rat," Sherry said fiercely, "she's a brave hunter, prowling the jungle to protect us. She is…love."

As their conversation descended into whispers, Logan turned to Happy and twirled his finger around his ear, the universal sign for crazy. The cat nodded in agreement.

"These guys are a bunch of weirdoes," Lucy whispered, "especially the chick with the pet rat."

"Yeah, I've aint ever heard of anyone calling a big, ugly rat 'love', before," Logan agreed.

Natsu narrowed his eyes at the trio. "Judging from the scent I picked up, they're not from the island." He stated.

"Yeah. I could smell that on em too." Agreed Logan.

"And they don't look like they have the 'demon curse'." Happy pointed out.

"Intruders, you say?" Yuka's raised voice brought their attention back to the strange trio.

"And it's almost time to begin collecting moonlight again." Sherry sighed, "Oh, this makes me so sad. This news will displease the Cold Emperor and the Goblin King. We should get rid of the intruders before he finds out. Yes, we must find them before the moon's first light."

"Agreed," Yuka said, a sadistic smile on his face. Toby only nodded.

"If they were here, then they've seen Deliora, and that means we can't allow them to live." Sherry said, "We shall give them the gift of eternal rest. We'll give them… love."

"You're talking about death, right?" Toby asked, confused.

'Okay, that's enough of that,'Tony thought, 'Gray might be traumatized for some reason, and we have no idea what these guys are capable of. Better play it safe for now.'

Picking up a rock, he quickly hurled it down the tunnel and got back behind his cover before the trio noticed him. They did, however, notice the echoing sound the rock made and went to investigate. Lucy let out a breath that she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

"Nice thinking, Tony."

"But why didn't we just jump those guys and beat some answers out of them?" Natsu asked grumpily, itching for a fight.

"We don't know what they can do." Tony explained, "And even if we did beat them, they could just lie to us. I'd rather learn as much as we can, then compare our info to theirs. Besides," he shot a look at Gray, who was still staring at the frozen Deliora, "I don't think Gray is in any shape to fight."

Natsu sighed; as much as he didn't want to admit it, Tony was right. "This job keeps raising more questions."

"Aye," Happy agreed, "like, who is this 'Cold Emperor'?"

"Well, I doubt he's called that because he's all warm and fuzzy." Logan said sardonically.

Gray, meanwhile, was off in his own little world. 'Deliora… what could they want with it? And how the hell did they even find it and bring it here?'

"Gray?" Lucy asked, "What do you know about this thing?"

"It was sealed away inside a glacier on the Northern Continent a decade ago." Gray answered. "An immortal demon ravaged the town of Isval; countless people lost their lives. My master, Ur, the woman who taught me my magic, sacrificed everything to seal it.

"I don't know if it has anything to do with the curse, but that demon doesn't belong here. We have to find out who this 'Cold Emperor' is. If he's tarnished Ur's legacy, he's gonna regret the day he was born!" He raged, a cold mist billowing off of his arms.

Peter was taken off guard by Gray's ferocity for a moment before he collected himself. "Yeah, whoever was stupid enough to mess with the super-demon probably deserves to get his butt kicked." he agreed, "But you need to clear your head, Gray. You're no good in a fight if you're like this."

"Why don't we just take out this stupid demon right now?" Natsu asked, approaching the frozen Deliora, "A little fire'll do the trick."

Something in Gray suddenly snapped as he punched Natsu in the jaw, sending him tumbling to the ground. Happy gaped at the ice wizard while Lucy put her hands to her mouth in shock. Hulk and Logan rushed to Gray and pinned him to the wall to restrain him.

"Whoa," Ben said, "that might have been a little overboard, dude."

"What's the big idea, Gray!?" Natsu demanded, getting up.

The Dragon Slayer paused when he saw the dead serious look Gray was shooting him.

"I don't want you or your flames anywhere nearit!" He shouted, and then lowered his voice dangerously. "If the ice melts and Deliora gets free, nothing will be able to stop it."

Hulk had doubts about that; after all, he'd beaten things way worse than demons.

"Oh, come on," Natsu said, his tone serious, "You really think a chunk of ice that big would be easy to melt?"

Gray tried to retort, but fell silent.

"Gray," Tony said, "can you tell us how your master stopped this thing?"

The ice wizard nodded. "My master used a spell called Iced Shell to trap Deliora. It made a type of ice that can never be melted. It's so strong that even the most powerful fire spells have no effect on it. But if these people knew that the ice couldn't be melted, why would they bring it here?"

"Maybe it had something to do with that Moon Drip thing that they were talking about?" Lucy offered.

"You might be right," Gray said, "so if they're going to wait for the moon to come out, then we'll do the same."

"Cool," Peter said, "I haven't done a stakeout in a while."

"Argh," Natsu moaned, "It's the middle of the afternoon, I'll die of boredom!"

Five minutes later, the Dragon Slayer was sound asleep on the rocky floor.

"Well, that was fast," Lucy commented, used to her friend's ridiculous behavior by now.

"Aye," Happy agreed.

Logan took a sip from a flask of alcohol he kept on him, "Any louder and the enemy would find us here."

Hulk and Tony were playing rock, paper, scissors. Hulk was winning since all Tony would pick was rock. "You know you can pick something else right?" reminded Hulk.

"Are you kidding? I win games playing as rock." Stated Tony with a smirk.

"Can we play something else?" Asked Hulk with irritation.

Logan was laying up against a rock watching them play with slight amusement.

Moments later, Lucy was sitting on a rock a meter from the snoozing Dragon Slayer with her head resting on her left palm. "Must be nice," Lucy remarked, looking at Natsu, "he doesn't have to worry about anything but eating, fighting, and sleeping."

"Aye," Happy replied, "that's Natsu for yah."

"Logan is like that too." Joked Hulk only to be greeted with an elbow jab from the mutant

"I gotta admit," conceded Lucy, "I'm a little bit jealous."

Lucy turned her attention to Gray, who was sitting on a rock in front of the frozen Deliora. He was staring at the ground with a brooding expression. In fact, the onyx-haired teen was recalling a memory of training with his Master Ur when he was a boy.

Peter sighed and looked at Lucy, "Is there something we can do to pass the time?"

"Ugh…" Lucy moaned, "I know I agreed to wait, but this is so boring."

"Aye," Happy replied.

Tony, who was propped up against a flat ledge of rock, glanced over at the blond girl and blue cat incredulously. Were they for real? "Breaking the rules and going on an S-Class quest isn't exciting enough for you?" he remarked dryly.

"Oh, I know!" Lucy said excitedly, ignoring Tony's comment.

She pulled out a silver key from her key pouch and thrusted it forward. "Open, Gate of the Harp Constellation: Lyra!"

In a puff of pink smoke, a young girl, with orange waist-length hair that curled at the end, appeared. She wore a long blue dress with yellow hearts printed by her waist, leather shoes, and had a pink bonnet on top of her head. She had round blush marks on her cheeks, and small white wings and a large harp on her back.

"Oh wow!" Lyra smiled brightly, waving her right hand in front of her. "I haven't seen you in forever, Lucy!"

"Hey, Lyra," Lucy greeted, smiling.

Peter blinked in confusion at the Celestial Spirit. 'Things just keep getting weirder and weirder…'he mused, putting his hands behind his head.

"Say," Lyra looked at the blond wizard in slight annoyance, "why don't you call me anymore? It's not fair." Her demeanor quickly brightened as she continued, "I'd love to help you out, but you ignore me, meanie."

"Meanie, huh," Lucy gave the spirit a pointed look, "you're the one who told me you were only available three days a month."

Lyra gaped and looked at Lucy in slight shock. "Are you sure about that…?"

Happy sweat dropped. "Great…another weirdo,"

Logan sighed, and murmured, "Tell me about it. As if being in a world of magic wasn't crazy enough."

"So, what would you like to hear me sing?" Lyra asked animatedly, "any requests?"

"Nope. Whatever you want," Lucy replied.

"You know any songs about fish?" Happy asked eagerly.

Ben inwardly chuckled. 'Of course Happy would ask that.'

"Okay!" Lyra beamed, giving a thumbs-up. "I've got a song I think you're going to love, Lucy!"

"Lyra has the most beautiful singing voice." the Celestial wizard said.

"Well, Mira's a singer too, yah know." Happy retorted. "And she sings songs about fish for me."

Lyra sat down and removed her harp from her back, setting it down it front of her. She ran her hands across the harp's strings, creating a calm, lovely sound.

Happy gasped in surprise from the beautiful melody before a peaceful smile crossed his face.

Listening to the music, Hulk closed his eyes letting the music calm his usually angered spirit.

Peter smiled at this music and felt more relaxed than he ever was since they came here.

Tony listened to the music while looking at some holigrams to try to make a magic powered portal to get home.

Logan's eyes widened slightly. For some reason, the sound of that melody made him relax. A smile crossed his face as he closed his eyes.

"Words are born into air…"Lyra sang, "…and quickly fade out in the wind…but they find their way inside you…where they live forevermore…When the skies are dark and full of rain…look inside of your heart…"

As Lyra continued her song, Gray clenched his teeth as his body trembled slightly. He had suddenly remembered the time when Ur was teaching him how to perform 'Ice-Make: Shield'. As a result, a stray tear fell down his face as he choked back his sobs.

When Lyra finished her melody, she, Lucy, and Happy overheard Gray's sniffling and looked at him in concern.

"Gray?" Lucy said worriedly. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing…" he choked, "I'm fine."

"You seem upset." Happy pointed out.

"Well, one of Lyra's talents is singing songs that relate to what her audience is feeling." Lucy said calmly.

"Did her song make you cry?" asked Happy.

"I…I wasn't crying." Gray denied; although, it didn't take a genius to know that he was lying.

"Maybe you should sing something a little more upbeat?" Lucy suggested to the harp spirit.

"The man just said to leave him alone. He'll tell you when he is nice and ready." Said Logan

"You should've just said that in the first place." Lyra retorted.

A moment of silence passed before Gray replied, "I think we should skip the song. We need to stay quiet. We don't wanna be found out."

Meanwhile, Peter was currently lying against a flat rock, sound asleep. Lyra's singing had knocked him out cold. At first, her melody had sent him into a calm, peaceful slumber; however, it didn't take long for the nightmares to set in, and for his face to contort in discomfort.

For two years, Peter would experience these sudden nightmares. At first, he had lost plenty of sleep over it, but after a while he had learned to manage. However, that didn't mean coping with it was any easier. The pain was still there, just not as strong. The dreams circled around two people, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson.

Makarov was in his office with Mira, and after a discussion they agreed that when Erza returns that she tells the news to Thor and Hulk.

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Chapter Five: Bonds rediscovered between Rivals and famiy. The Announcement of two new S-Class Wizards?

Next time on Fairy Tail: Chapter Six: bonds rediscovered between rivals, and family. The Announcement of two new S-wizards?