San Francisco, California


Closing the door behind him as he entered his penthouse on the top floor of the tallest building in the Golden Gate City.

Cole Turner removed the black cloak from his shoulders and draped it on the back of a chair. A hand rubbed over his face exhausted from the hours long inauguration party of his new high-powered position as the Source of All Evil.

Twisting the wedding ring around his finger, Cole thought of his new wife, Phoebe Halliwell. She was the third sister to the powerful magical trio, the Charmed Ones. Over the years with the task of killing Phoebe and her sisters, Cole found himself powerless to her beauty, charm, and her big heart. He fell in love.

Unbuttoning the front of his suit coat, Cole paused mid-step with the realisation that he was not alone in the penthouse.

Slowly, Cole walked further into the penthouse, holding a bright blue energy ball in the palm of his hand as he rounded every corner.

"Who's here?" He asked, eyes darkening with aggravation of the intruder. "Show yourself." Cole demanded.

Cole stood at a half closed door. Frowning, he slowly pushed it open and entered the final room.

His eyes widened with surprise at the sight of his petite blonde intruder standing at the large windows staring down to the ant-like people walking below.

Cole stared at the beautiful vampiress in shock, his heart felt as if it would stop in his chest at the sight of her. He had not seen her at the ball in the Underworld though there were rumblings that she and her mate Angelus had made an appearance.

"Buffy." He heard himself say with disbelief that she was here. In an instant all of the love he had for her and the anger for how their brief time together ended reentered his body, feuling his blood with rage.

Turning from the window, a half tugging smile appeared on Buffy's beautiful face.

She looked exactly the same, Cole decided. Achingly beautiful and the power that radiated off of her almost made him want to kneel before her and worship the ground she walked on. Quod Spiritus Sanctus (The Beautiful Demon) in all of her glory stood before him wearing that exact same half-smile that made his knees weak and his heart twist with love.

She appeared so much more worldly and experienced. Everything that he knew she would accomplish in her long unending life had been done. And yet, Cole was still angry and heartbroken for how their time together ended.

The pain and the anger for their breakup was still fresh to him. Cole still found himself fighting his every instinct over the past year to go to Sunnydale and be with her again. But he couldn't. The thought of her regrection again was too painful and terrifying.

Their relationship only happened one year ago for him, but for her... The last time Buffy had seen him was over three hundred years ago. She was a much different demon back than.

The look on his face must have been comical because Buffy softly laughed at his agaped expression of shock.

"The least you can do is tell me you're happy to see me," said Buffy.

Cole exhaled the breath he had been holding in and felt his feet move forward.

Taken by the whirlwind that was Buffy Summers, Cole crossed the short distance between them. His hands reached out, cupping around her face and pulled her close. His mouth passionately covered hers, kissing her deeply.