Welcome one welcome all to my new story, for those of you who are waiting for Harry Potter Reborn you can expect it in a few weeks other than that there are somethings that need to be stated.

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Also Note that this story will have some elements that are different that in the anime, in this fic Erza will be two years older making her 25 when cannon starts on a scale this means that she is two years older than Laxus. Also there will be a little bit of Greek Mythology in this story but it is only relevant in Chapters 1 and 2

On a dark and stormy night, a figure walked through the forest below clad in a dirty plate body with a muddied blue skirt and dull scarlet red hair was a young lady known throughout Fiore as Titania of Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet.

She had just finished a surprisingly hard A rank quest to defeat a beast that had rampaged through a small town, The mayor a rather portly fellow was sceptical about her power mostly because they were so far away that they did not know of her skills, the scepticism mostly revolved around her age which being 15 she will give him that.

She had just finished her quest and was returning back to Fairy Tail quickly because she had a bad feeling something bad was about to happen she was only –

Her Thought process was cut off as she noticed a strange figure leaning against a tree in the clearing she had just stepped into, this mysterious figure was clad in a green stripped singlet and puffy white pants but the strangest thing was what looked like a pair of jackal ears sitting atop of his head.

Her musings were cut short as the stranger started to speak, "My, my, my if it isn't Erza Scarlet One of Fairy Tail's Strongest Wizards, I must be lucky I was waiting for a women to quench my urges" the unknown figure said slowly walking towards her whilst licking his lips and his gaze roaming her body.

"You will find me doing no such thing!" She stated whilst ex-quipping a sword into her hand

"Hahaha! I love it when they fight back!" He says charging her and going for a left swipe with his now clawed hand, she barely avoided the strike and turning against him she was able to strike a short combo against the stranger, and as she jumped back to gain some distance she never noticed him smirking at her.

"You still think you can win? I may be tired but I am still an S Class wizard of Fairy Tail, and while you may be fast you're not fast enough to avoid my strikes!" Erza said with a smirk

"Hahaha! I love it when my prey think they have a chance, because it's over for you see you can't win against my power, my power is the best offence and defence for every time you hit me I can send it right back at you ten times harder!"

"What!-"was all era was able to say before she was cut off by five short but powerful explosions hitting her in the back and as she faded into unconsciousness all she saw was the weird Jackal like man approach her slowly pulling off his belt.

Until nothing.


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