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"Normal Talking"


"Other Beings Talking"

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Also Note that this story will have some elements that are different that in the anime, in this fic Erza will be two years older making her 25 when cannon starts on a scale this means that she is two years older than Laxus. Also there will be a little bit of Greek Mythology in this story but it is only relevant in Chapters 1 and 2

As Erza slowly came to the sounds of the forest, she immediately sprung up ex-quipping into her Heaven's Wheel Armour and as she gazed around she saw nothing that would link to a fight, had it been just a nightmare from Exhaustion? Had she been so tired she fell asleep in this clearing and her mind brought up paranoid dreams? 'it could be possible it has happened before' was all she thought as she ex-quipped into a clean version of her normal clothes and she started to walk back to Magnolia, to fairy Tail, to Home.

X 1 month later X

"No! No! NO! This can't be happening it just can't!" Erza cried starring balefully at the small plastic pregnancy test starring at her with that mocking positive sign.

"What can I do?" as she thought over all possible solutions she started to get an idea one that would lead her to being able to live a normal life again.

X At Fairy Tail X

As the guild members rushed around some jumping out of windows in fear other simply running out of the guild's backdoor as Erza entered the guild approaching a short old man sitting on the bat, This man is Makarov Dreyar the third guild master of Fairy Tail.

"Master I have come to inform you that I am going on Vacation for eight months or so" Startled by her brash and shocking statement the master asked in shock "WHAT Why would you do that Erza you never ask for a Vacation?"

"Simple my last mission was harder than usual and I have decided that I need to go and train and hopefully make sure nothing like that will ever happen again"

"Err very well then Erza I will see you in eight months then"

And as she walked out Makarov just couldn't get rid of the feeling that something strange was up with Erza.

X 8 months later X

Finally the devil spawn is out of her and the little beast looked exactly like HIM" she though as she looked down at the baby as she walked through a forest on the out skirts of the Fiore Region she had heard rumours about something strange living in the mountains surrounding this area hopefully it was some sort of beast that killed this little monster.

As she approached the only cave on the mountain she had decided this was far enough and she placed the baby on the ground and she walked off not looking back.

As she left the child realizing that it was being left alone started to wail for its mother, its wails was for naught as Erza had already left but the child's crying had drawn the attention of another being a being that lived in that specific mountain.

"Hmm? Now what's this annoying sound?" thought a mysterious being surrounded by shadows and as the shadows receded it reveal an old man with long white hair and a matching beard to go with it, this man had electric blue eyes and was wearing a long white toga, This man was Zeus God of Lighting and the Sky, a god who was banished by his own family to this strange and new dimension to learn humility and as he approached the entrance of his cave he found the source of the crying a young child with scarlet hair but the most surprising feature of the child was the scarlet coloured Jackal ears perched atop the child's head and with a tail to match.

"So you to have been abandoned by your family to, much like I have, well we can't have that maybe our meeting was fate, maybe you are my redemption little one. Very well I Zeus God of Lighting and the Skies will teach you everything I know about control the very elements that create the skies I will turn you into a true 'God Slayer' as the people of these land call people like you little one you shall be my champion in this dimension you shall become my son Arashi!" Zeus bellowed as he brought the now named Arashi and as the sky rumbled many people felt a shiver going down their spines as if the fate of the world has changed.

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