Hello! Welcome to my first ever fanfic! After being on the site about 7 months now and reading alot of AMAZING stories, I figured I would now try to write one on my own. This is crossover of Dragonball Xenoverse the game, and Fairy Tail! Embarrassingly enough, I tried reading crossover stories a few days ago and found one of them (that happened to be a Dragonballz/Fairy Tail Xover) to be pretty exciting! Though looking back if I tried reading them back when I first joined I wouldn't have been able to read the below stories that had quite a bit of work done into them.

My motivation goes towards the story "The Saiyans of Fairy Tail" by trajan.117 and another Xover fic (this one happens to be a Bleach/Fairy Tail) called "Into the Realm of Magic" by IIIIIIIIII. They're amazing stories and are pretty popular so you'll most likely have read them. If not, check them out! And if you haven't noticed, I am a pretty big fan of Fairy Tail.


I'll try to make this story as satisfactory as possible, but those knowing the game, our CACs can be quite the powerhouse at endgame, I have a lot planned out so far and I'll say this now, there will be a bit of twists of boss enemies in the Canon Fairy Tail world (With Towa involved *wink* since that is the kind of plot I came up with). Because again, this is a fanfic, let our imaginations go wild!

I do want to mention that I'll be switching POVs, but probably only in this chapter as I'll be revealing the name of my OC. But I do want to write in 1st Person POV for my OC as I think that'll be fun.

Without further ado, let's jump into the story! Enough of my introduction. Hope you'll enjoy!

(1st Person POV)

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...…!" With the guidance of my mentors, I gained my second wind and my beam overpowers Demigra's attack, engulfing him in mine.

"I-Impossible! I am a god…! I've become...a god…!" As Demigra uttered his last words, his body destroyed, and out came his body a peculiar source of energy.

"KiiiiiiI!" In a flash, TokiToki emerged safely from the belly of the Demon God.

My attack continued on in the chasms of Demigra, colliding the walls resulting in the whole place, coming crashing down. A moment later the space around me ruptured, and a force was pulling me. Being too tired with my fight, I didn't have the strength to move. I so desperately tried to get away, but to avail, the tug of war between me and the unknown force ended with me losing.

"Kiii!" TokiToki flew over to me as quickly as possible. But as it looked liked he was right in front of me, not a second later that my vision was obscured, and a moment later, light filled my eyes...

(3rd Person POV)

As TokiToki thought he'd get our Savior back to the city safely, he flew right past where he supposedly was being sucked in. He looked back, to see nothing was there. He looked around, and only saw parts of the battlefield quickly falling apart as an aftermath between the clash of the Future Warrior and the Demon God Demigra. With nothing else in sight, including our Future Warrior, he urgently used a teleportation technique and went back to Toki Toki City, back to both Trunks and The Supreme Kai of Time.

It was morning in a forest somewhere in Fiore, but close enough where Magnolia was, in a few hours of a walk. Erza Scarlet was urgently heading back to Magnolia, where the notorious Fairy Tail guild, her guild, was. With her, she was carrying a giant horn, much larger than her person, decorated beautifully by villagers from a village where her latest completed mission was at. One would think she's a monster inside hiding under all of her beauty, if they didn't know who she was that is. All of her vigorous training over the years pays off.

Why was she in a hurry back to her guild you may wonder? Well…

On her way back after completing the mission. she decided to reward herself. At a bar in Onibus where she was resting at, Erza was casually and savoring her favorite food. Strawberry cheesecake. Just as she was about to get another bite though...

"More booze over here!" A man said.

"Calm down will you…" Another man said.

"How can I be calm about this?!" The man that was requesting more to drink answered.

Erza turned her head slightly to the side to see what the commotion was about. She saw a group of four men sitting around a table. The man continued on.

"We finally found where Lullaby is, but there's not a damn thing we can do about it with that seal on it!"

"Not so loud idiot!" Another from the group said.

"Don't worry, I can take care of the seal on Lullaby now. You guys just head on back to the guild." The fourth man said while standing up. Having black hair in a spiky ponytail, wearing white jacket and pants.

"You sure Kage?"

"By yourself?"

"Like I said, don't worry. Tell Erigor that I'll have Lullaby in his hands in three days." The man now known as "Kage" said.

As Erza was almost finishing up her cake, for some reason, the name Erigor seemed somewhat familiar to her. Still focusing on her cake, she would dwell on it later, only to regret it later on while traveling back to her guild.

"I should've stopped them back then to tell me where Erigor was… Curse my love for strawberry cake sometimes…" Erza thought out aloud while walking on a path in a forest.

"What am I saying?! I'll always adore it! I only wish I wasn't so coveted by it at that moment…" Erza said.

Just then, a huge wind came into existence brought her attention. She nearly fell over while carrying her souvenir horn as the winds got rougher. Erza closed her eyes and shielded her face with her free arm to protect her from any debris that may have been picked up near her. As the wind died down, she regained her composure, wondering where, what she felt like a mini-tornado, came from.

"...What was that? It isn't so ordinary for wind to pick up like that out of the blue… Especially out here" Erza pondered. As she was, she heard a thud, and rustling in some bushes near her.

Erza re-quiped a sword from her pocket dimension and set the horn down on the ground as what she thought was an ambush of some sort. Though she didn't feel any ill intent.

"Come on out! Whoever you are!" Erza shouted where the sound near the bushes came from.

She treaded carefully where the source was, and to her surprise, she found a body lying down on the ground, all bruised up, bleeding on the face, legs, arms, face just about all over the body. As she got a closer look she can tell that it was male person. Said male had black messy hair, having his bangs obscure his eyes with his mouth slightly open, signaling that he was unconscious. A gray cape that was mostly ripped up to the upper back of his body, a black jacket that came just above the waist with the sleeves on both arms torn up at the forearm while wearing a white undershirt. Black baggy pants that were also torn up, but the most noticeable part was on the left side of the leg, the pants was ripped up to the man's knees. He wore a white belt supporting his black baggy pants, and finished up with white boots.

Erza quickly sent her sword back to her pocket dimension and and went to crouch over the mysterious man with the thought of helping someone in need.

"I apologize about this... I'm going to have to move you somewhere with more space…" Erza said. She grabbed the man under his arms and started dragging him just outside the bushes near the path she walked on earlier. As the redhead picked him up however, she was surprised to discover that she'll have to put in more effort.

'Why is he so heavy?!' Erza thought as she was grunting to drag his body out of the bushes.

After a few minutes that should've taken a few seconds, at least what she thought, Erza successfully managed to to get the stranger near the road. As she was about to get some bandages out she heard a groan coming from him.

(1st Person POV)

'Ugh...where am I?' I wondered. I opened my eyes only to hiss and shut them again as the sun was shining in my face. I opened them again and quickly adjusted my eyes and tried to move my body.


Oh the nostalgic feeling of pain coursing through me. Especially with my fight with Demigra. Gave that asshole what he deserved.

"Augh!...Ow…" I cried out while I mustered the strength to pull up my upper body in a sitting position.

"You should not put too much strain on yourself, you look pretty hurt." A feminine voice called out. I turned my head to the left to see a young redheaded woman, who looked no older than me.

She was standing with her hands on her hips. She wore silver body armor with a golden cross, underneath that cross was some sort of shape or symbol in magenta color. Silver armored paddings on her shoulders along with silver metal gauntlets. She wore a loose blue skirt that went up a few inches above her knees and long brown boots.

"Hehehe...thanks, I'll keep that in mind…" I replied back sheepishly. 'Do I still have that senzu in my pocket…?'

I painfully reached inside my left pocket to see if it was there.

Nope. Shit. Is it inside the other one?

I went to the right side of my pants to feel if there was anything there. To my relief I felt a round, more oval shape object.

"I have some bandages here, let me help you." The young redheaded woman said while walking over to me.

"Ah that's alright, I have something better I can use. But I appreciate the offer though." I answered back to quirked an eyebrow at me after I said that.

"Is it a potion perhaps?" She asked.

"Uh...nope. This." I reached into my right hand pocket and pulled out a red capsule. I looked back at her to see that she still had an eyebrow raised.

"Do you have to inject medicine on you…?"

"No way! I hate needles…" I grimaced. Pretty ironic. I can take a punch to the face, my stomach, my back. Hell, I can even take a powerful Ki blast if I wanted to in the face. But needles? Hell no. Not in a million years.

She chuckled at this.

"What is it exactly?"

'Does she not know what a capsule is?'

I pushed down the button on top of the capsule and a second later it poofed and disappeared revealing a moss-green colored bean. Her eyes widened at what just occurred. I popped the Senzu into my mouth, chewed it and swallowed it. A moment later I can feel the energy in me revitalize. Bones that were broken on impact fixed themselves, and openings where blood poured from closing. I hopped back on my feet feeling like after a sparring match with my mentors.

"Alright! I feel like I can take on the universe now!" I cheered with both of my fists aimed upwards. I felt like a million Zeni. Can't say the same about my clothes though…

I looked back to the redheaded teen to see her mouth and eyes wide open. She was just appalled about how broken I was to how it never happened. Another thing I noticed that it looks like I'm a few inches taller than her.

"W-What? But...h-how…?" She stuttered. "How can eating something like help you?!"

"Hey, well it just did." I grinned at her. "Look."

I walked over to a tree and with my right hand balled into a fist I reeled back my right arm and punched the tree right in the middle. In an instant my punch went right through it and the upper part went tumbling down sideways.

"See?" I said while I looked back at her. When I did her expression was the same before if not a little more surprised but now she was just speechless. After a few more seconds I walked up to her and waved my hand over her face.

"Uhh...Hey you there…?" I called out. Just after, she blinked several times and cleared her throat.

"Y-Yes...It seems you are not hurt anymore." She said while stuttering a bit. 'He really isn't hurt anymore. He looks like as if nothing happened to him. I didn't feel any magic reinforced into that punch either, while not the most impressive feat. Now that I think about it, I don't feel any magic coming from him at all...'

I checked my surroundings with a blank expression. It looks like I'm in a forest that was pretty vast.

'Am I on Earth somewhere? Would've thought I'd be back at the city and into the time nest to see if everything is alright. I'm pretty sure I killed him...' I thought and then looked back to see the young girl. 'I can feel her Ki, pretty strong for a human, hell she'd give Hercule a run for his money a hundred times over.'

"So what's your name?" I asked.

"My name is Erza Scarlet." She answered while extending her armored hand.

"Yusuke Yasai, pleasure to meet ya!" I said and shook her hand with enthusiasm. "So...where am I exactly…?"

Erza was holding her hand and looking at it with thought with a frown. She was brought out of it when I asked and once again quirked an eyebrow at me.

"You do not know? Well, understandable since we are in a forest. More specifically however, we are near Magnolia." She answered.


"Yes. Let us talk more while on the road. I have urgent business to take care of back at my guild and I have to hurry back." She said...That almost sounded like she gave me an order…

Erza turned around and lifted a huge horn above her head that was neatly decorated and started walking. How did I just noticed that.

This time I quirked an eyebrow at her retreating form. 'The hell's a guild?'

I could fly and look around...but something tells me that I might get lost somehow. Call is instincts. I needed information. She was nice to me I guess. I jogged over to her to catch up her.

(3rd Person POV)

Far in the sky there was a lone figure cleverly concealing her Ki. She was magically sitting on a long staff that had sharp ends on both sides.

She had blue skin, pointy ears with spherical purple earrings with a gold hoop, white hair, bangs on her right side longer than her had purple eyes and wore purple lipstick. She wore a red skin tight suit while at both her forearms and legs were covered in a gray colored instead of red. Between and on her breasts were also part of the skin tight suit was gray in color as well with. Between her breasts, a part of her suit oddly went pointing down showing parts of her stomach. The area under her breasts left exposed. Around her waist was a cape that went from her rear down to her legs stopping at the ankle, and finally wearing red high heels.

Said lone person was none other than Towa.

She smirked that the a device she was testing out had managed to work on the likes of the Warrior down below, and that she was able to watch undetected. Her smirk then turned into a snarl.

"Let's see how this story plays out for you scum. I'll make it a living hell for you." She chuckled darkly.

There we have it! First chapter! Honestly think that towards the end I could've done better. But it's currently past midnight for me as I'm typing this and I've actually been going on for 4 hours. Don't know if that's alot of time or not haha.

Anyway, I really hoped you enjoyed the start of my very first fanfic. And as this IS my first fanfic, I do hope to receive any criticism. Until then!

Timestamp: September 8, 2015