A suited Christmas

Chapter 1 – Mikes Bike

The chain that paired the bike to the lamp-post outside of Pearson Specter Litt had remained there for 4 months, when Donna inspected the bike she could see that the lock and the chain of the bike had started to rust, So much for galvanised metal she thought, although the bike had seen no movement for 101, actually, 102 days, Donna remembered that although Mike has been in prison for 101 days, he had left his bike there the day before as he and Rachel had walked home together the evening before. Rachel had been and still is a mess, she had struggled to cover Mike's half of the rent for the first 2 months of him being in prison but then she had finally accepted Harvey's help, she was too ashamed to go home and face the reality of it all. Mike was not getting out of prison anytime soon.


"Michael James Ross, you are arrested for committing fraud" Those words rang in mikes ears for days. He was taken to New York city prison.

"Harvey, Harvey" Rachel ran into the office screaming and tears uncontrollably running down her face.

"Rachel, I need you to calm down and tell me what's wrong",Harvey stated while placing his scotch on the glass table infront of him, next to the full glass which he had poured for Jessica before she stormed out of his soon to be old office.

"It's .. it's Mike …... he just got arrested" Rachel managed to pour the words right out of her mouth and the second she did it all seemed to real.

Donna had just walked into Harvey's office and did not notice Rachel there.

"Yeah that's how my face looked when I found out you resigned" Donna hurtfully said whilst looking at Harvey's face who was complete stunned.

"How could you, after everything we,,,, you've been through to get your name on the door to just quit and not even bother to tell me" Donna raised her voice more than last time annoyed by his ignorance towards her.

"Not now Donna, Mike's just been arrested and I don't need this shit from you right now" he said whilst putting his jacket on before ringing Ray to pick him up

Donna, Rachel and Harvey all went to the police station in order to find out what was happening.

Harvey bombarded the secretary "Hi I'm Harvey Specter I believe you are holding my client Michael Ross and I would like to see him"

"I'm sorry sir but you are unable to see him under the circumstances of him being arrested" replied the secretary

Rachel also tried to see Mike but she too was also unable, However Donna was.

"Mike" Donna said as she hugged him "what happened ?"

"They know, my life is over and they are coming after those who also know" Mike angrily stated by how he let himself,Rachel and Harvey down.

"Mike, please I know its so inconsiderate for me to say right now but please, please don't drop Harvey in your shit, I can't loose him and after the chance he gave you" Donna whispered quietly enough so the camera wouldn't pick up on what she said but loud enough for Mike to hear.

"Really Donna, I'm facing prison and you want me to lie?"

"Its not like you haven't done it before, that's what got you in this position in the first place, Mike look you're facing prison already why be dick and bring Harvey down with you and ruin everyone's life in the process?" Donna stated

"Fine, i'll do it but you have to tell Harvey and if i'm going to be stuck in here for a good few years I want you to do something for me." Mike said a big smirk appeared on his face.

"Yes, What? Ill do anything as long as its not illegal" Donna smiled back

"Make things work with Harvey, you love him and he loves you but you're both too scared to act on it, that's all I ask"

Donna smiled at the conversation she had just recalled with Mike, of course she did stick to half of the deal, she told Harvey that Mike wasn't dropping him in it but she had also said that he would only not mention him unless he did not leave the firm.

"Morning Specter"Donna smiled as she waltzed into his office with his morning coffee

"Donna,you're late and for your last day that's very inconsiderate" he replied back with a scaratic tone in his voice.

"Yeah, well I'm lucky my boss is so forgiving and generous" she replied "By the way, I was late finishing your packing"

"I was going to do that later" he stated over the intercom

"Please, we both you wouldn't have" she said as she rolled her eyes

Harvey smiled, he loved that she knew himself better then he did.

At 7:30 Harvey drove over to Donna's apartment to pick her and her 3 full suitcases up before they set off on their journey.

It was 3 weeks before Christmas and Donna was going to her Mom's to spend Christmas. As Mike was in prison and Marcus going to Katie's mom's for Christmas, Harvey would be spending it alone and Donna couldn't let that happen as well as feeling sorry for Harvey she also didn't think she would be able to spend a month with out being able to see him

"I still can't believe your coming" Donna exclaimed on the way to the airport

"Well it not every year you get to spend Christmas in the UK" he smiled back

4 whole weeks, with Harvey in the UK it was almost a dream come true apart from also having to spend it with her mum and her latest toy boy,Donna thought.

She squealed at the idea of having the most important person of her life being with her and in their own annex, perfect just perfect.

The plane landed at 4:30am London time. It had been delayed due to the snow storms in New York City, It was cold in December in London but due to the icy conditions they had been experiencing it felt like they had gone abroad.

"We can find our way around this airport easy" Harvey exclaimed.

"I'm not too sure" replied Donna.

Although Luton airport was much more smaller then New York it had countless terminals which even Harvey Specter got lost trying to find the way out.

"There's my baby girl" Joy said as she came bounding as fast as she could

"Hi Mom" Donna muffled as her Mom held her tight

"And who's this piece of eye candy" her Mom joke whilst she went to hug Harvey and pinched his bottom in process, he blushed with embarrassment

"Nice to see you again, looking as radius as ever" Harvey replied with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Oh Donna do come and say to Vincent" Joy chirped.

Vincent was very attractive, he had dark hair and piercing blue eyes, he was wearing a white T-shirt which stuck to his very toned body. He was younger than Donna's brother but he was 3 years older than her.

"Nice to finally meet you" Donna blushed "your older enough to be my boyfriend let alone my Mom's" she did think she had said it out loud until her Mom replied

"Well you're lucky you've got a very attractive Step Dad"

"What" Donna screamed

"Oh did I forget to mention, We're Married" Joy smiled.