Jamie and Sara left shortly after his and Harvey's conversation and he and Donna were now left to look after Luka and Bailee. This was definitely not how he thought his stay in London would go, firstly he and Donna are actually dating, and I mean who would have thought after 12 years. Secondly they were now looking after Donna's Niece and Nephew for 2 weeks, just like that overnight everything had changed, and it seemed that He actually belonged in a family. Family, something Harvey hadn't felt part of since his mother left.

"So what do you guys want to do today?" Donna asked her Niece and Nephew. "Well after we put all your things away" She added. Luka shrugged, "I don't mind" He replied. Luka had always been very quiet but that was all due to Sara, she had mothered him so much Donna was unsure if he could actually talk, let alone think for himself. Bailee interrupted Donna's thoughts "Well I would love to go to the Mall, you know Auntie Donna we have some great shops in England, you'll love to go shopping in Harrods. We can 'get lost in Harrods' as the saying goes and we will quite literally get lost, I've only been there a handful of times and that was with Gram." Bailee explained with great expression in her voice. 'You could tell that she idolised her Aunt, who wouldn't?' Harvey thought. "B, that sounds lovely, Luka are you up for some Christmas shopping?" Donna queried. "Sure", 'I just love going shopping for hours on end' he muttered, only loud enough for Harvey to hear the end part. "Have you been shopping with your Auntie before?" He asked the little boy. "No but my mom says Bailee is too much like Donna, and my mom used to go shopping with Aunt Donna before when they were, um friends. Bailee and Dad normally go and they take forever, so I'm guessing she takes forever too" Luka explained. Harvey listened to little boy carefully 'They HAD been friends?' he thought about what must have happened, they seemed on terms earlier when he had met Sara but then again he had left with Jamie and Donna had joined them. "Aw great, you guessed right, your aunt takes a very long time indeed" Harvey whispered to Luka. "Yeah and that's without Bailee, we are going to be stuck in shops all morning, afternoon and early evening" Luka added. Donna had glanced over at the two of them talking, she could quite hear what is was about. Luka had clearly took a liking to Harvey, he hardly ever spoke to her and she was his Aunt, and Harvey had also taken a liking to Luka. She was mesmerised by the scene in front of her and she liked what she saw, she didn't even think Harvey liked children, then again she had never seen him around any. Donna had threw away her dream of marrying Harvey Specter, and her dream of having a family with him went a few years before that one, not that she minded not having children, Harvey would have been enough, but now this, she could actually have it all.

Later that afternoon they went shopping although Harvey knew he was going to enjoy it, it was the perfect way to ensure that both children and Donna had clothes for Paris in a couple of days. Harvey volunteered to buy all the clothes that they were planning getting and Donna never had a problem spending his money, but this was more than just Harvey Specter buying her a new bag and dress because she was just doing her job, This was Harvey buying her and her family clothes because he wanted to. "Thanks Harvey, but I'll buy everything" Donna stated, although he was her boyfriend, gosh referring to him as her boyfriend was something she would never get used to, she didn't want to become reliant on him, she was Donna and she didn't need a man. However she was not sure if she would be able to cope if her relationship with Harvey didn't work out. Harvey was taken aback by her statement she had always accepted his gifts before and he wanted to treat, it would be a bit cheap letting her pay for her own holiday wardrobe, not that she knew about it. Harvey placed Donna's hands and pulled her towards him in the middle of Harrods, "Donna am I paying for everything ok? No arguments" he told her, she couldn't help but smile at his use of authority over her, she was definitely his, but she had always been the one in control and she liked this Harvey. "Harvey, I'm a big girl and I can pay for some clothes and gifts for my own Nephew and Niece" she replied. Harvey knew that she wanted to show Harvey that she hasn't and doesn't need a man to buy things for her as she is more than capable but obviously he wants to buy things for his girlfriend. "Donna, all these years I have had lots of money and don't get me wrong I've worked my ass off to get it all, but I've learnt that the saying is true 'Money doesn't buy happiness'. All these years I've had money but I've never been truly happy than when I met you and now I'm happier than ever" Harvey explained, now with her and their money he wanted to start putting it to good use and who knows maybe he might start taking more holidays from work, he has a lot to catch up on Harvey thought. "Gosh Harvey, ok if you insist, and do you really mean that?" Donna questioned. She hadn't expected Harvey to be so honest with her, who is this man and what has he done with Harvey Specter, the man who doesn't talk about his feelings. Harvey had won so he had thought, he knew Donna didn't take much persuading especially when it came to a new bag. "Yes" he replied there was no doubt about it, he didn't even shy away from her question. "Good to hear Specter, because I feel exactly the same, except I didn't have as much money, if I did I'm sure I would have been very happy with my closet of shoes" Donna joked. "Hey" Harvey whined before Donna pulled him into a kiss, she found it strange that she didn't find this weird at all. They were then disturbed by "Ewwww that's gross, guys do know where we are?" Luka exclaimed. Donna had forgotten all about her little audience, she always got lost in her surroundings when she was with Harvey, he was the only person to have that ability on her. "Yes of course we do, now you two we are going to buy you both a whole new wardrobe and then after we are going to go to Hamley's and buy you some toys, Does that sound good to you?" Harvey asked. "Yesss" Bailee screeched, Luka simply nodded.

An hour later Harvey and Luka had finished their shopping and now sat outside the changing rooms waiting for Donna and Bailee. "You were right, they take forever, I don't understand why, isn't your little sister only 4?" Harvey questioned in which Luka replied "Yeah, I know why Mom said that she's like Auntie Donna." "Hey we heard that" Donna shouted from behind the curtain, Bailee added "Yeahh, are you guys ready for our next outfit?" They weren't sur who but one of them murmured a 'Yes'.

Donna and Bailee appeared hand in hand from behind the curtain, they did a little cat walk before standing to face both of the boys. "Wow" was the only word Harvey could utter, he was speechless. Donna stood there in a stunning little black dress that clung to Donna's figure showing off her perfect curves. Bailee also had a black dress on, hers was very similar to Donna's except she had a black bow going around the waist of her dress. Harvey then gathered his words to form an actual sentence "You both look absolutely beautiful", Harvey had seen Donna wearing dresses day in and day out however this dress, it was different, so simple and elegant at the same time and Donna looked so much better than 'beautiful', no words could be placed on her beauty, Harvey thought. "This is a must then Auntie Donna" Bailee stated, her words made Donna break her gaze with Harvey as the little girl tugged at her hand to continue trying on their clothes.

After another hour of waiting Donna and Bailee had finished trying on all their clothes in a record time of 3 hours. When Harvey and Luka had finished shopping Harvey had bought him a hot dog however that had been 2 hours prior and now both girls wanted food after shopping in Hamley's. Thankfully they did not take that long toy shopping, Bailee got a Robo mermaid and a Barbie. Luka on the other hand got a 2 Nerf guns and walkie talkies. To Donna's surprise Harvey went and bought a set of laser tag machines, he had mentioned to her before that he had always wanted a laser tag set, but it had been pointless to buy it just for himself and now he had Donna and the kids he was going to have fun playing with his new toy for 2 weeks.

They decided to go straight home after shopping because after about an hour both Donna and Harvey began to feel weighed down by their 10 bags of shopping each. "So what take out do you guys want?" Donna questioned Luka and Bailee. "Pizza, can I have chicken and bacon on mine please?" Bailee asked, Luka just simply said he would have the same as did Harvey. "Ok that's simple you all want the same" Donna stated. When the food arrived minutes later everyone decided they also wanted some of Donna's garlic bread which Donna was happy about sharing. Then at 7:30 Donna told both her niece and nephew that it was time to go upstairs to go to sleep. "Uncle Harvey, will you tuck me in?" Bailee asked, Jaime always took her to bed every night and these 2 weeks were going to be the hardest to sleep. "Yeah of course but are you sure you don't want your Auntie Donna to take you though?" Harvey replied, he was quite shocked at the proposition since he had spent almost all day with Luka and had taken quite a liking to the little fella, to be honest he wasn't sure if Bailee had liked him. "No it's ok she can take Luka tonight and me tomorrow" Bailee explained. "Ok" Harvey answered as he and Bailee walked up the stairs to Bailee's room at her Grams. "Uncle Harvey would you mind reading a bed time story?" Bailee asked. Harvey couldn't help but smile at the fact that she called him her uncle, he wasn't even married to Donna, although he knew that they soon would be. "Which one would you like?" Harvey questioned, "David and Goliath" Bailee replied. Donna had taken Luka to bed and wished him a good night and went to head downstairs until she heard laughing coming from Bailee's room and decided to listen to what was going on. "David hurried to Goliath to check that he was dead, puff pant,prod,oo-er" Harvey read out loud before he was joined by Bailee "He picked up the Giants sword and chopped off his head, Swish chop, slice bleugh!" the screeched in union. Donna tried her hardest to laugh quietly at the pair before she decided to retire to the living room. Harvey joined Donna a few minutes later smiling from ear to ear. "Hey Mr Happy, you know, you read with great expression, I'll be dragging you to auditions for King Lear in January" Donna greeted to Harvey as he came and sat beside her on the sofa. "You listened?" he questioned. "Of course I'm not deaf you know" Donna countered, "Well Donna, if you wanted me to read you a bed time story you could have just asked, you didn't have to eavesdrop, I'm sure Bailee wouldn't have minded if you intruded on our story time either" Harvey recounted. "Well if only my invitation had been made clearer, I mean B didn't even want be to take her to bed so I'm not too sure if she would have allowed me to be part of your story time" Donna explained. "Hey, she didn't not want to come, she said that her Dad always takes her to bed and Sara always takes Luka so she thought you would do the same" Harvey said as he put his arm around her to comfort her, even though Donna didn't mind she liked the fact that Bailee had asked him. "Hey, do you know she called me Uncle Harvey?" Donna could tell from his voice that he was chuffed at the whole situation, he had never been anyone's anything but now he had a whole new family. "No, she did? She must really like you" Donna replied. "Yeah I couldn't believe it" he explained. "Hm I don't know Harvey, I must say you are pretty lovable" Donna told him as she now moved from the sofa to sit on Harvey's lap instead. "Is that right Miss Paulsen?" he flirted, "Yes, yes it is. Mr Specter I think I'm just about ready for my bedtime story" Donna said removing herself from his lap as she grabbed his hand to lead him upstairs. "If you insist, I didn't know you were a fan of the book 'David and Goliath'" Harvey joked, "Oh I do, the more adult version one though, but I think you'll enjoy that one too" she teased as she and Harvey reached her room, she closed the door quietly behind them to be sure that she didn't wake Luka and Bailee.