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The World's Strongest Creature

In the bright sunny plains of the country of Sudan, Africa, the sound of roaring could be heard.

On one side of the plain stood a massive lion. It was huge, almost the size of rhino, with a dark and golden mane that glowed brightly with the sun. On the lion's body were tons of scars ranging from bullet holes, to arrow marks, and claw marks. This lion has clearly live through many fights from poachers and animals, and has emerge victoriously. The Lion doesn't scare easily.

His opponent standing 10 meters away from him was a man. Though calling him a man wouldn't do him justice. Standing about 199 cm. tall (6'5 ft.) with a physique that would make bodybuilders and Olympic athletes green with envy. The man had red wavy unkempt hair with thick black eyebrows and was wearing a red shirt with red martial art pants and shoes; but the most distinctive features, as well as disturbing about him, was his eyes and his smile. The man's eyes were an unnatural blood red, those eyes only held pride and an almost uncontrollable bloodlust. His smile was just as disturbing as his eyes, with fang like teeth barely visible, it was the kind of smile only found on predator who caught their prey. All and all this man looked more like an ogre or a demon, than a normal human being.

The lion continued to roar at the intruder of his territory, trying to intimidate him to run. It was a strategy that had work many times before, which scared off many younger lions as well as poachers from coming into his territory. Though somewhere deep inside himself, he knew it wouldn't work on this man.

The lion could sense as well as smell that this man's aura was different from other men. This man's aura and sense wasn't that of prey, but of a predator; a predator that was bigger than him.

A tense silence filled the area, as the two opponents waited to see who would move first.

Just as the tension was becoming unbearable, the man began to walking toward the lion. He walk calmly like he wasn't going toward a dangerous gigantic lion, but like he walking through a park. The lion seeing the man move, let out a bellowing roar and charges towards his opponent.

Running as fast as his massive frame would allow, the lion charges to end his opponent quickly. As the lion continues running toward, the man continues to walk at his easy pace. Just when the lion is half way to the man, the lion leaps into the air and is about pounce on his opponent with his claws poised.

Just when he is about to land on the man, the man looks up at the lion with a bloodthirsty smile.

The roars and cries of pain fill the area.

1 Hour later:

A military helicopter could be seen flying around the plains of the Sudan, just as the sun was beginning to set.

Inside the copter, sitting along with the pilot in the co-pilot seat was a man about 40 years old, with a blond moustache and grey stormy eyes. He was wearing a US military green hat with a green shirt and pants and black combat boots. On his face, there appears to be knife scars with one across his right cheek and the other under his left eye.

The man was looking out at the side of the copter, appearing to be looking for something. The pilot beside him looks over to him and ask a question.

"So do you think we will find him out here, Captain Strydum, sir?"

The man now identified as Captain Strydum or Gerry Strydum as his full name went, looks over the pilot and answers his question.

Nodding his head, "Yes, I believe we will, we're not far from where I dropped him off before." Crossing his arms over his chest, he frowned, "So he would most likely be around this general area, if he hasn't already left."

The pilot nodded, knowing better then to ask any more questions about the person they were searching for. If any of the rumors about the man were true at all, the pilot really didn't want to know why he was out here. He liked being alive, thank you very much.

After 10 minutes of searching the area, Strydum finally saw something. He saw a flash of red hair down on the ground near a tree. Having the pilot turn around to get a better look, he could now see the man they were searching for.

Strydum grins, "Found him". Turning towards the pilot, he ordered. "Land this thing, son."

"Yes, sir". The pilot replied.

The copter began its descent. With ease the helicopter lands on the tall grass plains, without a problem. Strydum then got out of the copter and began walking toward the man. The man appears to be resting, his back facing Strydum, as he sat a rock with his arms crossed and his eyes closed.

Walking toward the man, Strydum let a smile grace his face. Now almost near the man, he walk till he was about to face the man, Strydum said, "There you are Yujiro, I been looking for y-."

Strydum stopped dead in his tracks, as he saw what laid at the foot of his friend Yujiro's feet. It was a massive lion with multiple scars on its body. Giving the lion a fierce and scary look, or it would if the thing wasn't dead, with a hole through its head with its lower jaw completely gone. Strydum could only look at it, with his mouth open being completely shocked.

"Regulus, the Modern day Nemean Lion."

Shocked from the sudden sound of the voice, Strydum looks over his comrade as he continues speaking.

"It was called that because the lion survived multiple attacks from many other lions as well as from Hyenas, a water buffalo, and even from a rhino. It also survived attacks from poachers. It got shot, stabbed, clawed, bitten, and even got run over; and yet it didn't go down and it fought back and killed its attackers every time." The man now known as Yujiro frowns deeply as he continues. "When I heard about this, I thought I finally found a challenger that might finally give me a fight that would make my blood rush and I could simply enjoy the thrill of the fight."

Opening his eyes, Yujiro glares at Strydum as he turns to face him. Yujiro then said, "Do you know how long he lasted Strydum, my old comrade."

Not knowing what to do, Strydum was about to answer, but then Yujiro hisses and cuts him off. "30 seconds! That's how long that bastard lasted. 30 seconds and it only took one blow." Yujiro rises and stood right in front of his comrade; getting right into his face. "One blow! That's all it took for my fist to go through his jaw and right through his skull!"

Strydum began to back up as his friend's anger grew, but Yujiro follows right after him. Still right into Strydum's face as he continues yelling. "After everything I had heard, that Lion should have been one of my greatest fights since fighting against my son! I thought at least he would last me a minute. But he failed miserably!"

Finally Strydum's back hits against a tree, with Yujiro standing right in front of him. Cornered Strydum put up his hands in a 'take it easy' sign. He then said, "Yujiro my old comrade what did you think was going to happen?" His question seems to stop some of Yujiro's angry as he continues.

"You are Yujiro Hanma, 'The King', the strongest man in the world. Did you really think some over grown lion would really give you the challenge you sought for? I mean you are the man who fought and defeated the whole US Army by yourself and who has fought some of the strongest fighters around the world and solely beat them without a scratch. I'm sorry my comrade but the outcome was unavoidable."

At first Yujiro's angered expression remains, but slowly his anger began to cool and now only left him dissatisfied, leaving him only for the burning for more blood and even more for a worthy fight to quill his bloodlust. With a frown on his face, Yujiro turns and began walking towards copter. He said over his shoulder, "Let's go, Strydum".

Happy that his comrade had calmed down and wasn't going to kill him, Strydum follows him back to the copter. The two men walk to copter, and both got in. Strydum went back into the co-pilot seat while Yujiro sat in the middle in one of the many seats. With a nod from Strydum, pilot took off and began their way back to Yambio, the closest city to their location.

As the helicopter was flying away from the wild plains of Sudan and going back to the city. Strydum began relaxing in his seat, getting more or less comfortable for their long journey to Yambio. He thinks that this personal mission went rather well, both he and the pilot were alive and his old comrade Yujiro didn't kill anyone beside the lion, he originally sought out to kill. All in all, it was a good day.


Strydum looked over his shoulder to see Yujiro was seated in one of the chairs build into the copter, with his arms folded in front with his eyes closed. He appeared to be deep in thought.

He answered, "Yes Yujiro"?

Yujiro began speaking, "Will I ever find a worthy opponent to fight against? I don't know how much longer I can to wait to hear of someone with superhuman fighting ability, those are very rare and most are just rumors."

Strydum thought for a second before answering, "What about your son Baki, I heard he is back in Japan. He been in fighting in martial art tournaments, to become strong enough to fight you."

Yujiro roars with laugh, "HAHAHA, Baki, my weakling of son, so he has finally come out of hiding, eh. So he's now wants some kind vengeance against me for killing his mother, yes?" Yujiro continues to laugh while missing the scowl on Strydum's face and the creeped out look of the pilot.

You see, four years ago. Yujiro had battled against his son Baki Hanma, who was trained since birth by many trainers and teachers all in order to defeat his father. So after 13 years of training and then being trained by Yujiro's old friends, fighting against powerful opponents, Baki felt confident in fighting his father not just for himself but also for his mother who longed for Yujiro's love; and Baki sought his mother's love. But the fight, if one can call it a fight, was a disaster. Baki was savagely beaten by his father and as his mother finally realized her love for her son, she tried to protect him. Which led to Yujiro giving her a bear hug that broke her spine and kill her. Yujiro would later leave, leaving the body of his lover and his half dead son behind.

Strydum still remembers that day. That was where everyone was hoping, praying even for Baki to defeat his father and possible end him for the deaths he had caused. In the end, their hopes were crushed, as Strydum watched from the sidelines as Baki, a boy who just 13 years old, who should have a normal life, was beaten to near death. Strydum will never forgive his old comrade for that day, never!

But the times for those thoughts were not now. So Strydum continues to listen to Yujiro.

"No I don't believe I will be fighting my weakling of a son anytime soon. He still has a long way to go before he is a worthy challenger to me." Yujiro answered with smirk.

Strydum grits his teeth as he replied, "Well I'm sure something will come up, Yujiro. You never know about these kinds of things."

Yujiro could only nod as he turns his head to look out though the widow. "Yes", he said with a bloodthirsty grin beginning to form, "You can never know about these things."

The helicopter then flew off into the distance.

Unknown Location:

As the helicopter flew off, some distance away, the copter was being watched.

A beautiful woman stood on the seat of a jeep as she looks at the copter with binoculars. The woman had long blonde hair and was wearing a safari jacket with safari jogger pants with brown hiking boots. She took the binoculars from her eyes, revealing blue eyes watching the copter fly off. She nodded and smiles as though she was pleased by something she had seen.

But then a phone began ringing. The blonde hair woman quickly answers her phone, knowing who would be calling her, her employer. After a quick 'hello' her employer began speaking, "So what you think about Mr. Hanma, Miss Valentine?" Her employer said clearly amused. "Is he everything I said he was?"

The now identified Miss Valentine could only smile as she replied. "Indeed he was, Mr. Gato, he was everything you said he was and more." A pleasing shudder went through her. "I think he is perfect for our plan."

Mr. Gato let out a chuckle, "That's good to hear. So now we can begin, get everything ready, would you Miss Valentine?"

Laughing she said, "Of course". Valentine closes her phone and turn on the jeep. She drove away on the jeep, going to do what needed done for this so called plan.

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