Love and Friendship - a hard decision?

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This is my very first "Grimm" story :) and I really like this Series 3


This Grimm story is definitely AU since I have some scenes at the end of the 4th Season I dislike.

Sometimes there has to be rain before the rainbow :)

Summary: What would have happened if, if Juliette didn't "go dark" at the end of season 4?

This Grimm story is definitely AU.

Chapter 1

Nick was having a hard time wrapping his head about what had happened in the last few days actually, the last few weeks.

First, there was Juliette; she was now a Hexenbiest. Something none of them saw coming or even knowing it was at all possible.

Then, there was Adalind; pregnant with his baby.

He never would have dreamed this would ever happen. Both things, with Juliette or Adalind.

How could his life get so crazy so out of his control? It was definitely a shock that his girlfriend was now a Wesen. But just as bad, if not worse, was the news that Adalind was pregnant and that it was his baby. He could still remember the shocked expression on Sean's face. Nick really couldn't blame him, he was just as shocked if not more.

However, as much as he was still reeling from everything, he knew he would do everything in his power for his child.

Nick wanted to blame Adalind for Juliette's being a Hexenbiest, but it wasn't quite fair to do so—even if it had all started with her manipulations, the results hadn't been intended. It had been just a dumb accident that had led to all this; no one was really to blame. Yes, Adalind had stolen his Grimm powers, but his friends had been able to get them back. None of them could have anticipated the cost of doing so, though. Nobody would have expected that something like that could happen to Juliette.

Nick sighed and rolled over, facing the other side of the bed. His thoughts would not quiet down. Mentally chewing over the magic that had transformed Juliette wasn't going to help anyone. He felt responsible, heavy with guilt to know the magic used had been to restore his powers. Something had gone wrong, nothing anyone could have considered or expected.

Yeah, ye had had his Grimm powers again, but at what cost? Juliette had lost everything and was now a Wesen—a Hexenbiest, a witch. Just like Adalind. Juliette was understandably angry about it all, but he didn't know what to do. What could even be done? So far, they've found nothing.

Had his aunt Marie been right in saying he should have left Juliette all those years ago? Spared her from all of this the get go?

As long as they were together, they had a chance to be happy... They'd need to make it worse since the last time it did not go well between them.

And now this... At the worst possible time, Adalind waltzed into the precinct and dropped the baby bomb. Telling him she was having his baby. Pregnant with his son. It had been the worst sort of luck that Juliette had come by. Seeing the rage in her eyes and having to step in front of Adalind, having to protect her from Juliette, he hadn't liked it but his options had been so limited.

He didn't want to choose, but his baby had been threatened and he'd wanted to do all he could protecting them both. Even though it was Juliette, he would not let her hurt Adalind. It had been a tense, dangerous moment but he knew he'd stop them. And he had. Juliette's once kind eyes spoke of pure anger and even if he could absolutely understand it he'd been caught between them.

On the one hand, he so wanted to be at Juliette's—the supportive, caring partner. But on the other hand, he wanted to—needed to—protect his unborn son. The baby was innocent.

He would soon have a child with his former enemy. It was just so... incredulous. Had it not been so serious, he would probably laugh out loud. Laugh until he cried, most likely. A child linking them together—forever. He still wasn't sure what Adalind actually thought about the whole thing. It was a touchy subject. He did knew she'd been very upset at first, but still unsure what she was thinking.

This would be Adalind's second child, after Diana. He could only imagine how it was affecting her, how she was feeling about having another child when her first wasn't with her.

Nick sighed and turned to the other side, eyes closing and forced himself to stop thinking.


Juliette was in her hotel room, prone on the bed and staring up at the ceiling.

The last few weeks... A lot had changed. It was like a living nightmare for her. Even after everything, she still would do anything for Nick. It was so messed up, so complicated now... Not only because she was now a Wesen to his Grimm, but also because of Nick's child with Adalind.

That blond bitch.

The same that had stolen Nick's powers—twice. And the last attempt responsible for her being a Hexenbiest now and stuck in this mess. Nick had chosen the Blonde over her, even if not intentionally. She knew why he did it, it didn't make it hurt any less.

Juliette wiped the tears from her eyes, glaring at the ceiling as she did so. So she still loved Nick, but she was now a Hexenbiest and was the fury. No longer was the shared future they had both imagined, but now something new and unknown.

She rolled over to the other side of the bed and closer her eyes, she needed to sleep.

All alone, in a big, strange bed—without Nick.

To be Continued?