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After Elsa accidentally revealed her powers, she fled the ballroom. As the young queen barged out of the castle door and rushed out into the courtyard, she saw a large crowd had been gathered and waited for her. The crowd cheered and applauded when they saw their new queen. Elsa panicked and started running through them when she was stopped by a man in the crowd.

"It is her! Queen Elsa," the man said as he bowed to his new queen. Elsa pushed past him and tried to run through the crowd again until she was stopped by a woman holding a baby in her arms.

"Your Majesty? Are you all right?" the woman asked in concern.

"No," Elsa shook her head and was frightened enough that she slowly backed away until the queen knocked into the nearby fountain. When her left hand touched the edge of the fountain, it instantaneously began icing over. The water in the fountain then froze, startling the crowd.

The Duke of Weselton appeared at the front doorway and shouted, "There she is! Stop her!"

The alarmed queen tried to warn them to stay away from her. Suddenly, ice shot out of her hand freezing the ground and castle steps which made the Duke and his men fell.

"MonsterĒƒ Monster!" the Duke shouted.

Elsa looked at her hand and as she turned, the woman with the baby stepped back in fear as did everyone else in the crowd. The shocked queen then took one look and kept on running.

The Duke of Weselton and his men chased after Elsa with their crossbows. Anna rushed after her sister with Hans following closely behind the princess.

The distressed queen ran out of the gates until she reached the lake's edge. Now she had nowhere to go. She had been cornered.

"We got her!" one of the Duke's men said and they raised their crossbows.

"No! Please!" Elsa begged.

Despite the queen's plea, one of the Duke's guards shot an arrow at Elsa but she managed to produce an ice shield to stop the arrow from hitting her.

"Stop!" Anna yelled to the Duke's men, but they did not relent. The anxious princess tried rushing to her sister, but the Southern Isles prince stopped her.

"Anna, no! It's too dangerous. I don't want you getting hurt."

"She's my sister. I need to help her."

Hans suggested to go back to the castle to ask for assistance from the castle guards. As the worried princess thought that there was no other way to help Elsa, she agreed to the suggestion and they rushed to the castle to call for the castle guards.

The terrified queen looked at her one gloved hand and took off her glove, throwing it to the ground. She needed both her hands if she wanted to protect herself.

The Duke's two guards attempted to reposition themselves for another shot and aim at Elsa again. The young queen warned them to stay away and she shot ice at them to stop them, but the guards still did not lower their weapons. Thus, Elsa hindered their attempts with her retaliatory blasts of magic.

Elsa continued to defend herself against the Duke's guards using her powers and eventually, she managed to get one pinned to a wall with several ice spikes, with one threatening to pierce the guard through the neck. The other guard was disarmed by a bolt of magic before facing an assault from a conjured ice wall. Although he tried to push back against the wall of ice, the guard was quickly overcome and pushed out into the lake. As the young queen kept pushing the guard with a block of ice and about to kill both of them, Anna and Hans arrived with several Arendelle guards.

"Elsa, stop!" Anna yelled in an attempt to stop her sister from killing the guards.

Elsa snapped out of her rage and she lowered her defenses. Just then the Duke's guard who was stuck to the wall aimed his crossbow at her and fired an arrow. The arrow hit the stunned queen and she fell to her knee. Elsa gasped and grimaced in pain.

"Elsa!" Anna cried and quickly rushed to kneel in front of her sister and held Elsa's shoulder to prevent the injured queen from collapsing.

"Anna...," Elsa weakly said.

"Shh... Don't talk. I've got you. You are going to be fine." Anna assured Elsa as much as herself. The princess hated seeing her sister in pain and it was all her fault. If she didn't keep pushing Elsa, she wouldn't have run away and if she didn't stop her from killing the worthless guards, her sister would not gotten hurt. None of this would have happened if not because of her.

How dare they try to kill Elsa! How dare they hurt my sister! Anna thought.

"Arrest them and lock them in the dungeon," the frantic princess angrily ordered her guards as she pointed her finger to the Duke of Weselton and his men. The Arendelle guards hurriedly followed the order and after they managed to cut the ice that held the Duke's men, they brought the prisoners to the dungeon.

"Oh Elsa, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault," Anna whispered, allowing her tears to fall from her eyes.

Elsa wanted to assure her sister that none of this was her fault, but she felt herself becoming weaker by the second and the young queen slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

"Elsa! Oh God, Elsa, please wake up! Don't leave me! Please Elsa, you need to wake up!"

The agitated princess looked at the prince of Southern Isles and said in panic, "Hans, we need to get her to the doctor."

"Let me help," Hans offered. He gently scooped the unconscious queen up in his arms and carried her to the castle infirmary.

To be continued...

Next chapter: Elsa's fate

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