His dark eyes went straight at them, well Takane's idea didn't work very well...

"Um- Hi?" Said Ayano looking up ahead seeing that Slytherin boy staring a them in a confused face.

It all started 2 hours ago...

2 Hours Ago...

The Hogwarts students went down to the dining room that morning, where it was filled with breakfast they couldn't have in the 'muggle' places. Pancakes, waffels, toast, and anything that was delicious. "Hey, Takane!" cried a tall boy. The girl with pig tails from Gryffindor turned her back and saw that tall boy wearing the usual black coat with yellow hem around it signing he's from Hufflepuff and was joined by a girl who's from Ravenclaw running towards them. "You're not really late, Ayano" said Takane crossing her arms. "Not that really-" said Ayano bending down her knees. Takane looked at her back, 4 Ravenclaw student came in to the dining room with a dizzy condition followed by the laughed of some Slytherin students behind them.

"They AGAIN?!" cried Takane looking at those Slytherin students. "What?" asked Haruka turning his back too seeing those Slytherin laughed even harder. "Just ignore them- Taka-TAKANE?" Takane disappeared after Haruka turned his back again. "Um- Haruka" tugged Ayano pointing to the other way. Takane was in a completely anger walking to those Slytherin students. "Oh- TAKANE!" yelled Haruka trying to chase Takane.

"Hey! What's the matter with you?" cried Takane pushing one of the Slytherin students whom seemed to be irritated by her. They all stop laughing and stare at Takane. "Hey, do you have any problems?" cried the Slytherin students, called Kuroha. "You used distract magic didn't you?" point Takane. "You used distract magic didn't you?" said Kuroha following Takane's voice and accent. "Shut up 4th grade!" yelled Takane pointing her wand now at his face. "TAKANE!" cried Haruka from distance but Takane ignored him. "Oh, so you want a fight, huh?" snickered Kuroha pointing his wand at Takane. The other Slytherin students snickered too and started to cheered. "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" They chanted along attracting other students to watch them. "Takane! We're stricted to have magic fights out off class!" cried Haruka cutting those students who tried to watch them. "Hey, he's right! Why don't you go back and be a chicken?" laughed Kuroha seeing Haruk and Ayano at the front row. "You- A-" before even Takane could cast distract spell...

"WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" cried a voice from a distance making Kuroha and her wands floating in the air and were cast back to the owners.

Suddenly, the whole students whom were watching the distracted fight moved back quickly and most of them ran away from watching the fight. A sound of foot steps were heard coming throught the crowds as the crowds took more steps back. A dark haired boy stood in front of them holding his wand and his book with him, his icy dark eyes looked straight at him before some teachers appeared behind him. "KUROHA!" yelled that boy. Kuroha stood still, his wands fell down from his hands. "Who- is he?" asked Takane with approaches of Haruka and Ayano beside her.

"You don't know? He's the smartest person in Hogwarts!" whispered Haruka. "Shintaro Kisaragi- from Slytherin with an IQ of 168, he could pass the OWL test easily when he was still in 3rd grade. He delivers the most points to Slytherin in Academic-" whispered Ayano. "Okay, can we just stop whispering?" asked Takane rubbing both of her ears.

"I'm very sorry- She was just"

"SILENCE!" cried Shintaro making Kuroha froze at his place. "Kuroha, I'm very disapointed of you! Fighting with another students out off the class? Do I really have to punish you again?" cried Shintaro at Kuroha and take a shot to Takane. He cleared his throat and looked at them again. "Maybe we should go now" said Haruka dragging Ayano from Kuroha.

Takane looked back again and saw that guy, 'Shintaro' was complaining to Kuroha about his trouble again. "Hey, really who is he?" asked Takane again. "Didn't we told you already? He's the smartest-" "No, not that thing-" said Takane cutting Haruka's words. "Oh, what you mean is- He's the perfect from Slytherin, he's really strict sometimes, but he could shadowed other peoples or others like, students from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. I heard he's really lonely" said Ayano. "Hah? Lonely? That's what Slytherin is! They're really naughty of course!" laughed Takane. "But, I don't think that he's like that! But, what ever, I'll see you guys tonight again!" said Takane waving her hands to her friends and that time she thought a brilliant plan of revenge on the Slytherin students.

"Takane, are you sure about this?" asked Haruka holding his Invisible Cloak a bit higher so he could read the 'Thief Map'. "Of couse, I'm sure- we still have Ayano's clock" said Takane with a smirk, she read the map and many foot prints were shown at the second floor. Mr. Kenjirou was walking back and front at his office, Ms. Shinon was at the first floor with Ms. Ashina checking around, and gratefully Head Mistress Azami was still in her office in the top floor of Hogwarts.

The three of them started to climb up the stairs up to thrif floor, went to the left passing the portrait which that was a tunnel or a secret passage way to the Honeydukes which was shown by Izumi and Toshiro the pranksters from Gryffindor also who were famous with their name 'Twin Bludger'. Up to another stairs and got to the stair case of Slytherin with their new painting who was called by the the Hanging Man- yeah because- oh never mind.

"Psst- Blue Fire" whispered Takane with a very deep tone. "Hmm? Who is that?!" cried the Hanging Man. "Blue Fire!" cried Takane once again. "Hey! Who is that? I'm not scared who ever is that trying to scared me off!" he yelled again. Takane was in a deep anger that she walked up to the hanging man and try to knock him down, but even before she could punch him the painting slid over making her fell down.


"TAKANE!" cried Haruka and Ayano together as the Invisible Cloak slid off from them. Both of them ran to Takane and tried to stood them up. Takane looked up and saw a boy as her age looked at them, confused. "Um-Hi?" asked Ayano looked at him. His dark eyes looked at them one by one. Takane's heart almost jumped out from her- This is a really bad plan she never tought she would even be caught by the perfect from Slytherin- Shintaro Kisaragi...

Next On A Change Of Time...

'Well, Takane's plan didn't work very well- And the three of them got caught by Shintaro Kisaragi that freaky and dark perfect of Slytherin- How would he react? What could possibly happen to them? Would he do the same thing that he did to Kuroha? Find out next time!'

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