Now, it's really a good time to say all of her curse words under her breath when she wasn't allowed to do that in front of a masive pile of students who were looking (staring) at her place. #!?%&±\. And she has finished saying all of her curse words under her breath under a minute, not bad, huh?! "Sup" he said with a down tone... Now she could see some of the Slytherin students were whispering weird things seeing their smart perfect was gathering at 'another' seats which is not the Slytherin seats. Takane could heard her glass was breaking into pieces as she drop it off. "Takane?" asked Haruka snapping his fingers in front of her trying to realized her 'cause now more students were gathering at the place curious what's going on.

Takane shook his head trying to figure out the pieces, since when does he just joined them with out telling them earlier? Takane couldn't even blink for a second, maybe it's because that 'Shintaro Kisaragi' was staring at them as their eyes met together. Takane stood draging Ayano closer to her and moved away futher than Shintaro was. "You, me, Haruka, and him" she whispered using her eye contact to point to Shintaro who's standing there trying to figure out what they're talking about. "Out side now" she murmured with a high pitch whisper to Ayano. Ayano looked at Takane in confused before Takane dragged her out from the dining room followed by Haruka and Shintaro.

"Wait, Takane where are we going?" asked Haruka chasing her tail.

"No speaking until we get there" cried Takane stomp in anger.

"Oh, what's going on here? Another conflict?" joked Peeves jeering at the four of them. "Shut up" growled Shintaro as Peeves come to an end when Shintaro growled at him just like that more scarier that Baron does...

"Ayano, you can't just bring him like this!" said Takane glaring at Ayano.

"But, I think we need a new companion too" thought Ayano looking at Takane.

"What are we talking about?" asked Haruka looking at the both of them.

"I'll tell you later, but Ayano! You must be kidding! He could make a disaster for us!" cried Takane complaining about Shintaro who's going to join them in just a few hours or days.

"You now, we shouldn't do this to loud" said Haruka looking back where Shintaro was leaning onto one of the walls.

"Yeah, Haruka's right" said Ayano.

"Well, let's just make decisions- So who wants him to join us raised your hands" said Takane as Ayano raised her hands. Haruka looked at both of them as they try to make an eye contact with him. With one of them saying please accept him and one of them is begging to 'not' to do it, with a message he will be killed if he did do it. Haruka sweatdrop as the both of them were filling his mind with shouting and fighting for him to stick up for one of them. He scrath his head trying to figure out who will he companion with... His eyes turned around again and again trying to find a way out from this weird situation. "Oh, Haruka-san, Takane-san, Ayano-san!" cheered a voice behind them.

Ayano was the first one to regonize the sweet and cherful pitch voice behind them...

"Seto-kun!" cried Ayano hugging him in a flash. The 8 years-old black-haired boy smiled happily as he got a warm hug from Ayano. Takane looked surprised when she saw Seto-kun had saw them here. She turned back to Haruka whom seemed to be happy and grateful for Seto-kun's hero for him, making the both of them have to cancel Haruka's decisions about Shintaro will join the or not. Haruka fake his happiness by whisteling a small tune and put his eyes somewhere else. Takane groaned giving him a note 'You can run away this time- But for the second time, don't you dare' growled Takane.

"Seto-kun, what are you doing here?" asked Takane looking at him.

"My father was just planning to plant some jelly wibes" said Seto pointing down to the flat where they could saw Mr. Kousuke was planting some jelly wibes seeds on the flat. The three of them looked disgust as they saw Mr. Kousuke was going to plant many jelly wibes from the flat's size. "Ah! Jelly wibes! So what are the jelly wibes are for?" asked Haruka looking at the flats. "He said it's for your dinner, I guess" said Seto staring at the three of them. All of them were thinking the same thing, 'Oh, S***! Not Jelly wibes again!'.

Jelly wibes aren't like jelly. They were called jelly because when you eat them you could fell the texture of the jellies in your mouth. If you think this 'unusual' food is tasty enough. Please think about it again. In a matter of fact, it's not (trust me). Jelly wibes are somekind of an eggplant (not from the family of eggplant), it's kind of like it, but more like a water melon judging from it's size. Jelly wibes could be in a different colors, such as red, blue, or even pink. But be careful the more lighter the color is the more poisonus it could be. In Hogwarts, before jelly wibes could be eaten they have to cut of their seeds, because the source of those poison come from their seeds, their seeds could be used for some extract like for hair growing materials! Jelly wibes used to be a tradition for people to eat it (well, it doesn't taste very good). It was said that people who eat it will be the best in their worst things. But no one actually does like this kind of food...

"J-j-j-jelly wibes?" asked Takane trying to figure out again what Seto meant. Seto nodded slowly. The three of them stare at each other. Maybe they should run away from this place rather than eating a stack of Jelly Wibes for the whole Hogwarts. "Well, then Seto-kun we'll see you again! We just need to get going, now!" cheered Takane pating his shoulder.

Takane was the first person to walk back, but she felt that no one follows her. As she kept walking she could felt her body started to became weaker ans weak as the more she walk the more she felt she couldn't walk any more. "Hey, guys stop playing!" cried Takane to Haruka and Ayano but all that she could hear from them is a tiny whisper telling that she shouldn't kept walking, 'Takane, stop!' that tiny voice of Haruka trying to warn her. "Stop it! We're going to be punished by Ms. Ayaka if we didn't get there in the time" said Takane in anger. 'We know Takane, just please stop moving' now this time it's Ayano's small whisper. 'Ayano-san's right, Takane-san. Stand there and don't turn around, think about your happy memory, Takane-san' the sweet petite Seto-kun's whispered was heard.

Happy memory? Since when does she have a happy memory?

All that she has is being tutored by her muggle parents all the time!

Being black listed from the family and the worst part was being a black sheep in the family!

And what's the 'stand there and don't turn around' means?

Can somebody please tell her what's going on?

She doesn't want to get punished by the sweet Ms. Ayaka!

Well maybe she should see what's bothering them that the have to tell her to stop moving...

But even before Takane could turn her back, she could felt that something or someone was sucking out her soul. Taking her into a deep black out. She could feel all of her body extract were sucked out. 'What is this?' she thought. The last thing that she could heard is a loud yell in front of her pointing it's wand towards Takane's direction...


Next time on A Chang Of Time...

Takane's down! What just happen to her?! What in the world is going on?! And who yelled those words? Well Takane should be given a good explanation about what happen to her... Maybe most of you knows it, but what kind of animal that was created by this Patronus spell? You can guess... I'll pretty much explain it in the next coming chapter! See you soon...

(Hope you like that Jelly Wibes 'thingy' I acctualy make that part because it just popped out of nowhere in my head)