Author's Note: This is 100% OOC for all involved, just to make that abundantly clear from the get go. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this story! Please note that it does contain Lemons and is not meant for anyone under the age of 18. It is not set in any timeline, just a random spin-off I dreamt up. So readers, I hope you are ready to be transported to my world for a bit and enjoy your trip.

~ Lucy ~

"I mean I love Lucy and just shes so weak! Missions used to be so much easier, but now we have to spend so much time protecting her..."

Jolting awake I tried desperately to banish the voice ringing in my ears, the clenching in my stomach and nagging emptiness in my heart slowly stuffing the nightmare back into my subconscious as the haze of sleep gives way to reality, whispers of heartbreak and betrayal the only feelings left in its wake. I would not let myself look back. I couldn't afford to. Rousing myself from the prone position 20 feet up from the forest floor I currently occupied I cringe at the stiffness and hiss in a breath as tender flesh snags on rough bark. Damn trees. Months of mornings identical to this never seemed to dull the pain. Living isolated in the vast forests of Fiore was much harder then I had anticipated but I forced myself to adapt and deal with the lingering pains that seem to increase as the days pass. The rope tightly cinched around my torso chaffed the skin exposed during a night of wriggling to find a comfortable position on my chosen perch. Having learned the hard way the dangers of a pitch black forest I was forced to try an admittedly far less comfortable arrangement by taking to the trees. Uncomfortable yes. Safer also yes. Now if only the nightmares would leave me in peace.

Easing a hand down to the knot holding my safety line together I use my bloodied and bruised fingers to unravel it with as much care as I can, the reopening wounds staining the dried black patches of blood back to their original crimson glory. Leaning my body back against the trunk as the rope unwinds I take a moment to admire the sunrise sweeping over the untamed landscape and dying it in vibrant oranges and reds with slashes of familiar pink. It reminded me so much of...NO. Dont go there Lucy. Shaking off the thought I stuff the precious rope back into my pack and sling it over my shoulder then begin the nerve wracking decent back to the forest floor and the harsh reality of my life. The life I had not so long ago condemned myself to. No longer am I happy go lucky Lucy Heartfelia. No longer am I the weak Lucy the FairyTail mage. I am just Lucy.

~ Natsu ~

Erza says I more of a feral animal now then a mage. Im beginning to think she might be right. In the seven months since...her...disappearance my life has spiraled out of control. The first few weeks were hard but at least I still held some hope that we would get a ransom note, that we would find her or she would burst through the guild doors in her typically bright fashion. But as time has continued to pass my world as well as my sanity seem to be crumbling around me. Grey has threatened to put me down like a rabid dog more times then I can count, but I cant even bring myself to fight him anymore. The rage...this boiling bitter rage coursing through my veins...I'm afraid I might actually kill him. I cannot afford to lose control around my Nakama. Sometimes when we are out on missions and the pain of knowing she isn't there with us just overwhelms me, I black out. Primal rage boils in my bloodstream and I lose myself to the dragon within me. Not that I can ever tell any of them. They would have me locked and chained in an instant. Gajeel seems to know but he has yet to say anything to me or anyone else about it. I think he actually understands, not that it makes it any easier. If Levy were to just vanish he knows he would lose his mind like I'm losing mine. At least that is one good thing that has come from this insanity, my brother realizing that denying what his dragon was screaming at him, ignoring what was sitting right in from of him...its foolishness. Our dragons are never wrong. Denying our instincts only leads to pain. If I had followed mine, claimed what I knew was mate would still be here, surrounded my our family, our Nakama. Loved. Cherished. Safe. But because of my denial. NO. My cowardice; now its too late. Shes gone. Vanished from the face of Earthland. Tracking her had failed miserably and only ended with the charred remains of a demolished forest and depleted magics. The rage...this all consuming dragon calls for our mate, drowning me in our combined despair until I can do nothing but utter brokenly "Lucy..."