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"Guys keep up or I will leave you behind." I shout at my two best friends. We are walking home from another exhausting day of school. At least, we now have summer break to look forward too. I generally love school, except for the waking up early, but I love seeing my friends, learning new things, the fulfillment at the end of the day. But, today was the last day and all you do is sit there and talk about what your plans for summer are. It really bugs me. How am I supposed to know what I am going to do for three months? My mom's super strict and my dad is missing and has been for one whole year.

"Hey Ana, your long legs give you way too big of an advantage. Don't you think you could slow down for me." My best friend Audrey whined in reply. Which totally interrupted my chain of thought. She was the perfect height of five foot two. She also had the perfect shape to go with it. A b cup and a perfectly shaped butt. If I weren't very straight I would definitely be interested. Thank god I'm straight. Although I would like to think I have an equally perfect shape. But I'm almost six foot and it doesn't help that every boy at my school is way shorter than me except Matt. Though he has a girl friend who he has been with for over a year and plus I only see him as a friend.

" Don't you dare use your small legs as an excuse. Matt is back there with you and he has legs longer than mine. Plus, you are normally the one yelling at me for being too slow." I retort with a large grin. Both, my friends are absolutely bad at arguing, but that is where I come in. I am skilled in the art of sarcasm and pointing out the obvious. Which makes me great in an argument. It also helps that I have been in our high school debate club for three years and next year will be my fourth.

At my school I stick out like a sore thumb. I just happen to be one of the only students at the school with blonde hair. And, my eyes look blue in the right lighting even though they are definitely grey. But, both Audrey and Matt have Brown hair. Matt's hair is a very dark brown and he doesn't get it cut often he has it hang over his right eye and it down to his ears. It almost look like he gets it done that way. Audrey's hair is a reddish brown and it is almost always straight with bangs right above her eyebrows. Every so often she will put it up in pigtails or braids, but not often.

Today, we are going camping around the area where my dad went missing. I am very eager to look around and see if they missed something. Even, though I won't admit it to my friends I know that he is still alive and just can't get to me. It is almost like I can hear him calling out to me. I will find him if it is the last thing I do. "No one will get in my way" I whisper to myself as we walk along.

" Ana what did you say?" Matt quietly asks me. I just shake my head and smile at him in hopes of deterring any suspicion. As, we walk to my house to get our camping gear it reminds me of the old days when my dad would take us camping every chance he got. And we would rush home to set off. I used to love camping, but now it is just a haunting reminder of what I lost.

"Mom were home!" I yell as we walk through the front door. We hang our school bags on the coat hooks by the door and rush to my room where we have stored our gear.

"Ana what did I tell you about yelling in the house." My mom demands as she walks through the doorway to my room. I blush and look down knowing that she will just get angry if I don't look sorry and apologize. She seems to get worse when my friends are over so that they will also follow the rules without challenge. After my father went missing she seemed to stop the strict parenting way. But, a few months ago she started again only worse than before without my dad to level it out it has been hell. Plus, I've heard rumors she is seeing someone new, which has only pissed me off more. She didn't even wait a year.

"I'm sorry Mom I am just really excited about our camping trip. " I smile through the anger. I most definitely can't have this argument till after our trip and till my friends are gone. Don't want to let them get hit in the crossfire. Hopefully, it is simply just a rumor.

"That is not a good excuse. But, I will let it fly this time. Be careful do you understand?" My Mom says as she stares at me. "And, Matt you had better drive safe otherwise I will never forgive you." It always seems like she totally hates Matt. Man I hope I can Make it up to him sometime he is way too nice to me and my Mom with what we put him through. He is the best friend a girl can ask for.

"I will take good care of her mam'. I promise." Matt replies steadily. He always knows the best way to calm her. I owe him big now. "We should be leaving now so that we can put up camp before night fall actually." He finishes with a smile. He is way too nice to her she doesn't deserve is in the slightest.

"Ok then bye Mom we will see you in three days and I will call you every day so don't worry. Plus, we will be sure to stick together the whole time and if anything happens we will call you asap. Everything will be fine cause we know the area super well so we can't get lost and plus there is cell service there." I blabbed on as we grabbed our stuff and walked out the door. I made sure not to give her time to reply. By the time she made it out side we were packed and in the car. After years of lectures while we were trying to leave we learned how to leave the place quick. And that was it the last time I saw my mom's face before it happened.

"Are we there yet?" I moaned from the back seat of the van. Matt was the lucky owner of a rapist van. His parents bought it for him for his birthday around three months ago. Since then, this thing has been in use almost every day. He gives us rides to and from school and anything else as long as we pitch in money for gas.

"No! Will you stop asking already? You know we aren't there yet you've only been there a million times." Audrey says grow gradually irritated with my constant asking. I know were not there but the drive is super boring and it's not like I have anything to do in the back of this van.

"Audrey calm down. You know how boring the drive is plus it's not like she can look at the scenery there aren't any windows in the back." Matt defends me before I can get a good say in. Out of both my friends me and Matt get along the best. Audrey and I both but heads and argue a lot. Somehow Matt always takes my side which I am always grateful for. I really love Audrey but, she has some major anger problems.

"Matt let her defend herself. I mean come on its not like she is your girlfriend." Audrey sneered at him. Did she really have to start this right now. Man I don't want to argue I just want to get there and look for my dad.

"Please Audrey I don't want to argue right now." I pleaded with her in attempt to calm the situation. She just looked out the window and seemed to ignore me. Well that's good now that's over. "Thank you."

"Ana are you ok you seem down." Matt questions. He looks at me in the rearview mirror. I just shake my head and look down. He takes the hint that I don't want to talk about it right now. "Well, guess what were here!" He announced quite proud "And we got here early so we have time to go on a hike before we set up camp."

"Yes! This is great thank you Matt! You are literally the best." I exclaim with joy as I jump out of the van. Man it sure feels good to stretch your legs after a long drive. I really love this spot. Every time we go camping this is the place we go. Since it's been so long I can't wait to reexplore.

"You guys go ahead I want to set up my tent." Audrey says. I guess she is still in a bad mood. I wish I hadn't bothered her so much. I hate it when I put her in a bad mood. It always makes me feel bad. But, on a plus she will be fine tomorrow. No matter how bad her anger problem may be she can't hold a grudge at all. That I am truly thankful for.

" Are you sure? We can stay behind and help you." Matt steps up. She shakes her head and heads to get her stuff from the van.

" No, I'll be fine. Plus, I want a little alone time right now. If you don't mind." She says quickly. With that we leave and head out for a short hike. I know I should have insisted to stay with her, but I didn't want to disturbed her alone time that she supposedly wanted. Also, I wanted to talk to Matt, and this gave me the perfect opportunity. So I walked on knowing that Matt would follow me.

As, we got farther in I was noticing how much the mountain landscape had changed since I was last here. It was breath taking how powerful nature was. As we walked along I loved every minute of it. After about five minutes of walking we hit the stream that runs slowly along there were rocks perfect for sitting on scattered along the banks. I sat down on one of the rocks and just looked at the stream. Matt sat down on the rock next to me and looked right at me waiting for me to tell him everything that I've been waiting to tell him.

"I can't believe my mother she has the nerve to say that to you. She is rude to you I really don't know why you put up with it. Man my life is so screwed up. Ever since Dad left Everything has seemingly gone to hell. Why can't she go back to the way she was a few months ago?" I whine to him. I look him in the eyes waiting for an answer. He looks down and finally begins to speak.

"I have something to tell you. I have been scared to tell you, but I know I have to. I saw you Mom and my Dad on my front step the other day. And, well…. They were kissing. Not, a short kiss either. I'm so sorry I meant to tell you sooner, but I couldn't bring myself to tell you." He said quickly. I just looked at him in disbelief. How could this happen? Why did he tell me sooner? How long had they been together? So many questions running through my head.

"Why didn't you tell me? I'm your best friend! How can she betray me like this? Do you know what she told me a few days ago that I have to let go of the fantasy that he is still alive! She thinks I'm crazy Matt and you didn't tell me this. How could you? I know he's out there somewhere just waiting for me. I just know it." I scream as I feel the tears running down my face. I start running. Running from him, the guilt, and the truth. I know that I'll never see my father again I just wanted to keep on believing it just a little longer. And, everyone around me keeps tearing my hope of seeing him away. Piece by piece.

All of the sudden, I am grabbed around my waist and pulled back. With, a more gentle force I am pushed back against a tree. Through the blur of the tears I see Matt. He brings his hands up to my face and wipes away my tears. Then he pushed my chin up and kissed me. As he kisses me I start feel weak in my knees and grab his shirt for support. He takes that as a sign and moves closer so that there isn't a gap between us at all. This is my first real kiss. I don't know what to think or feel. Just as I think that he pulls away and looks into my eyes. I stare for a moment then remember that I need to breathe.

"I've wanted to do that for so long." He whispers to me with a smile on his face. I still have no idea what to do. I never thought of him this way. Or maybe I just didn't think it would work out. I start to blush fully realizing what happened. So I look down, because looking him in the eye is way to embarrassing. But, he just pulls my face back up and kisses me lightly once more. "We should head back to camp. Audrey is going to start worrying."

" Yeah we should definitely hurry." I reply in an awkward manner. We start back but I fall behind a little so I can think without worrying about my facial expressions. But, before I get to deep in thought I start to lose consciousness. Everything starts getting black until I can't see nothing at all.

Well there you have it! Chapter one. Luckily it only took me a day to write it. Yay me. Anyhoo, I hope y'all don't mind Matt kissing Ana I kinda wanted to throw that in there to make her life a little more difficult. Oh and guess what when choosing names I came across this she was Queen of Egypt in the 13th dynasty. Lol so I thought that would be an interesting thing to add in. I hope you guys enjoy this story. Later.