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Ana's P.O.V.

"It's nice to meet you Tea, Joey, and Tristan." I smile nervously. We were all sitting at a table within an upstairs apartment. The table was like a corner booth with blue seats. Joey had given us all a glass of nice ice cold water. Joey and Yugi must be pretty good friends. Yugi trusted him to know his way around the house and help out the guests. Plus, all of them seem close.

"Yeah it's nice to meet you to Ana." Joey responded with a grin. He didn't quite match the others he looked more american and he definitely has a Brooklyn accent. Plus, blonde hair definitely isn't common in Japan. Then again spiky hair with three different colors isn't common anywhere. And those purple eyes are not natural. I am way off topic. I should be focusing on a way to get home.

Just as I think that Yugi walks into the room with a wide eyed expression. He looks almost in shock. "Guys you won't believe who just called." Yugi exclaimed. I looked at everyone to see mostly confused expressions. Yugi walks over and sits down. Then looks straight at me. "When did you end up in that alley?" Yugi asks me out of the blue.

"Just five minutes or so before you got there. Why?" I ask bewildered.

"Well that's when he came back. Guys Atem is back. He just called me on the phone. He will be in Japan tomorrow morning," Yugi said in an almost excited tone. He looked around at his friends. Joey jumped out of his seat in excitement with his fist in the air he cheered in joy. Tristan joined him and put his arm around his shoulder with his other fist in the air. Then, they started chanting a sort of song. Tea sat with a beaming smile and placed a hand on Yugi's shoulder. There joy was so contagious. I smiled even tho I had no Idea who Atem is.

"Who is Atem? Please tell me what this has to do with me?" I ask Yugi after their excitement has died down a little. He looks at me as if he is thinking. And turns to the others almost asking for support. Then turns back to me and looks me in the eyes.

"He's my Yami, or my darkness. My grandfather found an ancient artifact in one of his digs that just happened to be the millennium puzzle which held the soul of a five thousand year old pharaoh. That pharaoh is Atem." Yugi slowly explained. " This is a brief explanation but a year ago today he passed over to the afterlife and the millennium items were lost in the sands of egypt. But, five minutes before we found you he just appeared in egypt in front of our friend Ishizu Ishtar." With the explanation finished he looked at his friends with a smile. How could this be true? I wouldn't believe a word if it wasn't for me being in the forest and then ending up in an alley in japan.

"Are you sure Atem really is back? Or that he even left in the first place? It could be a completely coincidence that we showed up at the same time." I try desperately for an explanation. Even I didn't convince myself. Why would this happen to me what did I do to deserve this? I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I tried to blink them away. I don't want to cry in front of them. Then, tears fell down my face, and a sob escaped my throat. First, I lose all hope of ever seeing my father again, and then I end up in japan by some twisted turn of fate.

"I'm not sure, but Atem is. He said that I should look out for someone to appear just like him. And that they wouldn't know where they are, or how they got there. I'm sorry." Yugi states. His voice was soft and sympathetic. I don't want them to pity me. When my father disappeared I got all sorts of pitying looks from people. I couldn't stand it then and I can't stand it now. I wipe away the tears that have started to dry on my face, and look up at them.

"Well whether or not you're connected to Atem or not we will help you get home." Tristan broke the silence that had settled over the room. I looked at him and could see the honesty in his eyes. I guess when you meet a five thousand year old pharaoh someone just appearing in an alley isn't so strange. "Thank you." I croak.

"Hey man, now that we said we're going to help her why don't we figure out where she is from what she remembers before she got here." Joey spoke up in a sort of stuck up voice that reminded me of some bratty rich kid. The others laughed as he said that. I didn't get the joke but he seemed to have cleared the air. Then he looked at me gave me a thumbs up and a dorky grin. I smiled in return.

"Thanks Joey!" Yugi exclaimed "Alright give us what you remember from right before you appeared in the alley." I looked down at the table and cleared my mind and focused on what I remember. Oh yeah Matt had just kissed me. I can't tell them that it's way to embarrassing.

"I was going camping with my best friends and me and my friend Matt had went on a walk, but on our way back to camp I lost consciousness soon after. That's it then I was in the alley. Although, I didn't wake up. At least I don't remember waking up." I summarized. My face flushed slightly as I skipped over the kiss, but I won't let that distract me not here not now. As, I refocused myself I decided to gauge their reactions. Yugi looked as though he was lost in thought. Joey looked confused and concentrated. Tristan and Tea looked at Yugi waiting for him to say something. After a few minutes of silence Yugi brighten and looked up and around at us.

"I've got it! Yami… er Atem said that this feeling was familiar to one he felt when grandpa found and I solved the puzzle. He didn't think they were connected but now he is sure. When he was brought back to our world he pulls someone connected to egypt from another world here. There was this guy that told me he didn't belong here and that I could help him get home right after I solved the puzzle, but I didn't believe him cause Atem hadn't showed himself yet. He to me the same story as you just did. Well almost." You exclaimed quickly. It was hard to keep up at first, but once he said this happened to someone else it all clicked. My dad. This is what happened to him. He was pulled to an alternate universe. He never left. He never died. He was pull away from us.

"My dad that had to be my dad. He went missing in the same area that I was before I came here. Did he have short blonde hair with bright blue eyes?" I question in an urgent tone.

"He had blonde hair similar to yours but it wasn't short it almost covered his eyes. But his eyes were the blue they almost glowed when he first saw me but by the end of the conversation the lost all their light." Yugi replied. I looked at the others. They seemed to be have a slight difficulty keeping up with our conversation. I would to if I wasn't so determined to find my dad. Now that I know he is here I must find him and since my dad thinks Yugi can get us home I will stick with him. If my dad trusted him then I will trust him to.

"That has to be him! Will you help me find him?" I ask instantly. I move to the edge of my seat. What took seconds felt like eternity. I really am impatient.

"Of course. We just have to wait for Atem." Yugi responded in a calm manner. I practically flew out of my seat in excitement. He said that he would be here tomorrow, so I will finally find my father and bring him home. This has to be the best day of my entire life. I can't wait till tomorrow. I will find him no matter what.

"I glad to see you so happy." Tea giggled. I turned around and looked at everyone sitting at the table with a huge grin. They were all staring at me with amusement in their eyes and smiles on their faces. I couldn't have been more lucky running into them today. I could never thank them enough for what they are doing for me. But, tomorrow I'm meeting a five thousand year old pharaoh! Gosh I don't even have pajamas or a change of clothes. I furrow my brows and pat my pockets for my wallet. Once I find it I search for money. I'm in luck I have 100 bucks not much but it will have to do. Thank god I saved my money for the past few months.

"Do you think we could go shopping? This is all I have with me and I don't want to wear this forever." I ask forgetting my excitement a minute ago.

"Oh, I completely forgot about that and I don't think that should be a problem. There is a clothing store right around the corner." Yugi said solving my dilemma " Plus, the prices tend to run fairly cheap." Great I can buy more clothing. I will need at least one pair of pajamas and two or three outfits. Hopefully, I can get that much. "I can get some money from my grandfather. We should have no problem helping out."

"That's sweet but I couldn't just show up and take you money." I exclaim. Even with my almost instant response he seems to ignore me and goes to ask his grandfather.

"Don't worry about them he and his grandpa like to help people out. And, he didn't ignore you on purpose he just has a lot on his mind and well he goes to lala land when he does." Joey tells me. While we wait for Yugi to return we sit around the table and talk about the current fashion trends so that I can fit in with everyone. After about ten minutes Yugi walks back in with some money.

"Here this plus what you have should get you everything you need. It's about 50 American dollars." He informed me as he handed me the yen. That was a lot of money. How could they be so giving?

"Thank you that means a lot to me. You didn't have to give me so much." I said. He shrugged in response. I will never be able to repay them for all they have given me.

"Oh and we will let you stay in our spare room till we can find a way to get you home."Yugi added "We should head out now if we want to get you some clothes tonight." He grinned and led the way. It was a very silent walk to the store we all had a lot to think about and there wasn't much to talk about. Joey and Tristan stayed behind to look at the new selection of duel monsters cards. Whatever, those are. "Were here. Tea do you think you could help her find the right size and something to help her fitin."

"Sure. No problem, yugi." Tea replied as we entered the business. There were lots of different types of clothing i didn't know what type to choose. "This type should help you blend in the most. Plus, it's the most comfortable."

Later in the evening.

I've choose four outfits not including pajamas. I was lucky Tea was there to help me, not to mention Yugi and his grandfather's donation. Plus, they are letting me stay in their guest bedroom. I am super lucky.

"Hey here is your room you can place the clothes in either the closet or dresser. Oh and I placed a towel and washcloth on the counter in the bathroom incase you want to shower. It is a jack and jill bathroom so make sure to lock both doors." Yugi tells me as he exits the room. He closes the door behind him as he leaves. Leaving me all alone in a place I've never been before.

I walk into the bathroom and lock both doors and jump in the shower. I need to think and I generally think better in the shower. Plus, after being on the ground in that old garbage filled alley I smell. And tomorrow I am waking up early to go with Yugi and the gang to pick up Atem from the airport. He might have some immediate insight on the situation at hand. Before i know it I've finished showering and dry off. I get out and pull my pajamas on and go to bed. After all that has happened today I'm exhausted. After, laying and thinking for around thirty minutes i finally fell into a peaceful sleep.