The idea for this popped into mind this morning when I woke up, so I decided to write it. I was going to originally use Rick, but since I wasn't sure I could write his character, and I wasn't even sure how the oneshot would go, I decided to go with Morty.

I hope you enjoy!

EDIT: 10/1/15 I rewrote the story, as I wasn't too pleased by how it turned out at first.


The first thing that told him something was off about this place was that Rick wasn't there. No portal gun, no drunk belching, no constant repeats of his name…nothing. It was just him all alone there.

Whatever this place was, it brought the boy some peace and tranquility. All seemed calm, and there was no need for panic to arise in Morty. The sky was as clear as it could get, the only thing being the bright sun. The boy scrambled with his memories in hope of remembering as to how he got there, when it all clicked. He was no doubt dreaming. With that realization, there was a shift in the dreams atmosphere. He was now lucid. Free to do whatever he wanted that was inhumanly possible.

With this, though, came both excitement and worry. For starters, Morty was excited about the fact he could now do whatever he pleased, and yet he also knew that there was a very high chance of him waking up. Usually once someone became lucid, they could automatically wake up. To his surprise, he found that nothing in the dream seemed to change. By now, the beautiful quality would have diminished into what Morty would have called 240p.

"I wonder what I can do…" he mumbled to himself as many possibilities came to thought. He could probably fly; that had always been something he wanted to try. The excitement of what could come built up as he then turned his attention to the sky above him, his knees bending in prepare for takeoff…

"Hey there, kid!" A voice came out of complete nowhere, its sound surrounding him. Morty stumbled and ended up nearly falling onto the ground from the shock.

"What the-? Who's there?" Morty scanned the area, hoping to find whoever spoke to him. He found it quite ridiculous how his voice sounded compared to the others. The mysterious voice sounded loud and clear, as though superior to himself. There was a tap on his shoulders, and he turned. His eyes widened, and he nearly screamed.

Floating several feet in the air was, of all things to be seen in a dream, a triangle. Atop its head was a black top hat, cane in hand, and a bowtie underneath the single eye it had on its feature. Its body was a bright yellow, and it seemed to actually glow said color. It was a quite odd character. "Yeesh kid, relax! Don't have a freak attack now!"

"W-who're you?" Expecting the new creature to attack him, Morty was surprised to find that all it did was tip its hat in a greeting.

"The name's Bill Cipher! And your name is Morty Smith!"

"Um, h-hi, Bill."

The triangle took its attention off him, and onto their surroundings. "Pretty peaceful place, huh? I was thinking at first you'd have wanted someplace with action."

Morty gave a meek shrug, rubbing his arm shyly. "I-I guess maybe I just wanted-"

"Some peace and quiet finally?"

"Y-yeah. I mean, g-going out with Rick on adventures is ok and all, but-"

Bill waved a hand, signaling him to stop himself. "Say no more! I get it. Give yourself a break sometimes, kid. Don't wear yourself out."

Morty frowned. "It's hard, though." There were too many things that piled on him.


"Yeah. I-it's just-"

"Hold that thought! Let's go somewhere else. No offence, kid, but it's getting pretty boring out here with nothing but grass to stare at." Bill then snapped his fingers, much like one who had a plan. "Hey, I know! Let's go out into space! You like it, don't you?"

Morty nodded. "Uh huh."

"Well, let's go then!"

He was used to seeing space, so it didn't come off as very exciting anymore. Especially since there was always the risk of getting eaten alive by something lurking in its dark surrounding. But since this was a dream, there surely wasn't any real danger, right? Of course. It had to be safe, and Bill didn't seem interested in giving him any harm.

Said triangle had his hand extended out, waiting for Morty to reach out and grasp it with his own. Once the boy had done so, his feet were lifted off the ground.

"Ready?" Before Morty could respond, they were already shooting off into the sky. A shriek came from his mouth, and his grasp on Bill's hand tightened as he looked down at the area they were leaving. The ground below them shrunk more and more the higher they went, and eventually the sight of it disappeared. Finally looking up to see where they were as they stopped, his eyes widened, and his grip on the dream demons hand slacked.

There was no pitch black, but rather a colorful abyss. Various nebulas with rainbow like color, and stars with increased brightness. Planets that would have taken them only a few seconds to get to, light years nonexistent, littered the far off area.

"Geeze," was all Morty could say as his eyes drank up all they could of the scenery. It was all so beautiful to look at, that even Jessica seemed a bit questioning to this.

"Like it, huh?"

"Like it? I…! It's incredible!" A smile formed on his face.

"It sure is. Now, let's talk, kid." There was a sudden flash, and two comfortable chairs popped out of nowhere. Bill sat himself down in one, motioning for Morty to sit in the other. "So, as I was saying earlier, you're wearing yourself out."

The frown returned, and Morty sighed as he leaned back into the comfort of the soft chair. "School's kind of kicking my ass. That, and it's annoying to have to come home and hear mom and dad bicker all damn day. They've always been like that." He found some relief in letting all this spill out. There was another light flash, and he found a hovering cup of what appeared to be hot chocolate in front of him, settled onto a cup plate. He took the dish into his hand, and brought the warm cup up to his mouth, but took no sip. "At least that's what Summer's told me anyway." Finally taking a sip, he found the drink to be quite delicious. By now, he had forgotten he was actually dreaming. He took a glance at Bill, figuring that he was going to regret having started to listen to the boy talk about his problems. Who would want to listen, anyway?

To his surprise, though, he found that the triangle was focused on only him. His legs crossed and hands together as he listened. "Go on, Morty. I'm listening."

Morty's glance lowered down to the cup. "I wouldn't put it past them if they have been arguing for that long, though. And Rick…" he sighed, now thinking of his grandfather. "It's like I said, going with him is ok and all, but sometimes I get so frustrated with him. H-he's so irresponsible sometimes, and he acts immature and-" His grip on the cup tightened a bit as he felt that all too familiar anger towards Rick. "A-all I feel like is I'm just some damn shield for his stupid mind."

"Because he says you're not as smart as he is."

"Exactly! I-" He blinked, and looked back up at the triangle. "…How did you know that?"

"I know lots of things, kid. Heck, I even know what you keep hidden under that bed of yours!" He cackled as he saw a blush form on the boy's face. "But anyway, kid, I want to tell you something. You see, I'm a bit of a traveler. That's why I'm in your dream right now, you were one of my stops."


"I look for certain people, Morty. I look through different dimensions to try and find people that are worth something. Geniuses, you know."

"Oh. Well, y-you might've made a wrong stop then, I'm no genius really."

"You say that now, but if you let me help you, I can make you smarter than anyone you know!"

Eyes widening, Morty let go of the cup of hot chocolate. It didn't spill, but the cup just floated away into nothing. "Y-you'll help me?"

"Yeah! You've got a lot in your future, and I'll help you achieve it! Your parents will wonder why they didn't think you could do it, your sister will have more respect for you, and Rick, oh boy, will he be surprised!"

Bill just seemed so eager to take him on as a student, it was puzzling to Morty. Had this been Rick, he would've just been calling him a dumbass, a stupid piece of shit…nothing new. It was quite a bit of what he heard on their adventures. Normally, he would've quit, but there was always something about them that made him stay. Probably because they just got him out of the house.

There was also the fact that Bill didn't seem like the one to call him names. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, someone he could count on. After all, he was offering him intelligence. Intelligence he only gave to people he felt deserved it and were worth his time. Whether it was the hot chocolate from earlier, or just this fact that made Morty feel warm inside.

Bill thought he was worth it. He was actually deemed worth someone's time. A small smile appeared on his face at this thought.

"So, what do you say, kid? You want to be a genius?" Bill had left his chair and was now in front of Morty, his hand extended once more. In his palm, there was a blue flame. There was no heat protruding from it, so it was clearly not harmful.

His smile still on his face, Morty started to reach out to shake the others hand, but it was suddenly taken away. Morty's smile vanished at this. "Uh uh! One last thing."

"Huh? What?"

"If you let me help you, Morty, you're going to have to help me. As much as I want to, I can't do this for free."

"Oh, o-ok!" He could offer his help, seeing as how Bill was going to help him tremendously. "What is it?"

"Ahh, afraid I can't say for now! But I'll certainly say in the future. Besides, it's a surprise, my little genius." Bill then ruffled his hair gently, emitting a giggle from him. "So, is it a deal? Become a genius, and all you have to do is lend me a hand when I need it? Pretty small price, if I do say so myself!" He extended his hand out again, the blue flame rekindling.

A determined look on his face, Morty reached out and grasped the others hand, shaking it as their deal was sealed.

He then shot up in his bed, wide awake. He shakily inhaled and exhaled, looking around as he saw he was no longer in space, but rather in his bedroom. Sunlight was peeking out from behind his window-shield blinds, signaling it was early morning. The euphoric feeling from earlier faded away slowly, disappointment beginning to replace it. Was it all even real? It felt as though it had. The things Bill knew, space, the chair, the hot chocolate…it couldn't have been a dream.

He felt his hand tingling, the same one he had used to shake Bill's own hand to seal the deal. He brought it up, and saw that in the still tad dark room, there was some small writing on his palm. Turning on his bedside lamp for more light, he was able to read the message.

Just call me a friend. – Bill Cipher

Reading it over and over, Morty felt the smile from earlier grow back on his face. Excitement bubbled up, and he couldn't help but let out a small squeak of joy. He was going to be a genius, someone his family could be proud of. No use getting any extra sleep now, he was much too awake. He then decided to get dressed for the day, knowing that when he'd fall back asleep that night, he'd meet the triangle again who promised him so much.