Morty bounced down the stairs on his way to the dining room. The good mood he had claimed was only heightened when the smell of his mothers cooking caught his senses. The grin of his had barely even decreased by the time he had finished getting ready, and only seemed to want to last longer. It were as though it was uncontrollable.

He entered the dining room, a low noise from somewhere catching his attention. It hardly took him a few seconds to realize that the noise was actually him humming just a little. Sitting at the table was the rest of the family. Jerry and Summer were both invested in their technology. Jerry playing the same game he would play daily, tapping the screen rapidly to pop the balloons that floated upwards. Summer was, no doubt, either texting or checking through her Facebook, a bored look on her face. Beth was busy buttering up pieces of toast, occasionally looking up at Jerry and Summer. She was obviously not impressed by their use of phones at the table. And Rick, of course, clearly gave no cares towards anything.

The dull atmosphere in the room changed nothing of Morty's positive attitude. His grin remained the same. "Good morning!" he cheerfully said, before heading to the kitchen to make his plate. There was a remaining dish on the counter from where Beth had set out plates for others to claim. He grabbed it then went to fill his plate from what food remained on the stove. Few pieces of toast, some eggs and bacon, and he was good to go. Once he grabbed a fork, he made his way back to the dining area. His humming returned as he sat back down, and stabbed his fork through some eggs.

Jerry's attention turned from his game to his son, an eyebrow raised in what seemed to be suspicion. "You're awful cheerful this morning."

"Yeah, I-I guess I just had a good night's sleep, you know?" Morty nodded as he shoveled some eggs into his mouth.

"Really?" Jerry blinked. "You mean Rick didn't drag you anywhere last night?" He jumped as he realized how that sounded. "Notthat I'm surprised…wait, what am I even saying?" he shook his head. "Of course, I'm surprised."

"Relax, Jerry," Rick finally spoke after having finished off the last strip of bacon on his plate. "I-I di-didn't take y-your son anywhere. I-I got too tired of taking his ass anywhere for the day."

Morty didn't say anything else for that moment as he continued eating his breakfast. His mind was racing, thinking of the dream from last night. The promise that the triangle Bill Cipher had given him of making him an absolute genius. Just thinking about it was making him only smile more.

"Morty, could you quit your creepy slasher grin? It's weirding me out," Summer complained. What a surprise, she had looked up from her phone. Morty only looked up to see she was giving him a look that just screamed how unnerved he was making her.

"Oh. Sorry, Summer." Morty attempted to keep his smile's quality down. If anything, this was new behavior from Morty, and it just seemed to make everyone confused. Since when did this kid ever get a good nights sleep?

Well, to be truthful, it didn't matter much to Rick. He didn't care, of course. He was too busy focused on his plate.

"Morty, did you write on your hand?" Beth finally spoke. She looked at her son, leaning her head a little to the side as though she were trying to see something better. "It looks like you have some pen ink on you."

Shit, she could see the writing Bill left on his hand. Morty was quick to close his hand into a small fist, blocking her from seeing it anymore. "J-j-just some-just some notes, mom, th-that's all."

"On your hand, though?"

"Yeah, I-I must've forgotten to wash it off yesterday."

"Forget to wash it off as in you didn't shower in two days, or didn't wash your hands at all?" Summer questioned, her nose scrunching in disgust at the thought.

Morty found that his sister and her comments were beginning to make him feel bitter, his good mood getting trampled on. His fisted up hand tightened a bit, and his eyebrows furrowed. "I-I'm a busy guy!" he snapped.

"You could still find some time to take a bath! Ugh, I bet you reek."

"Woah, you guys. You're gonna be late." Beth cut the squabbling siblings off as she looked up to see the clock. "You need to get going."

Summer sighed as she stood from the table to go get her school bag, leaving the dining area. Morty followed after her, still feeling some acridity towards his sister. He searched for his bag when he entered his bedroom, grumbling to himself how much of a bitch she was. Once he located the bag, he slung it over his shoulder. He then paused, before opening the hand he had closed in a fist and looked at his palm. The writing remained as perfect as it was when he woke up, not smudged at all.

Whatever bitterness he felt faded away.

The siblings did little to no effort to speak to each other on their way to school, pretty much ignoring the other. Summer kept a distance from Morty, still bothered by the fact her sibling had not bathed in a while. Morty held no cares, just minding his own business as they finally came across to the school grounds. There were some groups outside the building, several students not in a rush to get to their classes.

Summer was quick to find her group of friends, so she left Morty on his own to enter the building without so much as a bye. The deafening sound of students talking filled his ears, and he just kept his glance focused downwards as he usually did.

Soon he found himself in his first class. He sighed as he went to his assigned seat, plopping down onto the chair. Math was always a horrible subject for him. It had always been confusing, sometimes going as far to frustrate him to the point of tears.

His mind ran away from him as it usually did, and it was only when he heard his name being called for roll call did he realize he had zoned out for a few minutes. It was a bit embarrassing when this happened. It had become a common thing, going as far to a few students making bets every morning to see if he'd pay attention or not as though it were a game for them.

A blush of embarrassment crossed his face. Morty just stared down at his desk as he listened to Mr. Goldenfold continue calling out names for the rest of attendance. His heart fluttered when he heard Jessica's name called out, and her lovely voice responding. He felt a small smile cross his face as he thought about her. Her lovely face, her voice, her red hair-

"Go ahead and take out last night's homework, we'll go over some problems some students had trouble with."


He forgot to do the homework.

The peace Morty found demolished, stomped onto the ground into little pieces as panic settled in. His heart pounded again, and he felt like things were about to go to hell. He couldn't blame Rick on this one, either. They didn't go anywhere last night. It was all on himself for forgetting.

His hands shaking and a small quiet whimper coming from him, he opened his book bag and took out the neglected math worksheet. The answer boxes remained blank, the only writing on the paper being Morty's name.

"Now, I'm gonna call one of y'all up here, and you're gonna show me how you did the problem."

There was a low groan from a few students, in which Goldenfold's expression turned angry. "Yeah well, you know what?! Deal with it! That's life! You don't like it, you can drop out!" he snapped at them. He then returned to his calm demeanor. "Thomas, you're up first. Get up here."

Thomas groaned at his unfortunate luck, a few others snickering at him. He stood from his seat, begrudgingly walking over to the front board, homework clutched in his hand.

Goldenfold handed him a piece of chalk. "Write down the equation for number three, and show us how you did it."

Thomas took the chalk and then began to write onto the board, showing how he had worked the problem. While the other students were focused on watching him, Morty was still in the middle of panicking.

The brunette shakily inhaled, trying to think of what to do. He reallywished Rick could just barge in now and take him away to some dangerous adventure. Usually he was against it during school, but it was times like this that the negativity was tossed aside.

'Shit, shit, shit…why didn't I do it? How could I forget? I'm fucked. I'm so fucked. He's not going to let me get an extra day again.'

An idea of writing down what he saw on the board to fill out the problems sprung into his mind, and he quickly grabbed his pencil. He quickly rushed to write down what he saw on the board, but before he was able to even finish, the problem had been erased. 'Gotta be quicker next time, then…'

A few other students were called on, and while they wrote down the problems, Morty copied down what they had written from the board onto his paper. He figured that perhaps he could try to memorize how they had done the problems before and if his name was called. But when he looked to see exactly what he had written down, he would've cried if he could. Apparently, writing while keeping your eyes on something else was hard, because all his writing was mush. The numbers were collided together, making it unreadable.

"Morty! Your turn."

And to make it all worse…

Morty bit his lower lip, feeling like he was going to be sick.

Or cry.

Or maybe both. It was a possibility.

He could feel the stares of everyone in the classroom on him, as though it were burning holes into him. His legs shook, and he felt short of breath when he finally got to the chalkboard. His hands were sweaty, and clung to the blank pages in his hand.

"Alright, Morty. Show us how you did problem eight."

Morty felt his mouth go dry as he wrote down the equation on the board, his hand shaking a little. Nausea was hitting him from every corner, and if given enough time, he would've been sick in front of everyone. As though he needed anymore embarrassment. He could hear some faint giggles from some, they knew he couldn't do it. He searched the paper for number eight, and his stomach did a flop.

Write the equation of a line passing through the points (0,-6) and (3,6).

Once he wrote the problem on the board, he stared at it. 'What do I do? What do I do?'

"Ain't got all day, Morty!" Goldenfold spoke up. The giggles from earlier were louder.

He was pretty certain he was definitely going to throw up his breakfast when a sudden feel of tranquility struck him. His anxiety lowered quickly, and his mind felt blank, as though there were no worries. Everything felt quiet. Heck, he was pretty sure time must've slowed down too.

'Just relax.'

There was that voice. That exact same voice he had heard in his dream. It were like someone comforting a small child who had gotten lost from their parent in a mall. Morty inhaled and exhaled slowly. With that, it felt like time resumed again, and a sudden confidence boost was earned.

"First, you need to find the slope. You get the second Y and minus it from the first Y." He wrote 6-(-6) down onto the board with no hesitation whatsoever. "And then you minus the second X and the first X." 3-0 was what he wrote down next underneath what he had previously wrote. He drew a line between them to show it as a fraction.

He spent the next minute explaining all what to do, as though all the information had been stored in his head and was spilling out from his mouth with ease. His own voice had surprised him, he could hardly believe it was himself talking like this. Before he knew it, he found that the whole problem had been solved, the answer being y=4x-6. "And that's what it equals to," he finished, setting the chalk back down onto the shelf.

Goldenfold only stared at him, as well as the rest of the class. Their expressions were, to say the least, shocked. Morty was usually terrible at math.

"That…that's correct, Morty. Go ahead and sit down."

Morty was quick to return to his seat, but not fast enough to not notice the quick thumbs up given to him by Jessica. He blushed, and quickly sat back down in his chair. As Goldenfold called on another student, Morty decided to use the amount of time he had left to try to finish the homework. It were as though he knew exactly how to work them now.

By the time the homework was to be passed up, he had already done almost all the problems.

By the time the bell rang for first period to end, they had been given another sheet to work on for that night. Same math problems, but they seemed a bit more challenging to Morty. The confidence he held earlier had faded over the class time.

He was stuffing his notebook into his bag when he noticed a pair of feet standing next to his desk. He looked up, and a blush sprung onto his face, and he felt all the more nervous. Jessica only smiled sweetly at him, her books in her arms. "Hey, Morty."

"Uh, h-hey, J-Jessica." Ugh, he just had to start stuttering again.

"It was pretty cool to see you could work the problem," Jessica said. "You usually have trouble with this stuff."

"Y-yeah. Well, I-I, uh, guess I just kind of figured i-it out."

"Well, that's good." She continued smiling at him. Morty would've melted into a puddle by now if it were possible. "Also, Morty, I was wondering. Do you think-"


The girl was cut off, and turned to see her friends waiting out in the hall. "Jess, come on. We're gonna be late," one of them said.

Jessica sighed, before turning her glance back to Morty. "Gonna have to catch you later. Bye, Morty!" With that, she was off. Her friends quickly surrounded her once she entered the hallway, giggling away and adding her into their conversation.

"Yeah…bye." Morty spoke too late, she was already gone. He felt joyful and he smiled. He quickly zipped his backpack closed, before tossing it over his shoulder and hurrying into the hallway. He had hoped to at least get one last glimpse of her, but she and the other girls had disappeared. He felt disappointed, but the smile remained on his face.

'She talked to me…she actually talked to me!'

'Of course she did. She was impressed. You impressed her.'

The voice was as clear as it had been earlier, and it startled Morty just a bit to hear it again. One would be terrified to be hearing the suspicious voice, but it only brought comfort to Morty.

'Thanks. I really did need that.'

'I'll only do that just this once, kid. You're going to have to learn how to do this stuff yourself later.'

Morty felt only more joy, and he began his way to the next class. The hallway wasn't as crowded as it had been, most of the students having gotten to their classes by now.

'And you'll help me, right?'

'Of course, Morty. Isn't that what I promised?'answered Bill.