What if Annie has been keeping her big secret for longer than people thought?

I love working with Annie's past and specifically all the things we don't know about it. This is a little Far fetched but just try to wrap your head around it.

Ryan and Annie had both gotten home later in the day and we're currently sharing pizza. Ryan a beer, and Annie a water. They had some music playing but McQuaid turned it down to ask her.

"Out of all this work you've done the last few years what do you think is the biggest secret you currently have kept?"

"I would say it's a secret that I've had for much longer than just the last six years."

"Which is?"

Annie set her pizza down, "if I tell you it stays between us, no one knows about this expect Danielle and Michael so this has to be top secret."

"Yea, yah, I got it, so what is this so called secret?"

"There's no easy way to say this, I've been trying to tell someone for over sixteen years and still haven't been able to get it right."

"Annie, sixteen years that's a long time. What could possibly be that important."

"Chloe Brooks, my niece, is my biological daughter. Uh..."

She saw Ryan visible freeze for a moment, "wait, what?!"

"You heard me. When I was 15 I got pregnant and I knew I couldn't tell me dad because he would freak and quite literally kill me. Mom was dead and she couldn't help him understand. He would've made me get an abortion.

So when I found out I thought about things for a few days, talked to Danielle, and then came to live with her. At that point her and Michael had been trying to have a baby for a little while, and we came to this agreement.

For the first five or so years I took care of Chloe and went to school full time like I was almost her mom, then when Katia came along Danielle became a stay at home mom, and I wasn't needed as much.

Anyway the reason you don't know is because Danielle wanted to sign the birth certificate but she wasn't allowed. There was an original with my name on but even before the baby was born we had paid for them to legally adopt her.

And then it was still on my record, but when I turned 18 I had a friend expunge it even though it was technically some what illegal."

"So your telling me your a mom?"

"No, well, somewhat. I'm a mother by DNA, but I didn't raise her. I haven't even seen her in almost 2 years. And a mother is the the one that takes care of the child, and that wasn't me."

"Did you want to though?"

"At first not really, but when I got into college and Danielle started taking in more responsibilities and she started saying words like mommy and she called Danielle mommy I was pretty upset. But Danielle loved Chloe more than I ever thought possible, and I wasn't about to ruin that. So over time, more so after Katia was born, those thoughts faded away and I really was just Chloe's aunt."

"Wow..." Ryan mustered up after a few moments, "I, I would say that a 18 year old secret is pretty big, and long to be having something like that in your thoughts."

"I made a video," Annie said feeing safe spilling some of her deepest secrets to Ryan, "when I was pregnant. I made a video and Danielle made one and we explained why we did what we did, and how. And over the years we added small things to it... So that way when she found out she wouldn't think we did it because we didn't care about her or weren't thinking of her."

"When's the last time you added to it," He looked up from his plate.

"In those 3 months that after I killed... Him and when I came back to DC."

"So more recently then I figured. Do you still plan on telling her?"

Annie rolled her eyes, "oh of course I do. And I'll wear a ghost costume while I'm at it. Surprise Chloe in not only back from the dead but, guess what, I'm her mother by blood."

"I didn't mean it like that."

Annie sighed, "I know, but maybe, I just I want to tell her soon. I told Danielle I would tell her when she was 16, and clearly that didn't happen."

"I could help you know. I don't know how but I would be willing to."

"And your, your okay with all this?" Annie asked apprehensively.

"To an extent, no, not completely, but in the past we've all done some different things that are not that great, and we move on. Your right it was a long time ago, and your changed."

"Thank your for being so understanding, with everything?"

Ryan just nodded, "so where do we start?"