"Annie do you mind watching her?" Danielle asked.

The small infant looked peaceful in the bassinet set near Annie where she was writing an English paper.

"Of course," She replied reaching to the baby, and thinking twice about arousing her, just setting her hand on the edge of the bassinet.

A while after Dani left Annie put the paper up for the night. And gently picked the nearly 3 month old baby from the cradle. Gosh, she couldn't believe that this life had actually came from her. Just the thought practically made tears spring to her eyes.

The little baby had soft features, but was developing more definite ones by the day. She didn't look too much like Annie but anyone could still see the resemblance in their nose and eyes.

Because Danielle took care of her in the day this was Annie real connection time, and she loved just holding her in her arms for hours.

"I love you, yea, I do," She cooed to the baby that had awoken getting fussier by the minute. Right on schedule Annie thought getting up to make the bottle.

She could only hope that this was the right thing, as in giving her baby to her sister.

Even though she had always thought Danielle would do a much better job at raising her Annie had learned a lot about motherhood in the last few months.

She hated to call it motherhood. I'm not really her mother, Annie reminded herself. She couldn't think like that because she didn't want to get more attached than she already was.

Danielle was only 22, she still had a lot of party left in her, and Annie was more than grateful to babysit for free.

Michael who Dani had met at a party the previous year had moved about two hours away to work.

Yet Annie knew there would be a day that they would both be the sole care takers of her, the, baby, and she just needed to accept that.

She was brought back to the baby by the shriek in her arms. "Hey, hey shh, shh" Annie brought Chloe closer to her chest and began bouncing, she quieted in a few seconds. "See that's not so bad?" She asked as she retrieved the bottle. Double checking to make sure it wasn't too hot even though she knew it wasn't.

Around 1 am Annie retired to the couch and placed the baby in her crib. Danielle had decided for the baby to not sleep I the guest house but only in the real house.

Which even though deep down Annie didn't like she just kept reminding herself that Dani was calling the shots on this.

She stayed in the nursery for a few minutes to make sure Chloe wasn't stirring.

"I still can't come to terms with the fact no one ever found out." Mc Quaid said.

"Well, no one ever did so," Annie left it hanging in the air because Joan and Arthur reached the table at the restaurant.

"Are you gonna tell them?" He asked.

"Tell us what?" Arthur asked excitedly like hearing the newest gossip would make his day.

She just rolled her eyes, but Joan seemed to know Annie as keeping something pretty big, yet still didn't comment on it.

They talked briefly of work, about Mack, Annie and her future with her family, McQuaids family, plans for New Years, and caught up well.

Ryan nudged Annie's foot under the table.

She squinted her eyes at him and her forehead wrinkled. She leaned in to him while the other two parties were not paying attention and whispered, "it's not really something you say over dinner."

He replied with, "it's not something you say anywhere, but you know that if we have this relationship between us and them to work it needs to be said."

"Guys," Annie said more authoritatively than she had meant to, and both pairs of eyes snapped on her.

"Okay, so I'm not one hundred percent sure where to begin, but in simple terms I have something pretty big to tell you."

"Like?" Joan lead with.

"Like... Like Teo big," Annie referenced the son that Arthur had never spoke of, " I uh... I got pregnant when I was sixteen, and I had a daughter that I've told the whole world was my niece. And that's my biggest secret, but I told McQuaid and he thought I should tell you, and so there it is." Annie really wanted to continue she felt like rambling her head off.

Arthur's jaw literally dropped, and Joan did a double take, "really?" and "seriously?" Where spoke simultaneously.

Annie just nodded clearly they need some time to apprehend this.