I dont know if anyone reads these anymore, but if so please sit back and enjoy this ride. It get a little crazy but overall I hope you like it. Please let me know!

The four had went on a walk around town to help burn off the food that they had consumed.

"This is so pretty," Joan pointed to an antique, stained vase.

Arthur nodded, and Ryan replied, "I really like that one to," reffering to a small glass bottle with the same royal blue color and texture.

Annie was going to comment, but she heard a distinctly familar voice near the back of the store. She refrianed from snapping her head up, but her eyes darted to the corner. There on a barstool was her daughter laughing at some boy. Isn't she suppose to be in California?

Annie quickly worked the math in her head. When she "died" Chloe was around 15, it had been almost two years. Chloe was a head of her class and on track to graduate early. It was very likely that she had moved back to DC for college to be with friends.

She adverted her gaze to some flowers in the corner and joined in on the conversation about couches that her friends were discussing. She wasn't entirely aware of what she was sprouting out about them, but she needed a distraction.

None of them, being the spies that they were, even seemed to notice her momentary attention lapse. They didn't bat an eyelash or turn to see what had got her off track.

The boy, about 19, had a sharp jaw line, black hair, and a sunkissed tan. He was model status. And he was also approaching, "Can I help you find anything?" His didn't sound like someone from DC. Annie noticed a mix of cultures in that.

Annie was about to jump in with a no, but Arthur beat her too it, "Actually this was a while ago but we bought a coffee table. it was white rustic, and there was an end table to go with it. I was just wondering if you may still have that."

Joans head moved slightly like she was remembering that also.

The boy thought for a minute, "I'll go check in the back, that sounds familiar. I'm Devin by the way. If you want to meet me at the checkout or take a seat on those couches feel free."

They slowly made there way to the check out desk giving the guy time to look in the back. They were near the front looking at post card from various countries, and Annie occasionally sneaked a glance at Chloe. Chloe sat on a bar stool against the wall, behind the coutner. At first she wasn't one hundred percent sure, but now up close she was.

The girl was immersed in her phone, but not so much that she didn't notice her surrounding. She had looked up and similed at them when they got in the vicinity.

When the Devin came back to inform them that the table was no longer there, but that he could order it if they were interested, the presumed Chloe got up and went into the back part of the building. Past the employess only sign. It didn't seem like she worked there though.

Joan announced that they wanted it, and were given a short form to complete.

"This is a nice place," Ryan commented to the guy.

"Its was my grandmothers, but she passed away about 3 months ago so I've been trying to hold the fort down," He replied.

"Sorry about your lose," Ryan replied creating conversation with ease.

"What was her name?" Annie inquired at the same time that Joan and Arthur handed the guy the papers. He began typing into a computer.

"Linda Walters," He didn't look up from the screen.

It dawned on Annie, "I knew that you looked familiar. Your grandfather taught at West Point."

Devin nodded, "William died when I was ten. Did you know them?"

"He was my fathers colleague. Your grandmother used to make my sister and I dinner when we were 5 or 6. Your father was then in the army with mine," She explained.

"My Dad left the army when I was one or two, so I probably don't know where that was," He admitted.

"I was only 8 or 9, and you probably weren't born until I was almost out of high school, so I wouldn't expect you to. How is he?"

Devin nodded, "uh. Hes okay, I guess. Some days are better than others. He has a team of psychiatrist's. They won't let him travel and he gets furious with them because he wants to go 'see the world.' He got a little crazy a few years ago. Shot up a convientent store because they were selling drugs or something," He paused and shook his head, "I see him for an hour once a week so that he can explain crazy conspiracies to me."

Annie just nodded. Devin continued, " They don't think its from the army or anything like that. They really aren't sure what happened, but they think it has something to do with early alzheimer's. What about yours?"

"He's in a nursing home or something. I haven't seen him in almost ten years."


Annie shook her head, "You don't really wanna know, its not pretty."

"Well thank you two for filling out the form. I'll call you when it can be picked up. And its nice to meet you. What was the name?" He stared at Annie, Chloe had emerged from the back a while ago.

Jessica, Helen, that code name from Barcelona. She took a breath, maybe it would be fine. Its not like Chloe would try to pick up on her dead aunts name.

"Annie," She replied not offering a last. He continued waiting as if he was expecting more, "Annie Walker."

At that Chloe slowly lifted her head up to pay the blonde some attention. She didn't dare look up.

Ryan, Joan, and Arthur had ventured to the book section about 4 feet to the left. Clearly still hearing Annies conversation. Then noticing that Annie was wrapping up the conversation they had come and stoof by her side again.

Although they did not expect what was about to unfold, none of them did.

At the announcment of 'Walker' Devin threw a look over his shoulder at the apparent girlfriend. With a sharp intake of breath Chloe stuttered, "Your, your, " Her lips fought to work, "your my aunt."

"Your suppose to be dead," Devin let out under his breath. This had just went from 0 to 100 real quick.

The next millisecond felt like a lifetime. A million pictures flashed in front of her mind. Come up with something.

Linda Walter was half American, half Isrealian. Her eyes wandered to the pictures behind the counter. She could either be right or wrong.

"Yes, your right I am. How do you Ari?" She attempted to swerve the conversation. Her head pointed in the direction of the picutre that featured a boy and soccer ball.

"How do you know him?" Chloe shot back. Still very intense. Annie just need to dismiss the girls nerves, and then she could get the boat safely back to shore.

"His dad is one of my friends, a really good friend. Do you know his Dad?"

Devin nodded in reply, "He is my second or third cousin. I'm not very close to him, but Ari and I talk all the time."

"Well isn't the world just a small place after all," She was going off of charm now. Nice flashy smile, twinkling eyes.

"How are you alive?" Chloe deadpanned. Small wave in the ocean.

"Someone wanted to hurt me, I disappeared to keep them from it," She said as much as she could. But Annie didn't know how much Chloe knew.

Chloe nodded, "So were you ever planning on being my aunt again?"

Annie was taken back. Number one, Chole wasn't hung up on this whole dead idea. Number two, she seemed accepting. Thats not normal. Annie was calling the bluff.

She squinted here eyes going back and forth between the two. The other three surrounding Annie were also a little speechless. Annie glanced around, double checking that no one was in the store.

She crossed her arms back over her chest, she had the upper hand. "No, no no. What do you know and who do you know it from?"

"What?" Chloe said over dramactically, clear actress.

"Don't act like that. Your bluffing, you knew that I was alive. You have had time to accept it. Where did the intel come from?"

Both shut up quickly, finally Chloe let out the hushed information, "I work for the FBI, and Devin works for Mossad. We both have low level clearance, we had to pull lots of strings to find out the very little we know. Meeting you was one hundred percent coincedence though. And so was the connection to Linda and Eyal."

"Chloe," Devin scolded, "the others..."

She intervened, "Annie trusts them. If Annie trusts them then they know. And its not the first time I've seen you all together. I came to Ryans New Year party with a friend. I've known for months."

Devin persisted, "Still thats not smart. Letting out stuff like that can get you killed."

"Its my aunt, the ex-dcs, a covert worker, and a private sector owner if they are going to kill us then who knows what the real bad guys would do."

"Devins right," Annie intersected, "most of the bad guys were good guys at some point."

"We really need to get going, " Ryan also chimed in looking at his watch. What was suppose to be fifteen minutes had turned into thirty five.

Annie and Chloe exchanged phone numbers promising to talk later. Annie was really hoping to tell Chloe the truth about where she came from.

The only thing that Annie didn't know is that Chloe had more secrets than she let on...