Okay, I listened to Celtic music and then I went to sleep. This is the dream I had. I don't know why I felt the need to post this, but I did...

A black dragon swoops from the sky, followed by multitudes of others, all different colors. They all land on a beach. Soon many animals are gathered together. Wolves, cats, and dragons are the most prominent. They all sit, talking in a universal language. After they end the meeting, they disappear.

The focus stays on the black dragon, who flies up into the air, taking wing and riding the wind. The other dragons all go their seperate ways. Crows and ravens swarm in a circle, weaving in the air- an intracate dance.

The dragon joins, looping and twirling in the center. He is old- the last of his kind. This is his last dance. After the dance of the crows is over, he lands on the beach again, wading into the water. He makes himself comfortable in the shallows of the ocean. The crows and ravens flock around him, then disappear. The dragon closes his eyes one last time.

The end.