*Chapter 1: My pained Dinner*

It's been a year since Kaname and Yuuki left the school. Every day I wonder where they are or how they've been, and if they still look the same? I never bring myself to find the answer, though, because I know if I do I'll break down, mentally. I try to keep myself busy with jobs from the association, but the vampire side of me allows me to get done fast, and the faster I get done the more I take, anything to keep me from thinking about them, especially Kaname.

"Zero, come help me make dessert", yelled Kaien Cross, my guardian. Groaning I headed towards his direction before bursting into a sprint to stop the 'food killer Kaien' from any damage he might cause. I remember just last week the idiot almost blew us up trying to heat up spaghetti in a bowl...that was metal...in the microwave.

Stepping into the kitchen I notice Kaien about to stick his finger in the blender...WHILE IT'S ON! Using my vampire speed, I zipped across the room to stop him in just a millisecond.

"YOU IDIOT, pay attention to what you're doing before you lose all your fingers", I shouted as I cut the blender off.

"I just wanted to make smoothies for my adorable son, but my band-aid fell in.", Kaien sobbed.

"Kaien, last time I checked...I was NOT your son", I said through clenched teeth.

"Zero-kun~", Kaien sobbed some more.

"Just get out", I said sighing while pinching the bridge of my nose.

"Okay", Kaien whined. As Kaien left I began to clean up the mess he made making 'smoothies'.

"Okay, I see fresh bananas, Apple's, Oranges, and Ice over here. But then I see fish packet's, cracked eggs, uncooked meat and an empty orange juice carton over there... I knew he was going to poison me, he wasn't even trying to cover it up."

After putting away all ingredients and throwing away all trash I headed towards the sink to start washing dishes.


"I'll get it," Kaien said as he passed the kitchen.

"Well I would hope so since I'm washing dishes", I muttered with annoyance. I strained my ears to hear who exactly was visiting but gave up once I heard nothing. Must have been a private matter which Kaien would then discuss in a hushed tone, not allowing my ears to "accidently" hear.

Washing the last dish from Kaien's attempt to secretly poison me. I sighed out with a stretch." I really need to move out before I end up dead."

"You really should, I would be sad if you died, Kiryuu", a velvet-like voice said. I spun around not sure if I wanted to meet the face that went with that alluring voice.

"Kaname", I said shocked. I stared at him for what seemed like minutes. I couldn't utter a single word, thought or action. All I knew was a man who looked like Kaname Kuran, the man who hurt me so long ago, was standing right there in the kitchen entrance, smiling softly. In the past, I wouldn't have hesitated to put up my lethal famous glare but my no muscle on my body would move.

"Hello, Zero, how are you?", the man said bringing me back to my senses.

" Okay", I whispered while turning back. I began straightening a couple dishes and letting the dishwater out. I didn't ask about him because that would lead to more talking and not leaving.

"hmm, that's good", he said. After about five minutes, I realized he wasn't going anywhere.

"What about yourself, Kuran", I huffed finally. To preoccupy myself, I began drying the dishes and putting them away neatly.

"I've been okay, too", he said. I winced at his words. "When I'm not thinking of you", he added. I froze in place as pain exploded into my chest area.

"Don't make jokes like that, Kuran", I said with pain in my voice. I secretly scolded myself for not hiding how he rattled me.

"But, Zero, I'm not", He said into my ear. I hadn't even noticed when he walked over to me and trapped me between the sink and his body.

"K-Kuran, you shouldn't play too much", I stuttered feeling the warmth of him seep through my shirt as if we both were chest to back in the nude.

"Zero, I really missed you and I was sad when I heard you never made an effort to come see me", Kaname said in a sad voice still next to my ear.

Even though he wasn't touching me, or even looking into my eye's. I felt like my body was on fire and every cell was screaming at me to turn around and forgive him for what he did. At Least it was.

"Kaname.", A sweet innocent yet still confident voice said. Kaname pulled away from me not quickly, but not slowly either.

"Yuuki.", I said slowly turning toward her. She made a small smile my way before turning back to Ka-...Kuran.

"Cross said we will be eating out today", Yuuki said practically ignoring my presence after our small exchange. "Where would you like to go?"

"Where ever you want to go, Yuuki", Kaname answered with a soft smile pointed towards her.

This is why I can never believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Once he looks at her all existence of me wash away like it never existed in the first place. Yuuki Kuran, formerly known as Yuuki cross, my best friend, the girl I use to have a small crush on. Until...

"Kiryu!", Kuran spoke shocking me out of my thoughts.

"What", I said pissed.

"We decided to go to Benihana's", Yuuki said staring at me with a soft smile. I chill ran up my spine when my lilac orbs connected with her brown eyes. " It's a..."

"Sushi restaurant", I said cutting her off as I forced my eyes from hers. "I know, give me a sec I'll go get properly dressed."

Leaving the room without looking back I sped walked to my room.

I can't stand her...I hate her...No...I'm jealous of her... but, yes, I do hate her.

I took a 10-minute shower before getting dressed in black slacks with a white belt, a black blouse with a white opened vest, and my second favorite pair of casual yet formal boots. I looked in the mirror for a final check.

"All set", I said before leaving the room. As I walked down the hall toward the living room where everyone was I began to have second thoughts.

What if I blurt something out I don't mean to? Why should I go if I'm on bad terms with Yuuki? What if I 'accidently' put a bullet between Yuuki's eyes? What if Kaname doesn't like my clothes? Maybe I should have combed my hair instead of letting it air dry. I shouldn't go...

"Well, took you long enough", Kuran says right when I entered the room.

T-This bastard...out of everyone I had to fall in lo...

"Don't think about him, Zero, He's just a perfectionist and you came out 5 minutes later than scheduled making us late for Kaname's reservations."

W-Why does it feel like knives were thrown a-at me.

"S-Sorry", I said unsure of what to say next.

"Don't worry about it", Kaien said happily. "Let's just go eat already."

For riding in a limo the car ride was just agony. All I heard and seen was Kaien singing to Shakira and Kaname and Yuuki cuddled up next to each other. The entire time I was fighting the urge throw up and suddenly open the door throwing myself out of the moving vehicle.

Once we got to Benihanas and sat down at our reserved spot Kaien immediately began asking questions.

"So, Where have you two been? Why haven't we seen either of you in forever?", He said eagerly.

"Well, Kaname has been working most of the time overseas and I've been following making sure he's eating properly and not getting fatigue", Yuuki explained touching Kaname's hand in a show of affection. I rolled my eyes with disgust.

"We're very sorry for not calling or checking in. Next time we absolutely will", Kaname said with his masked smile.

"Great," I said under my breath with sarcasm.

"I would hope so", Kaname said replying to what I said. I rolled my eyes at him in annoyance but when I saw him remove his hand from underneath Yuuki's my mood lightened.

"hmm", Kaname chuckled.

"Zero," Yuuki said quickly. "How is guardian duty?"

"Easier, there's not many screaming girls since you guys left.", I replied in a bored tone.

"Who took over my job once I left", Yuuki asked folding her hands.

"The only other person that knows the secret, Yori", I said like it was common sense.

"Oh, How is Yori-chan?!", Yuuki asked excitedly staring me down.

"Peachy", I answered raising an eyebrow.

"Is she any help?", Yuuki pressed on. Forcing me to speak more.

"Louds", I answered shortly.

"better than I was?" She asked.

"Yep", I said hurting Yuuki's feelings and it showed.

"Zero", both Kaname and Kaien hissed in sync, surprising me, but I hid it.

"I'll be right back. Kaname, would you order for me?", Yuuki said as she rushed off in the direction of the restrooms.

"Well, that was weird.", I said frowning. Kaname glared at me and I glared right back even harder.

"You couldn't have been ruder", Kaname said narrowing his eyes at me.

"Hmm, I thought I was actually being as nice as possible", I said sarcastically.

"Zero, I'm disappointed in you", Kaien said shaking his head.

"Why, because I don't sugar coat how I feel?", I said with venom in my words.

"No. I'm disappointed because you haven't learned your lesson about what happens when you keep hate in your heart. Other people tend to get hurt." Kaien said nodding over towards Kaname. I looked his direction and he seemed to be looking disappointed and sad-eyed at me, too.

"I'll go check on Yuuki", Kaien said before leaving in the same direction as the said women.

Kaname and I sat in silence for at least two minutes before talking.

"Look, Zero, I know you blame Yuuki for what happened between us but the truth is..."

"I don't blame Yuuki for anything that happened between us", I interrupted."I blame you and I blame me...If I never gave into the bond we had, I wouldn't be in this position. If you hadn't given into it, you wouldn't have shown up tonight making me feel this way. My fillings towards Yuuki, now, has something to do with what she did a year ago."

"What? Leaving with me? I don't understand what Yuuki could have possibly done to be treated this way.", Kaname asked frowning. Irritation boiled inside my veins as he continued to protect her as if she was some innocent angel.

" And you never will so leave it alone", I hissed.

"I can't leave the matter of my fiance being treated so wrongly", Kaname said striking a chord within me.

"Well, too bad since your fiance won't tell the truth and I won't speak about it", I said through clenched teeth. Half of me wanted to break down and cry while the other half blamed Kaname for being so blind to who his sister really was and what she was capable of.

"Zero...", Kaname spoke softly

"Stop, calling me that. We're not friends, Kuran", I hissed more as I shook with hurt.

"You're right about one thing, we're not friends. We're past that term, Zero", Kaname said just as with a hint of fury in his voice.

"Oh really, then what are we Kaname", I said in a challenging voice.

"I don't know, what do you call two people in love with each other?", he said lifting an eyebrow.

"If I'm correct the term would be lovers but in this case one of the "people" in love choose looks over heart and is now engaged to another making their love forbidden.",

"I didn't choose looks over heart!", Kaname said offended.

"Don't yell, you'll cause a scene", I said coldly.

"hmm, I didn't choose looks over heart", he said again in a relaxed tone.

"That's what it looked like to me...", I said. "or maybe I am wrong you did choose heart over looks."

" Exactl...", Kaname began with relief.

"I just was never in it", I added turning away from him


"You were never in what?" Yuuki said walking up to the table with Kaien at her side.

"Has the waiter come, yet?", Kaien asked next.

"I was never in the mood to come tonight, it was a mistake on my part", I said standing up.

"Oh", Yuuki said in a sad tone."Well if you're leaving I should walk you out since I just ran off like that. I really want to catch up with you, Zero."

"Yuuki, you don't have to...", Kaname started.

"That's fine", I said cutting Kaname off. "I'd love the chance to catch up with you as well, Yuuki."

Just as Yuuki and I were leaving the table our waiter walked up. Yuuki turned Kaname's direction asking him to take her order in silent and Kaname answered with a nod.

"It's been really great to see you, Zero", Yuuki said trying to start a conversation with me but I just made a sound that could sound like 'yes' or 'no'.

"I've missed you a lot", she said still talking. After trying three more times, we were outside the front door. I glanced around looking at the cars zooming pass along with the load honks of horns. Many people were passing us on their phones speaking ridiculously loud. I finally spoke.

"You can drop the act, he can't hear us out here", Yuuki stared at me for a couple seconds before a smirk appeared on her lips. "What do you need to say to me that you can't in front of the others."

"Take a wild guess", She said disgusted with a serious face.

"If it was to stay away from Kaname, I was doing it, You're the one that brought him back to me", I said with a scuff.

"True, but I didn't know he still had such strong feelings for you", Yuuki said lifting an eyebrow. "This past year he just refuses to let go of you, even if he doesn't verbally say it. Do you know why that is?"

"Of course, but you should be asking yourself, will I be telling you?", I asked with a smirk of my own.

Yuuki huffed before moving close to me and whispering the words. "Remember and don't forget...", before going back inside the restaurant.

I looked up to see Kaname looking down at me, from a window in the restaurant, worriedly. That's when I realized the warm feeling's sliding down my cheeks...Tears. I swallowed the lump in my throat.

"Remember and don't forget he chose me over you. He always has and he always will."

*End of Chapter 1*

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