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Chapter 1- Where am I?

Black, that is all I see. Sweet darkness not that blinding white that Aizen seems to adore. Oh how I loath the color white. 'Oh how that stings Aibou' Shiro? Was that Shiro. No impossible Zangetsu and Masa was stolen from me when I fell. 'So you won't believe your own soul? You can't even feel that your soul is whole again.'

'Does that mean Ossan and Masa are there too? Ossan! Masa!'

'We are here Ichigo. We are here for you just as we have always been'

'Yup even me Ichi. All of us Shi-kun, Ossan, and I are here for you.'

'Oh thank Kami-sama. I'm so glad to hear your voice.' As I opened my eyes I could see my inner world. So different from what it began with at the start of the war. Instead of just metal and glass the towers are now made of black stained white silk in place of the metal and concrete, and water in place of glass. In the water are Fish colored black and gray. Most color is gone from my world only the blood red sky with a pale purple moon.

As I look down at the reflective ground I see my three spirits walk towards me, all having changed just like my world. Ossan now wore a white coat with blue trimming with a giant Quincy star upon his back. Around his neck is a baby blue chocker and the eye of the Reio placed front and center. Lastly, he had a gold gantlet on his left hand. Shiro was still a bleached out version of me, waist length hair and all yet he no longer wore the white shihakusho but a white kimono as if to hide his true instincts of a dragon. On his back is just that a simmering silver and red dragon lying in wait. Around his neck is a white chocker with a dark red Quincy star placed slightly skewed. Lastly was my sweet Masa or Muramasa and no longer did he hold the 18th century look but he wore a black tight pants of an assassin and a billowing long sleeve dress shirt colored light purple. Around his neck was a dark purple chocker with the crescent moon surrounding the pale yellow sun.

'Welcome back Aibou. Masa-chan and Ossan missed ya.'

'DON'T CALL ME CHAN YOU PALE ASSED HUMAN WANNABE BASTARD! I AT LEAST USE KUN!' Muramasa scowled as he started to chase Shiro through the billowing streets with all the lights and benches and such made of ice. We no longer stood atop the giant building for fear of the fragile buildings collapsing and my memories, my sanity to disappear, to degrade farther than they already are.

'Ichigo, you should worry more about yourself instead of us for your situation is quiet strange.'

"What do you mean Ossan?"

'Only time can tell what has truly happened. You have to look to the past to solve the present problems to make a better future for yourself and your loved ones.'

"But, Ossan you should know what has happened! I have no one but you three left! And even then you are a piece of my soul. Outside of here is not a life worth living but a living hell."

'Maybe you should see for yourself that not all is lost. We will see you again soon Ichigo.'

At some point Shiro and Masa had come back. 'Bye, Aibou. Don't let us down'

'Good-bye Ichi. Hope you have fun!' All there words did was confuse me further. Well I guess I just got to trust them. They are after all the only ones I could trust.

As I open my eyes I see wood. I look around and see I see an old fashion room. There was one tatami mat that I was lying on, a short two drawer stand with a reiatsu powered light on top. In front of me was a bare wall, on my left was a sliding door, Behind me a smaller set of sliding doors, and to the right of the room was a door mirroring the door on the left wall. Okaaaay. I thought all houses were destroyed in Aizen's third attack that was to destroy the south and west Rukongai. The second for the east and north Rukongai. The first to destroy Kakara town. So that left the question of where am I. Though I gotta be thankful that Zangetsu and Muramasa's sealed form was on the right side of the bed that I was on.


*outside the room, POV unknown*

'What to do, what to do. Imoto is going to kill me for bringing a stranger home. No don't think like that. You are the head of the Shiba clan Imoto can't go against my decision. I chose to keep my orange haired bloody twin in the guest room. Imoto can't- oh who am I kidding Imoto is gonna kill me and say something about him being a spy for the other noble clans or even-Kami help me-a spy for the elders. Because we all know the elders want nothing more than to catch us doing something so they can put a proper puppet in my place. Oh Imoto please oh please don't kill-'

"Nii-sama! Ganju and I-the Great Kukaku are home and with presents from the store for you!"

'Oh crap. I'm dead.'

"Nii-sama? Where are you?" Kukaku came around the corner to see her precious Nii-sama have an expression of a deer caught in the headlights. "What did you do?" Kukaku growled as she dropped her bags and stomped up to him well getting ready to throttle the living day lights out of him.

"Ummm well you see Imoto-chan I sorta kinda found a guy bleeding out on the way home that looks to be my twin soooo-"I got out


Well she had to breathe at some point so I jumped in saying "It's impossible for him to be a spy Imoto."

"How?" Short and concise with a little bit a intimidation. Yup that's my Imoto.

"Because I had to get Unohana-taicho out here and that barely saved he life. Plus she said there where signs that most of the damage was done by torture. Not to mention that we had to break five reiatsu restraint off him and that would close to kill any taicho so it's a miracle he was alive when I found him. So, no noble clan or elder in there right mind would do such a thing. Plus the Gotei is planning on running an investigation on what happened. So I offered to house him till he is well enough to answer questions about what happened to him." Kukaku certainly looked more subdued as she grabbed ahold of a potted plant. "Oh yea. Before I forget, Unohana-taicho said there's a big chance of memory loss."


*Back with Ichigo*

'What was that?' As I got up to investigate that sound I felt a twinge along my stomach and throat. So I'm not completely healed then. I grabbed both of my zanpakuto and placed Zangetsu along my back with Masa hidden on the back of my waist, then I sneaked towards the sound so as not to alert who ever had made the sound.

When I opened the door I saw a hallway each side looking as if they went on forever. Okay, now what? 'SLAM' the sound came from my right. Guess that means I go right, though maybe I should go left to get away. Nah. I stuck to the shadows as I used a silent shunpo. As I got to the end I could hear the sounds more clearly. It was as if a battle was going on in the lit up room just not with swords. Why? When I peek around the corner I see a basic sitting room exempt for the fact that all the furniture was destroyed. Surprisingly all plant life was safe, well except for one plant on the floor.

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