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Last is 13th division, Ukitake, bless him and let us leave off on a good note. "My fukutaicho has been talking non-stop about his new baby brother for the past eleven months and I wish to meet him all things considered and that he is only 43 and isn't in the 'dead' zone yet." But, peace is too much to ask for. So, all hell broke loose. Kami take me now.

Chapter 8: Inside the Unknown and Impossible

*Random Guard*

'Ugh, nothing ever happens I mean everyone is either dead or inside the castle and the wild life doesn't ever come close to the wall. Wait I take that back.' I run and ring the bell at the closest station five yards away well yelling to other guard posts. "Humans approaching! Humans approaching!" As I turned to look at them again I look closer. Oh crap, "Captains approaching, Inform the kings! Captains approaching!"


'Ah, finally! We figured out how to keep water heated, now a hot bath.' Ichigo was undressing behind me to get in the bath as well. I couldn't help but peer behind me to see Ichigo's back. No matter how many times we help each other wash I can't get used to the scars. His back was riddled with scar tissue, his wrists have slightly lighter skin in the way of thin lines the same being for his ankles. His left thigh around mid-way had a think scar line going all the way around his leg. The front had two dull scar lies in the pattern of a cross meeting on his upper left pectoral. And that's only the big scars, there were many smaller thinner scaring.

A shout brought me out of my depressing musings. "My kings, My king! May I enter please. It is an emergency!" Both Ichigo and I grabbed a piece of cloth to cover up with. I look to Ichi and see him nod.

"Enter." I command. At that the door opens and I see Sakana Danshi, The fish boy from my group in the beginning.

"My Kings, seven taicho and two fukutaicho have appeared at the hunting gate. The guard has already sent the alert to the other wall guards and the lead Taicho is asking for you. He would not give a name nor which Taicho he is." I think and tell him thank you well turning away. He understood it was a dismissal. "What do you think Taiyo?" I see him start to sign before lowering his hands and waving at are cloths. I sign and pull out the cloths Sakana Na had assigned as our ruler cloths, after meeting Danshi she switched her first and last name.

The cloths were not my favorite I would even go as to say they are my least favorite. It consisted of cloth made from a weird spider's web, I mean this spider was huge and hairy yet oddly yummy. The web was thick but easily flattened into 2 inches by how ever long we harvested and as thin as cloth. By scrapping it we got a glue like substance and the web strand became soft like silk. Using the glue, we stick two pieces together and get a 4-inch-thick strip of cloth, just add more and it gets bigger. This clothe though was said to be a shirt but it looks more like bandages died dark blue wrapped around my breast and only that and it ties in the front like a Victorian corset does in the back.

The skirt is made of the same material and kept white, the left side reaches my knees and the right reaches mid-thigh.

Ichigo's shirt was the same as mine but died red. His pants though for he gets pants are made from the hide of a fuzzy fish. The fuzz falls of when the skin dries leaving behind a flexible black material that acts just like a Shinigami's cloth. It's tight around his left leg to his ankle but the right cut of at mid-thigh. On his knees is the joint of the spider allowing for padding when he fights. After all I am the diplomatic king and he is the warrior king. On Ichigo's back is a broad sword that our black smiths made.

We are both wearing a necklace mine the moon and Ichigo's the sun and around our upper arm is three strings intertwined; Light blue, dark blue, and gold for me and red, brown, and green for Ichigo. Alright to the gate.

*At the gate, Kaien's POV*

'Yay yay yay yay. I can't wait to see Ichigo. He'll be the first person I look for. I wonder what potion was dropped on him.' By this point I was practically vibrating. That's probably why Captain turned to me and reminded me of the rules like a parent scolding a child. "Now remember Kaien I know your excited but, don't call out his name when you find him. No causing trouble, best behavior. You are a member of the Gotei 13."

"Now, now Jū-chan Kaien is an adult, he can take care of himself." Kyōraku-Taicho interrupts.

"I know Shun, I just can't help but worry. He's so excitable."

"Maybe but, he can follow the rules without being reminded every ten minutes."

"But he never stopped taking about him, you should know that."

"Yes I know- "

I interrupted "I'm right here." I say frowning. I mean come on, I am literally right there!

"We know." They say together. Before I could open my mouth the gate raised up. On the other side was two beautiful girls. The girl in front had black hair and very little clothes, behind her was a girl with orange hair… That's definitely Ichigo. I hear a simultaneous whistle from both Kyōraku-Taicho and Hirako-Taicho, a gasp from Kuchiki-Taicho and Fukutaicho, Uncle giggled as did Kirio-Taicho. I admit I was grinning wide enough to split my face.

Of to the side The same blue guard that came to tell us that the kings where on their way spoke up. "I present Mūn-ō and Taiyo-ō." For the first name he held his hand in the direction of the black haired beauty and for the second name to Ichi. At that the scantily dressed woman stepped forward and spoke. "Hello and welcome to Yoruhi. As Shiroi-san Introduced us I am Mūn-ō and my co-king is Taiyo-ō."

Shihōin-Taicho nodded. "It is a pleasure to meet both you beautiful ladies. I am Shihōin Yūkuro captain of the second." At that Shihōin-Taicho bowed and Mūn-ō followed suit, Ichi stayed standing strait. All the taicho noticed.

"Excuse me, Taiyo-ō if you are also a king shouldn't you be included in this meet and greet." Kuchiki-Taiyo spoke up.

Instead of Ichi answering Mūn-ō answered. "Taiyo-ō is mute so I'll answer for him and I am the king that deals in diplomacy, Taiyo-ō deals in military matters. His job is to keep a look out."

"His?" Kyōraku-Taicho speaks up.

"Yes Taiyo-ō and I were doused in a potion to change our gender, we are both boys." Mūn-ō explained. So not a beautiful scantily clad woman but man. Ugh, that's saddening I thought she'd make a great pair with Ichi. Oh well. I hear Kyōraku groan.

Shihōin-Taicho cleared his thought. "Behind me are other Taicho and fukutaicho that will introduce themselves politely. Then I hope you will answer some questions that we have." At that he turned to us.

"Unohana Retsu Captain of the fourth." Polite.

"Hirako Shinji Captain of the fifth." Grinning like a maniac.

"Kuchiki Ginrei Captain of the sixth." Monotone.

"Kuchiki Sōjun Vice Captain of the sixth." Monotone.

"Kyōraku Shunsui Captain of the eighth." Bored.

"Shiba Isshin Captain of the tenth." Giddy.

"Kirio Hikifune Captain of the twelfth." Sly.

"Jūshirō Ukitake Captain of the thirteenth." Kind.

"Shiba Kaien Vice Captain of the thirteenth." Me! With that all were introduced.

"Then please come this way to the castle so we can get comfortable before answering questions." Mūn-ō waved towards the gate. Inside the gate was the smell of dried blood.

I hope this was great and worth waiting for. To explain the cloth, I don't know how to make cloth without machines so I made up the animals in this world. The world is held together by the kido corps using the same device Ichigo's father did to allow him to train for final getsuga tensho. Hope you liked and please vote on Ichigo's date mate on my profile. R&R please. 1,500 words.