After another tiring day working at Tony's pizzeria in New York City Rose Catone: A 5 and a half foot tall pale skinny girl with long brown hair, freckles, and purple eyes made it back to to her foster home and was completely ready for bed. However, before the brunette went to bed she went to place her paycheck into her anime con fund. She reads as many manga's from Rurouni Kenshin, One Piece, Ouran Host Club and many others as she could find. She also watches as many anime episodes as she could find online from the manga that she reads and plenty others that give her a new world to explore. With this new paycheck she received she can finally achieve her dream of going to an anime convention for the first time.

When she looked into her hiding place however she found that everything was in place but the money she worked months to save. There are only two people in her mind who would do this and she's going to find her culprits right now.

"MARIE! LAURA! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Her twin older foster sisters were lounging in the living room watching the Jersey Shore when they heard Rose. Rose approached them both fuming with rage.

"Where...Is... It?" Rose said slowly with rage increasing with each word.

"Where is what Rosie?" Marie asked sarcastically knowing full well what she was talking about.

"Don't give me that! You know full well I'm talking about the money!" Rose said trying to hold back the urge to punch her sister.

"Money? OH! You mean the money you left us to go prom shopping with!" Laura said.

"You did what? I WAS SAVING THAT MONEY TO GO TO THE CONVENTION NEXT MONTH YOU BITCHES!" Rose yelled unable to contain her anger anymore.

"Ha! The money was better spent with us in my opinion. At least now it won't be wasted in your childish Chinese cartoon obsess-" Marie was cut off by a punch in the face by Rose that sends her falling to the ground.


Pissed off that her face is going to leave a mark Marie lunges at Rose with Laura joining in the fight to get back at punching Marie. Rose is a part the martial arts club at school so she is capable of holding her own against her two foster sisters but both twins like to use their nails as a weapon leaving deep scratch marks all over her pale skin. In return for these claw marks she managed to give each of the twins a broken nose and a fair amount of bruises.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" Rick the twins' father and Roses foster dad who just returned from work shouted as he sees the girls on the floor fighting.

"DADDY! ROSIE ATTACKED US!" Both twins yell as they run to their dad for comfort, and protection.

"Rose?! What were you thinking breaking their noses this close to prom? Don't you realize that they need to look their best?"

"There are things more important than prom! These two stole the money I saved for the convention from my room, and used it to buy prom stuff!" Rose yelled in fury.

"Did you two at least get all that you needed for the big day?" Rick said not paying attention to how they got the money.

"We did daddy the money was just enough to make us look great until... my nose WAAH!" Laura cried knowing that she will win no matter what.

"What are we going to do about our noses daddy? We can't go like this!" Marie cried

Rick then glared at Rose who knew full well where this is going "Rose, I expect you to pay for their broken noses, and a full-fledged apology for acting like a savage."

"No way! These thieves already stole most of my money, and I would rather run the streets naked than apologize to these spoiled brats."

Rick was the one fuming now. "Then I guess we're going to have to sell those comics that you have collected in order to pay for the injuries. As for the apology, until you do so I don't want to see you reading a single comic, cartoon, and going to that fighting club is off limits now too."

"What?! If anyone should be punished it's these two for stealing my hard earned money! Looks aren't everything they could just go with a bandage on their noses!"

Marie and Laura were both horrified of the idea.

"The very idea! For your information looks are everything, but I wouldn't expect a little orphan barbarian to understand that simple concept. For someone with a cute name you're not cute at all. I truly pity you." Marie said with sarcastic pity

"I think this is a great punishment daddy! It's about time she enters the real world instead of those silly cartoon worlds that she gets so obsessed with." Laura says with a snotty attitude.

Rose walks over to give them another punch but Rick stopped her. "Rose, go to your room now! Before I consider kicking you out of my house."

He didn't have to tell her twice. She ran back to the room before she can add more fuel to the fire. She slams the door to her room and slumps down to the floor crying with her head cradled by her arms and clutching the only heirloom her family left her hanging around her neck.

(Damnit! Why do I have to be stuck with this family until I'm 18? I'm supporting myself just fine at 17 so why can't I just leave?) She doesn't move until something starts flashing outside the window that catches her attention. She walks up to the window and finds a large comet passing by up in the sky. Without thinking she makes a wish on the comet while holding her mother's necklace to the comet remembering the way she used to wish on a comet.

"I wish I can go into the anime world, any anime world is better than this one. As long as I have a means to protect myself I don't care which anime world I go to. Please comet grant my wish"

Rose then starts to giggle "hehe, man I must be really desperate to be wishing on a comet. Mom, dad I miss you guys..." As fresh tears stream down her face she decides to head off to bed. She changes out of her work clothes and changes into her favorite One Piece t-shirt and flannel pants then goes to sleep with this last thought. (Hehe, too bad that wish can't happen. If it did the One Piece world would've been a great adventure).

Rose wakes up suddenly feeling chilly even though she felt completely warm about 5 seconds ago. She sits up half dazed looking at the surroundings around her to find that she is no longer in the apartment anymore but what seems to be on the deck of a boat.

(What the hell is going on?) She starts to stand up and finds something in her hand: a light blue fruit with swirls on it shaped like a mango.

(Where did this fruit come from? Maybe a better question would be what is this fruit? I've never seen anything like it before.) She was still confused until she noticed the goats head on the ship and immediately recognized it as the Going Merry.

(HOLY SHIT! I'M ON THE GOING MERRY!) Her purple eyes go from shock to pure excitement in a matter of seconds. "How did this happen? Did the comet do this?" She looks around seeing if there is a sign of how it happened, but nothing until she looks at her shirt with the One Piece logo missing.

(I guess this is how the comet chose my destination, and the devil fruit must be the means to protect myself.) Rose smiles to herself in true glee that she is finally away from her world, and is ready to make a fresh start with the Straw Hats.

She's surprised no one noticed her. The sun has just begun to rise today, so no one is awake yet. She starts walking around the deck and exploring her new surroundings. (Let's see, since I'm on the Going Merry we must be somewhere before the Water 7 Arc. Good thing I'm up to the Punk Hazard Arc. Ouch!)

She suddenly remembers the claw marks her foster sisters gave her the night before. (Before I meet the Straw Hats I probably should try to make these marks look better. I don't want to scare them)

She sneaks into the ship with the devil fruit trying to be as quiet as possible without the crew noticing her presence until she walks into what appears to be a small infirmary on the ship. (Perfect! Now all I need to do is patch up my marks. Oh wait! Before something happens I should eat this). She takes the first bite of the devil fruit in her hand and regrets it immediately.

"EW! How the hell did devil fruit users deal with this taste?! Bleugh!" She mutters, and keeps getting grossed out as she finishes the devil fruit and guzzles down a bucket of water to get the taste out of her mouth.

(Hmm… I don't really feel any different. Did the comet give me a dud?) She tries to find out what her power is when she hears voices just outside the room.

"Go into the infirmary now Zoro! I wanna check your injuries from the last battle before breakfast." the voice says who Rose could only guess it to be Chopper.

"Alright, if it will get you off my back faster let's get it over with." Zoro says.

(Shit... Of all the people for Chopper to check up now it had to be Zoro. I gotta hide! I gotta hide!) She scrambles urgently until she finds some barrels to hide behind. (Shit… Why didn't I just stay on the deck? They're gonna think I'm a thief now damnit!)

Zoro and Chopper walk into the room and Zoro immediately detects that something is not right. "Chopper, before we start the physical mind if I look around the room for a bit?"

Chopper is confused about the request but he complies.

Zoro looks around and Rose is immediately starting to panic. When she doesn't hear anyone's voices she decides to peek a little only to see Zoro with his sword out about to cut her in half.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Rose screams as she jumps out of the way in time to dodge the blade and lands on her butt in front of a scared Chopper running to "hide" behind the counter, and a pissed off Zoro who pointed his sword right in front of her freckled face.

"You got five seconds to tell me who you are and how you got on this ship." Zoro says with a menacing aura emanating from him.

(Like you would believe I'm from an alternate universe...) Rose sweat drops from the fear of knowing this is no idle threat. "U-Um my name is Rose and how I got here... You would not believe me if I told you…"

"Wrong answer." Zoro unsheathes all three katanas and prepares to lunge at her.

Chopper watched in horror as Rose quickly stands up and bolts it out the door and into the hall to get away from a pursuing Zoro.

(Crap! Crap! Crap! I've been in this world for what? One hour, and I've already pissed off Roronoa Zoro! Hehe, just my luck… Come on devil fruit powers, give me something to work with here!) She silently pleads but nothing happens causing her to get frustrated while running with Zoro on her tail.

"Three sword style... Onigiri!" Zoro charges at her with the back of his blades.

(Shit! I'm so dead! Come on devil fruit, help me avoid the attack!) Suddenly, a burst of wind lifts her above Zoro's head dodging the onigiri attack and landing her safely on the other side of him. She kept running while shocked of what just happened while an equally shocked swordsman kept up the chase.

(What the? I can't believe it, I got the Wind Wind fruit? That is... completely AWESOME! I've always wanted to fly! Wait, less celebrating more running! Zoro is still out for my head. Alright, here goes nothing umm... I command thee wind get me away from Zoro?!) As if on command another gust of wind lifts her up making her fly at top speed causing Zoro to run full speed after her.

"GET BACK HERE!" As the chase ensued Luffy and Usopp were heading out of the men's quarters pumped for breakfast until they see the chase heading towards them.

Rose sweat dropped at Usopps shocked and Luffys excited expressions. (Oh boy... This can't be good...)

"AAH! AN INTRUDER IS ON THE SHIP FLYING AT US! RUN! Usopp yelled while running back to the room.

"AWESOME! SHE'S FLYING!" Luffy yelled with excitement in his eyes.


"GOT IT!" Luffy grabs the girls shoulder and pulls her back but it didn't make her stop. Instead it made Rose go on a U turn with Luffy grabbing onto her, hugging her from behind and becoming a part of the ride.

Zoro looks at him in disbelief. "I SAID STOP HER! NOT RIDE WITH HER IDIOT!"

"What the-? What are you doing?!" Rose blushes from the contact, and struggles to keep control of her flying with a passenger.

"Whoohoo! This is awesome! Hey, how do you stop?" Luffy says as he completely ignores Roses question.

"I honestly have no idea..."

Both flyers are now about to collide with Zoro. He sheathes his swords to avoid the risk of Luffy getting hurt but tries to push her to a stop but as contact was about to be made Rose accidentally made Zoro go straight through her with her new Logia type abilities.

"Ah crap, I can do that too?! Wow!" Rose muttered in excitement not realizing where she was going and looks ahead to see she's about to hit a wall. "Luffy! The ride's over now you gotta let go!"

"No." Luffy deadpanned causing Rose to facepalm.

"Then you leave me no choice." She bites Luffy's hands forcing him to let go and causes her to go full speed to crash through the wall, and stop right above the ocean.

(Crap!) Rose tries to summon more wind to get her inside but nothing happens leading her to plop straight into the ocean.

Zoro managed to fish out the mysterious wind girl before she was too deep in the ocean but not soon enough where she didn't pass out. He managed to bring her out of the water and lay her onto the deck of the Going Merry where 6 other crew members look to see who's the intruder that caused all this chaos so early in the morning.

Chopper makes sure that she's breathing while Nami stares at her with curiosity. "So, you and Zoro found her in the infirmary Chopper?"

He sighs in relief that she's breathing then turns to Nami. "Y-Yeah she hid behind some barrels, but Zoro detected her right away and started slicing at her."

Robin looks at her and notices her claw marks. "I wonder how she got those marks on her body?"

"HOW DARE YOU CUT SUCH A PRETTY GIRL MARIMO?!" Sanji yells furiously as he jump kicks Zoro and he blocks with his katanas.

"Those marks weren't me ero cook! I didn't even land a hit on her because of her devil fruit!"

Chopper went to get the first aid kit as Sanji and Zoro bicker.

Robin uses her devil fruit ability to sprout hands off the deck to stop the two from fighting and puts them in a hold. She turns her attention to Zoro as she releases her hold on them. "What kind of devil fruit does she possess Zoro?"

"My guess is she ate the Wind Wind fruit. She was using it to fly away from me, but she doesn't have any control over it."

Chopper returns with the first aid kit to treat her. "From the looks of these marks it looks like she was clawed by something or someone. We can't say for certain until she wakes up. But, these are pretty deep... I wonder what happened?"

"What I want to know is how she came here in the first place. We haven't been to an island in over a week. It's possible she flew here, but with her lack of control it's not likely." Nami says

Usopp looks at her nervously. "What if she's here to attack us? Because if she is I will use my super Usopp punch to keep us safe!"

Chopper stares at him with stars in his eyes. "R-really?! That's so cool Usopp!"

Luffy shakes his head. "Nah! I wouldn't worry, she's not a bad person."

Zoro raises an eyebrow at him. "How the hell do you know that?"

"Before she crashed she forced me to get off so I wouldn't crash along with her." He shows his bite marks as proof.

Robin giggles. "Heehee, she's a mystery but we'll have to wait until she wakes up to find out more about her."

The crew nods in agreement as they look at the unconscious brunette with curiosity.

"Remember Rose there are many different worlds out there." Rose' mother says before placing her 5 year old daughter to bed. "These different worlds are like the countries in our world. There can be many differences in ways of life but we're all the same in the end."

Rose looks up at her mother curiously. "Mommy, is there a way to travel to one of these worlds?"

"Not yet my dear, but with your father's and my research we should find a way for us to explore other worlds someday soon."

Rose beams with excitement "I can't wait!"

Roses father chuckles as he leans against the doorway. "Hehe, then we have another reason to finish the research." He starts walking up to his wife and daughter while continuing. "Once we figure out how the Timore Comet works, and how we can use its power we'll let you be the first inter world traveler."

Rose pouts at that. "No, I want all three of us to go together!"

Both parents giggle at her cute declaration before her mother kisses her forehead. "Alright Rose, once we complete our research we'll go together but for now the only world you should be concerned about is your dream world. Good night Rose."

Her father kisses his daughters cheek before tucking his child in. "Good night sweetie."

"Good night mommy and daddy. Love you." The child curled up in bed before immediately going off into her dreams.

Rose woke up with a smile from remembering her parents, but the realization of what happened earlier today hits her and takes her out of her happy daze when she sees 7 curious faces staring down at her intensely.

Rose sweat drops at the awkward silence between her and the crew. (Oh boy, So much for my first impression... I better be careful what I say here.)

She nervously smiles while waving. "H-hi there everybody... Thank you for fishing me out of the ocean. My name is Rose and-" While she was trying to explain herself a rose suddenly appears in her line of vision courtesy of Sanji.

"My dear, you are the most beautiful rose I have ever seen making this poor flower pale against your loveliness. I'm truly captivated by the magnificent angel that decided to float down from heaven and grace us with her glorious pres-" Nami cuts Sanji off with a punch to the side of the head.

"Stop flirting Sanji! We have more concerning matters to deal with here!" Nami turns her way to Rose. "My name is Nami and this idiot is Sanji. Where exactly did you come from?"

"Well... It's kind of hard to explain, it's a long story." Rose says not fully sure how to explain herself.

Robin steps up to her. "My name is Robin. Is it true that you ate the Wind Wind fruit?"

Rose nodded, but when she tried to demonstrate it didn't work. "I swear I'm definitely a devil fruit user, but I just ate it today so I'm not fully sure how it works... I'm just grateful it worked this morning."

"How did you know my name?" Luffy asks.

"You're pretty famous where I'm from. I still can't believe that I'm meeting you today." Rose said with a smile.

"I'm the great warrior of the sea Usopp. Y-you had better not be an enemy because if you are I have 8000 men at my disposal ready to attack so be prepared!" Usopp says while trembling worried about her being an enemy.

Rose giggles at the obvious lie "Don't worry Usopp, I don't wanna fight you nor your men."

"U-um my name is Chopper. How did you get these claw marks? It's not like I care or anything! I'm just concerned as a doctor." Chopper asked defensively as he finishes treating the marks.

"My foster sisters gave them to me after they stole my money, but don't worry I didn't get these marks in vain. I managed to break both of their noses!" She gives him a triumphant grin. "Thank you for treating me Chopper. I'm sorry for scaring you back there. I wanted to treat the marks before I introduced myself, but the whole scenario happened… Everyone, thank you for fishing me out and I'm sorry for intruding the ship, biting your captain, and making a hole in your ship." She politely bows while Sanji walks up to her with hearts in his eyes.

"There's no need for you to apologize Rose-chwan. If anyone should apologize it's the moss head who should for scaring you into a chase."

Zoro twitches an eyebrow. "What was that love cook?! If she had just explained herself I wouldn't have chased her"

Sanji turns to him angrily. "Shut it marimo! She was probably scared of that demonic mug of yours!"

"Oh yeah?!" Sanji and Zoro go back to bickering and having a leg and sword clash.

Rose giggles at the scene in front of them and turns to Luffy "They're always like that huh?"

"Yup! They're really funny, but Sanji is right don't apologize. If you didn't bite me I would've fallen in as well. SHISHISHI." He flashes that toothy grin at her then his face shows an idea popped into his head. "Hey Rose, how about joining my crew?"

Roses eyes widen in shock along with the rest of the crew except Sanji with hearts in his eyes.

"Are you sure it's a good idea Luffy?" Usopp asks with some suspicion left in his eyes.

Luffy nods with a big smile. "Yup! I'm sure she's a good person, besides I wanna go flying again."

Usopp sweat drops at his attitude. (That's probably his only reason...)

"That's a great idea captain! What do you say Rose-chwan? Would you join my side and sail the world with me?!" Sanji says with hearts in his eyes as he kneels in front of Rose while she's complete frozen and not sure of what to do.

Nami whacks Sanji again "Sanji, knock it off! You're gonna scare her! I think it would be a great idea of you joining the crew too. It would be nice to have more girls in the crew."

Robin nods in agreement

"As long as it's ok with the captain I'm fine with it but if you betray us I won't hesitate to cut you down." Zoro says earning him a kick in the head from Sanji

"Don't threaten her moss head!"

As Rose watches the scene before her she can only feel one thing that she hasn't felt in a long time: the feeling of belonging in a family.

"I-I'd love to join the crew! Thank you so much!" Rose politely bows and earns a smile from the crew.


"I'll prepare something extra special for Rose-chwan." With that Sanji hurried to the kitchen to start whipping up a celebration breakfast.

"By the way Rose, what are you wearing?" Nami inquires as the guys were scattering about to their daily activities.

Rose suddenly realized that she was still in her pajamas this whole time. "Back where I'm from this is the usual sleep wear..."

"I see, in that case you can borrow some of my clothes until we reach the next island. Robin, can you help us out here?"

"Of course, this will be fun." Robin says.

"Thank you." Rose says

While the three girls head inside Rose couldn't help but wish to herself that she could stay here forever and cannot wait to start her new adventures.