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The Millennium Falcon…

Leia sat by herself at a lone table which Chewbacca and Threepio had been playing chess at earlier. She had stumbled her way over here, and then rested her chin in her arms. She stared blankly into space wondering why Ben let himself die like that. It seemed now as if she truly was the only one who could carry on the legacy of the Jedi. It seemed like a tremendous amount of pressure for her, as just a few hours ago, her life as a farmer on Tatooine had ended and now here she was traveling around the galaxy to free it from the grip of the Empire.

She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't realize Luke had sat down next to her, after putting a warm blanket over her shoulders.

"Hey." He said, as she looked at him.

"Hey." She mumbled.

"You okay?" Luke asked her.

"I miss him." She said, sadly.

"It'll be okay." Luke assured, planting a kiss on her cheek.

Leia nodded, but it didn't help ease the pain.

"He was the only connection I had left to my family." Leia told him, "And now he's gone."

"Vader and the Empire will pay, I promise you." Luke assured.

"So that was Vader." Leia realized.

"You know him?!" Luke asked surprised.

"Not personally." Leia admitted, "But Ben told me he murdered my mother and father when I was too young to remember them. Then today, his Imperial goons killed my adoptive family, and now Ben's dead as well."

"That's horrible!" Luke said, realizing what this girl had been through, "Look; Vader's taken a lot from all of us. I think the question now is, what do you want to do about it?"

Leia suddenly realized Luke was right. She couldn't sit here mourning forever. Leia knew what that Death Star could do, and was fully aware of the consequences that it could have for the rest of the galaxy. Many more homes could suffer the same fate as Alderaan and families could suffer the same fate as Leia's with being orphaned forever. She now felt a new purpose beginning to grow inside her body. She had come this far, suffered through so much, and gave everything she had just to rescue Luke Organa, and she realized it didn't have to end there for her.

Leia was about to answer when Han called out to them.

"Organa! Skywalker!" He called, "I need you both to take the turrets. You two ever shoot down spaceships before?"

"I've seen my pilots do this many times." Luke assured.

"I've been practicing my whole life for this." Leia added, a new determination rising in her body.

"Then get going!" Han called.

The two went to the turret areas as Luke took the top one and Leia took the bottom one. Leia smiled as she recognized the controls and would be able to do some useful things with them once the TIE's showed up.

Sure enough, they soon did, but they were coming in faster than Leia had anticipated and zoomed past her and Luke, getting some decent shots on the Falcon in the process.

"They're coming too fast!" Leia called out.

"She'll hold together, sweetheart!" Han assured.

"I wish I had your confidence!" Luke called back.

Suddenly, he hit one and cheered happily.

"I got one!" He called.

"Great, your highness!" Leia called, shooting one TIE Fighter's wing and causing it to slam into the other one, "Don't get cocky!"

There was only one more TIE Fighter left, which was coming in close, and Leia kept waiting for the right moment to shoot. Eventually, Leia found the right moment and fired, hitting it dead-center. The ship then exploded into a million pieces as Leia cheered happily.

"We did it!" She screamed, running back up and embracing Luke in a big hug.

Luke lifted her up off her feet and spun her around before putting her back down. The two then joined Han, Chewie, Threepio, and Artoo in the control deck of the Millennium Falcon.

"So where to now, your highness?" Han asked.

"Yavin IV. It's the second base for the Rebel Alliance. Once there, Artoo will be able to give us the lowdown on what to do. We must be strong now."

Leia nodded.

"Your highness?" Leia asked.

"Leia, please." Luke assured, "Call me Luke. You've earned more than enough respect for that."

"Right." Leia apologized, "Luke…I wanted to know…can I be a part of this strike you have planned?"

Luke raised an eyebrow.

"You're seriously asking me?" He said, cracking a smile, "After everything you've done, Leia, you've more than earned my trust to get in there. If you're as good as you are flying a ship as you were with those TIE's, I'd trust you completely with my best men and women."

"Thank you." Leia said, with a humble bow.

"I'd suggest getting some rest, though." Luke suggested, "You look like you haven't got any in days, and you'll need it for the battle."

Leia nodded before going back into the room with the chess board. She laid her body down on her side upon the bench seat, and closed her eyes, falling off into a peaceful slumber. In her mind's eye, she saw images that would more than likely become a reality for her soon enough. These images included her in an X-Wing fighter shooting down Imperials, then images of her, Han and Chewbacca freeing a bunch of oppressed people with Leia leading the charge wielding her father's lightsaber. Next came an image of her fighting Darth Vader with her dressed in robes similar to Ben's. Vader was good, but eventually, Leia got the upper hand and disarmed him before throwing him into a special prison where his Force powers could not be used, to spend the rest of his life in.

Suddenly, she felt someone nudging her and woke up to see Chewbacca towering over her. Chewbacca simply groaned and motioned for her to get out.

"Okay!" Leia groaned, getting up on her feet and exiting. It was there that she got a perfect look at Yavin IV, it was amazingly beautiful and the temple which she saw rebels entering and exiting from was perfect. Seeing Luke, Han and the others near the entrance waiting for her, Leia quickly ran up and was soon directed over to where the other fighters for this attack on the Death Star were waiting. Soon, a General named Jan Dodonna showed up and began to explain the plans to them.

"Thanks to the information we recovered," He explained, "We have learned that the Death Star does indeed have a fatal weakness. Our military plan is that a single Starfighter should be able to make this run."

"Pardon me, sir?" Someone asked, "But what good would that do, and if this just needs one Starfighter, why are we all gathered here."

Dodonna gave a soft chuckle before continuing.

"Well," He said, "This is where the rest of you come in. This battle station is powerful, but the plans Prince Luke Organa recovered revealed that by running down this trench run," He pointed at a video showing a blueprint of the Death Star along said trench run, "A simple photon torpedo fired into this thermal exhaust port," he indicated the mark, "Should cause the Death Star to explode. However, it's important to keep in mind that only a precise hit will destroy the Death Star, and this thermal exhaust port is only two meters square, so you'll have to make this shot count."

"Two meters square?!" Wedge Antilles, a Corellian pilot declared, "That's no bigger than a womp rat!"

"I used to bulls-eye womp rats with my T-16." Leia assured, "They're no bigger than two meters."

"Then man your fighters." Dodonna declared, "And may the Force be with you."

Everyone left and got suited up. As Leia put her orange spacesuit on, she once again wished that both of her families and Ben could see her now. She really looked like someone ready for action, and she felt ready to take the Empire head-on. She remembered how Ben told her that her real father was one of the best Starfighters and now it was time for her to see if she truly lived up to that same reputation. On the way to her X-Wing, Leia spotted a familiar face and smiled.

"Biggs!" She called out.

Noticing his friend's voice, Biggs saw Leia and waved back before walking over to her and embracing her in a big hug.

"LEIA!" He declared, "How are you! Congratulations on rescuing the prince!"

"Yeah." Leia smiled, "Who would've thought, huh? I told you I'd be here!"

"Yeah. I couldn't believe it myself!" Biggs grinned, "See you when you get back!"

"Sure thing." Leia smiled.

As she continued over to the X-Wing that had been selected for her, she noticed Han packing some stuff with Chewbacca. Curious, she went over to the smuggler and decided to see what was up.

"Han?" She asked, "What's going on?"

Han looked at her and then nodded to Chewbacca who began bringing the boxes over to the Falcon. Leia suddenly understood what he was doing.

"So you got your reward and now you're leaving?" She asked.

"That's right." Han replied, avoiding making any sort of eye contact with her, "I got some old debts I gotta pay off with this stuff. You wanna come with me?"

"Han," Leia argued, "You can't leave now!"

"Why not?" Han asked, "I already did what you asked, I brought you all where you needed to be, and I stuck my neck out and followed you and the prince more times than I should've. As far as I'm concerned, my work here is done."

"Han, please!" Leia begged, "Look around you! You know what's going to happen here! We could use a good pilot like you?"

"What good's a reward if you're not alive to use it?" Han asked, "Sides, attacking a giant space station is entirely different from goin' inside it."

"Han…we need you!" Leia protested, following Han up the ramp of the Falcon.

"We need?" He repeated in a mocking tone, stopping halfway.

Leia stopped and looked at him, wondering what he was getting at.

"Yes!" She declared.

"What about what you need?" Han asked.

Leia tried raising her chin to his full height to meet his question, but then back down when she realized that she had no idea what she was talking about.

"I don't even know what you're talking about." She told him.

"Probably do." Han said, snapping his fingers.

"And how am I supposed to know?" Leia declared, putting one hand on her hip as she had been carrying her Starfighter helmet under her other arm.

"C'mon!" Han grinned, "You're just want me to stay because of the way you feel about me!"

Leia stared at him as if she were talking to a fool.

"That's not it at all!" She protested, "I think you're a wonderful pilot and that with you on our side, our forces would be more than a match against the Death Star."

"Nope." Han said, shaking his head, "That's not it at all. I know that look in your face. You just can't stand to see me leave without saying goodbye. C'mon! C'mon!"

He repeatedly put his finger in her face until Leia brushed it away.

"You're imagining things!" Leia declared in defeat before feeling like she just had to give up, as Han was too focused on leaving rather than staying and fighting with them.

"So why are you talking to me then?" Han smirked, "Afraid I'd say goodbye without giving you a kiss?"

"I'd rather kiss a hutt!" Leia declared.

Han looked hurt and Leia realized she had pushed this too far, and looked at the ground regrettably.

"I'm sorry." She apologized.

"I am too." Han said, "Look, Leia…whatever our differences are, we shouldn't be fighting."

"You're right." Leia nodded, "So I guess this is goodbye then."

"Looks that way." Han nodded.

Leia went to walk away, but stopped when she heard Han call out to her again.

"Leia…" He called, as she looked at him, "Good luck."

Leia smirked back at him.

"Thanks, Captain. That's very sweet of you, but I don't believe in luck." She grinned.

"Well," Han smiled, "May the Force be with you, Leia."

Leia walked away, praying the smuggler and his Wookie friend would be all right. As she approached her X-Wing, she was stopped one last time when she saw a strange sight. There was Prince Luke getting into his own X-Wing starship.

"Luke?!" She asked, amazed.

Luke stopped and looked at her with a grin as if he had played some funny prank on her.

"What are you doing?!" Leia asked, "Shouldn't you be with all the other military leaders?!"

"Nope." Luke smiled, "I've convinced them to let me fly with you all so I can lead the attack personally."

"What?!" Leia asked, "But Luke…you could die out there!"

"Then I'm going to do my best not to die, and I hope you and the others will have my back then." Luke assured, "I need to get back at the Empire as well, just as you need to avenge Ben and your parents. So like it or not, Leia Skywalker, I'm flying with you guys."

Leia just nodded and looked at him seriously.

"May the Force be with you, then." Leia told him.

"Same to you." Luke replied.

With that, Leia finally made it to her own X-Wing where they were loading Artoo into. Leia readied herself and put her helmet on, and took off. Soon, all the starships were checking in, and she waited until her name was called.

"Red five, standing by." Leia called, as Luke called out his number. With that, the X-Wings opened their wings and the assault on the Death Star began. Almost instantly, TIE Fighters and Star Destroyers appeared and began firing. Leia spun around in her ship taking out as many as she could while occasionally, shooting down some more TIE Fighters, and occasionally saving a couple of the others.

"I got one on our tail!" Leia heard Biggs cry out, as she shot a TIE Fighter chasing him.

"You're welcome, Biggs!" She called.

"Thanks, Leia." Biggs replied.

"This is it, everyone!" Wedge declared, as Leia's heart beat faster and her hands began shaking and sweating.

Then she heard another voice which wasn't on any of the comms.

Leia…let go…

That voice…it sounded like…

"Everyone!" Luke's voice declared over the comms, "I'm going in. Leia, Wedge, cover me!"

"Copy that, Luke!" Leia noted as she and Wedge followed Luke down the shaft.

Soon, they were running along the trench. Leia hoped that they could pull it off when she heard Luke speak over the comms.

"Uh-oh." He said, "We're getting word from base, everyone! We gotta move!"

"What is it?!" Leia asked worryingly.

"Looks like the Death Star's getting charged up again." Luke explained, "And I don't think I need to tell you where they're going to fire at."

Feeling determination, Leia continued going down the trench.

"Organa, watch out!" Leia called.

Just then, a laser hit her friend's X-Wing. Fortunately, it was all right, but Luke was already pulling out.

"I'm sorry." He apologized, "I gotta go. One more hit and I'm finished."

"It's alright." Leia told them, "I got this. Wedge, cover me!"

"Are you crazy?!" Wedge demanded.

"Wedge," Luke assured, "Trust her!"

Wedge groaned as Leia flew under him then back up enough to be on track for the thermal exhaust port. Leia turned on her targeting computer and began waiting for the countdown when she heard the voice again.

Use the Force, Leia. The voice said.

Leia knew who it was.

"Ben?!" Leia asked, amazed.

Leia! Let go! Trust me! Ben's voice urged.

Not wanting to argue or question how Ben was speaking to her, Leia turned off her navigation computer.

"Leia!" Luke's voice called, "Base is telling me you switched off your navigation computer. What's going on?!"

"I'm fine." Leia assured, "Just get back to base in one piece."

"Alright." Luke told her, "But hurry up! The Death Star's almost cleared!"

Suddenly, a laser shot Wedge's ship as he was forced to pull out.

"I'm sorry." He apologized, "I can't stay with you."

Leia cursed as she continued with her speed. She suddenly felt cold again and realized it meant to her surprise that Darth Vader was following her. Ignoring him, she attempted to move around and confuse him. It seemed to work at first, but then Vader got a good shot and hit Artoo.

"I've lost Artoo!" Leia declared, continuing down the trench, "Dammit, Luke. Why'd you have to leave now?!"

"Leia!" Luke called, "You're almost there and the Death Star's cleared! Finish this for us! For Alderaan! For Ben! For your parents!"

Leia nodded focusing and feeling a strong connection to the Force as she flew close to the end.


Vader was surprised. This young girl seemed to be strong in the Force. It was unlike anything he had felt before, but he seemed to recall the feeling a long time ago.

Finally, his fighter had locked onto the Rebel's X-Wing.

"I have you now!" Vader declared.

But before he could press the button and fire, another blast came out of nowhere and destroyed one of the TIE fighters next to him.

"WHAT?!" Vader demanded.

Leia grinned when she heard a familiar new voice yell over the comms.

"YAHOOO!" Han Solo declared, firing off another laser from the Millennium Falcon.

The blast hit the TIE Fighter remaining next to Vader's, causing it to slam into him and spin out of control into the far reaches of space.

"You're all clear, kid!" Han told her, "Now let's blow this thing so we can go home!"

Leia nodded. Feeling one with the force, she fired the twin photon torpedoes which went straight into the thermal exhaust port. She then pulled out and sped out with the Falcon and all the other ships following close behind. Soon afterwards, the Death Star exploded, as everyone cheered. Leia felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as the ships returned to Yavin.

"Great shot, kid!" Han yelled, "That was one-in-a-million!"

Leia nodded and heard Ben's voice again.

Leia… he told her, The Force will be with you…always.

Leia nodded in happiness as she began the trip back to Yavin IV. Today, she was now a full-fledged hero of the Rebellion. She had made her family and Ben proud. And she would now do everything within her power to defeat the Empire and restore order to the galaxy.



Once she arrived, there was a crowd of rebels just waiting to meet her. As she descended, they all hoisted her up into the air and began cheering her name. Biggs (whom she saved a couple of times before going in for the run,) Luke, Wedge, and eventually Han and Chewbacca showed up to congratulate her. Even Threepio was entering as fast as possible and sounding very pleased. As Chewie gave her a little head rub, Leia looked at Han with a smirk.

"Thought you had debts to pay." She joked.

"Well…" Han said, rubbing the back of his neck, "Let's just say that when you said you'd rather kiss a hutt, I realized it's better to work with a bunch of great people than with slimebags like hutts."

Leia smiled as hugged her friends before they heard a faint whistling sound and looked up, suddenly becoming saddened.

"Oh no…" Leia said, seeing the badly damaged Artoo being brought out of her X-Wing. He was smoldering black and there was smoke coming from him.

"Artoo!" Threepio called, sadly, "Oh, no!"

"Don't worry," Luke assured, "We'll repair him as best we can…"

"Oh, Prince Organa, Sir!" Threepio called, "If you find that you do not have enough parts to repair him, I will gladly allow you any parts of mine that could be compatible if it means saving poor Artoo."

Luke smiled.

"Thanks, Threepio." Luke nodded, "We'll have our best men work on him and see if there's anything that you can help with."

"It would mean the world to me, Sir." Threepio nodded.



Leia smiled as she, Han, and Chewbacca walked down the aisles of rebels gathered here, towards Prince Luke who was wearing regal clothing, and had three medals ready for them. As they reached the end of the hall, the Rebel troops turned to look at them as Luke put the medals on Chewbacca, Han, and finally Leia. Leia turned and faced the rebels who all applauded and she felt happy. Nearby, Threepio stood next to a repaired Artoo who whistled and chirped happily. At last, she had a new family who she would fight with until the very end to free the galaxy so that all species would one day live in peace.

It was going to be a long fight, but Leia would stand by her friends until the end.


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