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Chapter One,

Beginnings and Obligations

It wasn't that he particularly enjoyed his line of work.

"I swear to all the gods that exist on this ball of mud that if you try that again, I will kick your ass all the way to Neverland."

It was just something he had to do because that's the way it had always been. He had no choice in the matter, really. His mother did it, so did his mother's parents, and their parents before her.

"You will go to Ouran Middle School in the new semester and I don't want to hear any arguments."

He never really thought about it before. Whether it was right or wrong, whether there was actually any point to what he was doing.

"My name is Satou Haruka, and you?"

Haruka. The girl who made him stop and think. She asked questions, many, many questions that, even though he thought he knew everything there was about himself, he could never find the answers to them.

"My name is…"


Kunai jerked upward at the sound of the bell on the door jingling, signaling that a customer had entered the cafe. He hastily snapped his notebook shut, shoving it into the pocket of his apron and stepping out from behind the counter to greet his guests.

"Welcome," Kunai offered the young couple a warm smile and two small, colourful menus. It was obviously handmade in the sense that you could see that both had been crudely coloured in with pencil crayons and decorated in differing drawings. "Table for two?"

The brown-haired boy ignored their inquisitive stares toward his eyepatch—it was something you got used to after four years of wearing it—and led the duo to a small table near the window, leaving them to chat with each other while they decided their orders.

"You were really spaced out for a few minutes there, Ai," A boy with a head full of teal-blue hair snickered at his co-worker from behind a small window that led to the kitchen. "Better watch out, or Ryuu-kun and Red'll have your ass."

Kunai rolled his eyes, used to his friend's antics. "Shut up, Tao," He glanced back over to the couple, keeping an eye on them.

"I bet you were writing about your girlfriend," Tao teased, leaning forward to get a better view of Kunai. "Something about how you love how her beautiful black hair shimmers in the sunlight, that there's nobody else you love most in the world—" Kunai whacked Tao in the face with the back of his hand, effectively cutting the other boy off.

"—Ex-girlfriend, and at least I had a girlfriend, unlike someone," Kunai scoffed, turning back to the counter. It had a nice, clean-looking varnish on it, making it look shiny and a nice rich brown, matching the rest of the rustic-style cafe. The walls were washed in a soft, soothing orange that had small, light purple decorations in the corners. All in all, it was easy on the eyes for the most part, unless you had something against the colour orange. "You just flirt with every person you see." Tao shrugged, not even denying it.

"What can I say? The seeds of love scatter in many different places, my friend." Kunai snorted in response to Tao's words.

"More like the seeds of lust." He ignored his friend's cries of indignation and strode over to get the orders at the couple's table, quickly returning and tossing the paper he wrote them down on back at Tao. "Here you go, Master-Chef," Tao rolled his eyes and picked up the paper, skimming over the sloppily written words.

"Why thank you, Silver-san," The blue haired boy promptly turned away from his friend, leaving Kunai to his thoughts—and dishes.

He absentmindedly wondered how busy the store was going to get in a few hours. The store, Sweets and Treats, was typically very busy during lunchtime and dinnertime so Kunai tried to avoid getting his shifts on those hours. However, he tended to accidentally anger his manager which would result in more shifts during rush hours.

Kunai shook his head and sighed, knowing that he would most likely be roped into doing a long day today as well. On the bright side, it gave him more pocket money to spend. For a family on the richer side, his mother was somewhat frugal due to her "commoner" lifestyle before meeting his father, resulting in Kunai wearing his older brother and sister's hand-me-down's until he reached the age of twelve. It resulted in quite a few misunderstandings about his gender between him and his classmates when he was younger.

"Oi! Kunai," Tao hissed from the window under his breath. His grey eyes were wide and frantic. "Watch what you're doing!"

Kunai glanced down to see that the water in the sink had started to freeze over and dropped the glass in surprise, muttering a curse under his breath. He had a bad habit of freezing things when he spaced out. Luckily for him, only Tao noticed.

Kunai waved his hand over the sink discreetly, focusing on the slushed up water, willing the ice to go away with his mind. It did, but it left the temperature in the negatives, which meant that he was going to have to start over.

Damn it.

"Rule number one: Never reveal your powers in front of someone you don't trust through and through, human or otherwise."

"—and that's why learning about the history of Japan is important." The teacher had written down notes about important time periods and people, along with several other small details. "Not understanding the past leads to more misunderstandings and conflicts in the future."

What I wouldn't give for a mute button right now, Kunai thought dully, staring blankly at the front of the room and nodding along mechanically with the rest of the class. One boy in particular seemed to be having trouble keeping up, his brown eyes glazing over and a confused frown creasing his face. Kunai couldn't blame him. It was about as entertaining as watching a cat clean itself.

Kunai glanced over at the clock above the doorway, watching the second hand inch its way along the white circle. Okay, I just have to get through ten minutes two times, and I'm out of here—or I guess five minutes four times. Kunai let out an almost inaudible groan, lightly tapping his forehead to the desk. He heard a couple giggles from behind him and several whispers that he could barely make out some of the words to.

"…Silver-san… Tired… Cute…"

"Hikaru-kun… Wait to see him… Host club…"

"…Tamaki-senpai is so… New cosplay…"

Kunai shook his head, thinking that he must've misheard their words. They couldn't've just said 'cosplay,' right? Right?

A hand tapping impatiently against his desk yanked Kunai out of his thoughts.

"Silver-san," The teacher said, shooting a deadly glare over at him. Kunai straightened up quickly as the giggles from behind him got louder. "If you could pay attention until the end of class, it would be greatly appreciated." Crap.

"Yes, Yamaguchi-sensei," The teacher looked satisfied with his monotone answer and walked back to the board, continuing his lecture.

Kunai slouched in his seat again, taking a better look at his classmates.

On his first day at Ouran Middle School, he'd noticed that there was a surprising amount of non-human students at the school. Even now, in high school, he had a few non-human classmates but he couldn't figure out what some of them were. There were only two Kunai was able to identify through their glamour which helped hide some of their more… otherworldly features. As far as Kunai could tell, there was an Amemasu, a type of shape-shifting fish, and a Uwabami, a snake-like shape shifter that could control the elements to some extent.

Both were fairly unexpected since they typically stayed out in the wilderness, away from humans but, perhaps, they were half-human, like Kunai himself.

Either way, he didn't plan on bothering them.

"Rule number two: Don't cause conflict, argue, or draw attention to yourself unless necessary. You'll just get yourself killed."

"Chairman's office, chairman's office," I hummed, scanning the doors for Suoh Yuzuru's name.

My mother had informed me over the phone during lunch break that the chairman of Ouran wanted to meet with me again for some reason. She sounded oddly serious, unlike her normally cheerful demeanour. Mom said that they had worked out a deal to pay back the Suoh family for what they did for us in the past. Of course, I agreed. The chairman was to give me the details today after school. "Ah, here is is."

I stifled a yawn as I found the door, walking through and giving a polite smile to the secretary who was behind the desk. She waited for me to speak, staring at me expectantly.

"I have an appointment with the chairman…" I said, almost phrasing it like a question as I got distracted by the various painting on the walls. They were bright and vibrant, painting a picture of the personality of the chairman himself. "I was supposed to come down today?"


"Silver Kunai." The secretary nodded and started typing away on her computer, most likely searching me up in the database. She glanced down at her notes, then back up at the computer.

"Yes, here you are… Silver Kunai-san, supposed to talk to the chairman about extracurriculars and get your student card, right?" I fidgeted with my hands nervously. That wasn't what I was coming to talk about, however, I guessed it was going to be a cover for whatever he wanted me to do. Great. That's not suspicious at all.

"Yep, that's me," I agreed, glancing over to the large wooden door behind her. It was very fancily decorated with a gold trim and several carved designs. "Should I wait…?" The secretary shook her head with another small smile.

"No, feel free to go in and get comfortable. I'm not aware of any other visitors or meetings today, so you should be fine." I nodded as she gestured to the door I was looking at and gave her a slight bow.

"Alright, thank you." I moved over to the door and pushed it open curiously, poking my head inside first to made sure I wasn't interrupting anything. "Excuse me, I'm here for my appointment."

A man with tanned skin and kind grey eyes glanced up from his desk as I spoke, shuffling paper around it. He stared at me blankly for a few moments before his eyes lit up in recognition.

"Ah, yes, Kunai-kun, how nice to see you again," Yuzuru Suoh gave me a practised, warm smile, setting down his work. "Please, come in."

I glanced around the room, noting the large amount of photos on his desk and the large window behind him, revealing the clock tower that was at the center of the campus. "I'm sure your mother has already told you that I have a favour to ask of you." I eyed him warily, remembering my mother's warning not to take his words at face-value. He had the ability to completely destroy my family with one wave of his hand and was a notorious manipulator. Yuzuru was still wearing that disarming smile, leaning forward onto his interlaced hands. "Please, take a seat."

I looked around for a moment before sitting down in what felt like a leather armchair. I shifted uncomfortably as I spoke. "Yes, at least, she told me that there was a way to pay you back for your kindness all those years ago." Yuzuru shook his head with a small smile, negating my words.

"No, that was what any other person would've done in that situation."

"Regardless, you still saved my mother's life from the men pursuing our father and for that we will be eternally grateful."

"I heard your father died a couple years ago in an accident. He was a great man both in and out of business and a pleasure to work with—my condolences to you and your family," Yuzuru said, his eyebrows furrowing. "He was truly a kind man, your father."

I pressed my lips together, giving him a curt nod. I was still a little sore about that topic. "Thank you. Now, back to the topic at hand, what was it that you wished to discuss with me?" The drawn out small talk was making me anxious. Yuzuru let out a sigh and leaned back, his grey eyes suddenly laced with exhaustion.

"Getting right to it, I have a plan that I need help with—however, doing so may possibly put my son, Tamaki, in danger." I glanced down at the photos of a blond teen with sparkling violet eyes.

In one, he was standing next to a beautiful blonde haired woman, clearly very happy. In another, he was surrounded by a group of male teens and a couple girls, a large grin on his face. "I assume you've heard about my 'illegitimate' child whom I had out of wedlock with a woman from France." I nodded.

It was common knowledge around the school that the chairman's son had happened in an affair. I'd come across the kid a couple times in the lunchroom and, honestly, I just figured it was some kind of rumour. Kids were nasty, whether or not they were rich.

"Well, I plan to make him legitimate." I raised an eyebrow at his bold declaration. That's gonna be a hell of a lot of work, buddy. "To do so, I've already contacted the Ootori family to help me."

"So, where do I come into play?" Yuzuru stared me straight in the eye, dead serious and threatening.

"You mustn't tell anyone about these plans, Kunai-kun, as I'm sure you realize. What I'm planning to do is incredibly dangerous and risky, and could possibly destroy your relations with numerous powerful families if done incorrectly." Ouch. That would—in a word—suck. Our family practically lived off of the wealthier families that came to our shops and shrines or bought our statues. If that were to be cut off, we would be screwed. "If you were found out, the Suoh family would not back you up - and I'm sure you realize the consequences if you don't accept my offer. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes." No. Not at all. What the hell are you planning?

"Rule number three: Never reveal your weakness or allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of others."

The chairman's room was filled with tense silence as Kunai processed what he'd just heard. Yuzuru was right—it was certainly risky, but it would yield high rewards for everyone involved. All he had to do was keep anyone suspicious away from his kid's club. However, if word got around about what Yuzuru meant to do, it would become problematic. Not to mention, if he backed out, the Suoh family would start destroying their source of income.

"…I know it's a lot to ask, but I would really appreciate any help I could get," Yuzuru said, his brow creasing in concern for the young man in front of him. "With your abilities, it would surely be much easier to keep away the riffraff. What do you say?"

Kunai stayed quiet for a moment, his light blue eye closed in thought. "I'll do it."


Kunai looked up, resolved in his decision. "I'll do it. You've done so much for us in the past, and we do owe you."

Yuzuru's eyes went wide for a moment before switching to an expression of delight. "Thank you, really, thank you so much," He let out a relieved laugh, giving Kunai a smile so happy you'd think he had just offered the man a million bucks—not that he'd need it as a multi-millionaire. "And I have the perfect way for you to get near my son without much suspicion, provided you work hard."

"Work?" A feeling of dread washed over Kunai. Oh god, he doesn't want me to become part of the staff at his estate, does he?