River sat on her bed, book in hand, lost in thought. She had been released from SCF (Stormcage Containment Facility) just a little over a month ago. And since then, she didn't have anything to do. She would be travelling time and space, causing hell, if she had her vortex manipulator. But SCF protocol stated that any belonging of prisoners would not be returned for at least two months.

All the woman could do, at this point, was wait. Wait until her manipulator was returned or till The Doctor magically showed up to solve whatever disaster was going to happen at this time. Wasn't that what always happened when he showed up?

River attempted to read her book but her mind kept wandering to her time in prison as well as to wondering when The Doctor would return. It got to the point that she decided that it would be best if she just went to bed. She wasn't sure but she hoped that it would be some kind of distraction. Even, if only for a few hours.

The next morning, the time traveler was awakened by screaming and laughing. She knew it coming from the bedroom at the other end of the hall. She looked over at the alarm clock on the bedside table to her left to see that it was seven in the morning. Usually, Ms. Song was a morning person, up and ready for the next adventure. But considering she had been up till four day dreaming, she was tired and extremely irritable.

She quickly got out of bed, grabbing her bathrobe on the way out of the room. She made her way, slightly clumsily to the room where the annoyance was coming. "Dad, could you stop tickling mum awake in the morning? I think it's getting a bit old," she said as she swung the door open. "Or at least get the room sound proofed."

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning," Amy noted as watched River storm her way downstairs. In return to her statement she got a groan. River really wasn't doing too well that morning.

Amy quickly jumped out of bed and followed after her daughter. Rory, knowing that they needed some time alone, decided to get some more sleep.

River, feeling like a heavy breakfast, was looking for the waffle iron. It had its specific place in the kitchen but Rory insisted on putting it wherever he immediately found open space. This was much to his wife's and daughter's chagrin.

River knew it when her mother entered the room but didn't say anything as her mother would be the one to start up the conversation. "You stayed up thinking about him, about travelling, again didn't you?"

The woman let out a heavy sigh in response. "I am so not meant to be staying in one place at one time. I'm the daughter of the TARDIS for crying out loud. I need to be travelling through time and space, not standing still, moving slowly."

"I know." Amy understood what the younger woman was feeling very well. They had known one another since after River's first regeneration. Amy had always been her confidant and when you put her and the Doctor together they knew her better than she knew herself. "He's going to come back sooner or later and just like you I am hoping that it is sooner."

"Thank you Amy." The two of them laughed, and then went on making breakfast together. When it was ready, Amy went through the tedious task of attempting to wake Rory up.

It was the same thing, Saturday. Rory worked himself to the bone when at the hospital. Friday night, he would have a high from working the rest of the week and on Saturday, he would wake up with Amy but the minute his head hit a pillow he was out. And since this happened every week, Amy and River had the displeasure of waking him up. Normally they would just leave him but Amy quickly discovered that if her husband went without breakfast the he could become very disagreeable and cranky.

One would think that once you had found a way to wake Rory one time, it could be used again. But that was not the case. Waking Rory took everything in your arsenal that you could think of. Amelia's husband was the sort of person that once you did something, you could not use that method to wake him up again… at least, for a while.

The woman was thinking of just leaving the man to sleep and just dealing with his wrath later since nothing she could think of was working. She was just about to walk away when the man quickly sat up, wide awake. "Ow," he and his wife shouted. Amy had been leaning over him trying to awake when she had given up. As she had stopped, she didn't know what it was that had woken him up.

"How? What? What made you able to get up? I didn't do anything and you just sat up quick."

"The TARDIS. It's The Doctor." Amy stopped herself from saying what she was going to say next and listened. She could hear it too. The TARDIS making its wheezing sound was something that you just couldn't miss.

Rory's wife quickly runs out their room and heads straight for the kitchen where she had left River to set the table. When she reached her destination she spun 'round looking for her daughter. When she stopped, she realized it was a sort of dumb thing to do considering that the kitchen wasn't very big.

Amy felt a breeze and quickly made her way to the front door. She saw River making her way down the street at top speed to the TARDIS, which was materializing at the end of the street. The woman made quick to follow after her daughter, forgetting about breakfast or making sure that her husband was actually awake and getting himself ready for the day.