River stood in the control room, playing with the dials and buttons on the console, while waiting for The Doctor to get out of the shower. "I don't know why he feels the need to change. It's not like either of us hasn't seen him naked," she spoke aloud to the TARDIS.

The TARDIS hummed softly in reply.

"What do you mean, 'we're not the only ones who have seen this regeneration naked?' I'll excuse the fourth person as that hasn't happened yet but who is this third person? I'm quite curious about who The Doctor would feel comfortable being naked around. He's quite conservative."

At the moment, Amy burst through the TARDIS' doors, causing River to look over to see what was happening. Mrs. Song was surprised by her mother's entranced but it's timing caused a light bulb to click in her head.

Before she could filter the thoughts running through her head, she let fly the first thing that came to mind. "Why have you seen The Doctor naked?"

Amy was confused as to why her daughter would ask her such a random question but decided to answer. "He was looking for a new style as he had only just regenerated and I just so happened to be there while he was changing."

River nodded in understanding before hanging the subject as there was no need to dwell on this one. "I would just like to apologize for missing breakfast yesterday. I hadn't meant to."

Amy now gave the other woman a confused look. What was she talking about? The distance between the house and the TARDIS hadn't been that far. It would take two minutes at most for someone to reach the space-time machine from Amy and Rory's house.

It was then that Pond took s better look at her Melody. She realized then that River was dressed in nothing but a comforter. Or so she assumed. River, seeing her mother trying to burn a hole through the thick blanket, confirmed the older woman's suspicions. This is however only confused Amy more. How do you do the deed in no more than two minutes and think it's been hours? Amy just could not understand.

"Right then, shall we be off?" The Doctor asked as he entered the TARDIS control room.

"Not quite," his wife replied. The excitement in The Doctor's eyes died when he was refused his trip. "Amy's on board and apparently, I haven't been away from the house for more than a couple minutes. But it's been hours."

This, obviously, peaked The Doctor's interest. "Away for minutes but it's been hours," he mused silently. He went up to the console and started toggling buttons, switching switches and whatever else it was that The Doctor did.

Amy and River waited for his answer quietly but not so patiently. The two women had to walk around the room in order to keep themselves slightly distracted.

Song suspected that her husband was wasting time only to annoy the two of them. If it wasn't for the fact that she was still in a slight moment of bliss, River would have shoved The Doctor away and done the search herself.

"I see. The TARDIS changed her internal speed of time. We're moving faster than the world outside." A hum could be heard. "You wanted me to come into contact with River. You planned all this – not that I'm complaining. I'm just surprised."

"I still don't understand why she would speed up time," Amy said, still confused. River and The Doctor shared glances with one another.

River gave The Doctor a look saying that she should be the one to tell her mother as she was the more delicate one of the two. He shrugged, letting he have the go ahead.

"We can't very well spend some quality time if you barged in, now could we?" Amy wasn't usually this slow but she'd been away from The Doctor for quite a while and it was early morning. Once she processed what she was told, she nodded in understanding.

The older woman told her daughter to get dressed and asked The Doctor was ready to go. The obvious questions were asked. When. Where. River, being on the same wavelength as her mother, answered them both in her mother's stead. Here. Now. The two women each grabbed one of The Doctor's arms and led him out of the blue box.

"What are the two of you planning? I don't like this. What is happening?"

"We're taking you home for a family breakfast. It has been long overdue." A horrified look grew on The Doctor's face and he quickly tried to release the grip of the two women from his arms but they held on tight.

The Doctor gave up when he knew that it would be of no use trying to fight against the two women and went along with them quickly.

The group walked peacefully down the street, enjoying the scenery, when one of Amelia's neighbors stopped them from continuing their journey home.. "Oh Amelia, how nice to see you. We haven't talked in a while. This must be Rory." Then he turned his attention to River, "And who is this beautiful lady?"

The three gave each other amused looks before Amy returned her gaze to her neighbor to answer him. "Actually, this is my daughter Melody and her husband, The Doctor. They're visiting Rory and I for a bit."

It wasn't much of a surprise to the triad to see a look of shock on the man's face as he tried to process what he had been told and what he was currently seeing. That is when River jumped into the conversation. "You see sir, time travel is such a funny thing. Amy, here, looks to be in her thirties, which she is, while I look like I am in my fifties. The secret is, I am. I'm just from the very distant future and just so happened to see mother dear all over the place. And The Doctor? Well, he's over 1000 years old but he likes to change his face up now and then."

The neighbor seemed like he was ready to have a heart attack so the women carries the group along before they could be held accountable in case he did have a freak out.

"Time to enjoy this wonderful breakfast the two of us prepared, "River declared as they sat at the breakfast table, ready to dig into the food that had been set.