ch. 1 window of hope

The rain came down hard in that forest, a young girl had just escaped a fate worst then death it's self. A girl with green eyes and golden hair in braids and she had escaped the witch's house, putting her self in danger like that is very foolish but why would she do this you may ask? Well you'll see. Viola had just escaped the house and walk to the bush blocked path she then took out a little bottle and pour the liquid on to the bush. The bush then died and she was able to proceed, on the ground a note was found under her feet.

' dear viola,

I'm sorry for yelling at you yesterday. There's an old legend that says a witch lives in the forest, and kidnaps children who get lost there.

Your friend's house is very near the forest so... I was worried about you. Your friend's name is Ellen, right? I don't mind if you go to her house but just stay way from the forest. Hope to see you home soon


viola couldn't help but to hug the note tightly. As she walk forward to civilization a crawling figure approached a girl about her age (a\n at least in my vision you'll see why later) purple hair, red dress and white sleeves but she looked terrible as if she was ripped apart, her eyes nothing but empty sockets and her legs cut off, barely able to utter a word. "gahh... iiigh... whghh e e" viola walked up to her. And just stood there for a good 30 seconds until 'SLAM SQUIRT' she had stabbed her shoulder and said " boy your stubborn, how long are you going to chase me. You know that body won't last long" the nearly dead corpse replied " giiii... ighhh …. baghhh". "hmm give it back? No way this body hurts much less, besides you gave it to me in the first place why should I give it back... isn't that right. Viola"

the thunder boomed as the imposter finished " you felt so sorry for me. I couldn't even move out of bed. that's why I used my magic to trade bodies with you. Just for a day?" she then giggled " I guess I did say that... I was surprised you could trap me with my own power... …. but to no avail. After all its my house, yes? It wouldn't be killing me anytime soon. I was guided by that house all the way. So I was ensured to escape. … still not dead? I have to applaud your tenacity... ah could it be? Are that worried about your father ?" she was silent for a bit " oh I know. You and your father, viola. A close family of two. Those memories stayed in your body, he's a kind man. A hunter, isn't he. And he even sent you that letter. What a good father" she the continued " so your probably worried about what will happen when your gone? It will be just fine ill give him viola's share of love and ill take that share of love to. how dose that sound? so..." then violas father walked up the imposter Ellen turned around "viola?" he said rushing towards her " viola, that goodness your safe are you hurt?" said viola's dad

"im fine but..." she turned around to viola " that thing chased me" Ellen said pointing at her old body. Viola's dad was speechless at the very sight of it. viola was then struggling to get her dad's attention but with her burned throat she could speech " dii... daigh …... faghhh." the hunter then pointed his gun and said " stay away monster" as he shoot her. Then Ellen in viola's body left with her dad her voice echoing in her head ' good bye viola' as she laughed evilly.

A black cat then walked up to viola , Ellen's contract demon " my my someones in the mites of despair " said the demon " wha..." said viola confused " shhhhh, child this will end it all." just as the demon was about to take her soul a small red bird came in and peck at him followed by a mini blue unicorn and a yellow mini squid like creature. The squid covered the cats eyes so he couldn't see. " hey get off!" he demanded then the unicorn poked him in the rear. As the little creature fled an engine was heard. As a boy on a motorcycle was driving towards the demon and viola. " who dares interfere with my meal" the boy stopped his motorcycle and got of, then took of his helmet. He had brown hair and brown eyes, a black jacket and black shoes and red paints and a red shirt and had a hand shaped belt buckle. He then took out a ring with the image of a dragon coming out of a portal, put it on his right hand and held it over his buckle. The buckle even spoke


a magic portal appeared and the boy stuck his hand through it. Pulling out a big silver gun with a black closed hand. And fired at the demon. To the demon it hurt him. The demon then thought 'impossible only thing that could hurt me was hell fire or... silver' the demon stood up " who are you" he shouted. The boy then said " I am this worlds last hope". He then shoot the demon and the demon backed away then the boy walked up to viola and picked her up he then pulled out a ring with the image of a dragon letting out smoke and put it over his belt.


a big cloud of smoke appeared and just like that the boy and viola where gone "where did they go" the demon said angrily. The boy and viola where now in an ally way " man you look terrible" the boy said " whoo..." said viola struggling to talk. But the boy put a finger over her mouth " don't talk , you'll make your voice worse" the blue unicorn from before came in with a new ring with the image of a dragon behind a plus sign " a new ring, for her?" he asked the unicorn. The unicorn naughed in response " alright" he then put the ring on viola's hand " don't worry you'll be fine" he then placed her hand on the belt


a bright light appeared around viola she felt as if she was being treated, her legs grew back as well as her eyes, her throat was soothed from the burn and she wasn't coughing any more she slowly open her eyes, moaning at the bright light of the sun she then saw that her eyes and legs where back. " my leg" she gasped " my voice it's back" she turn and hugged her savior " thank you, thank you you have no idea what iv'e been through" she then opened her eyes in shock " wait that was magic wasn't it" she said " yeah so?" asked the boy " your not going to hurt me are you" viola asked frightened " no im not evil, I only use magic to bring hope" said the boy " hope?" asked viola "my names Aron, Aron soma whats yours?" said Aron "viola" said viola "why was that demon after you" asked viola. After that viola explain all that happen to her how ellem and her used to be friends until today and the betrayal she felt " I see, a witch did this to you after you switched bodies with her" said Aron viola buried her face in his chest and started crying " why... I thought we where friends ….. friends don't trick you and leave you for dead, I know she was sick and weak but... I just want to go home...
I want to go home, I want my body back, I want my own house back, I want my dad back" Aron then moved her away "don't worry ill help you stop her" he then pulled out three ring one was red with a bird one blue with a unicorn and one yellow with a kraken.


three model kit trays appeared and assembled the three creatures from before and once build he put the rings on them "i need you to find viola's dad and her... ex friend" the three creature all split up to search the town "come on you can stay with me for a while" he said as they walked of. Now how knows

what will happen next

jay kai kamen rider wizard

Ellen: she's alive how

viola: I'll never have my life back (cry's)

Aron: viola I will give you your hope back


wizard: saa showtime da

episode 2: the ring baring wizard

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