First Harry Potter fanfiction
I got the idea from reading Cub by Jadie Stee. It will be similar but different so I hope she doesn't mind.

I love Sirius but I also like mentor/parental Severus too so I'm gonna wright about that.

I know I have other stories I need to update, and I promise I will get to them and update, so those who are into my other stories, just be patient and enjoy.


It was hot. Harry could feel it pulsating under his skin. The flames licking just under the surface, trying to escape but trapped within the barrier that was his flesh. It hurt, it was so hot. He could barely tell where he was.

He laid on the lumpy, moth eaten mattress. The Dursleys didn't even have the decency to put a damn sheet on. The stuffy room smelled of heat and sweat and waste. The summer heat just added to the heat of his inner flames and to his torture.

He found himself once again thinking of Sirius. The warmth of his fatherly embrace that he would never get to feel again. His laugh, his teasing grin, his mischievous, dancing eyes. And the blank look on his face as he fell.

Harry sobbed out as another wave of heat overcame him. Sweat beaded his forehead and rolled down his face and into his eyes so he couldn't even open them.

How long has it been? It felt like it had been days, weeks even. Oh God, I'm gonna die like this! The Dursleys had locked him in his room. Slipping food to him through the cat flap, not speaking to him, not even looking to see if he was there. He had to relieve himself in the waste basket in the corner of the room.

They wouldn't know I was dead till I started to smell of rot! Hell they would probably through his body into the ocean. No one would never know what happened to him.

Did anyone care anyways?

No letters had come since the summer had started. Hedwig was at Hogwarts since Dumbledore had insisted it wasn't safe for her since she was so well known.

Maybe they had abandoned him. They finally realized what a waste of time he was after he messed up everything and got Sirius killed. Ron and Hermione probably realized that he was gonna get them killed if they continued to be his friends.

And Remus?

The man hadn't spoken to him since his best friend had been killed because of his stupidity. He probably hopes that I die here. Because really there was no way that no one knew what was going on in the Dursley's home.

He dropped enough hints. He always asked to stay during the summer at Hogwarts. Dumbledore said it himself that he knew that he was unhappy but he had to endure it for the blood protection.

This is my punishment, I deserve this.

A wave of indescribable pain accompanied the heat this time. He didn't even have enough strength to scream. A heart breaking moan broke through his lips and darkness seeped into his vision.

I'm sorry Sirius...

He lost consciousness.


Harry woke to the feeling of bone deep weariness. He felt like he had slept for weeks but it had done nothing to touch the tiredness he felt deep within himself, within his magic.

It was when he tried to stand on weak limbs that he realized something had changed. He no longer had hands, or normal arms for that matter, He now had paws and animal legs covered with fluffy black fur.

The room seemed to dwarf him like it had never before. Slowly he turned his head and stared numbly stared at the swaying black tail and animal rump.

Harry stared down at his paws for a long moment before takining a deep breath-

and promptly fainted.


Like I said, it will be similar to Cub for a while.
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