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Chapter #2

Severus Snape had a bad feeling.

It was one of those nagging annoying feelings that told you something is gonna happen, something important. He hated that feeling.

His already annoying headache started to throb when the sound of knocking resounded off the portrait hole. He moaned to himself. Great, guests, today is just not my day. He cursed under his breath as he went to answer the door.

"This had better be good, I was in the middle of a brewing a very volatile potion that needs my undivided attention," Severus growled. He was lying of course but there was no way for the old man to tell that, no matter how powerful he was.

"Ah yes, I apologize Severus from taking you away from your non-existent potion," Dumbledore said. His eyes twinkled with amusement. Guess the old fool could tell when he was lying. Severus growled lowly but stepped aside to let the older wizard in.

"To what do I owe pleasure of this visit?" Severus hissed. The pain in his head slowly getting worse as that annoying feeling in the back of his head continued to warn him of something. He really was in no mood to deal with Albus and his infernal twinkling eyes and amused smile that said, 'I know something you don't'.

"Well first, I wouldn't made some tea and maybe some scones, chocolate chip of course," The old headmaster snapped his fingers and a house elf popped into his rooms with the requested drinks and scones. Severus could feel his eyebrow twitch in irritation as he watched the annoying older wizard make himself comfortable on his couch in his chambers.

Pushy old goat.

With a resigned sigh Severus joined the old man, sitting opposite of him and sipping his tea, hoping it would calm him down.

The Headmaster stood a bite of a particular chocolaty scone, humming in delight before taking a sip of his tea also. Setting down his cup, the old man sad back in on the couch with a sigh of bliss before addressing the impatient potions master in the armchair.

"Well, we should get down to the reason I have come to bother you Severus," The headmaster said, pausing to take another sip. Severus resisted the urge to snap at the old coot to hurry up. It would probably make him talk longer anyways, he thought bitterly. "There was a disturbance at the Dursley's home yesterday afternoon."

The annoying feeling seemed to intensify at those words. Of course Potter would be the cause of pain. "What type of disturbance? And why haven't you gone to check on your golden boy?" Severus huffed. Not at all pleased that he was being bothered because of the Potter brat. Still he felt a twinge of worry. Potter might be a arrogant brat, but he was still a child and his student. And if this feeling he sensing was anything to go by, the boy may be in trouble.

"Well, as soon as I felt the disturbance I immediately checked the wards around the home. The were still holding strong and from what I could tell the boy is still in his home now," Dumbledore explained. "The Disturbance was caused by an influx of magic. By the magic signature, it is possible that either young Harry as had a late bout of accidental magic, or he has come early in to his inheritance like some children his age."

"Why are you coming to me about this if the boy isn't in danger?" Severus asked but somehow he knew what the headmaster wanted from him and he could feel dread twist his stomach as the feeling in the back of his head continued to buzz.

"I would like for you to check on Mr. Potter to see if he is in need of assistance. You know how coming into a person's inheritance can effect them. He is probable confused, I would like for you to go and explain to him what is going on. Especially since you went through a dramatic inheritance, you would be able to help the boy."

"No," Severus said bluntly. Setting his empty tea cup down.

"Come now Severus, surely you can take some time out of your very busy schedule in order to help an old man. I would go myself but I have been feeling a little under the weather since the defeat of Voldemort," Dumbledore said, trying to play the old man card.

Yes the golden boy potter had finally defeated the Dark Lord. It happened in the department of mystery, when the dark lord had tried to invade the boy's mind, Potter had actually been able to trap the evil wizard in his mind, and with a blast of pure magic, tear apart his mind. What was left of it anyways. The boy had been in a coma for days after. His magic depleted. By the time he woke up the world had already made a new name for him. The boy-who-conquered.

Severus heal his arm where the mark once laid. After the dark lord's mind was torn apart it seemed that the power he was using to control the dark marks was released. Most of his followers had died when the influx of magic tore the mark form their bodies leaving a burn when the mark once stood. Those who survived was soon caught.

He was caught also. If it wasn't for the headmaster and the boy who spoke out for him he would of stayed in that cell for the rest of his life until his mind broke. Dementors were more foul then he thought, it made him feel some respect for Sirius Black. The man had survived twelve years in that hell and was able to stay mostly sane. He may of hated the man but he did feel sorry that he survived all that time in hell and on the run and never saw his freedom come to pass.

"You owe the boy a debt, you know," Dumbledore stated. The potion master scowled at the old man. Seems the headmaster was done with the easy way, he was bringing out the harder spells.

Severus held the headmaster's eyes for a long moment with a glare. Dumbledore held just as long, his eyes still twinkling, knowing he won.

Sighing in defeat Severus nodded.

The foreboding feeling tingled again.

Damned Potter.


after Harry had woken up he allowed himself a moment of denial. Letting himself believe that it was all just a dream before he gave up. It never worked anyways. Why is it always me that weird stuff happens to?

Even for a wizard, weird stuff always seemed to come to him, first the whole thing with the dark lord Moldyshorts, then the dragon, then the parseltongue, then the giant snake, the fugitive but innocent god father and the triwizard incident. Now this, seems that his like was gonna get any easier.

Slowly Harry tried to sit up. It was kinda hard considering his new limbs were shaking. It was like he couldn't get any strength into them no matter how hard he pushed them. He had a full body ache, like every muscle had been worked to the bone. A small whimpering mewl escaped his muzzle as he finally stood, nearly shocked him back onto the mattress. That sound did not just come from him right? Oh Merlin! He sounded like a kitten!

With another small whimper of distress that made him wince Harry slowly made his way to the end of his crappy bed. Now his bed was really just a mattress on the floor. It could barely be called a mattress it had no support, like the springs just gave up. So he was only a few inches from the floor, but to him, with his tiny tired body it may as well be a hundred feet.

Harry whimpered slightly as he slowly prepared to drop to the floor with a thud and a roll. Harry yelped as he collided with the wooden floor.

He hissed as the fall sent a jolt throughout his abused body. With much effort, he was able to stand fully. Thank Merlin he had left his trunk open, there was no way he would have been able to open it being an animal the size he was now.

It took the better part of five minuets to be able to actually climb into the open trunk and another five minutes to be able to sort dig through out all his clothes and heavy book to find what he was looking for.

The mirror that Sirius gave him. It was useless now, just a painful reminder of the man he lost and the life he would never have, but it was still a mirror and he really wanted to see what he looked like.

It took a little effort to pull the mirror on to the top of the pile of clothes in his trunk. It was slippery and he couldn't really hold on with his teeth. Seriously, if he had to turn into an animal why did it have to be something so small?!

Harry took a deep breath, preparing himself for what he was about to see. Slowly, ever so slowly he opened his eyes.

He mewled in distress as he saw the face of a kitten staring back at him. Well calling himself a kitten was a bit of a stretch. He was about the size of a young cat, not really a kitten, but it was easy to tell just by looking at his face that what ever type of cat he was, he was a baby version. He had pitch black fur covering his body. His ears were large but not as pointed as a normal cat, more rounded like a cub of a big cat like a panther. His head wasn't really the shape of a panther cub, he had seen some in the zoo. It was the first time seeing such large animals so he remembered them vividly, especially the cute baby animals. He looked more like a wild cat. He turned to take a look at his tail. At the zoo he learned that some big cats didn't have tails so maybe that would be a clue to what he was. But when he looked at his tail he was shocked to see not one but two tails whipping around. They had tuffs on the end that were almost triangular shape. Not normal.

He whimpered, oh Merlin! What type of cat was he!? He was hoping he had accidentally changed into his animagus form, at least then he knew he would be able to turn back. But it was pretty obvious he wasn't an accidental animagus. An animagus couldn't be a magical animal and the two tails thing was obviously magical. There was also the blue markings tuning down his sides and back that he hadn't noticed. They looked like tribal tattoos. He looked back and the mirror and noticed he had some markings under his eyes and on his forehead. He hadn't noticed them because he was in a bit of shock at seeing he was a cat!

Harry couldn't help but yowl in despair. Everything in his life was going wrong. First Voldemort comes back, then that toad starts "teaching" DADA, all the while he was being slandered. Then Sirius dies, all because of him, all his fault.

Now he was a magical cat and had no idea how it happened or how to change back or who to go to for help!

Harry couldn't help but continue to yowl in fear, he couldn't even cry tears. All he could do was scream in this animalistic voice. It didn't even occur to him to be silent. The only reason why the Dursleys had been ignoring him was because he was pretty much silent. So silent that they actually forgot about him.

He was too distressed. His emotions were overwhelming. He was usually able to keep his emotions in the back of his mind, but now it was like whatever barrier he had in his mind that kept his emotions at bay had been broken and now his feelings that he had been ignoring were overflowing. His grief for the death of Sirius, his anger at Dumbledore for all that he kept from him and all that the was still keeping from him now. The stress of the past year and his other school years. His longing for someone to see something was wrong with his home life and save him. The pain of being so lonely despite having friends. And his fear and confusion now that he was transformed without any explanation. The fear was so deep rooted, animalistic, it seeped out of his body in waves of cries and stress, What the hell was he supposed to do!

Harry was shocked out of depression when he heard loud banging on the door of his room. He could feel the vibrations of each hit against the door, his uncle was angry.

Before he could even think of hiding his uncle gave up on banging and decided to unlock the door and thrust it open. The door swung into the wall with a loud clattering crash that made Harry fur raise and arch his back stiffly in fright.

His heart nearly shuddered to a halt at the sight of his purple faced uncle looking down at him menacingly. His face seemed to grow a few shades deeper purple as he caught sight of the obviously magical cat staring up at him.

"That freak!" he boomed as he leaned down to grab the cat. Harry finally came back to his senses. His instincts seemed to come over him in the face of real danger and without really thinking about the consequences he raised his paw, wicked claws unsheathed, and dug them into the flesh meat of his uncle's hand. Vernon pulled away with a howl of pain and rage.

Harry didn't give the man time to recover before he darted out of the room and down the hall to the stairs. Somehow he was able to get down the steps without falling over despite his small body but that was when he ran into another problem.

"Mum! Mum! Look! The freak brought one of his freaky animals home," Harry's baby whale of a cousin cried as he reached the bottom of the steps. The overweight teen had just walked into the house when he saw the strange cat running from upstairs, it only took a good look to realize it was freaky like his cousin.

Dudley, in a rare occurrence of quick thinking, quickly closed the door so the cat wouldn't escape. Harry's heart was throbbing in his chest and his breaths were quick and panicky. The over whelming instinct to run, to get away, was quickly getting overturned by the instinct to fight and defend himself, so when his fat cousin leaned down to snatch him from the ground, he jumped at the boy's hand.

Harry's fangs dug into the boy's flesh and his claws swiped and scratched at his arm. Dudley, like his father, screamed at the pain and shook his arm trying to dislodge Harry who just sunk his teeth in deeper, the taste of blood making him feel a bit sick.

Even in the aggressive state Harry was in he still heard the screech of his aunt who had just come from the back yard and the loud thumps on the steps as Vernon descended to aid his son.

Harry felt his scruff get roughly grabbed and didn't even have time to yelp as his was yanked from Dudley's arm, taking a good bit of flesh with him before being tossed into a wall.

Harry cried out as he hit the wall, sending shock waves of pain throughout his small body before falling to the ground. He coughed and wheezed as he painfully tried to catch his breath.

"What in the world is that!?" Petunia cried as she fussed over Dudley's bleeding arm as the boy wailed. Vernon didn't answer as he pulled the freaky cat up from it's prone position on the floor.

"It's bad enough that he has that rubby bird, which is freakish enough now he has a freaky cat, that boy must want the rest of us to look like freaks like him too. Bringing an animal like this into a house of normal people. Where is that boy? I'll teach him!" Vernon raged as he shook the little cat by it's scruff, ignoring the pitiful, pained sounds the kitten let loose.

"He's not here Vernon, he must of sneaked out. He must have been hiding the little beast. What should we do with it Vernon?" Petunia asked fretfully, she didn't like animals, the only one she willingly tolerated were aunt Marge's dogs. She hated the bird the boy had but she couldn't get rid of it because it was how the boy communicated with his freak friends. If the boy stopped sending letters they would know something was wrong and probably send someone to find out why the boy wasn't keeping contact.

But this cat. This cat had no reason to be here but to be the bane of their normal nice lives. If it were a normal cat then they could of given it to one of her neighbors like Mrs. Figg. But this wasn't a normal cat. It was magical and if anyone was to see it then they would know how abnormal the Dersley's really were. It could not leave the house, and it would not stay.

Harry's uncle grinned wickedly as he squeezed the cat's scruff making Harry yowl in pain. Dudley looked excited, eying the cat like a kid would an ant when holding a magnifying glass.

"We'll drown it and then throw it out on the free way. No one would know it had anything to do with us and it will teach the freak what will happen to him if he over steps with his freakishness," Vernon stated grinning down at the kitten sadistically.

"Let me do it dad, I wanted to drown one of Mrs. Figg's runt kittens after she yelled at me for kicking one of her cats but they always got away," Dudley said as he made grabby motions with his hands.

Vernon was about to answer when there was knocking at the door. The fat man huffed in displeasure before tossing the injured kitten into his son's hands. Harry made chocking sounds as Dudley squeezed him.

"Go to the living room and keep the beast quiet, we don't want anyone to see it," Vernon shooed his son away who excitedly clutched the kitten, a bloodthirsty gleam in his eye.

Harry whimpered fearfully in his cousin's grip only to earn a painful swat to the head for the noise. He was gonna die. His cousin and uncle were finally gonna kill him, and they didn't even know it. No one would. No one would check on him till they noticed he wasn't in school, that was months away. He was gonna rot on the side of a road in this cat form and no one was gonna know.

More knocking came from the doorway, loud and resounding. Like the ticking of his life away. He head the voice of his aunt calling "coming!" in a sickening sweet voice before the sound of the door being open. There was a long pause before his aunt let out an ear shattering screech.

"Vernon! It's one of them!" Loud thumps followed as her husband went to her. Harry couldn't see anything since Dudley was holding him behind his back as he peeked around the corner to the doorway. Harry knew who 'they' were, it was a wizard, someone had come!

"Good afternoon Dursley, my name is Professor Snape from Hogwarts, I have come to check in with your nephew," Snape! It was Snape! Harry had never thought he would see a day where he was relieved to hear that name.

"We don't want your kind here, it's bad enough you dumped that freak on our doorstep. Leave! Get off my property!" Harry heard his uncle snarl. There was a gasp from his uncle and a small screech from his aunt before Dudley let out a squeak and pulled his head away and back around the corner.

"I don't give a damn about what you want, where is the boy?" Harry heard Snape hiss. It was then that Harry came out of his stupor and realized he needed to get away from his cousin's grip and get to Snape. Harry was able to twist himself and sink his teeth into his hand again. Dudley screamed and nearly dropped him, but before he fell Dudley caught him, he tightened his grip till there was a small snap and a searing pain in his hind leg where his cousin had grabbed him.

Harry let out a screeching yowl of pain. There was a lot of noise suddenly, but Harry couldn't really focus on it. His mind was a haze of pain, it racked his small body, he was thrown into a wall then squeezed and then had his leg broken. He could barely breathe and the grip of his cousin's hand didn't help. But suddenly the pressure of the grip was gone and was replaced with large warm hands that lifted his body and stroked his fur.

Harry coud hear soft cooing noises and warmth as his body was tucked into a warm robe covered body.

His last thought before the world fell away was that Snape smelled like forest.

Then his world vanished.


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