How it began

Sitting on his throne in the palace of New Sheoth, Sheogorath was bored. It had been centuries since he'd been out adventuring as the Hero of Kvatch, and while it had been fun to meet the Dragonborn during his vacation in the mind of Pelagius the Mad, it had been years since the Wabbajack had last been used. Deciding he needed some change he let his spirit leave his body, and journeyed out into the multitude of realities that could, would, had or were existing outside of Nirn. While the other Daedric Princes and the Aedra were bound to the planes which housed their followers and worshipers, he weren't bound by those limitations, since he didn't really have worshipers and followers, due to the nature of madness itself.

Instead, where-ever madness existed, he could too. So when he felt the dark madness from an individual on a certain world, he decided to take a look. The closer he got, the more he could hear the thoughts of the person the madness came from, and he didn't like what he heard. Apparently, this person was on his way to kill a family for no other reason than the fact a prophecy MIGHT indicate the young couples newborn child to be the one to defeat him, and end his plans for world domination.

Despite having lost most of his human side during the centuries since he'd become the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath felt himself turn pale in rage at the cruelty this... this creature contained!

Following the creature, it didn't take long before they came to a house. Looking upon the house, Sheogorath could see the magic that swirled around it in a protective fashion, feeling the power behind it. For a brief moment, he felt relieved, believing that the magic protection of the house would stop the creature, but it just continued walking forward, ripping the protection to bits. The creature stopped in from of the door, and lifts a hand, holding a stick. For a brief second, Sheogorath wondered what the stick was for, but then he felt magic gather around the creature, focusing on the tip of the stick. Then a light flashed and the door was gone. As the creature stepped inside, a dark-haired man came into view. The fear was clear in his eyes as he looked upon the creature before he turns away and shout "Lily! Take Harry and run!". The creature just laughed as it lifts the stick again, pointing it at the man. It shouts "AVADA KEDAVRA!" and a green light flashes from the stick, and the man falls to the floor, dead. Stepping over the body of the man, the creature climbs the stairs to the second floor, the stick held high. Once it had reached the top of the stairs, it walks into a room in which a young woman stands before a small bed, in which her child lay. The woman beggs it to spare her child, but the creature just laughs at her.

That was the last straw for Sheogorath. As the creature raised the stick it held, he reached out to the woman and spoke in her mind.

"My dear, I have heard your pleas, and while I can't save you, if given your permission, I can save your child."

The woman tensed up before she answered.

"Who are you? Why would you save my child?"

"I am Sheogorath, the Mad God, and while this creature before you is mad, it is no longer one of mine."

"But why? Why would you need my permission to save my child?"

"I may be the God of Madness, and madness takes many forms, but cruelty is NOT something I can stand. And for me to interact with your world, I would need to be summoned to it. You could do that, but I would not be able to reach you before this creature kills you."

"But you can save my child?"

"Yes, my dear."

The woman relaxes a bit, as the creature aims his stick at her.

"How do I summon you?"

"Just call my name, call Sheogorath."

As the tip of the stick flashes green, the woman calls his name. As she falls to the floor, he materializes next to her. The creature takes a step back at his sudden appearance, a aims the stick at him. Kneeling down, he gently closes the eyes of the woman and whispers "Brave child, your sacrifice and love for your child will be remembered.", before standing up and turning towards the creature.

Being able to see its face for the first time, he studies it. While almost human in appearance, it has no nose, and its eyes are red, almost like the eyes of a Dunmer, but with the pupil of a snake and radiating evil and cruelty. As it looks upon him, it starts to speak.

"Who are you, to stand in the way of Lord Voldemort? A friend of the Potters? I'm feeling generous right now, so if you don't want to die, leave!"

Feeling the anger rise inside him again, Sheogorath points his staff at the creature calling itself Voldemort.

"Be silent creature! This child is under my protection, and you will NEVER lay your hands on him!"

Sneering in anger, the creature points its stick at him and shouts "AVADA KEDAVRA!" again, letting a beam of green light shoot from the tip of the stick. Sheogorath simply lifts his hand and catches the beam, before he with a slight flick of the wrist, throws it back at the creature. Shock and fear can be seen in the eyes of the creature just before it is hit. The beam hits it in the middle of the chest, causing a rain of green sparks to fly through the room. From behind him, he can hear the cries of the baby, and he turns around. The child is crying, and the reason appears to be that one of the sparks must've hit him, for he has a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. Picking up the child, he turns again towards the corpse of the creature. Knowing that this world has magic-users, he decides to burn the corpse, so that it can't be resurrected by a Necromancer. As he set the corpse on fire with a spell, he hears a sound from outside of the house. Since he doesn't know who or what made that sound, he opens up a portal and steps through with the child, just as he hears someone or something enter the house, closing the portal behind him and returns to the Shivering Isles.

As he lands his flying motorcycle, Sirius stares in horror at the house his best friend and his wife and child lives in. The house is dark, and the door has been destroyed. The only light he can see coming from the house is the light of something burning on the second floor. He leaps from the bike, and runs into the house.

The first thing he sees as he enters the house is the body of his best friend, James Potter. He lies in the middle of the hallway, facing the door. Sirius kneels besides him for a moment, face contorted with grief. Closing James eyes, he rises again and hurries up the stairs to the nursery. As he reaches the landing, he can see a body on the floor of the nursery, burning. Stepping inside, he looks down on the burning body. While the fire has done some damage, he can still see the face, and with a sharp intake of air, he recognizes Voldemort. Turning away from the self-proclaimed Dark Lord, he sees Lily, lying by the cot. Rushing to her side, he first thinks she is asleep, her eyes closed and her face peaceful. But as he touches her, he can feel that she is dead, her skin is cold and she isn't breathing. As tears roll down his face, he stands up and looks into the cot. It is empty. In panic, he draws his wand and starts to cast a tracking spell, trying to find any trace of Harry. The spell does nothing, indicating that Harry hadn't been taken from the room, neither by magical nor normal means. It was as if he had vanished in thin air. In shock, Sirius leaves the house and walks to his bike. There, he breaks down in tears, sobbing in grief. Due to this, he doesn't notice the giant man arriving, until he feels his hand on his shoulder.

"Sirius, what happened 'ere?"

Looking up at the giant man, Sirius answer.

"They're dead, Hagrid. James and Lily are dead, and Harry has disappeared. Voldemort is also dead, but he killed them first! And it is my fault..."

As he breaks down in tears again, Hagrid looks on him in shock.

"Dead? No, no, that can't be... How? How could he 'ave found them?"

"A traitor, Hagrid. Only the Secret Keeper could tell Voldemort where they lived."

"But... I thought YOU were the Secret Keeper..."

"It was a ruse. I was to be the bait, while the real Keeper was hiding."

"But, if not you, who?"

Sirius looked up with a dark fire burning in his eyes, and an angry look on his face.

"Pettigrew." He said, almost spitting out the name.

Back in his palace, Sheogorath stood next to the cot he had summoned, looking down on the sleeping child. Pondering on what to do, he went over his option. Either he could give the child to his Champion (But they hadn't talked in more than 70 years, so that wouldn't really work), give the child to one of his followers to raise (And that was a really bad idea, for, lets face it, a mad person isn't really fit to raise a child), or, he could raise the child on his own. Sighing, Sheogorath turned away from the child, for even though he once had hoped to start a family, that dream had died when he became the God of Madness. No mortal could be with him without turning mad, and that would not do when it came to raise a family. Sighing again, he sent one of his Golden Saints to the one he thought could help him and the child.

Returning to the throne-room, he sat down and waited. Not long after, he sensed her arriving and looked up. The doors to the throne-room was thrown open, and a beautiful woman walked in. Stopping in front of him, she looked at him and spoke.

"Why have you called me here, Sheogorath? You may be one of the strongest Daedric Princes, but that doesn't give you the right to call upon the rest of us at your leisure!"

Letting out a third sigh, he stood up and addressed her.

"Meridia, my dear, it wasn't to offend you I called you here, but for the fact that I'm in need of your help."

Scowling, the Daedric Prince of Life and Lady of Infinite Energies, seemed somewhat confused.

"Help? I thought YOU of all daedra never would be in need of help! What in Oblivion could you possibly need my help with!"

Turning towards the room in which the child slept, he told her. "If you would come with me, and I'll shall explain."

When he walked away, she stood there for a moment before following him. Nodding to himself he began explaining.

"Earlier, I was feeling bored, so I decided to look through the worlds outside of Nirn, to see if I could find something interesting. While out looking, I came across a world, from which I sensed a strange madness coming from. As I investigated, I found its origin in creature of darkness and evil. This creature was on its way to kill a family it believed to be part of some prophecy. I saw this creature kill the father, before going after the mother and the child. As I was only there in spirit, I could do nothing to stop it, but as the mother pleaded for her childes life, I was able to speak to her. I told her that, though I wouldn't be able to get there in time to save her, I could save her child if she summoned me. She agreed, and right before the creature killed her, she was able to summon me. I got there, just as she fell to the ground dead. I was angry, angry at this creature for killing two innocent people and planing to kill a small child, and angry at myself for not being able to act sooner. The creature demanded me to leave, so that it could kill the child, and when I refused, it tried to kill me. I turned its magic on itself, before taking the child and burning the creatures body. Now I have a child to raise, and no way of doing it without causing great harm to him."

As he told her the story, Meridia turned from angry to thoughtful, and when he had finished, she just looked at him. As they reached the room the child was in, she turned to him again.

"I'm happy you did what you did, and killed that creature, but I still don't understand why you need my help?"

As they entered the room, he turned to her.

"I need you to help me raise the child."

At those words, Meridias jaw dropped, and she just looked at him. Once the shock had passed, she spoke.

"Excuse me!?"

Sheogorath sighed at her reaction.

"Aye, I know how it sounds, but I have three reasons for asking you this. First, amongst all the Daedric Princes, you are the only one who could help me, since there is apparently a prophecy naming him the one to vanquish a great evil and bring hope to his world. Who amongst the other Daedric Princes could fit that prophecy? Azura? While she is considered good, her powers doesn't fit, and neither does Nocturnal. Second, you are the Daedric Prince I was closest to before I became Sheogorath, while I was still a mortal, hunting the undead and vampires of Cyrodiil. And third, I can't raise him alone, my presence would only damage him. But you could negate that presence and help him grow into something good. Look, my dear, I promised his mother I would save him, but without your help, there is no way for me to do it without causing him damage, and frankly, I have no other idea what to do. So I offer you this; If you agree to help me raise him, I plan on creating a land between our two Realms, so that neither of us have to leave our Realms, yet still be there for him. Together, we can raise him to be a force of good in his world, and give us both access to a new realm, into which no other Daedric Prince can enter. What do you say?"

Thinking, Meridia stepped over to the cot, and looked down on the child. The child was awake, and met her golden gaze with his own emerald-green eyes. His hair was black, and when she reached down to stroke it, he laughed. Feeling a smile form on her lips, she turned to Sheogorath as he came and stood beside her.

"I agree to your proposal, Sheogorath. I will help you raise him."

Meridia smiled, and reached out to touch his hand. When she touched his hand, they both froze, as their magic started to swirl around them, mixing and connecting. As the magic started to slow down, it stretched out and into the cot, enveloping the child. Looking at each other in shock, Meridia and Sheogorath realized that they could now feel each other on a more personal level than before. Not only could they feel each others presence, but also each others feelings and mood. Then they realized that they could also feel the child the same way. Looking down into the cot, they saw that the magic had changed the child. He no longer had black hair, but rather a color of molten gold laced with silver, and his eyes were no longer pure emerald-green, but more like sunlight seen through the leaves of a tree. He now looked like a mixture of them, marking him as their son.

They could both feel his emotions, his happiness and his joy, and when they both looked at each other, they realized that they felt the same. Reaching down, Sheogorath picked up the child and held him in his arms. Turning to Meridia, he let her take the child, watching as she began to smile while cradling the child in her arms. Looking up at him, she asked. "So, what shall we name him?"

Thinking for a moment, Sheogorath answered; "Halios Meridian Sheoth"

Smiling down on the child, Meridia gently whispers; "My little Halios."

On Earth, the name Harry Potter disappears from the book belonging to the Ministry of Magic, which contains all the names of all wizards and witches in Great Britain, and the book belonging to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, in which the names of those who are to enroll in the school are recorded as soon as they are born, only to be replaced with Halios Meridian Sheoth.

So, this is a cross-over between Harry Potter and The Elder Scrolls. I have red other stories, in which Harry is saved from Voldemort by either Aedra or Daedra and given to a hero of the Elder Scrolls (Dragonborn, Hero of Kvatch, Nerevarine). But what would happen if he was raised by the one who saved him? In this story, he will be raised by Sheogorath and Meridia. Harry (or Halios) will be somewhat overpowered in this story (C'mon, he is being raised by two gods, what do you expect?), but not by much, since that would take the fun out of his adventures. I'll try and be as lore-friendly as possible, but one change will be that his scar is just a normal scar, Voldemorts essence having been purged by Meridias light as she touches Harry for the first time. And as for Sheogorath and Meridia... Well, there's no way they would become a couple if you were to follow the lore, but I ship them, so...

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this story. Please let me know what you think in the review section.