First things first, I do not own any characters that you may see except for the ones you do not recgonize as lovely lady Rowling's, nor do I own Harry Potter. (Sadly that is), nor do I own anything from Twilight, that right belongs to Stephanie Meyer. I will be posting this at the end of the story as well so hopefully, I do not need to put it on every chapter.

Next, I will be repeating this at the beginning of every chapter so that you all know what specific word styles mean:

Harry - Harry is speaking to someone mentally or the heading of a newspaper, depending on context.

Harry - Depending on context, this is either a text message or snarkiness.

Harry - Thoughts that someone are having, that pertain to the story.

Harry - Harry is speaking in parsletounge.

Harry- Thoughts that Edward is able to pick up on.

Harry - Flashbacks.

Finally, besides you all enjoying the story, please leave feedback so I know what to do for my next stories that I will post as I go.

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