Contritum Caelum

(Title Translation : Broken Sky)

Author : 27x18

Warnings : Child Abuse, Language, Nana and Iemitsu bashing (Sorry, I love Nana but it had to be done)


Disclaimer : KHR is not mine, as much as I would love to have it. This goes for the whole story. All ownership goes to Akira Amano


Note : This is a sort of AU, Giotto is Timoteo's grandson and descendant of Secondo/Ricardo.

Not sure if the Tenth Gen will show up at this point, but the First Gen are all in it.

Tsuna and Natsu are both descended from the original Giotto whom moved to Japan, thus are still related to the Vongola famiglia.


Six year old Sawada Tsunahime studied her hands while she sat in silence, she had been told to stay in her room and stay quiet, her little sister, Natsuko, aka Natsu, was downstairs with her parents greeting her fathers boss with his grandson.

Tsuna was under orders to stay upstairs, they didn't need the embarrassment of the family drawing any more attention to herself then she already did with her bumbling and idiocy. Iemitsu, her father, had his boss visiting to speak with her mother and father about what he had long since thought on. Joining their families, her own having a long history of a Sky Flames linking back to the first boss of the Vongola, Giotto (renamed Ieyasu at the time). So they were talking over a union between the distant bloodlines to strengthen the pure Sky flames for the next generation.

That is why they didn't want Tsuna there; it was a distraction and an option her parents did not want shared.

Tsuna curled in her small bed in the corner and sobbed softly while hugging her sore middle, her sister had kicked her again today, her mother slapping her cheek then stepping on her wrist leaving her sore and bruised. Sometimes, the small six year old wished she could just disappear, maybe then they would stop hurting her.

Tsuna squeaked softly when her bedroom door opened, someone blinking in at her while she scurried deep into a corner praying that whoever had opened it didn't see her, wide blue eyes blinking in at her and focusing on her small form destroying that hope.

"Ah...sorry." it was a child maybe a few years older then her "I thought this was the bathroom." he noted while grinning at her, running a hand through his blond hair, Tsuna blinking at him before hiding under her blankets "What's your name?" he asked while approaching her, Tsuna burying deeper in her blankets, as thin and sparse as they were. If her mother found out she talked to someone she would be beaten to death this time

"Please go away." she begged softly, her voice raspy from disuse, the boy approached her regardless and tore the blanket off her, the child curling into the corner and refusing to look at him, but he could see her cheek mottled blue and purple

"Are you alright?" he asked while she flinched back from his hand, the boy frowning before whirling and storming out, going back downstairs. Tsuna made haste to grab her blanket and bury back under it, begging whatever Gods there were to not let that boy say anything to her mother...please, don't bring that pain upon her. But the Gods didn't listen.

A commotion and lots of yelling later a tall older man came into the room, looking down at her before scooping her into his arms, blanket and all. Tsuna sobbed when his arm hit a painful bruise on her spine, but she quickly silenced herself, she dared not make any more commotion

"There's no reason of you to be concerned, she's just clumsy." her mother was assuring while the older man left the room, taking her down the stairs and sitting her down on the couch, removing the blanket again while his old eyes saw just what his grandson had. Those bruises were not from being clumsy, he knew impact bruises when he saw them, once upon a time he had been a strong fighter, all the Vongola bosses had to be. The real question was, had the abuser been bullies, or shudder at the thought, the child's own family?

"Tell me child, were those injuries from tripping over?" her scared brown eyes flicked to her mother whom was frowning at her then back to the old man

Not trusting her voice the child nodded jerkily while the elder man frowned at her, his intuition was telling him otherwise, it was telling him that the child was telling him a lie, that she was in pain, and that she was ready to cry, and that more then anything she was terrified of Nana.

"Is that the truth?" he asked calmly while the girl nodded jerkily tears welling in her eyes "What's your name?" he asked while her eyes flicked to Nana again "It's alright little one, tell me." the older man bade again while her eyes flicked to Nana once more, the older man ignoring the woman while he studied the child intently

"T-T-T-Tsu-" she began to stutter before Nana cut in, annoyed with the brats stuttering, stupid useless child.

"Her name is Tsuna, it's her bedtime...don't worry Timoteo-san." Nana interrupted as she grabbed the small child's thin wrist and tore her off the couch, drawing the child away from Timoteo "She's very clumsy, she was so tired tonight she went to bed early." Nana bade while drawing Tsuna back towards the stairs, Giotto grabbing his grandfather's sleeve and tugging

"Don't let them take her away." he whispered "Please." Timoteo reached out and caught the wrist of the tiny child, a yelp of pain coming from her while he let go startled, Nana throwing the child behind her with a pleasant smile

"Poor clumsy Tsu-chan." she giggled sweetly while Giotto moved over and wrapped an arm around her small frail shoulders, tugging her from the woman as he glared at the mother, bringing the small Tsuna back over to his grandfather.

Timoteo reached out and gently touched her wrist, looking it over before frowning, her wrist was fractured, bruising mottled her cheek, and more then likely there was also one on her back from her flinch earlier….what the hell was going on in this house?

"I apologise Nana-san, but I'm going to have to take this little one to the hospital, her wrist is fractured." he noted while Nana's face darkened for a moment before that bright smile reappeared

"Of course, oh Tsu-chan, mama's sorry she didn't notice, let's go!" the woman gasped while Giotto tightened his grip on the tiny child's shoulders, a protective feeling swelling in him and demanding he take care of this tiny hurt child with the cute big brown eyes and soft brown hair.

"You should stay here with Natsu-chan." Timoteo noted while looking at the injured child of his trusted employee and his supposedly kind wife "Gio and I will take care of this little one, we'll be back soon." he promised while Nana reluctantly agreed, Timoteo lifting the tiny child into his arms and striding from the house, his face set in a frown while Giotto followed close to his side, looking up at the little girl in worry.


"Two broken ribs, fractured wrist, bruising on her back, middle, face and arm, borderline malnutrition and the beginnings of pneumonia." the nurse noted while ticking things off on the list, Timoteo frowning in at the sleeping girl, a drip in one wrist and a cast on the other, Giotto was sitting by her bedside blinking at the girl in worry while his grandfather talked to the health professionals.

"Any idea to the cause?" Timoteo asked while the nurse hesitated, she knew it wasn't her place

"'s not her first admittance." the nurse said softly looking at him in worry "Please….help that child?!" she whispered desperately before clamping down on her emotions and snapping back to professional mode before scurrying out.

Timoteo reached for his mobile and called for his Guardians, calling up Visconti, his Cloud guardian, he didn't dare call CEDEF for this as Iemitsu was head of that organisation, and he was worried that his report would be tainted by what Nana said to him, or even if, perish the thought, the man was in on this abuse.

"Nono?" Visconti asked while Timoteo studied the child before him

"I want a report on all injuries and admittances of Sawada Tsunahime. Namimori Hospital." Timoteo asked while clenching his fist "Some may have been suppressed by the request of Sawada Iemitsu and Sawada Nana, but I want to know everything."


Vongola Timoteo studied the report on his desk, he had adjourned back to his hotel after ensuring that Tsunahime was alright for the night to find the report waiting. Giotto was preparing for bed in the next room, while his old eyes had immediately found the report waiting innocently on his desk. Visconti had always been fast with his work. Opening the report up he soon wished he never had.

Broken bones, bruises, sickness, the child had been through hell, and no matter what enquiries the hospital made, they were always turned back by Tsuna and her mother, even by Iemitsu on occasion when the hospital had gotten police involved or pushed for answers.

"Grandpa." Timoteo looked over at the doorway, there was Giotto, holding one arm over his middle and looking more then a little uncomfortable


"Can we save her?" Giotto asked softly "Tsuna-chan…" Timoteo frowned lightly, he was wondering the same thing "She's scared of her mama." Timoteo frowned looking down at the report again, Giotto's intuition was the strongest any had seen since Primo's time, if that child felt that she was scared of her mother, then the girl was terrified of the woman.

"We'll try." Timoteo assured while Giotto nodded and shuffled back to his bed, but the seven year old couldn't help but worry, his intuition was trying to tell him something, but the child didn't know what it was.


Tsuna woke with a whimper, she could feel someone gripping her throat, hazy brown eyes flicked to the woman gripping her throat tight

"Stupid bitch." the woman sneered "If you had just stayed in your fucking room!" lifting her from the bed by her throat and tossing her to the floor angrily. Tsuna whimpered softly while the woman grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the room, the drip in her wrist pulling free, but not before digging into her frail skin and tearing deep, a trail of blood dripping behind her while her mother pulled her down little used hallways.

Sawada Nana dragged the child out of the hospital, tossing her into the waiting car and slamming the door on the child, the door catching on the child's ankle making Tsuna cry out softly as it snapped into an unnatural position.

"If you had just done what you were told, we wouldn't be here!" Nana snarled while driving out of town, towards the no mans land between this town and Kokuyo, the next town over. "It's your fault the union of my baby and Decimo is on the rocks, your fucking fault! I've been working on this for years!"

Reaching a middle point Nana stopped the car, stepping out and grabbing her child by her broken ankle, pulling her from the car as Tsuna sobbed and cried as her back hit the ground hard, kicking the child in the middle and dropping her into a ditch by the road

"This end is too good for you, little shit." with one last kick Tsuna was finally left alone to listen to the car pull away and tear back down the road towards Namimori.

Tsuna curled into herself, arms around her small body while she shook with sobs, she heard the car disappear into the distance and finally she was completely alone in the cold and the dark

Maybe now it will all stop.

Tsuna had no idea how long she was there, after what felt like days someone finally came to the ditch where she was, reaching in to roll the child over and look down at her

"Arara...what happened to my Sky?" the voice noted while someone touched her cheek heated cheek with blessedly cool hands before a chuckle sounded from above her "Don't worry little one, I'll save you now…" they noted while she felt herself lifted up, tears of pain escaping but she dared not make a sound and wake herself from this dream.


So~ Hi everyone, another random story that's been floating around my computer for a while

This one will probably only be updated once a month, sooner if I have more to add to it quicker, but I'm still mostly focused on Cielo Perduto. This is really a side story that's being written to get ideas out of my head while I work on CP.

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