George kept leaving letters for four days. Then he realized Jenna didn't have that locker anymore. He needed a new plan. He wasn't getting any closer to her. The letters hadn't gotten her attention. Nothing was working so far. He needed to do something.

George went to a volleyball practice. He took photos and got interviews. He felt strange. The girls looked at him with confused glances. He wondered if they knew about the letters. He wanted to know what they were thinking. He decided to follow them inside when they changed. He hid outside the locker room. He put his ear to the wall.

Jenna was being talked to by one of her teammates. The girl sounded mad, "Look, I know you like the guy or whatever, or you went to school with him way back when, or something, but we all want him gone. The photos are too much. And he's always popping up in strange places. He was sitting next to our lunch table today. What was up with that?"

"He means well," Jenna pleaded. Another girl protested, "No, he doesn't mean well. Something is up with this creep and I'm going to tell the coach. I don't want him at any more practices, and I better not see that camera anymore."

"And don't forget about those letters," another teammate added. Jenna shook her head, "He wouldn't write those. They sounded nothing like him."

"Oh really, Jenna? They were creepy and disturbing just like him. How could you think it wasn't him? Who else would put those in there? And Jenna, think about it. You had to move lockers because of whoever did that. It was him. George did that," a teammate said. George blushed. He hadn't realized they were talking about him. Now that he did, he felt bad…yet he still wanted his girl.

Jenna sighed, "Okay, maybe you're right. Maybe we should keep him away from practice. Talk to the coach, and you can get his pictures from him if you talk to the teacher of the paper. But I hope they go easy on him," she pleaded.

The girls were about to leave. George rushed away. He thought about his options. He knew he was about to lose his access to the team. He knew he could even lose his girl. But he had to keep trying. He might lose access but he'd keep up his search. Jenna had to be his.