George eyed Wally. It'd been two days since he lost his privileges. The teacher asked him away from the paper entirely. He didn't know he'd lose everything. But he was glad he had a chance with Jenna. She was apologetic. She didn't want to be mean to him. He knew he could still get to her. He just had to find the right way.

George knew he couldn't use letters. He went online for help. He decided to look at her social media. He wondered how to get to her there. He couldn't go in as himself. He'd have to pose as someone else. But he wanted other options. Should he find her outside of school? Where would he go to do that? He could use the internet for research. She liked a smoothie shop downtown. A lot of her selfies were from a pizza joint. He had some locations to work with.

George staked out the smoothie shop, then the pizza place. He never saw Jenna. Her teammates weren't there either. He decided his method stunk. He tried finding her at school. But she was always with her teammates. He couldn't get to her. He needed a new method.

He decided the internet was the only way. He made a fake Facebook page. He made up a new name. He added a year to his age. He found a picture on Google. He made a new identity. He sent her a friend request. Jenna accepted quickly. George started talking to her. He could tell Jenna was smitten.

Weeks passed. The two talked everyday using the fake profile. George was elated. He was finally getting to Jenna. He knew he could win her. He just had to keep trying. He asked to meet up with her. She agreed to meet at a coffee shop. George dressed up nicely. He went to the shop.

Jenna didn't show. She messaged the new account. Something had come up. George was frustrated. Jenna was trustworthy. She was punctual. She wouldn't let anything get in the way. George wanted answers. He prodded her. He asked why she pulled out. She admitted she saw something she didn't like at the shop. He kept pressuring her. Jenna admitted it was a weird classmate. He was starting to scare her.

George promised to protect her. Jenna eased up. She agreed to another meeting. They would meet up at her favorite pizza shop. George was excited. He got there early. He waited in the back. Jenna came in. She looked around. She eyed George before taking a seat. She messaged him on the fake account. She admitted the guy was there again. She needed him to get there soon to take care of him.

George decided to approach. Jenna looked around frantically. George came clean to her. Jenna didn't want to hear it. She darted from the restaurant. She blocked him as soon as she could. George's online attempt failed.