Hi my name is Haruhi Fujioka, I am the only female member of the host club, you see I have a secret which only the chairman and my father know about, you see I have a brother, yes I said brother, but I also have 2 personalities and one is the calm and collected Haruhi and the other is a much darker version of my first, if you are wondering who my brother is well have you heard of the legend of the zodiac curse well my brother is the dog of the zodiac what you don't know is there are other animals that didn't go to the zodiac banquet with the rest one of them was the wolf and that is what I turn into, well I would warn you that on the nights of the full moon, it isn't safe for you to be in the woods, since that is the time I change into my zodiac form or when I get stressed, the guys in the host club know that I have a necklace that I don't take off for any reason that is because it protects me from transforming when I am being hugged by the guys, what people don't know is that the only way to break the curse is for each of us sohma's to find our soul mate whether they are guys or girls we don't care, I know that my soul mate is in the host club, but I don't know who are which member it is, well I better get going to the club room I don't want to be late, oh I must tell you that my cousins and also their friend Tohru will be coming to ouran in a weeks' time if not sooner.