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Finding happiness- Chapter 1

A background character

Nobody cared about Eleanor Miller. She was always left out. Her sisters were always the center of attention and everyone loved them

She never got attention. Jeanette was smart, shy and imaginative which is what guys like Simon looked for in girls which made them a cute couple

Brittany was self-centered, pretty and popular which is what guys like Alvin looked for in a girl which made them a cute couple and made their arguing absolutely funny

Then came her. She was considered to be maternal, athletic and organized but that's not what guys like Theodore looked for he looked for girls that were cute, sweet, sensitive, and girls that could cook and loved food. Apparently she was three out of four of those things so she had to get paired with him

She did like Theodore and his sweet side and she tried to impress him and get him to love her but she gave up on him in junior year when she found out that they really didn't have that much in common anymore for all they liked was food, and the color green

But she stopped eating. She lost the weight. And he just wasn't into her anymore but she didn't mind because it's not like they dated anyway.

Her maternal and athleticness didn't really give others a character to Eleanor Miller, they considered her as an empty person without a soul so they just left her alone and made her a background character only getting 4 lines in an episode. If she's lucky 6.

Her sisters just always stole the attention even if they are not trying to. If Jeanette and Brittany can get the spotlight why can't she?

Because she's nothing but an empty soul. A background ccharacter