Pokemon: Unleashed Power

Welcome to my latest story. Before we get started, let me explain where this idea came from. How many of you are familiar with Shiro Tsubasa's story Secret Power? Well, for those who aren't, it's a Ash is Betrayed story, but shows how his friends and rivals have been really underestimating Ash all these years. I like the story for 2 main reasons. 1: Ash is a bad-ass and 2) It has my favorite obscure Pokemon shipping ever: Ash and Sabrina. To me, Sabrina was the 1st girl in the animé that could've develop feelings for him. After all, he saved her from herself. What girl wouldn't fall for a guy who saved them?

Now before I get a million reviews saying that Misty was the 1st, let me remind you that during the 1st season, Ash and Misty's friendship was very rocky. Really, I don't Misty ever showed genuine care for Ash until Pokemon 2000 and I think you all know what I'm referring to there.

Anyway, this story is inspired by Secret Power, but there will be a few differences. If you haven't read Secret Power, check it out. But be warned as at the time I'm writing this, it only has 2 written chapters and another 2 author notes. Hopefully, Shiro Tsubasa updates his story soon. Now then, let's get started.

Here are the ages:

Ash: 17

Sabrina: 20

Brock: 20

May: 14

Dawn: 13

Misty: 18

Max 11

Iris: 17

Cilan: 19

Paul: 17

Trip: 15

Tracey: 18

Gary: 17

Delia: 40

Prof. Oak: 58

I don't own Pokemon or any of it's characters.

Chapter 1: Showing Off True Strength

In the small, quite peaceful town of Pallet, our favorite raven-haired trainer, Ash Ketchum and his starter Pikachu were laying back against the tree in the front yard of his house, watching the sun set. It had been about a week since Ash had returned from his Unova journey. He also returned to Pallet Town with Alexa, a reporter from the Kalos region. During her brief stay, she had suggested that Ash's join her on her flight back to Kalos as it had Pokemon that he had never seen before and it's own Pokemon League.

Ash thought about it for a while, but decided against it, saying he thought it was a good take to take a break from travelling. Staying home also gave Ash a chance to look back at his Unova adventure and most specifically, the Vertress Conference. Many would probably assume that Ash was disappointed in finishing in the Top 8 again, but the truth was, he wasn't. He honestly didn't expect to win the league, in face, he hadn't expected to win a Pokemon since the Silver Conference in Johto. Back then, Ash had way too much confidence, or perhaps cockiness, in his abilities. After he defeated Gary, he was sure he was going to win the conference, but alas, Harrison's Blaziken has just a bit more energy than his Charizard...at the time. Looking back in hindsight, even if he had defeated Harrison, his Charizard would probably not be able to battle for him again in the conference. He had taken so much damage from that battle, that it would be cruel if Ash even thought about using Charizard again. That isn't to say Ash wasn't confident in his other Pokemon, cause he was, but Charizard was his ace in the hole at the time and without your ace, you don't last for very long. Now-a-days, things were different. He had several fully evolved Pokemon he could relay on, not to mention his favorite electric type, whom was currently curled up in his lap, enjoying the sun. After Johto, Ash did some soul searching and made a decision that would change his career as a trainer forever.

"Hey Pikachu?" Ash whispered to his starter. Pikachu looked up at it's trainer/best friend. "I think they're finally ready." he said.

'Are you sure, Ash?' His companion asked, surprise could clearly be heard in his voice.

"Yeah. It's time we take our place as one of the greats. Besides, we can't hide them forever. Tomorrow, we'll tell Mom and the professor about our plans and leave for training the day after." Pikachu smiled at his trainer and gave him a thumbs up. "Alright, now let's go inside. I'm sure Mom has dinner almost ready." Ash said. Pikachu got off his lap and Ash stood up. Pikachu took his place on his shoulder as the two went inside the Ketchum household.

The following morning, Ash was awaken by someone trying to shake him.

'Ash, wake up you lazy bum. I got a surprise for you.' Ash could tell that it was Pikachu trying to get him up. His eyes briefly opened, only to look at his clock.

"Pikachu, it's 8:30 in the morning. Let me sleep." he said as he turned to face the wall and try to fall back asleep, but then, a ton of weight came crashing down onto him. Ash rose and right in his face was a powerful looking Raichu. Ash almost freaked until his mind put 2 and 2 together, then smiled. "You evolved?" Raichu nodded. "Well congrats. How does it feel?"

'Everything's great. My speed is better. Strength has increased tremendously and I may or may not have seriously hurt a Fearow when I tried out my Thunderbolt attack.'

Ash just shook his head. He knew his starter was stronger than most people gave him credit for. He took down two legendary Pokemon as a Pikachu and from what he said, his power as a Raichu was going to be crazy. "Well, as long as you can control it, then everything should be fine. Though I don't think you'll be able to sit on my shoulder anymore."

Raichu nodded his head. 'I understand. I don't mind walking next to you.'

"Well, how about we go downstairs and get some breakfast?" Raichu let out a happy cheer before the two went downstairs.

When they arrived at the kitchen table, Delia was currently placing a stack on pancakes on a plate. She turned towards the two. "Good morning, Ash. Morning Pikach-" she stopped when she noticed that there was no Pikachu on Ash's shoulder, like usual. Ash motioned for her to look down and there she saw Raichu. "Is that Pikachu?" she asked. Raichu nodded his head.

"Morning Mom and yes, that's Pikachu. I guess last night, he decided to evolve after I told him about our plans." he said as he sat down, with Raichu taking a seat next to him.

"Plans? What plans?" Delia asked.

"Well, I'm thinking about retrying the Indigo League again."

"That's a great idea honey. After all the years you've travelled and all the Pokemon you caught, I'm sure you can win this time. But does that mean you'll have to earn all the badges again?"

"Nope. I did some looking into that and as long as you have 8 gym badges from 8 active official gyms, you can enter and fortunately, the 8 I have are still active." Ash explained.

"So does that mean you'll be spending your time training here, then?"

"Actually, I was thinking about spending it...you know..."

"Awwwww...my Ashy wants to go see his girlfriend." Delia teased, making Ash blush. "Well, of course it's OK. Just be sure to call me once every week."

"Alright mom. I'm planning on leaving tomorrow, so today I'll try and decide who else will join me." he said. Soon, he took his 1st bite of the pancakes and about 3 minutes later, they were gone. Ash got up and put the plate in the sink. He left the kitchen and was about to go to Prof. Oak's, but he started hearing yelling outside his house.


Ash looked out the front door's peep-hole and saw all of his old travelling companions, but on two sides. Brock, May and Dawn on one side and Misty, Max, Iris and Cilan on another. Then Ash noticed that Paul and Trip were on the latter's side.

"Come on, May. Be reasonable." Max said.

"Her be reasonable? You guys are the ones who are unreasonable!" Dawn said.

"Think about it, guys. Ash is a bum and a trouble seeker! How many times have we been nearly killed or had our Pokemon stolen and all because he wanted to play hero!" Misty asked.

"So it's wrong to help someone if they need it?" Brock countered.

"He's worthless, Brock! He's a worthless trainer and a worthless person." She argued back.

"The point here is that he's a pathetic trainer. Always has been and always will be." Paul said.

Ash couldn't believe what he was hearing; many of his friends were betraying him cause he was weak?...Well, they never did see the real Ash Ketchum. Ash opened the door and all his friends and rivals looked at him.

"Ash? How much of that did you hear?" Brock asked.

"Enough to know what's going on." he answered. "And by the way Misty, you don't know shit."

"Oh yes I do. In fact, we all do. We all know you're a weak trainer and after what Trip over here told us, it only confirmed our suspicions." the redhead said.

"Oh really, now what did he tell you?" Ash asked. That's when Trip stepped forward.

"That I beat you in just about all our battles, including my 1st battle the same day I got my starter." he said, an cocky smirk on his face.

"Again with that? The only reason you beat Pikachu that day is because Zekrom took Pikachu's power away briefly."

"So you say. Personally, I think you just use that supposed meeting as an excuse." he said, with the traitors nodding behind him.

"And what about the Vertress Conference? Did you tell them about how I beat you in the 1st round?" Ash countered.

Trip just scoffed. "That was dumb luck. That Pikachu of yours will never beat Serperior again."

Ash shrugged his shoulders at that. "Well, I give you that. Pikachu won't beat your Serperior again..." Hearing that made smug smiles appear on all of the traitors faces while Brock, May and Dawn just had shocked expressions on theirs. "...because he isn't a Pikachu anymore." The moment Ash finished, Raichu stepped out.

"You evolved Pikachu?!" Dawn asked.

"No. Pikachu evolved by choice. I've never made my other Pokemon evolve unless they wanted to and Raichu is no different."

The traitors all had surprised looks on their faces as none of them imagined that Pikachu would ever want to evolve, but even with that, it still didn't change their opinions of Ash.

"So you got a bigger rat." Paul said. "Big deal. You're still a pathetic trainer and you always will be. So why don't you just give up your dreams now and hand us your Pokemon so they can be trained properly." Ash remained silent and the traitors thought that Ash had seen reason, but instead, he broke into a small laugh.

"You know, I was really hoping not to have to reveal this so soon, but hey, plans always change." he said, still chuckling a bit.

"What are you talking about, Ash?" May asked.

"Would you all like to know something interesting? None of you have seen my real team. You see, after my loss in Johto, I did some soul searching and I realized that if I want to reach the level of success my father did, I can't keep doing the things I had been doing before. That's when I changed my entire approach. I learned as much as I could and caught a few Pokemon and kept them hidden from everyone, say for Prof. Oak, my mom and a couple of others of course." He turned towards Paul, Trip and the traitors. "You all might think I'm pathetic, but none of you have even gotten a whiff of my true power." Ash got a smile of his face when he saw all the stunned looks on the traitors faces; even Brock, May and Dawn had the same faces and they were on his side.

"I think you're lying, Ketchum." Paul said after coming out of his shock.

"When have I ever lied?" Ash responded.

"Well, in that case, I challenge you to a battle!" Paul said arrogantly, expecting Ash to be caught in his own bluff.

"I accept." he said and then without missing a beat, he pulled out a necklace hidden in his shirt with 6 shrunken Pokeballs attached to them. "But I don't think my mom would appreciate it if we battled on her front lawn, so why don't we go to Prof. Oak's?" Ash suggested.

Everyone saw it as a good plan and began to walk to the Professor's ranch. When they got there, Ash briefly explained the situation to the Professor and he gladly allowed the two to have their battle here and for him to referee it. They all went outside to the grass battlefield next to Oak's lab, but away enough that it didn't disturb his habitat.

"This will be a 6 on 6 full battle between Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and Paul Slaid of Veilstone City. Substitutions are allowed as are moves like U-Turn and Baton Pass. Paul, you are the challenger, so you will select your Pokemon 1st!" Oak announced.

"Weavile, stand by for battle!" Paul said as out came the Sharp Claw Pokémon.

"Hmm. Weavile, huh? Alright then." Ash detached one of the Pokeballs from his necklace and enlarged it. "It time to show these people what we can really do. Destroy them!" Ash yelled as he threw the Pokeball up into the air and what came out was not what any of them were expecting. With a landing that created a small earthquake, out came a Rhyperior.

The group was shocked at what they had seen. That Rhyperior was massive; certainly bigger than the average Rhyperior. Even Paul himself had to give Ash a bit of credit. Not to mention, it proved that he wasn't lying.

"OK Ketchum, I'll admit: that Rhyperior looks impressive..." he said before his face broke back into a smile. "But you still made a rookie mistake. Everyone and their unborn children know that ice types like Weavile are super effective against oversized boulders." he pointed out. Trip and the traitors all agreed with him. May and Dawn had worried expressions on their faces as they both knew Paul was right. Brock however, remained silent.

'Hmm...Ash must have something up his sleeve. Nobody goes into a battle with a Rhyperior without a plan.' The rock type specialist and Pokemon doctor-in-training thought to himself.

"Haven't I always told you that type advantage means nothing?" Ash asked. "But now, it really means nothing."

"Weavile vs Rhyperior...Begin the battle!" Oak announced.

"Rhyperior, Rock Polish!" Ash called out. Rhyperior slammed her fists together and the orange plates all around its body glowed red, increasing her speed.

"Increasing that boulder's speed won't do anything. Weavile, take her down with Metal Claw!" Weavile's left claw glowed white and charged towards Rhyperior, hitting it dead on, but instead of hearing a scream of pain, Rhyperior just looked at Weavile like he was crazy.

Weaville started backing away in fear. The traitors were stunned and so were May and Dawn, but Brock looked in disbelief, now having his thoughts confirmed.

"Your Rhyperior has Solid Rock, doesn't she Ash?" he asked. The smirk on Ash's face gave him his answer. Paul's eyes widen as realization hit him, as did Trip and Max. The others didn't know what they were talking about.

"What's Solid Rock?" Dawn asked.

"Solid Rock is a extremely rare ability for a Rhyperior to have. It reduces the damage of super effective attacks by a quarter; so a move like Metal Claw, which would normally do 2x only does 1.5x damage. When you combine that with a high psychical attack and defense and is it and wonder why Rhyperior are considered one of the best rock types in the world?" Brock asked with a hint of awe in his voice. Despite trying to become a Pokemon doctor, his love for rock type Pokemon was still alive.

"That's right." Ash confirmed.

"But it still doesn't make any sense!" Max said. "Even with that ability, Metal Claw still should've done some damage."

"I guess you've never heard of resistance training, have you Max?" Ash countered, making Max growl. "Add that to everything Brock mentioned and my Rhyperior can shrug off almost anything."

Everyone couldn't believe what they were seeing; Ash had something this strong all along? And this was just his 1st Pokemon in the battle, who knows what others he has.

"Weavile, get in close and use Ice Beam!" Paul commanded. He didn't give a damn how strong this Rhyperior was; he wasn't going to lose.

"Grab him." Ash simply said. Rhyperior got to Weavile and grabbed him by his neck and raised him up into the air before the ice type could even move.

"What?!" Paul yelled.

"Did you forget I used Rock Polish earlier?" he asked. "Rhyperior, point-blank Flamethrower!" Rhyperior launced the attack right at Weavile's face; everyone hearing screams of pain coming from the ice type. After a moment, Rhyperior threw Weavile back down to the ground. Everyone could see the swirls in his eyes.

"Weavile is unable to battle; Rhyperior wins!" Oak declared. Everyone looked on in amazement. Rhyperior had defeated Weavile without a single scratch on her. It was then they all knew Paul couldn't win.

Paul tried using type advantage again with Gastrodon, but to everyone's surprise, Ash had taught his Rhyperior Thunderbolt, taking Gastrodon down in one hit. He then tried using the air with Honchkrow, but it yielded the same results. He then used Aggron and Ursaring back to back, but despite both having great endurance, both went down before either could even make Rhyperior flinch. Paul was now down to his last Pokemon, which was his Torterra. Despite once again having type advantage, everyone knew Paul was done because during each battle, Ash kept ordering Rhyperior to use Rock Polish and she was now just as fast as Paul's Weavile.

"I must admit Paul, after all your talking, I'm disappointed you couldn't provide a bigger challenge. But I'll finish you quickly. Rhyperior, Horn Drill!" Everyone watched as Rhyperior's horn started spinning and she charged towards Torterra. Paul didn't even have time to try and think of a counter before his starter was sent flying across the field, swirls in his eyes.

"Torterra is unable to battle. Rhyperior wins! The match goes to Ash!" Oak declared. Nobody could believe what they just saw; Ash had just swept Paul's entire team. Everyone, besides Paul, was broken from their stupor when they heard a squeal, which came from Dawn. Next thing she did was run over to Ash and give him a hug.

"That was so awesome, Ash!" she said, jumping up and down while still hugging him. Ash chuckled a bit at the bubbly blunette.

"Thanks Dawn." he said. Brock and May walked over to him and gave him hugs as well.

"CHEATER!" Everyone looked towards Max, who was pointing as Ash. "You cheated somehow. Nobody can beat Paul that easily!"

"I guess he never told you about his battle with Pyramid King Brandon, did he?" Ash questioned. He heard Paul growl slightly at that. "Besides Max, I beat Paul fair and square."

"No you didn't! You must have used illegal drugs to power up that Rhyperior! It's the only explanation!" he yelled. Oak stepped forward.

"I'll have you know young man, that I personally take care of all Pokemon on these grounds; Ash's included and I can tell you for a fact that not one of them in enhanced with any kind of illegal drugs."

"Then how do you suggest how he beat Paul so easily?" Max asked, refusing to believe what his eyes were seeing.

"Perhaps Paul has gotten lazy with his training and doesn't want to admit it." May suggested. Paul loudly growled and marched to meet Ash eye-to-eye.

"Listen here, Ketchum. You may have gotten lucky today, but next time, I'll wipe out your whole team before you can even say 'Oops'!" he declared. Ash just laughed at that.

"Oh please. You couldn't even get past Rhyperior and even if you could, what makes you think you'll get past the other Pokemon on my team?" Ash asked. Paul didn't answer, so Ash looked at the traitors behind him. "Or you Max? Or how about you, Trip?" It looked like Max was about to yell again, so Ash spoke once more to prevent that. "I'll tell you what. I'm going to be entering the Indigo League again when it starts up in about 8 months. You get the 8 badges and if you're lucky enough to be matched with me, then we'll see just how good you all truly are." he proposed.

"I accept you challenge!" Max yelled out. "I'm the future of Pokemon Battling and I'd be more than happy to prove that in front of you and your home region."

"A chance to embarrass you in your home region? Can't pass that up." Trip said, accepting the challenge as well.

"Seems you already forgot what I did to Paul." Ash pointed out. "Speaking of which-" Ash once again looked eye-to-eye with Paul. "What do you say?" Paul was silent for a few moments before he answered.

"See you in 8 months." he said before he walked away from Ash and hopped the fence, starting to walk to the next town. Trip, Max and the rest of the traitors soon followed and left Oak's ranch and Pallet Town behind.

"Well, that was an interesting way to start the day." Ash commented.

"Indeed it was, my boy." Oak spoke. Ash turned towards the professor.

"Thank you for letting us use your battlefield."

"Of course, dear boy. Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to my research." Ash nodded his head, but a question entered his head.

"Hey professor, will Tracey be back before tomorrow?" he asked.

"I talked to him a few minutes before you arrived and he should return sometime this afternoon. I'll let you know when he does." he answered before walked back to his lab.

Ash looked back to see the faces of his actual friends and they each had a surprised look on their face. Ash guessed that the excitement from the battle had worn out of them and they wanted an explanation. Ash gently rubbed Rhyperior's horn before returning her to her Pokeball before speaking to the three. "I'm guessing you all probably want some kind of explanation as to how and when I captured Rhyperior and what the other 5 Pokemon on my team are, right?" he asked, with the three in front of him dumbly nodding their heads. Ash chuckled a bit at that. "All right, but let's head back to my house first, then I'll explain everything." The three agreed and along with Ash, hopped the fence and started walking back to his house, their excitement and curiosity peaking as to what other Pokemon Ash had.

End of Chapter 1

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