Pokemon: Unleashed Power

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Chapter 2: Ash's Secrets & His Hidden Six

After a brief walk back to his house, Ash was now in the backyard along with Brock, May and Dawn. He and the two girls were enjoying some snacks and drinks that Delia had provided them. Brock was the only one not eating though cause he was admiring Ash's Rhyperior. Once they arrived, Brock asked if he could examine Rhyperior further as he still had a hard time believing what he had witnessed. Ash complied and that's where we find our heroes now.

Ash was sitting down on a picnic table in his backyard with May and Dawn and was catching up with the two and what had happened with them since the last time they he saw them.

After the Wallace Cup in Sinnoh, May returned to Johto to finish out the contest circuit there and made the Johto Grand Festival Finals, but lost to rival Solidad, though she did beat her main rival and to no surprise to Ash, boyfriend Drew in the semis. However in Sinnoh, things were different. She once again faced off against Solidad in the finals and this time, she won! She made a brief stop back home, but wanted to go to Kanto to 1) See Ash since she hadn't seen the raven haired trainer for a while and 2) Redo the Kanto Grand Festival.

After bidding farewell to Ash after her brief visit in Unova, Dawn had gone to Blackthorn City, Johto to participate in the next Wallace Cup where she sadly lost in the finals to Kenny. Despite that, she returned to the Hoenn contests just as confident as she normally was. It was that confidence that led her to the finals of the Hoenn Grand Festival where she once again faced off against Zoey, but this time, she was victorious! Like May, she had also decided to do the Kanto contests next and ran into her at Vermillion City's port.

"I still think it's kind of weird that we ended up winning each other's home region Grand Festival." May commented.

"Maybe a little, but it doesn't matter does it? We're both top Co-ordinators!" Dawn pointed out. May nodded her head in agreement and took a sip of the glass of water Delia provided them.

"Yeah, you're right." she said, setting the glass back down on the table and looking at Ash. "So Ash Ketchum, when are we going to see these Pokemon you've been hiding from us?" she asked, leaning forward and looking Ash right in his eyes, making Ash sweatdrop.

"Uhh...we'll start whenever Brock is done admiring Rhyperior!" he yelled towards Brock's direction, getting the breeder's/doctor-in-training's attention.

"Oh, sorry. It's just that I've never seen Rhyperior like yours. It's taller than the average one and it's strengths and defences are just...wow!" Brock said, as he walked to the table and took a set next to Ash.

"Now then, who are these Pokemon?" Dawn asked, tapping her foot under the table.

"I'll get to those in a moment, but first... I have a confession to make." he hesitantly said, making the others curious. "I um..." Ash had trouble getting the words out as he never wanted to admit this, especially to two of the girls he travelled with, but they stood by him, so they deserved to know the truth. "I'm not that dense!" he shouted, earning shocked reactions, but for probably him shouting. "I mean, romantically speaking." he admitted.

"What?" Brock asked, after a moment of stunned silence.

"Guys, I was raised by my mother and didn't have my father in my life. My mom taught me how to treat a lady and even the ways to notice when one is interested in you." Ash confessed. "I mean, yeah it took me a while to realize when a girl was interested in me, like Misty for example." Him saying that got Brock's attention.

"You knew about Misty's crush?" he asked, thinking he was the only one that ever noticed it.

"Not right away, but after a while I did. It was during our Johto journey when I first noticed it. Remember that time when that girl was obsessed with you and wanted to marry you?" he asked the brother figure of his life, which he nodded to, but not before shuddering at the memory. "Well, during that, Misty told me and I quote 'You and I will be married someday too.' End quote." he said, getting surprised reactions from the three. "I know; I had the same reaction."

"So what happened after that?" Dawn asked.

"I had to act like I had forgotten about it, which wasn't easy for me. But I guess she bought it cause she never brought it up again."

"So does that mean you never had crushes on Dawn and I?" May questioned.

Ash was worried that question would be asked. He knew his answer, but was worried about the girls responses at it could go one way or another. "No. I saw you both as little sisters and nothing more." he answered honestly. May had a unreadable expression, but Dawn sighed, but it sounded like she was relived.

"Well, I can't speak for May, but I certainly felt that same way." Dawn admitted, with Ash flashing a smile at her and nodding his head. He looked towards the brunette and she was now smiling.

"I'll admit that I had a crush on you for a while, but I got over it and now that I've thought about it, I do see us more like siblings." she said.

Ash once again smiled. "If we were the same age, we'd probably get mistaken for being twins considering our appetites." he joked, with the others sharing a brief laugh along with him. The laughter died down and then, a thought entered into Brock's mind, having now learned the truth about Ash and romance.

"Hey Ash-" Said trainer looked to him. "...If you're not as dense as we thought you were, does that mean you already have a girlfriend?" he asked. May and Dawn almost scoffed at that, but they saw the smirk on Ash's face as well as him nodding his head and that left them with their jaws dropped. "Who is it?!" Brock demanded to know.

"Well, if you must know it's..."

'GGGAAAARRRRRRRRR!' A Gengar suddenly appeared from underneath the table and floated upwards, shouting and scaring all but Ash, Raichu and Rhyperior. Brock, May and Dawn fell backwards, falling on the grass and clutched their chests as their heartbeats raced. 'Gengar!' the ghost type Pokemon laughed as Ash just shook his head.

"Gengar, could you have not waited for me to introduce you?" he asked. Gengar just shook his head, his trademarked demonic smile never leaving his face. The others got back to their feet. "Guys, let me introduce you to the 2nd Pokemon of my real team: Gengar." Said ghost type floated over to the three, but had his attention mainly on Brock, who quickly noticed. "I think you might recognize Gengar, Brock." Ash said.

"What do you mea..." Brock got out, but then it hit him. This was the Haunter that Ash had befriended back in Lavender Town during his 1st trek through Kanto. 'But wait, wasn't he left was Sa...' He thought, but suddenly had another thought enter his mind and it wasn't a good one. "Ash, please tell me your girlfriend isn't who I think it is?" he asked, worry evident in his voice. May and Dawn both grew confused as to how Brock could possibly know Ash's girlfriend by just looking at Gengar.

Ash smirked. "Depends; who do you think it is?" he asked back. That smirk was all Brock needed to confirm his suspicions. Yep, it was definitely her!

"Who are you guys talking about?" May asked.

"Sabrina!" Brock exclaimed.

"Who's Sabrina?" Dawn asked.

"Wait, isn't she the Saffron City Gym Leader?" May questioned.

"Yes, she is and to answer your question, Brock... she is." he answered, leaving Brock stunned.

"Why is that such a big deal?" Dawn asked once again.

Brock regained his bearings and preceded to tell the two girls about his, Ash and Misty's encounters with her during Ash's 1st journey. How she beat Ash's Pikachu so badly that he was forced to forfeit, how she turned the three into her personal toys, how they met Ash's Gengar when it was a Haunter and how when they returned for a rematch, she turned he and Misty into dolls. The story left May and Dawn speechless, that is until they found their voices after a minute or two.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?!" May screamed.

"WHY WOULD YOU DATE HER?!" Dawn yelled, both worried about what she would do to their best friend if things didn't work out.

"Girls, girls calm down. I know you're concerned, but she's not like that anymore. Brock failed to tell the last part of that story." And so Ash told the girls about his 2nd rematch with her and how it was thanks to Haunter that Sabrina had her two personalities merged back into one. "I mean, she can still have a cold, uncaring demeanor to her at times, but if you get to know her, she's actually a really sweet and caring person." he finished. "I have an idea. I'm leaving to see her tomorrow, why don't you all come with me?" he suggested, but they all were more than a tad nervous at that idea.

"Well...I have to go meet Drew in Viridian City and sign up for this year's contest circuit." May replied.

"Uh...y-yeah, same with me. Not the meeting Drew part, but the sign up...part." Dawn squeaked out.

"And... I have to go back to Pewter. I'm working part-time at the Pokemon Center there." Brock said.

Ash stood up from his seat, mad at his friends. "You guys are unbelievable." he calmly said, but a hint of venom was heard in his voice. "You know, you guys are just like everybody else; you're afraid of Sabrina and you don't want to give her a chance because you're so terrified of her! That's why people call her cold and uncaring. It's because they don't want to give her a chance to show them who she really is. Not the cold, ruthless battler who knows what you're thinking before you do, but instead the kind, sweet and caring person she really is!" he yelled before turning away from the three.

Brock, May and Dawn were left stunned. Ash rarely, if ever, raised his voice or yelled at someone and they realized that he must truly love her. Brock stepped forward.

"Ash, we're sorr-" Ash held his hand up, signaling Brock to stop.

"No, I should be the one to apologize. I didn't mean to yell at you guys, it just..." Ash turned back to face the three. "It's just that a lot of people treat her really harshly, even in Saffron, many of the people there just don't to be around her. There was this one time during my off time in between my Sinnoh and Unova journeys where we went out for lunch and many of the people in the restaurant just upped and left." he told the three, leaving them stunned. "Honestly, sometimes I feel like one day, she's going to turn back into who she was when I met her... and I don't know what I would do if that did happen." he said, tears coming into his eyes and threating to spill out. Ash wiped them away and sniffled a bit.

Brock came up and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "We're sorry, Ash. We didn't mean to be offensive about her."

Ash sighed. "Yeah, I know." Seeing Ash calming down, Brock removed his arm from Ash's shoulders.

"I'll tell you what. I have a couple more days off from working at the Pokemon Center, so I'll come with you to see her." he decided, making Ash smile.

"Thank you. It means a lot to me."

"I'm coming too." Dawn suddenly announced. "The deadline to sign up for the Kanto contests isn't for another week, so I'll tag along." Ash nodded his thanks to her.

"I really don't mean to sound selfish, but I honestly did promise to meet Drew in Viridian tomorrow. He wants the two of us to spend time together away from contests cause we barely get time to just go out, have fun and not have to think about what you're doing for your next contest." May said.

"I understand, but promise you'll be at Indigo to meet her and root me on?"

"110% yes." she answered, making Ash feel good that his friends were now giving the psychic a chance.

"If you don't mind, can we go back to how you got Rhyperior and Gengar and what other Pokemon we don't know about?" Dawn asked.

"Sure." Ash answered as they sat back down on the table and looked over to the two said Pokemon. Gengar had pulled of his trademarked bombs, but Rhyperior blew out the fuse with an effortless breath, making the ghost type sad.

"Which one did you capture first?" Brock asked.

"Rhyperior. After Johto and bidding farewell to you and Misty, I took some time and thought to myself if going to Hoenn right away was the smart thing to do. I realized that it wasn't, so I stayed home and spent the time further training all the Pokemon I had at that point. I also wanted to catch some new Pokemon, which I always want to do, but in this case, I wanted a type I did not have yet. So I thought back to when I let a Pokemon slip away and the 1st memory that came to mind was that Rhyhorn at the Safari Zone."

"Hang on, are you suggesting that Rhyperior is the same Rhyhorn we saw that day?" Brock questioned.

"I doubt it, but given how much luck I seem to have, you never know. All I know is that I went back to the Safari Zone and the 1st Pokemon I saw was a Rhyhorn. So I caught it and I trained it to what you see today."

"How did you train it?" Dawn asked.

"Sorry, but I don't reveal my secrets, especially to blabbermouths like you." Ash replied.

"Ash Ketchum, I am not a blabbermouth!" Dawn argued.

"Sure, you're not." Ash said, rolling his eyes. Dawn was about to start yelling again, but May intervened.

"What about Gengar?"

"Well, as you know, Gengar was the Haunter Brock and I mentioned, so when we're in Saffron during your 1st contest here-"

"You decided to visit Sabrina and Haunter." May finished. Ash nodded his head.

"It was about 10 at night and I wasn't tired, so I decided to just walk around the city and see how much, if any of it, had changed. I walked around for a few minutes before I found myself outside the gym. I was considering going in, but before I could decide, a bomb appeared in front of me and blew up." The girls were shocked at that. "Relax, it was a joke bomb; I wasn't injured or the like. Anyway, the smoke cleared and I saw Haunter. He pulled me towards the gym and as soon as I opened the door, Sabrina was standing there as if she was waiting for me. It kind of creped me out, but only because I forgot that she was a psychic. We spent an hour catching up and she told me some of the things she had been doing since our last encounter. Near the end of the conversation, she told me that she had captured Haunter since she had received complaints about him scaring some of the residents from Officer Jenny, so I asked if she would trade him."

"What did you trade her? One of your Tauros?" Brock asked.

Ash shook his head. "She wasn't interested in that. Instead I offered her a Moon stone that I had found the week prior. She accepted cause her mom had a Clefairy and she wanted to get her a moon stone for her birthday, but hadn't gotten the time to find one due to running the gym. So we made the trade and when I released Haunter, he glowed white and the next thing I knew, a Gengar stood in front of me."

"Wait, Haunter evolved because he was traded?" Dawn asked, puzzled at the information.

"I've heard that certain stage 2 Pokemon must be traded to reach their final evolution, but I never thought it to be true." Brock commented.

(A/N: IDK about you guys, but I personally hate that. The trade feature should only exist so that you can complete the Pokedex and not being a requirement to reach the final evolution of a select Pokemon.)

"Yeah, so have I." Ash told the three. "Anyway, the next Pokemon I caught was this little critter." Ash said as he took another Pokeball off his chain necklace and threw it into the air, releasing a large, bipedal, dinosaurian Pokémon with a green, armor-like hide covering it's body. It was just as tall as Rhyperior and just as intimidating, especially with it's roar, which forced Brock, May and Dawn to hid under the table in fear, earning a chuckle out of Ash.

"Guys, come out of there; you don't need to hide." The three did so and saw that the Pokemon had stood still and was looking right at them, with Ash in front of him. "This is Tyranitar. And Brock, you might recognize him." At that, Tyranitar started walking towards the three. While May and Dawn instinctively backed away, Brock stood still, looking into the Pokemon's eyes and then, it hit him.

"Your the Larvitar Ash took care of in Johto, aren't you?" he asked.

'Ty.' The Pokemon nodded his head, then lowered it to allow Brock to rub it, which the breeder complied. As he continued to rub his head, he turned to Ash. "When did you get Larvitar back?"

"Hang on, when did you ever have a Larvitar?" Dawn questioned. Ash told her and May the story of how he met Tyranitar as a Larvitar and the number of adventures he had while escorting Larvitar to Mt. Silver.

"To answer your question Brock, it was the day after I got back from Sinnoh. My mom woke me up and told me that Prof. Oak had a surprise for me at his lab, so I got dressed and went over there. When I got there, I saw Ranger Mason holding, to my surprise, Pupitar."

"Larvitar evolved?" Brock asked.

"Yep and it wasn't that long ago at the time. Anyway, Oak was really impressed by how well I did in the Lily of the Valley Conference, especially when I defeated two legendary Pokemon, that he called Ranger Mason and convinced her to bring back Larvitar to me so that it can be officially part of my team. She had to correct him as he was now Pupitar and had evolved 2 or 3 days before the call, but she did agree to it as did his mother."

"I can't imagine how excited Pupitar must've been when he was told that." Dawn said.

"Very." Ash replied. "In fact, when he saw me, he jumped towards me and knocked me down to the ground."

'Rar.' Tyranitar said while rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment while the others shared a laugh.

Once the laughter died down, Ash once again reached for his necklace and this, pulled out two Pokeballs and enlarging them before releasing them. One was a jackal-like Pokémon with black and blue fur along with a short, round spike on the back of each forepaw, in addition to a third on its chest and had a long snout and ears. The other was a white bipedal Pokémon with a lower body consisting of rounded hips with strong legs. It also had a thin green torso with sharp, red horns sticking out of its chest and back with his arms shaped like tonfas with extendable blades in its elbows.

"Now let me introduce you guys to Lucario and Gallade." Ash turned to look at said Pokemon. "Guys, these are my friends Brock, May and Dawn." he introduced.

'Ga-Lade.' He greeted and bowed to the three.

'Hello.' Lucario communicated using telepathy. It didn't surprise any of them that Ash had a Pokemon that knew telepathy. His Lucario reminded Brock and May of Sir Aaron's Lucario and reminded Dawn of Shaymin, Zorua and Arceus; the Pokemon she met during her Sinnoh journey with Ash that also knew telepathy.

"So what's the story with these two?" May asked. "Wait! Let me guess; you found them as a Ralts and Riolu and you did something nice to them that made them want to come with you, right?"

Ash smiled and chuckled a bit, but shook his head. "No, that's not how it went. Truth be told, I didn't really catch these two. They were gifts from my dad." he told the three. He also sighed, showing a crooked smile to them.

"Is talking about your dad a touchy subject?" Brock asked. Ash shook his head.

"Not really. He works for the Rangers, so I don't get to see him as much as I would like to. The last time I saw him was a few days after I came home from Sinnoh and he could only stay for a couple days." he stated. "I mean, I'm not bitter or anything; it's just that it was hard growing up without a father for most of your life."

Brock sat down next to Ash and put an arm over him. "I can certainly relate to that." he said. Brock didn't have either of his parents around growing up and had to take care of his brothers and sisters and their home by himself. Sure, they were both back now, but things between him and his parents would never be what they were when he was much younger.

"Anyway, he gave me two Pokeballs during his last visit and told me it was his present to me for doing so well in Sinnoh. When I opened them, out came a Ralts and a Riolu. He told me that Prof. Oak had told him what I was planning and said that he couldn't have been more prouder that I was following in his footsteps." Ash said, putting a smile on his face at the memory of his father telling him that he was proud on him.

"Your dad was a former champion?" Dawn questioned.

Ash nodded his head. "Yeah; have you guys ever heard of Red?" All of their eyes bulged as each nodded their head. "Yep, it's exactly what you're thinking. I'm his son." They were all stuck in their stupor until Brock spoke up.

"Oh Arceus, I feel like such an idiot! I've been traveling with you for years and I never saw the resemblance."

"Yeah, I know. Red is like the greatest trainer to ever live. Everyone knows him!" May said, stunned at all the things she was learning about today.

"I remember as a young girl hearing reports that he retired a while ago. Has been a Pokemon ranger for a while?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah, he retired not long after I was born and has been working for the rangers ever since, but I'm getting off track a bit. So dad gave me Ralts and Riolu and told me to train them to the best of my abilities and he said when the day came that I would challenge Lance, he would be right there to root me on." Ash finished.

"So how does your Lucario know telepathy?" Brock asked.

'Master Ash learned from Sir Red that his family comes from a long line of aura users and as I learned myself, if I am in the presence of Master Ash or another equally powerful aura user, I am able to use telepathy to speak your human language.' Lucario explained.

Ash turned to look at the jackal Pokemon. "Lucario, how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me master?"

'Exactly 837 times, but it will not change the fact that you are my master and I shall refer to you as such.' Lucario answered.

"I am not your master, Lucario. I'm your friend."

'You are both friend and my master.'

Ash just threw up his hands. "I give up!" he yelled as the others shared a good laugh at him.

Once the laughter died down, May then leaned forward a bit. "So Ash, who's your last Pokemon?"

"May, let's just say you and the others are in for a surprise." he started and was about to reach for the last Pokeball, but was interrupted by his mother.

"Ash!" The group turned to see Delia running towards them. "Prof. Oak just called. Tracey's back and Charizard and Sceptile are fighting again!"

Ash sighed annoyingly while rubbing his temples. "That's the 3rd time since I got back. Why the hell can't those two get along?" he asked himself. He turned to face his ghost type. "Gengar, go over there and put those two to sleep!" he ordered. Gengar nodded his head and flew in the directing of the lab, his manic smile never once leaving. "We'd better head over there just in case." he told the three while returning Rhyperior, Tyranitar, Lucario and Gallade.

They all got up, left the yard and ran as fast as they could back to the lab. It only took a few minutes for them to get there as they hopped the fence. They arrived to see Gengar getting attacked by Charizard's Fire Blast and Sceptile's Solarbeam, sending him to the ground. Ash was about to run over their and tell the two to stop, but he felt one of his Pokeballs beginning to shake. Looking at his necklace, he saw that it was the last Pokemon he had to reveal to Brock, May and Dawn.

"Wait, don't come ou-" Ash tried to convince, but failed to do so as the Pokemon came out of the ball and then, a mist surrounded the ranch.

"Hey, what's going on?" May asked.

"Wait a second, this looks familiar." Brock said to himself.

'CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE!' A voice roared out and suddenly a multicolor beam was fired at Charizard and Sceptile, hitting the two dead on, creating a huge puff of dust.

As the dust began to disappear, the group could see the silhouettes of Charizard's and Sceptile's bodies on the ground and the silhouette of another Pokemon's body on top of both of them.

"Who's that Pokemon?" May asked, squinting her eyes to get a better view.

"Wait...that's not..." Dawn started to say.

"It-it can't possibly be." Brock stuttered.

"It is." Ash answered for him.

The dust cleared to reveal a slim, quadruped, blue, mammalian Pokémon with white, diamond-shaped spots with a thick, purple mane that resembles the aurora borealis and two white, streamer-like tails that wave forward.

Standing of top of Charizard and Sceptile was a Suicune...

End of Chapter 2

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