Until Dawn has become very popular since it's release date a couple weeks ago. I, myself, have played the game and since then have wanted to write about it. So here is my spin on the story with my added OC to it. Enjoy the ride, because I know I did.


The Butterfly Effect

A tiny butterfly flapping its wings today may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now.


A blue butterfly lands peacefully on a table, its wings flapping easily until the wings freeze completely and the little being twitches twice. It falls still, it left wings decaying and dying as if a disease had taken hold of the small life.

The smallest decision can dramatically change the future…

A light follows the little vain of the top of butterflies right wing. It stops at the vain diverges and then goes left. The faint sound of screaming can be heard as the right side of the butterflies wing blackens.

Your actions will shape how the story unfolds…

The light comes to another divergent, another choice to shape a path. The light heads left this time and more of the wing rots. Another choice, another path, more of the wing corrodes until the light reaches the end of the wing.

And then, a brilliant flash of light and the butterflies wings are once more a brilliant blue.

Your story…is one of many possibilities…

The butterfly flaps its wings and flies off, as if nothing had happened.

Choose your actions carefully.



DATE: February 2, 2014

The beautiful Washington Estate sat atop Blackwood Mountain, made of brick, wood and mortar it was a beautiful place to spend time at, even during the winter. A harsh snow storm was just beginning to get going while the teens inside laughed and partied in the warmth of the cozy estate. None would notice anything was amiss, not even the machete wielding being right outside the estate.

It is here that our story begins.

Remember, every choice you makes determines how events will play out later in the story.




A long haired, honey blonde young woman crossed her arms, glaring at the note with her electric blue eyes that her friend—another blonde but with short hair and styled in pigtails and grey eyes—had showed her. She was of average height and dressed in a long sleeve, white turtle neck and dark blue jeans. She fairly attractive.

She was surrounded by three others, one being an young Asian woman with short black hair and brown eyes, a young man with green eyes and black hair with a tan, and another young woman with dirty blonde hair pulled up into a bun, electric blue eyes and a pale complexion, resembling the other young woman who was currently glaring holes into the second blonde.

The note—and the girl used that term loosely—was meant to be the beginnings of a prank on one of the honey blonde's other friends. She honestly thought this was a terrible idea. This wasn't some type of prank this was all out bullying.

"Oh my god! I can't believe you actually did this!" The young Asian woman said.

The second blonde quickly shushed her, glancing over at the back of another young woman in the room who was staring out the window. The honey blonde did as well, but the blue sweater clad girl was staring dreamily outside, oblivious to what was going on behind her.

She turned back to the others. "You cannot be serious." Honey blonde stated, arms crossed. "This is a terrible idea."

"I agree with my sister." The Dirty blonde said, looking at the Honey Blonde with a look of worry. "Don't you think this is a little bit cruel?" She asked, obviously trying to appeal to them to stop what the other three were planning, but it would do no good.

"Oh come on, she deserves it." Second blonde rebuked.

Honey blonde glared. "No, she doesn't Jess—"

"It is not her fault she has a huge crush on Mike—" Dirty Blonde stated at the same time.

The green eyed male of the group coughed.

"Hannah's been making moves on him. I'm just looking out for my girl Em." Second blonde—now known as Jess—stated, walking off, her boots clicking against the stone floor.

Dirty blonde sighed and looked at honey blonde with a pleading look, who, in turn, gave dirty blonde a long and annoyed look before closing her eyes sighing as well. They followed after the others quickly, knowing they needed to stop this but having no idea how to turn their friends from this path.

"This is not going to end well guys." Honey blonde stated.

"Oh please Evie, just because he's class Prez doesn't mean he belongs to everyone…Mike is my man." The Asian woman declared, giving honey blonde—now identified as Evie –a hard stare.

"Hey Em. I'm not anybody's man." Mike looked over at Evie and winked when he said this, who wrinkled her nose in response.

"Whatever you say Darling." The Asian said in a sing—song voice.

"That's right, because you're everybody's man. We all know what a man whore you are Mike." Evie bluntly stated.

Mike placed a hand over his heart, as if he had been hurt in some terrible way. "You wound me with your words, my lady."

Evie snorted. "Please." She ignored him and turned back to the instigators of this so called "prank". "And you both know this is just cruel. You are seriously going to hurt her feelings."

The Asian rolled her eye. "We all know why you're against this Evie. You and Sam are Hannah's, like, best friends. Of course you don't want us to teach her lesson."

"Oh fuck off Emily." She growled to the Asian—now known as Emily—stepping closer to her. "Yes, I'm Hannah's friend, but so are you and you doing this is just down right cruel and proves how bad a friend you are. I'm not going to have anything to do with this and neither is Sam. If you want to ruin your friendship go right ahead. And when this backfires on you not only will I be after your head but Beth and Josh will too."

Evie raised her hands and walked off, away from now grown group, and up the stairs, heading for Hannah's room to warn her of the prank. If they were going to go through with this she would at least make sure Hannah knew what she was getting into.

Emily snorted, watching the honey blonde woman stomp off up the stairs. "Freaking bitch needs to take a chill pill. It's just a prank."

"Hey now, don't call little Eve a bitch." Mike reprimanded, giving Emily a hard look. "I've known her since we were children Em, and she ain't no bitch…she's just very blunt."

"Aw, that's cute Mike, coming to your little toys rescue." Jess giggled.

Mike glared. "Hey, no. She is no toy. She's my friend."

Emily laughed. "Yeah right, Mike. She follows you around like a lost puppy—"

"Emily." Mike snapped.

The dirty blonde—Sam—frowned at Emily. "Em, don't go taking your jealousy out on my sister." Sam defended.

Emily glared at Sam. It was true, Emily was jealous of Evie, who was too close to Mike for her liking. They might have been friends since they were children but that didn't mean Emily trusted Evie with her man. Evie was just like all those other bitches that wanted Mike in her mind.

"What do I have to be jealous of?" Emily quipped.

Sam, seeing that Emily was looking for a fight, shook her head and quickly followed after her sister, ignoring the rest of their friends that had joined the "Pranking Group". Sam agreed with Evie, this was just a very cruel prank that she wanted nothing to do with it. She needed to warn Hannah.

Evie opened the door to Hannah's room and saw it was dark inside. Cursing, she looked for the light, running her hand on the wall but nothing. She didn't know where the light were in here and it was to dark to see anything clearly.

"Hannah!" She called, but got no response. No one was in here. "Damn."

"Evie?" Someone said behind the blonde.

Evie jumped, spinning around to make out in the dim light her twin sister Sam. She placed a hand over her heart, feeling it beating a mile a minute. Her sister could be sneaky when she wanted too.

"Damn Sammy, were you trying to be the Dark Knight just then because I did not hear you sneak up on me?" She asked somewhat jokingly, a smile playing on her lips.

"Is Hannah here?" Sam asked, ignoring her sisters commentary.

Evie frowned immediately. "No. Come on, she should go see if she's on the balcony…"




Mike would be the first to admit that he thought this was really funny, because seriously it was funny to him. He had no problem with Hannah, she was very pretty and he wouldn't mind having some fun with her, but while he was attracted to her, he was in no way in love with her or cared for her more than an acquaintance and sometimes friend. So this little prank just made something in him tickle with laughter.

Yet at the same time he couldn't help the sudden dread he felt from Evie's words. She said this was not going to end well and for some reason that stuck with him. Then again, what Evie said usually did. She was his best friend after all and usually his voice of reason when he wanted to do something stupid. So while he wanted to do this a part of him was screaming not to and heed Evie's words.

"Are you guys ready?" Emily, his girlfriend, giggled, getting under the bed with Jessica.

Jessica was another girl he had no problem having a little fun with.

"Hide quickly guys." Mike said, crossing his arms as he looked at the clock. It was nearly 2:00 am.

Another girl, her name was Ashley and she had Auburn hair and Hazel eyes, hid behind a closet door, giggling up a storm. The other person in the room and the designated "Camera Man" was Matt—a man with fairly dark skin, brown eyes and black hair—who quickly hid in a wardrobe.

"Opps…She's here…shh…shh." Emily said from under the bed.

Mike grimaced when he heard Hannah call his name before he wiped it away and smiled his "Charming" smile, all the while going over what Evie had said. The door opened and revealed Hannah—she has olive skin, black hair that reaches her shoulders, and dark eyes that are hidden behind a pair of square glasses—who is holding a candle. She quickly closes the door behind her.

"Mike? It's Hannah." She said.

Show time. Mike thought, stepping forward.

"Hey Hannah." He greeted.





Beth—a young woman with olive skin, short black hair, and dark eyes was looking out the window into the woods, her eyes having caught something in the storm. She looked left and right, before she saw something moved but couldn't quite tell what it was.

"Hey, did you see that? Dad said it would just be us this weekend." She frowned, looking out the shutters. She got no response. "Josh?" She turned as saw to young men slumped at the table, passed out cold.

Shaking her head she went around the table and picked up the bottle next the dark haired male snoring away. The label revealed a strong liquor by the name of Jerimiah Craigg. She snorted softly and put the bottle back down, looking at the olive skinned man lying on the island bar.

"Jeez Josh…" She whispered. "Once again brother, you have outdone us all." She shook his arm and he groaned but did not stir from slumber. She chuckled at that, shaking her head at her brother's antics.

She walked down the side of the island bar and was about to leave to find the others when a piece of paper caught her eye. Pausing she picked it up and turned it over. It read:


You look so damn hot in that shirt…but I bet you're even hotter without it.

Come to the guest room at 2:00 am ;)



Beth grimaced, looking at the letter with some disgust as she put it back down.

"Oh my god." She muttered. "What did our naïve get herself into now?" Shaking her head she groaned. "Intervention time." She looked back at her brother and sighed when he didn't even stir.




"I got your note." Hannah said, looking nervous.

Mike could understand why, he was dating Emily, one of the most territorial women he had ever met. Hell, she tried to get him to stop spending time with Evie merely because she thought something was going on between them, of course there wasn't Evie would sooner drown herself, and Emily was known to be vindictive when it came to people trying to take her possessions. Uhg, he was starting to rethink this whole thing.

"Glad you could make it." He smiled calmly. Mike did not want to scare her off.

Hannah looked down, a light blush on her cheeks. Mike thought it was fairly cute and grinned a little. Hannah really was a shy sweetheart and that made this all too easy to do.

"Maybe we should start with a little, you know, making out, and see where it goes from there." He coyly said.

Hannah blushed some more and smiled shyly and for a moment Mike thought he might have scared her off. Then the girl reached for the button's on her blouse and started undoing them. Well, this was interesting.

"Ohhhhh….hell yeah." He whispered low enough to Emily wouldn't hear.

"Oh my God! She's taking her shirt off!" Jessica exclaimed from under the bed a little too loudly.

Mike silently cursed Jessica's big mouth. Well there went his dream of seeing Hannah's tits as Hannah completely froze, with a look that resembled a deer caught in headlights. He didn't blame her, honestly.

"What…? Oh my god!" Hannah said, sounding extremely upset.

Knowing the jig was up everyone came out of their hiding places, making Hannah pale and cover her chest with her arms. Mike watched as she looked around and the dreadful feeling increased. Oh man, they should not have done this. Evie was right! Why was Evie always right?!

"Matt?!" Hannah asked, no doubt seeing the jock behind Mike with the camera. "What are you doing here?"

Before anyone could answer the door opened and Evie and Sam came through, looking both guilty and upset. Hannah backed away from the door, looking at Sam and Evie in complete and utter confusion.

"Hannah!" Sam exclaimed, walking towards her to try and calm the upset teen. "Hannah, hey, honey …don't…it's just a…" Sam stuttered, trying to explain.

"Listen….Hannah…uh… this all kinda…got out of hand…" Mike began.

"Mike…!" Hannah cried, looking completely betrayed.

Mike winced and went to say something but Hannah had already run out of the room.

"Stupid Prank." Evie finished. She turned and glared at everyone in the room. "I hope you're all proud of yourselves. Good job, you used your friend's crush as a means to a joke and made her cry. Really, you've out done yourselves." She spat.

"Evie…" Sam began, obviously wanting to defuse the situation, but Mike didn't think that was a good idea at the moment.

Evie shook her head. "No, No Sammy. I'm not angry…" She then looked at Mike with anger in her eyes, making the charming teen question if she was being truthful. "Only extremely disappointed that I even know any of you." She then turned and ran after Hannah, calling her name.

Mike sighed. "Uh…Damn…"

Sam turned to them and fumed. "You guys are jerks. You know that?" She then ran out the door, after her twin and friend.




Beth sighed, knowing something bad was going to happen. She need to find her sister and warn her away from this before she got hurt. She looked up and to her surprise she saw her someone running past the window. Gasping, she froze for a moment, a choice to be made...

X Wake Josh|Find Others X

Choice Chosen: Wake Josh

Beth ran over to her brother, grabbing his arm and shaking him harshly.

"JOSH!" She called urgently but he didn't even stir. "JOSH!..." She tried again. "Fuck." She ran towards the door, leaving her brother for the time being. She needed to warn the others. "Guys! There's someone outside!" She frowned when she didn't see anyone. Where they all outside? "What the hell?" She grabbed her coat laying on the chair nearby and headed for the door.

"Hannah!" Beth heard Sam call.

"Hannah come back right now, it's not safe!" That was Evie.

What the hell was going on?

Beth finally made it outside and walked past her friends. She looked out into the snow storm and caught a glimpse of her sister running off.

"What's going on? Where's my sister going?" She demanded, turning to her friends.

Jessica groaned. "It's fine…she just can't take a joke…" She dismissed.

Beth frowned.

"It was just a prank Han!" Emily called out into the woods, her tone condescending.

"No it wasn't." Evie rebuked, glaring.

"What did you do?!" Beth demanded hotly.

"We were just messing around Beth…it wasn't serious—" Mike tried to play off.

"You JERKS!" She yelled.

Though she didn't know the full extent of what had happened she could easily guess what had occurred. She glared at them all before running off into the storm after her twin, heedless of the danger the storm presented.



"I told you this was a bad idea." Evie said with no short amount of anger. "Now Beth and Hannah are out in that storm."

"Should we go after her?" Mike asked, wincing when Evie turned to glare at him.

"Y'know, I kinda think you're the LAST person she wants to see right now, Mike." Sam said coldly.

"I'm going after them." Evie declared, beginning to walk off.

Sam grabbed her, stopping her sister from going any further.

"Hey Sam—"

"No, you'll get lost. You're directionally challenged enough on a good day, in that storm you would never find your way back." Sam pointed out, much to Evie's displeasure. She could not refute that, she did have a hard time with directions. "Beth will bring Hannah back, she knows this mountain better than anyone."

X Stay with Others|Go After Hannah and Beth X

Choice chosen: Stay with Others

Butterfly Effect Update (Stay by My Side)

Evie sighed and nodded. "Alright." She agreed. She looked over the rest of the group and her eyes landed on Mike, her supposed best friend. Why he was her best friend she will never know. "Come on, Casanova, you and I are going to have a long talk about how to treat a woman, again."

She grabbed Mike by the arm and hauled him into the estate. Evie was surprisingly strong for being so tiny, but then Mike never really fought with her when she was like this, having learned a long time ago to just go along with it. Besides, anytime he could have her close was a good day in Mike's opinion…and…well…Mike was not afraid to admit that Evie could be downright scary when she wanted to be.

"Hold it Ms. Proper Police, that's my boyfriend—" Emily began, following after them.

"Oh shut up Emily, before I stuff something in that mouth of yours that isn't Mike's dick." Evie snapped. Matt coughed when he heard that. "He may be your boyfriend but, unfortunately, he's my best friend and best friend trumps girlfriend any day."

"No it doesn't." Emily protested, a blush staining her cheeks.

"Bros before hoes, honey, and you are certainly a hoe." Evie quipped, pulling Mike up the stairs as he chuckled quietly at the banter between the two. It was always entertaining to watch Evie put Emily in her place. "And you, you won't be laughing after I'm done with you."

Mike paled at the dark look in Evie's eyes. "Now Evie—"

"Mike shut up."



"I just—"

"Don't want to hear it right now."

Evie dragged him away up the stairs with Emily following after, jealousy painted all over her face.

"Do you think we took this too far? I mean it was just a prank—" Ashley said, sounding nervous.

"Ashley…" Sam began, turning her eyes away from her retreated sister. "Just…don't worry about it. We'll cross that bridge when Hannah and Beth get back."




She ran, dodging tree branches and fallen logs, calling Hannah's name as her boots crunched heavily in the snow and the wind howled like some angry animal in the distance. Where had her sister gone off too? She couldn't have gotten that far, right? So lost her thoughts she nearly tripped over a hidden log in the snow but luckily she caught herself and continued on.

She found herself at a family set of steps and paused, thinking the best way to get down.

X Fast|Safe X

Choice Chosen: Safe

Shaking her head she headed for the stairs and took them two at a time. The old wood creaked and groaned under her weight as she quickly descended, but Beth paid no mind to this, she was too focused on finding her sister.

She jumped the last three steps and ran forward, following the footsteps in the snow—though Beth noticed they were a little too big to be her sisters—and panting up a storm. Beth paused, coming to an intersection and heard a faint snapping of branches to the right but the footprints led left. She looked between the two, an unsure look on her face. Which should she take?

X Follow Footprints|Follow Noise X

Choice Chosen: Follow Noise

Ignoring the footprints she sprinted towards the noise and looked around, avoiding a stray branch on the ground that nearly tripped her. Beth looked around, squinting her eyes in the snow and even spinning to try and find her sister. She saw nothing.

"Damn it Hannah…Where are you?" She whispered to herself. "I swear to God when we get back I am going to kill those guys."

She shivered as a sudden chill ran down her spin and silently cursing her friends for forcing herself and her sister to be out in this storm. She and Hannah were likely to freeze out here if they didn't get back to the estate soon.

She paused, coming to another diverging path. The right path had footprints leading away and the left had a shadow moving in the woods. Beth paused, looking between the two and trying to decide which way she should go.

X Follow Shadow|Follow Footprints X

Choice Chosen: Follow Footprints

Beth bit her lip and chose to follow the footprints this time, seeing that they were smaller than those that came before. Besides the shadow creeped her out and did not look like her sister. She ran down the footprint path and had to quickly duck under a low hanging tree branch that nearly smacked her in the face.

"Yeah, I'm badass!" She whispered, chuckling as she realized that was something Evie would say.

The olive skinned girl ran a ways more and nearly fell over the ledge of an eight foot drop but stopped herself just in time, huffing from exertion of running so far. She sighed and leaned down, placing her left hand on the wooden ground and jumped down, landing lightly on her feet. Beth looked around but again she did not see her sister.

Beth noticed the storm was getting worse and she could literally feel the temperature dropping. It didn't help that her face felt as cold as freaking ice from running and every breath she breathed burned her throat and lungs. She was so going to get a cold out here.

"Oh, screw this." Beth groaned, pulling out her phone and turned on the light. "That's better. I can at least see a little better now."

Her phone's light only reached a few feet but it was better than the blinding few inches she had subjected herself to a few minutes ago. She moved her phone around, looking everywhere for her sister but Beth did not see her.

"Hannah!" She called, continuing down the path. "Hannah!"

The second shout stirred a murder of crows nearby into flight, making her jump and stop for a moment. She glared at the cawing crows as they flew past her and continued on. Honestly, the woods were creepy in the dark and Beth could not remember a time where she had wondered them in the dark. Her parents were always very stern about staying in the estate after dark.

"Mom and Dad are going to kill us." She said sardonically to herself.

Suddenly, the sound of heavy feet hitting the ground and the grass rustling reached her ears, making Beth turn her light towards the oncoming sound. The a buck came out of the woods, making Beth scream when she saw it and stumble back and fall on her but. The buck nickered loudly as it ran past, making Beth freeze in fear that it might turn on her.

Thankfully the creature passed by and Beth was left alone. Sighing in relief she stood and dusted off the snow that now adorned her bottom and quickly continued on. Beth had no wish to stay around where wild animals roamed. Knowing her luck the next thing she was going to run into was a freaking bear.

"I am going to kill Hannah." She muttered, shaking from the cold. "And then I am going to kill Mike and Emily and whoever else was involved in this. Maybe Evie will help me hold them down while I do."

Beth paused, spotting something on the ground and shinned her light on it.

"What the—" She walked over and kneeled down, picking up what looked to be a…totem of some sort.

Totem Found: Death Totem (1 of 7 found)

Information: Depicts the Death of Beth and Hannah at the bottom of a Cave.

Note: Remember, every choice made shapes the progress of the story. Not all totems will come true based on your choices. The future is yet to be determined.

Beth studied the totem for a second but put it back down and continued on. It must have been left there by someone and Beth really didn't have the time to question the black painted carved wood. Besides the thing was giving her a sense of dread and made her skin crawl. She wanted away from that thing and she needed to find her sister.

"Hannah!" Beth called again, walking at a brisk pace. "HANNAH!" She yelled again.

A few seconds after she called for her sister Beth saw a large stream of fire come from the higher left of the woods and heard the sound of roaring blaze. She froze for a moment, staring hard into the dark but everything was quiet, a little too quiet if Beth was honest.

"What the hell was that?" She whispered, feeling very afraid.

Of course there was no answer to her silent query. Shaking her head Beth took off, suddenly having a terrible feeling. She needed to find her Hannah and she need to find her now. She moved branches and brush out of the way as she ran, her dark eyes scanning everywhere and her phone's light illuminated her path.

Finally she saw a familiar figure kneeling in the snow, arms wrapped around themselves to likely keep warm. Beth sighed in relief.

"Hannah?" She called, getting closer. "Hannah!" She ran over to her sister.

"Hello?" Hannah asked, turning to look at who was calling her.

"Hannah! Oh my God, you must be freezing!" Beth exclaimed, unzipping her pink jacket and taking it off. "Here, take my coat." She placed it on her sisters shoulders, who looked away from her.

"I'm such an idiot! I'm so dumb…" Hannah moaned, her voice cracking.

"No you are not." Beth denied, pulling Hannah to her feet. "They're the dumb ones…"

Both girls froze as they heard a strange cry. Beth turned and looked into the forest and saw… something… moving in the shadows of the trees.



They both began backing away, fear in every step as whatever was there was slowly making its way towards them. Both girls looked at each other before coming to an unanimous decision silently and taking off running away from from…whatever was in the woods.

Hannah was crying as she followed Beth and Beth couldn't say she wasn't hyperventilating as well. She didn't know what she saw in those woods but whatever it was…was now hunting them down.

As they passed into an abandoned and dilapidated cabin Hannah tripped in her fear and fell to the ground harshly. Beth heard the thump and skidded to a stop, turning and seeing her sister on the ground.


She ran back and grabbed her sisters arm, tugging her too her feet and to run again. As she did this Beth didn't notice her phone falling from her pocket and into the cracks between the rotted floorboards. She just running with her sister, hoping to escape whatever was chasing them.

However, their running came to an abrupt halt as Beth found her and Hannah to be standing in front of a drop off of a steep cliff. They were trapped.

"Oh Jesus Christ." Hannah cursed.

Beth shuddered ."What is that thing?"

Hannah didn't answer, she just grabbed Beth's hand and held it tightly. Beth felt a bit braver with her twin so close as they back away from…

"Oh shit…no…no…" Beth looked behind her and saw they were dangerously close to the edge. "Get back." She yelled, turning back to the thing.

She gripped Hannah's hand tighter.

"Fuck…" She whispered, seeing the thing for the first time.

Hannah cried and backed up further, but she backed up to far and screamed. Beth felt a harsh tug on her arm and turned, seeing Hannah falling backwards. She gasped which evolved into a scream as she was unable to catch herself and Hannah before they both tumbled over. Luckily she was was able to grab a hold of a root just before they tumbled all the way down.

Beth groaned, gritting her teeth as she held tight to the protruding root and her sister. The olive skinned girl opened her dark eyes and all she saw was darkness below her. Oh god, were they going to die? She didn't want to die. And she didn't want Hannah to die. Speaking off, Hannah was staring up at her with fear clear in her dark eyes. It was like looking into a mirror, her own fearful reflection staring back at her. Hannah didn't want to die either.

Beth turned away from the darkness and Hannah, looking up in time to see a stream of fire come over head and a terrible screaming whine. She wondered what that was but didn't have time to dwell on it as she felt Hannah start to slip from her grasp. She cursed in her head.

"BETH!" Hannah cried.

"Hold on." Beth ordered, gritting her teeth as she tightened her hold on her twin sister. Hannah twisted and Beth groaned. "Hold on." She begged, feeling the strain on her arms. She was slipping.

Beth looked up again and screamed when she saw something reaching over the edge for her. Hannah cried, gripping Beth so tightly it was actually starting to hurt. Beth looked down at her sister and then back up at the hand reaching for her. Oh god, what was she supposed to do in this situation.

X Drop Hannah|Let Go X

Note: You have only a few seconds to decide.

Choice chosen:…Let Go…

Beth looked between the thing above her and her sister and the choice was clear. She was not leaving her sister behind, she was her twin after all. Beth took a breath and prayed silently as her grip on the root gave out. Beth screamed as she fell through the air for a terrible moment and then a blinding pain made itself known to her back as she landed on a sharp rock with a sickening crunch.

The olive skinned girl in blue felt herself choke on her scream and she rolled with Hannah down an incline. It was a rough tumble down and then Beth was flying again for just a few moments as gravity pulled her back down to the ground. She hit the earth harshly, staring blankly at her sister as the pain froze her completely.

She couldn't feel her legs anymore or anything below her waist but that didn't stop the pain in her chest and higher back. Was her back broken? Probably…that sucked.

Beth focused on her pink clad twin but she could do nothing but stare at her back that was unmoving…

"…" She tried to say, but nothing came out.

Her vision was going dark around the edge even though her eyes were still open and she coughed, choking on something coppery in her mouth. Her fingers twitched and she wanted to move towards Hannah but Beth had no strength to move and was in too much pain to even think about it now.

It was then that Beth knew she was going to die. A single tear escaped her eye and she silently apologized to Hannah and everyone for not being able to hang on. And then she cursed the people as well, for putting her and Hannah in this situation.

'I love you Josh…don't do anything stupid and Hannah…I am so, so sorry sister…I love you too…' She thought as her eyes closed for the final time. A single tear escaped her eye and then Beth knew no more.





Evie slammed the door to her and Beth's room closed in Emily's face and locked it before the Asian woman could try to open the door. Emily banged on the door, snarling at Evie to open it right now but Evie ignored the yelling bitch beyond the threshold and turned to the boy she had known since childhood, standing there looking a bit lost and guilty.

Evie folded her arms across her chest, a dark look in her eyes. Mike winced and backed up slightly, looking uncomfortable.

"Listen Eve, before you say anything—" Mike began.

Evie placed a hand over his mouth. "No. no. no. no. You hush and listen because I need to say this and say it now before I decide not to."

She studied Mike for a long moment and when she saw he was not going to fight with her she took her hand away and sighed.

"Mike, I have known you since we were kids, since we were seven years old. You are my best friend and I love you dearly…"She stated off. "And I know you and you, you Michael Jonathan Munroe are not cruel. You are an ass and a man whore, sure," Mike chuckled mirthlessly at that. "But never in the entire time I have known you have I ever seen you be cruel. Play a few harmless jokes or pranks, yeah I've seen that, but this Mike, this was not a prank. This was…was bullying a good friend for a laugh, this was being cruel and that's not you Mike. So why did you go along with this, huh?"

Mike sighed. "I thought it would be funny. I mean, Emily and Jess said—"

"No! Do not blame Emily and Jess, Mike. You were not forced to do this, you were not coerced, you did this of your own free will. You went along with that stupid prank and made Hannah cry! And for a laugh? Is anyone laughing now Mike?" Evie demanded.

Mike groaned, running a hand through his hair nervously as he glared at her half-heartedly. "You're not my mother you know. I really don't appreciate the lecture Evie." He said.

"I'm trying to help you realize your mistake, idiot!" Evie countered.

Mike glared. "I didn't ask for your help Evelyn!" He used her full name. "And I don't appreciate being called names like that. I get enough of it from Emily!"

Evie frowned, feeling irritation fill her for a moment before she reluctant acceptance made its way to her. She sighed, uncrossing her arms and shaking her head. She had known him for so long, been friends with him for so long, that she could recognize when he was trying to deflect and ignore emotions such as guilt and anger. Sometimes she wondered why she put up with this playboy.

"Point." Evie agreed. "But sometimes Mike you do, do stupid stuff and I have to act as that little voice in everyone else's head that you seem to lack."

"Are you finally admitting I'm saner than you Evie?" Mike asked, a smirk playing on his lips as he could not help but joke.

Evie snorted. "As if." She gave Mike a look. "I'm talking about the voice that says using a friends crush on you for a laugh is wrong and that you should abort now."

Mike sighed. "I just…it seemed funny at the time. I guess I wasn't thinking clearly."

Evie looked at him in exasperation. "Of course you weren't thinking otherwise you wouldn't have done it. You think with that needle between your legs more than you do you head." She growled.

A bang was heard on the other side of the door and Emily's voice was made known. Evie looked back at the door with an evil look, livid that Emily was interrupting her and Mike's talk. She turned back to Mike.

"But I suppose we can blame you considering we all can't have 4.0 GPAs like that Kim Kardashian wannabe you call a girlfriend." She said loud enough for Emily to hear.

She heard Emily yell something about not being a wannabe before she heard the faint sound of Emily walking away.

"Ouch." Mike winced at the jab to both him and Emily. "Your tongue is as sharp as ever."

Evie smirked. "Good, that means it's sharp enough to get through that thick skull of yours." She sighed. "Mike…you do know what you did was cruel, right?"

Mike grimaced but nodded. "Yeah…we…really shouldn't have done that…" Evie gave him a look that said there was more he needed to say. "And…I'll apologize as soon as they get back."

"No, you'll grovel for forgiveness from Hannah and Beth and hope to God Josh doesn't beat the every living shit out of you." She smiled. "And I will help him Mike."

"As the lady wishes." He bowed with a flourish. "But I don't grovel Evie, ever. You know that."

The honey blonde young woman shook her head. "Yeah, you keep telling yourself that Mr. Jock." She patted his arm, chuckling at his indigent look. "Come on, let's go join the others, Beth probably found Hannah and brought her back by now."

Evie went to open the door but Mike stopped her, a charming smile directed at her. Evie frowned, looking at her friend suspiciously. Mike rarely gave her that smile and when he did it didn't mean anything good.

"Well now, hold on. We've got this nice room all to ourselves and—"

Evie hit him in the chest, hard, knocking the breath out of Mike. He leaned over trying to catch his breath as Evie rolled her eyes at him.

"No Mike. You can keep you charm for the other girls who will actually fall for it because I am the one girl that never will." She wagged her finger at him with a smile on her face.

Evie the turned and opened the door, walking out. Mike rubbed his chest to relieve the ache there now and following her out, silently wondering what he would have done had she not hit him and let him continue.

"Come on Casanova, the sooner you apologize the sooner you can get back into my good graces." Evie called over her shoulder.

Mike shot her a sly look. "Oh but Eve, we both know you would never let me anywhere near your goods."

Evie blushed and slapped his arm, though lighter now. "Of course, my goods are worth more than your whoring ass could afford."

Mike chuckled. All was right with the world now. "You have broken my heart pretty Eve." He stepped closer to her, a grin on his face as he leaned down real close. "I was so looking forward for you to lead me to Eden." He whispered in her ear.

Evie eyebrow twitched and slapped once more, only this time over the back the head. "You see what you did, I had to Gibbs Slap you because of your idiocy, now quit trying to flirt with me, seriously."

"You are a violent little woman." He rubbed the back of his head as if he was in serious pain.

Evie crossed her arms as they entered the living room. "What can I say, you bring out the aggression in me." She grumbled.


Evie froze when she saw Sam pacing by the window and the others sitting around the room, worried and upset looks on their faces. Mike came in behind her and went quiet, no doubt whatever quip he was about to say dying on his tongue as he felt the growing tension in the room. Evie looked around, hoping to see Beth or Hannah but they were nowhere to be seen.

"Sammy, where's Beth and Hannah?" Evie asked.

Sam looked at her twin sister before her eyes moved to Mike and glared coldly at him. Evie could already guess the answer just by her sisters body language.

"They aren't back yet." She said.

Evie felt something heavy and cold settle in her stomach, making her ache inside. She looked at the clock and saw it was 02:45 in the morning. They had been gone for a while and that storm had only gotten worse. Evie bit her lip, worry knowing at her as she stared at the blizzard raging outside.

"I'm sure they're fine." Jess said, though Evie could make out a hint of nervousness.

Evie walked over to Sam, stopping her pacing, and threaded their hands together. Evie and Sam were close to Hannah and Beth, not only because all of them were twins but because they just got each other. Ming you, Sam was closer to Hannah than Evie was and Evie was closer to Beth than Sam was, but that didn't change how close the four were and now their friends were out in a dangerous snow storm with nothing but light jackets.

"Maybe we should go looking for them?" Ashley offered.

Matt frowned. "Ash, have you seen that storm. We're more likely to get lost than find them."

Evie had to agree with Matt on this one, even though both she and Sam wanted to go out and look for them it wasn't safe. They were more likely to make an even bigger mess out of this than it already was.

"Oh man, Josh is going to be pissed." Sam muttered.

Evie nodded in agreement, her eyes focused on what was beyond the window. She was looking for any sign of the two but she could find none. Evie bit her lip, rolling it between her teeth as she thought of all the numerous things that could have happened to them. To many bad and not enough good.

"Maybe they headed to the cabin?" Sam offered. "I don't think Hannah would want to come back here after what you guys pulled. Beth might have found her and got them there before the storm got really bad."

"Maybe." Emily agreed, moving over to Mike and leaning against him. "I mean, it would make sense…"

"Or they could be stuck out that storm." Evie stated.

Matt groaned. "Evie, why do you always have to say stuff like that? Seriously, can't you be optimistic for once?" He grouched.

Evie glowered. "I'm sorry but no. I'm a realist, not an ostrich that puts her head in the sand and hopes everything will turn out ok." Evie turned to her sister. "I have a bad feeling. I knew I should have gone after them."

"Then you would be missing too Evie." Mike point out. "Probably worse too because we all know you would be out in that storm with your direction skills."

"It's not my fault that I can't read directions! It's just something I can't do. We can't all be perfect like Ms. 4.0 GPA over there." Evie snarled, glaring at her friend.

She was getting real tired of everyone teasing her about that, especially now that her nerves her high strung once more.

"Come on guys, don't fight." Ashley tried to reason.

Emily smirked. "Oh, what's wrong. Is wittle EJ jewlus?" She taunted in a babyish voice.

"Hey, Emily back off." Sam said, coming to her sister's defense.

"Ok, Baby Doll one, do not call me EJ and two, what the hell do I have to be jealous about? The fact that you slept with Mike. Please, you're just another notch in his belt. I can say I've never slept with him and that's an actual achievement. You're just another name in his ever growing list of whore he fucked."

Sam pulled Evie beside her and began whispering in her ear quickly, glancing over the the slowly reddening Emily.

"Whoa, ok everyone chill." Mike said, seeing the cat fight about to break out.

Emily and Evie had never gotten along completely and sometimes they would go at each other and not stop. They were friends, sure, but even Mike used that term loosely as they were more like enemies.

Jessica whistled, gaining everyone's attention. "Ok guys, we seriously need to calm down. All this tension is not good for anything except causing wrinkles. We can't do anything right now and I don't know about you but I'm exhausted. Why don't we go to bed and…go check it out in the morning."

Sam frowned. "Maybe we should call the police? Just in case…"

"And what happens when they get here and find them at the cabin Sam? I'm pretty sure the police would be pissed coming out in this weather for no reason." Jessica pointed out.

"But they might not be there Jess!" Sam argued.

Evie sighed and looked out the window. Nothing. Evie really didn't want to go to bed, she didn't think she would sleep well and if Josh woke up and found his sisters missing he was going to have a fit, but at the same time Evie was exhausted and it was possible the Hannah and Beth were at their cabin…but then… what if they weren't and were stuck out there…

X Insist (Convince others to call the police)|Concede (Go to bed and rest) X

Choice Chosen: Concede

Butterfly Effect Update (Stay by my Side/Evie tips the balance because she stayed)

"Ok, ok. Let's go to bed." Evie stated.

Sam looked at Evie in disbelief but Evie just shook her head, indicating now wasn't the time.

"It's not like they can come up here anyways, Sam. The storm is too bad now. Let's just…go to bed for now and get up in the morning to look for them. Hopefully, they are up at the cabin." Evie soothed her sister.

Sam sighed and nodded. "Fine."

By morning, all nine remain teens would be calling the police, to report the disappearance of Hannah and Beth Washington.

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