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"What's up party people!" Mike greeted as they walked through the door.

"Hey!" Jess drawled.

"The Queen of Awesome is in the house!" Evie cried as she walked in, a large smile on her face.

"Hey Evie!" Josh called, giving the blonde a wave.

As soon as Evie saw him she got an evil idea.


Choice Chosen: Mess with Sam

Evie skipped over to him and hugged him, pulling him as close and squeezing him tightly. She was really happy to see Josh. He was looking better since last she saw him and that was enough to make her happy. Plus, she wanted to mess with her sister.

"Ah, here is my favorite teddy bear in the whole world." She sang, pulling away and kissing him on the cheek. "How ya doing bro?"

Josh laughed. "Well, better now that I got a kiss from you darling."

Evie batted her eyelashes, a sly grin on her face. "Why honey, I do believe that's the kindest thing I've heard all day." She said with a southern drawl. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Sam giving her a dark glare.

Well Sam, Karma is a bitch and I am she…

"Okay, okay." Mike said, pulling Evie away from her teasing, a strange look in his eyes. Evie pouted, crossing her arms. "I really don't want to see that."

"Aw, but we haven't even gotten to the good part yet." She winked at Josh, who let out a loud laugh.

Josh then looked at Mike with a sly smile. "Better be careful man, she's a sneaky one."

"Oh, believe me I know." He rolled his eyes. "Why don't you…I don't now…go see your sister or something."

"Oh fine, send me away to the traitor." She said, giving Josh a long and sad look. "It seems our love is a forbidden on, my heart." She said dramatically and as serious as she could…

Josh and Evie stared at each other for a moment before both burst into peals of laughter. Evie knew Josh knew she was just messing around and wasn't taking her seriously at all, which was good because Evie did not have any type of romantic feeling for him. He was strictly in the brother category and besides she fully expected him to one day be her brother-in-law with how Sam was. Evie knew Sam was one of those girls that married her childhood sweetheart and Josh was definitely her sweetheart.

That was why it was so much fun to tease Sam about him. And mess with her like this.

"I think I'll pass on the forbidden love, thanks though Evie." Josh said, winking at her.

"Oh always."


Evie's Relationship Status: Josh +1 (6/10)

Josh's Relationship Status: Evie +1 (6/10)

Evie Character Trait: Funny +1 (6/10)

Mike huffed. "Evie…"

"Okay, okay I'm going." Evie giggled, heading over to her red faced sister. "Hello my beautiful twin—"

"You're in a playful mood." Sam grumbled. "Did Mike proclaim his—" She started

Evie covered her mouth. "Shut up." She warned, looking back at Mike and Josh speaking.

"Just make yourself at home bro." Evie heard Josh tell Mike after they stopped whispering to each other.

"Will do." Mike said, standing back up with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah, come on in. Take a load off. Have whatever you want." Matt said with a hard edge.

Evie frowned, confused about Matt's sudden hostility. She looked at Sam for an answer but she just shrugged, not knowing either.

"You just take whatever you want anyways, right?" Matt demanded, getting close to Mike.

Evie took a step forward, to get between them if she needed to be Sam stopped her. Sam shook her head, pulling her back beside her, indicating she should not get involved in this.

"Whoa, easy there Cowboy." Mike said, backing up a step.

X WARN (Stay away from Emily.)|CHALLENGE (I saw you and Em.)

Choice Chosen: Warn

Butterfly Effect Update (Soul of Discretion/Matt confronts Mike after seeing him with Emily)

"Mike, stay away from my girlfriend." Matt warned.

Evie jerked, confusion flashing through her. What in the world was going on? Matt wasn't usually like this. He was a fairly laid back type of person, so the only reason he would be acting like this was if he saw or heard something that led him to act like this. She looked at Mike and suddenly had a bad feeling. What had Mike done now? She would have to question him later.

"Dude—what are you talking about?" Mike asked, sounding genuinely confused.

"Stay away from Emily." He said again with more force.

"Emily? Why would I want anything to do with Emily?" Mike demanded.

X ATTACK (Quiet being a dick.)|BACK OFF (Forget it.) X

Evie shook off her sisters arm and walked between the two, grabbing Mike's arm tightly and putting her other hand on Matt's chest. "Mike calm down." She ordered and then turned to Matt. "And Matt, calm down. Whatever it is I'm sure it can be worked out…but not through violence…"

Choice Chosen: Back off

He backed away, nodding. "Right…right." He looked between Evie and Mike, shaking his head.

Mike moved Evie to the side, making her glare at him. "Something going on with you man?" He questioned.

Evie rolled her eyes. 'Not at all Mike, he only went off on you because he could.'

Matt backed away, shaking his head some more. "Forget it. I lost my head. Been a long day." He assured.

"Mike…" Evie whispered in warning. He looked over at her, anger flashing in his eyes but huffed in defeat when she clenched his arm harder. He turned back to the jock, trying to keep a cool head.

"Yeah…well…try not to lose it again." Mike backed off as well.

An awkward silence permeated the room, making Evie uncomfortable. She looked towards Mike who refused to meet her eyes. She frowned and tugged on his arm harshly, forcing him to meet her eyes. She saw the guilt shinning in his eyes and gave him a hard look with her electric blue eyes. She was silently asking him what he did.

"Mike…" Evie began.

"Later." He quickly whispered, pulling away from her.

She searched his eyes but saw he wasn't going to budge and relented. "Fine."

Evie watched him walk over to Jess and sit beside her, wrapping his arms around her shoulder. As soon as she saw her leaning up towards Mike she turned and returned back to her sister, playing with the bracelet tied around her wrist.

Sam must have noticed. "Where did you get that?" She whispered.

Evie jumped and looked at Sam in confusion. "What?"

"The bracelet." She pointed to it.

Evie silently cursed herself for playing with it in front of Sam. Now she was going to question it until she got an answer. She quickly pulled her sleeve down, covering the bracelet before anyone else could see it.


Sam gave her a look but she ignored it.

Evie looked up when she heard the sound of boots clicking harshly on the floor. Low and behold in walked the Bitch Queen herself, Emily. Emily was dressed in a ribbed, black turtleneck, and a designer black leather-jacket with fur trim. She also had on designer black jeans and snow-boots with fur trim.

All and all, Evie thought she was dressed to impress. Of course, who she was trying to impress was always in question. Evie had some suspicions, based on Matt's behavior, of just whose eye she was trying to get and didn't like it one bit.

"Oh. My god. That is so gross." Emily said with loathing, crossing her arms. "Are you trying to swallow his face whole?" She commented to the kissing couple.

Evie looked at Sam in exasperation.

"Here we go again." The younger twin muttered.

Mike pulled away from Jess, giving her a dark look. "Emily…"

"And the Drama unfolds." The elder twin groaned, seeing where this was going.

"Em…" Matt began.

'Oh Matt, stay out of this, it will not end well for you.' Evie thought with pity.

"Seriously, can she be any more obvious?" Emily asked.

"Can you?" Evie spoke under her breathe.

Emily sneered. "Nobody wants in on your territory, honey."

Jess scoffed. "Excuse me, did you say something?" She stood, sashaying up to Emily with a dangerous look in her eyes.

"Oh did you not hear me? Was your sluttiness to loud." Emily taunted.

Evie shut her eyes tight, knowing Jess was not going to let that stand in any way, shape or form. Her electric blue eyes cut over to Mike, who was looking anywhere but the two girls. She narrowed her eyes at him but he wasn't even looking her way.

"Sounds like someone's bitter she didn't make the cut." Jess jeered.

Emily let out a short laugh. "Oh yeah. It's all a big cattle car with that dreamboat. Congrats, you're top cow."

Evie whistled low. Her and Emily might not get along but even Evie had to respect her ability to insult someone on the fly like that.

"Cuts real deep calling Miss Homecoming Queen a cow." Jess retorted.

Evie cut her eyes back to Mike and finally caught his eye. She tilted her head to the cat fight that was evolving right in front of him but he just shook his head. Evie looked at him in disbelief and then looked at the glowering girls with Matt standing near them, looking lost and unsure about what to do.


X PROVOKE (That's uncalled for, Jess.)|DEFUSE (Chill out Emily.) X

Choice Chosen: Defuse

Butterfly Effect Update (Whose on Your Side?/Matt sided with Jessica during the fight with Emily)

"Em, come on—" Matt began.

"No, shut up Matt." Emily ordered.

Evie frowned at that.

"Stay out of it, you dumb oaf." Jess snapped.

'Ok, that was uncalled for.' Evie thought.

"Hey watch it—" Emily quickly defended

Jess turned back to Emily with a glare. "Oh, you're the only one who can put him down? No one else can play with your toys?" She criticized.

Emily groaned. "You are such a bitch."

Emily looked ready to rip Jess's hair out and the last thing Evie wanted was to have a fight break out right in the middle of the living room. But then again she also didn't want to get involved in this drama, again! But…she was also getting a headache listening to them argue and the room was getting more tense as they went at it.

"Whatever. I don't give a fuck what you think." Jess turned away from Emily, walking back over to Mike.

"At least I can think. 4.0 bitch, honor roll. Suck on that when you're trying to sleep your way into a job." She smirked.

Jess spun back around, anger in her blue eyes. "Who needs grades when you've got all the natural advantages you can handle." She motioned to her whole body.

Evie snorted, a little too loudly. It drew both girl attention to her. Oh damn.

"You got something to say Evie?" Emily goaded.

X PROVOKE (You're both pathetic) |DEFUSE (Just calm down) X

Choice Chosen: Provoke

"Yeah, I think you both need to chill out. Seriously, you're just making yourselves look pathetic." She stated bluntly while folding her arms.

"Pathetic? The only pathetic one here is you, Evie." Emily snipped.

Evie laughed. "How am I the pathetic one? I'm not fighting over my Ex-boyfriend like a jealous bitch."

Jess scoffed. "Please, everyone here knows you've pinning after Mike since forever."

Evie clapped her hands. "Whoa, good job Jess. You completely got me. That's exactly it." She said sarcastically. "Yeah no. I'm sorry to burst your little delusions sweetheart but unlike you, I don't want to spread my legs to my best friend. I'm not whore like you and Emily."

"Better to be a whore than waiting for a guy that will never look twice at your ugly ass. Like I said, pathetic." Emily sneered.

"I've been told my ass is quite fine actually." She retorted, her eyes cutting to Mike and then back.

"Emily, Jess, you two need to back off now." Sam snapped, coming to her defense.

Jess glared. "Oh stay out of this Ms. Goody-Too-Bitch. I don't want a double dose of Evelyn."

"Hey!" Evie snarled, getting into Jess' face. "Do you want me to put your ass back in the hospital Jess?"

If there was one thing Evie could not stand it was people mixing her and Sam up, or referring to them as the same person. Evie and Sam had always had that problem of people mixing them up, even their own parents mixed them up, and both hated it. Evie liked having her own identity outside of her twin and did not want to go back to before, when Sam and Evie often didn't even know who was who between them when they were younger. Evie was firm in assertion that she was Evelyn and Sam was Samantha. They were two different people, not the same person just split.

Not to say Evie or Sam hated each other, they loved in each other a lot, but they were both very independent and did not like people thinking them as the same person. They weren't, Evie and Sam, despite their physical similarities, were very different.

Evie knew she could be loud and forgetful at times, even reckless to the point of her getting into some very strange situations. Don't even get her started on her "I am a Psychic" phase. Evie also knew she was a fairly action type person. She also wasn't good at figuring out her emotions or keeping her temper. Evie also had an obsession with animals and went through more phases that a butterfly.

Sam on the other hand was sweet and spunky, with a sense of adventure—she usually ended up following Evie into her crazy situations—but she was more grounded that Evie. Sam wasn't nearly as violent either, not to say she couldn't defend herself, but Sam never went intentionally looking for a fight like Evie did. Sam was a pacifist to the core, but don't let that fool anyone she could be quick on her feet when she wanted too.

Sam placed a hand on Evie's shoulder. "Evie…calm down." Sam turned to Jess. "And Jess, I would rather be a bitch than a two face slut who lives up to her hair color. Way to reinforce the stereotype."

"Okay girls, why don't you just…take a chill pill…" Matt said, trying to calm them down.

"Matt stay out of this!" The four girls yelled.

"Well, I would rather be the stereotype than be freaks who obviously ran away from the circus. What, did they not treat you right?" Jess cooed sickeningly sweet.

Sam glared. "You know Jess, the smartest thing that ever came out of your mouth was a dick."

Evie almost laughed when she heard that one. She sometimes forgot how feisty her little sister could be considering she was usually the sweetheart of the group. However, Jess had crossed a line with both of them.

"Like I said, who needs brains when I have all these natural advantages?" Jess mocked.

Evie chuckled darkly. "Coming from the bitch who tried out for Cheer Captain but quit halfway through because and I quote "It's too much work.""

"I wonder what that says about her abilities in bed." Emily taunted.

"Oh, that's rich coming from you considering you can't even keep a guy happy." Jess sneered. Emily gasped. "Yeah, that's right bitch, Mike told me—"

"Jess enough!" Mike yelled.

"At least I don't have an STD." Emily shrieked. "Nor do I lie about having fucked Mike." She looked at Evie when she said this.

"FOR THE LAST TIME YOU DELUSIONAL BITCHES I NEVER SLEPT WITH MIKE!" Evie yelled. "Good god, I know some babies were dropped on their heads but both your parents must have thrown you guys at fucking walls with how stupid you two are if you can't understand that." She looked Emil up and down. "Can't say I blame either of them though."

Emily and Jess lunged for Evie with rage in their eyes.

"STOP IT!" Josh yelled, making the four jump apart. "This is not why we came up here. This is not… helping. It's not what I wanted."

Evie sighed, slumping in on herself. She had not meant for that to escalate as quickly as it had but Emily and Jess had pissed her off and then Jess had insulted Sam…it got out of hand. She looked over at Sam, who was frowning and looking anywhere but at Josh.

"It we can't get along for ten minutes then maybe we need a little bit of a break, right?" He looked at everyone. "Mike why don't you check out the guest cabin. The one I told you about."

Evie heard Mike sigh. "Yeah…Yeah, right." He walked over to Jess and pulled her away from their little circle. "Come on, let's go do that."

"Anyplace without those whores." Jess said, walking over and taking Mike's hand. She turned and gave both Evie and Emily a nasty smile.

Evie rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and turned away.

"It's right up the trail." Josh called after them.

"Right." Mike called, pulling Jess away.


Evie's Relationship Status: Emily -2 (2/10), Jess -3 (2/10)

Evie's Character Trait: Brave +1 (8/10), Charitable -1 (4/10)

Sam's Relationship Status: Emily -2 (3/10), Jess -2 (2/10)

Sam's Character Trait: Brave +1 (9/10)

Jess' Relationship Status: Evelyn -3 (0/10), Emily -2 (0/10), Sam -2 (2/10)

Emily Relationship Status: Evelyn -2 (1/10), Sam -2 (2/10), Jess -3 (-1/10)

Josh turned to her. "Evie…"

Evie held up her hands. "I'm going to go upstairs and get some homework done. You won't hear a peep from me."

"I'm going to take a bath." Sam said as soon as Josh turned to her.

Evie threw her arm around Sam's shoulder and they walked up the stairs, leaving the rest downstairs to deal with Emily.

"Sorry about that." Evie muttered to her twin. "I didn't mean for things to escalate like that or drag you into it Sam."

"It's alright. It wasn't like you planned it. Beside, Emily goaded you." Sam dismissed. "And I can handle a few insults Evie. You don't need to worry so much."

"Of course I worry. You're my baby sister." Evie cooed, pulling her closer and kissing her cheek.

"You're older by two minutes, so I am not your baby sister you putz." She pushed her way out of Evie's hold, much to Evie's disappointment. "Anyways, if you really want to make it up to me, tell me about that bracelet."

Evie froze, feeling a blush bloom on her face. Seriously, she didn't understand why she was so embarrassed in the first place. Sure, she didn't want Sam to tease her about Mike's supposed "love" for her but she could usually shrug those off. And besides Mike had given her gifts before and it wasn't like the bracelet looked all that expensive or anything. It was just…a friendship bracelet.

She shook her head and sighed, giving Sam a long look. "Mike gave it to me."

Sam's coral lips curled up into a large smile, her eyes sparking with a light Evie was all too familiar with.

"Reeeeaaallllly…?" Sam drew out with a teasing edge.

"Sammy, no. It's not—"

"No wonder you were in such a good mood when you came back." Sam giggled.

Evie groaned, running her hand down her face. "Sam, Mike has given me gifts before—"

"But never jewelry…and never not on a holiday...or our birthday." Sam pointed out.

Evie sighed. "Sam, he was just…he was being nice. I mean, we're back up here and it's the anniversary…"

"But he got you the bracelet. He didn't get any of the rest of us presents, did he?" Sam asked.

Evie bit her lip. "No."

"My point exactly." Sam stated.

Evie rolled her eyes at the matter of fact tone her sister used. Honestly, did she always have to feel so vindicated when she got something right.

"It doesn't mean anything. Really. He's my best friend. Of course he's going to give me stuff." Evie defended. She began fiddling with the bracelet, her eyes unknowingly softening as she looked at it.

Sam sighed. "Evie, why is it so hard for you to realize that Mike likes you…a lot."

Evie blinked. "I would hope he likes me a lot, we're best friends."

Sam gave her a blank look. "I mean, like, girlfriend like, not friend like Evie."

"Ohhhhh…." She said in understanding. She shook her head. "Mike does not like me like that."

It was a truth that Evie knew for certainty. Mike and her were just friends, very good friends, but friends nonetheless. Mike would never look at her like that, despite everyone's belief otherwise.

Sam groaned, her head following forward. "Evie, he's always flirting with you." She tried.

Evie snorted, crossing her arms. "His default setting is flirty Sam. He flirts with anyone that wears a skirt." She looked and Sam when she said this, daring her to deny it.

"Okay, he does." She conceded. "But it's different with you. He's…different…"

They came to a stop in front of the bathroom. Evie turned to her sister with a disbelieving look on her face. Honestly, this topic was getting old. It was like she couldn't get away from it.

"Sam can we just…not talk about it anymore? Please. I just want to spend time with everyone, remember some good times, and hopefully leave this mountain with some closure. I...don't want to talk about it anymore." Evie begged.

Sam crossed her arms with a pout, but nodded. "Alright. No more talk of Mike's feelings for you."

"Supposed feelings that don't exist." She corrected. "And thank you." She smiled, and Sam returned it. Evie pushed her towards the door. "Now go get your bath. The sooner you get one the sooner I can."

Sam rolled her eyes and saluted. "Iye Iye Captaine." She said with a horrible French accent.

Evie gave a giggle. "I'm going to go do some homework. Hopefully get it done before the party really heats up."

"What homework do you have?" Sam asked as Evie walked away.

"I'm studying to be a Veterinarian Sam, my work load is almost as bad as the Nursing students workload." She called over her shoulder as she disappeared into a room.

So...what do you think? Good? Bad?

And remember, and for some of those who might not know this, but girls can turn on each other on a dime, especially girls like Emily, Jessica, and Evelyn who have personalities that are constantly clashing. Don't worry, things will...well...that would be telling wouldn't it? ;)