Four years ago

He sat in the backseat of his parent's car, looking curiously out the window gazing up at the buildings so tall that he swore they really were touching the sky. Masashi Nishino, aged fifteen at the time could feel his heart skip a beat when the welcoming sign to San Fransokyo greeted them before they passed by it.

While most people would have been excited moving to a city like this, Masashi was nothing but a complete bundle of nerves and then some. Leaning back against the white leather, he fakes sleep.

"Looks like someone's worn out." His father, a Japanese man named Kenta chuckled, looking at his son's reflection through the rearview mirror.

"Well a fifteen hour drive will do that to you dear," his mother, a Korean woman named Choa said with a soft smile on her face. "I hope Masashi adjusts…do you really think-?"

"Choa," Kenta sounded annoyed, Masashi could imagine him gripping the steering wheel gently. "Don't start dear please. We've already bought the house. There's no turning back."

"Oh I know that," Choa huffed. Masashi could picture her eyes twitch at her husband scolding her. "I was only concerned of Masashi: Moving to a new city can be hard on a boy his age."

Masashi's eyes twitched in annoyance when she referred to him as 'boy'. He was no longer a boy the last time he checked. Slowly becoming a man day by day thank you very much. Luckily, Kenta seemed to have the same thought process. "There you go again. Referring to him like he's a mere child: Masashi can handle this Choa. Trust me."

Thank you dad! A victorious smirk crossed over the 'sleeping' teenager's face hearing his mother sigh and picturing her roll her eyes. The car door soon slid open as he blinked his eyes in an 'innocent' manner, skilled in the art of bullshitting people.

Choa smiled softly down at her son. "Well look who's finally up: We're home sweetie."

"Alright. About time." Masashi muttered, un buckling his seat belt hopping out of the car.

The minute he sees their home, a house with an exterior typical San Francisco style a faint smile crosses over his face as the family unloads their luggage. After dealing with some rotten luck in the past, moving from house after house. City to city, Masashi knew that this was going to be his home from now on. His real home.

And he was for once okay with it.

However. What Masashi had no knowledge of at the time or 'warning', was that his life was going to take a very interesting turn of events after meeting some of the most intriguing pair of siblings he ever crossed paths with.

"Well! Isn't this great?" Kenta exclaimed when the family finally walked in their new home. The inside was spacious, very spacious much to Masashi's great liking. The kitchen was perfect sized as well not at all like their old, one roomed apartment back in New York. "The wallpaper could use some touching up though," the older male muttered thoughtfully. "And the curtains don't really match with the paint."

"Maybe you should have been a home designer instead of a pencil pusher dad." Masashi couldn't help but say out loud, laughing along with Choa when Kenta's face flushed at his remark.

"Just go choose your room will you?"

"Yes sir. Mind if I have the upstairs one?"

"Whatever you desire dear." Choa told him as she un packed some of her mother's dishes she picked out for her and Kenta when they first got married.


A sigh escaped past Masashi's lips when he flopped down on his warm, extremely cozy king sized bed. His boxes of various items remained un opened but the only thing he thought at the moment was catching up on his sleep. And yet just before he could even close his eyes, he groaned when his mother called to him from downstairs.

"Masashi! Come down son, we have visitors!"

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming."

He couldn't help but feel his eye twitch when he walked down the stairs, being careful since they were on the narrow side. Whenever they met new neighbors, Choa tended to get perhaps a little too excited trying to introduce her son to their children-if the person had any that is.

Standing at the doorway was a woman with short dark hair with a friendly smile on her face after shaking both his parent's hands and holding what he guessed to be a strawberry rhubarb pie in a glass bowl. Smelled home made from the looks of it.

Beside the woman was a taller male with dark hair and kind brown eyes. On his head was a dark green baseball cap, dressed in a white shirt and black cardigan over it with grey jeans with his hands shoved in his pockets. Masashi gave a somewhat of a smile in return, averting his gaze quickly to the woman when his father spoke to them. "Would you like to come in Miss…"

"Oh! Ha ha I almost forgot to introduce myself," she giggled. "I'm Cass Hamada: This is my nephew Tadashi.

"Nice to meet you." They stood in awkward silence for some moments, neither of them sure as to what to say next until the younger male cleared his throat. "A-Anyway. Uh I've still got some unpacking to do…"

"I'll help you out," Tadashi started but reared back when realizing he volunteered without knowing if Masashi even wanted help or not. "I mean if you want need any help that is."

Masashi blinked in genuine surprise at how polite the guy really was, but nodded slowly. "Uh…alright. I guess I could use some. Thank you."

After letting Masashi's parents and his aunt know, Masashi quickly led Tadashi through the house up to his room all the while feeling flustered in his mind. Did I stutter? Did I REALLY just stutter? Aw crap why do I have to stutter when I meet someone new?!

Upon arriving in his room, Masashi chuckled when he heard Tadashi whistle in approval at some miniature robot figures he had on his desk. "Hey not bad. I see you have an interest in robotics? Do they do anything?"

"Nah," he said after unpacking some clothes. "They're mainly just for decoration. But yeah: My uncle got me into these things."

Tadashi proceeded in telling him about this peculiar robot he was in the process of making. Masashi listened with natural interest, more so at the part of Tadashi mentioning it was going to be a medic bot.

"So what do you think?" The older Hamada sibling asked, rubbing the back of his neck with a grin on his face. "It sounds like a dumb idea doesn't it?"

"Dumb?" Masashi asked befuddled. "Are you kidding: I think that sounds awesome! It'd be nice to have a robot that helps I believe instead of using one in just for those stupid Bot fight things."

They both shared a laugh at that seeming to have an agreement when it came to Bot fights. For the rest of the while they unpacked Masashi's things, they talked for to Masashi what felt like hours upon hours of Tadashi's newest creation. He was even more surprised at himself when he told him if he needed an assistant he wouldn't mind at all taking on that role.

"You honestly wouldn't mind lending me a hand?"

"Why would I mind? That's why I offered didn't I?" Masashi chuckled seeing Tadashi's face turn a slight shade of red before he shakes his head to snap out of it, a grin spreading across his face.

"You know Masashi: I think you and I are going to get along just fine."

"You know Tadashi: I believe you're right."

And thus, that was the start of a beautiful relationship soon to come.

A/n: So I saw BH6 over the summer...and I fell. Hard for it *^*: This story will mostly have canon elements but with some changes thrown in. You can find one said change in the summary ha ^^;

Anyway I hope no one is OOC in this, it's another story on my Ao3 account as well. Enjoy?