It was a few days when things finally died down. Ackerman had gotten a sentence for life in prison without the possibility of parole charged with kidnapping and attempted murder. Tadashi was currently in his room typing away on his laptop when he heard the verdict, shaking his head when he saw Ackerman's expression was stoic.

Knock, knock

"Come in."

Masashi pokes his head inside, a grin on his face as he comes in with a tray of green tea and one with honey+lemon in it *no pun intended*. "I see you're still at work. Brought you some tea." He said in a quiet tone, noting that Hiro was fast asleep tangled up in his sheets snoring like a chainsaw making him chuckle softly. "Looks like someone's worn out still huh?"

Tadashi gave a grin back in return thanking Masashi for the tea and motions him to have a seat on the pull out couch. "Yeah. Fell asleep in a matter of seconds…really unlike him."

"Well that's to be expected for a little hero like him."

"I'm NOT 'little'."

The older males let out a quiet laugh hearing Hiro grumble in his sleep, rolling over onto his side. Tadashi glances up at Masashi, rubbing his thumb over his knuckles. "How are you yourself doing? Did you have any other nightmares last night?"

Masashi sighs heavily and bites his lip, giving a slow nod. That was to be expected, Tadashi supposed. But it still concerned him greatly hearing Masashi just scream in pure terror that Ackerman was going to get him again and again. "Would you mind then if I…?"

"No. Please, I think I could use one."

He smiled and pulled Masashi in a warm, comforting embrace. Stroking the back of Masashi's hair before kissing him on the lips pulling away soon after. "I missed this…"

"Missed it to." Tadashi gave him a nuzzle. "How lucky am I, to have someone like you in my life?"

"Aside from the fact I give you so much grief?" Masashi teases.

"Yeah. But it's the kind of grief I actually like."


Three months later

Hiro registered for SFIT. Tadashi and Masashi were right there with him. It was nerve wracking for Hiro to be in the classes where his brother and best friend were considered 'prodigy's' but he managed to keep himself calm and collected.

Callaghan was still teaching robotics with a new assistant-who happened to be Miranda Ackerman much to their surprise. With some help from Tadashi's friends Hiro was able to keep up fortunately.

"So you think he's finally going to do it?" Hiro whispered to Honey Lemon who grins, seeing Tadashi head over to Masashi's station. Tadashi had been planning on proposing to Masashi for God knows how long.

"I think this could be the day. Poor guy's been a nervous wreck for a week about this."

"What would he be nervous for?" Hiro gave an eye roll chuckling. "Masashi's been crazy about him since the day they first met…although he denies that part."

"Oh, oh! Something's happening!"

Just as they predicted, Masashi wraps his arms around Tadashi's neck pulling him in a tight hug whispering something they knew was a 'Yes' in his ear by the wide grin on both their faces. Tadashi had Masashi wrapped in his arms before they close the distance.

They decided to sneak out of the room, leaving Tadashi with his loved one be. It was their moment tonight.

It's not long before Tadashi and Masashi look out the window, grinning as they watch Hiro and the others goofing off in their gear. Hiro stops at their window, giving them a wave followed by a wink making them chuckle before re-joining the others.

"Oh yeah. Moving to San Fransokyo was definitely the right move…"

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